The 12 Week Year Planner

Here at She Podcasts, we’ve been reading ALL kinds of books to help us reach specific goals. The 12 Week Year is incredibly helpful for…

Glow: Build a Membership For Podcasters

Glow.FM is a podcast membership platform where podcasters can grow, monetize, and provide their audience with an exclusive experience they’ll love with members-only podcasts.

Stop the Glorification of Busy

Stop the Glorification of Busy: Podcast with Passion! Listen to Your Inside Voice  You are Responsible Define Creativity Meet Your Muse Stop Watering Dead Plants…

How To Create a Media Kit

Download our media kit checklist so you can create the EXACT thing sponsors need to see - and nothing they don't.

72-Hour Podcast Productivity Blitz

Are you feeling behind? Not sure when you’ll ever get to your website, your article writing, your “brand voice?” This course is for you. In…

Contract Templates: Sponsorship

In the materials section of this course are template that I’ve used for various levels of sponsorship. I’ve offered the template I made when I…

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