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Blitz Day 1 – The Prep

Welcome to the first day of the blitz! I’m so excited you’re here with me and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. The idea of the blitz is to share my most productive week with all of you. So let’s get cracking!

Step 1. Make a list. Prep your stations.  

Many of you have goals of getting batching your episodes, getting your websites up, changing things, getting blog posts written, product descriptions, of creating bios or automating your marketing. 

The first steps here? To get ready for action. Rather than succumb to the usual overwhelm, open a Google doc, Evernote note, or your friendly neighborhood task list and list out all the things that need to get accomplished, one-by-one. 

Once the task list is written, this next step is crucial. Ask yourself: WHAT DO I ABSOLUTELY NEED FOR THIS TO BE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE FINISHED? 

In other words, sure, you can write out 52 blog posts this week. But if you’re trying to get ahead of the game, and you do 1 a week, then 12 will put you in a good spot for the year. 12 will take you through a full quarter of the year.

EXAMPLE – Website Prep:

Let’s say you’re creating or changing your web copy. A good website has at least 5 pages. Home, About, Services or a Work With Me page, Testimonials or Press Page, and a Contact Page. AT THE VERY LEAST, you can get these written this week. This is enough to launch. You can save the rest for after launch. But being launched means you can start to advertise. And advertise means you can make some scratch. And that’s what this is all about. 

So what are YOUR priorities for the week? What will make you the most money the fastest? OR, what is preventing you from moving forward the most? (Most often, this is the website. If the website isn’t done, nothing else can happen.)

But remember – today is a day of prep. Depending on your goals, this may take you the whole day. But that just means tomorrow you’ll be ready to PLOW through this stuff!

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