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Blitz Day 2 – The Meat

Ever since my son turned about 14, instead of the usual Nate we’ve been calling him “Meat.” Overnight, he shot to 5’10”, and even though he hates all types of exercise (as the laziest kid on Earth should) he is insanely strong and just a brute force of testosterone and teenage angst. Because of this, and also because he’s the tallest person living here, he is who we turn to for carrying boxes up from the basement, shoveling snow, grabbing pots and pans from high shelves, and generally doing whatever takes the greatest force. 

Enter today’s task. The Meat. 

Today, since we’ve done some prep work yesterday, it’s going to be super easy to plow through your tasks. Again, choose the goal that’s been holding you back the most OR the one that could potentially make you the most/fastest money, and get to work. 

Rules of Getting To The Meat: 

1.You should absolutely, 100% turn off Facebook during this time. 

2. You should absolutely, 100% be as comfortable as possible. Grab a cup of something hot and sweet, slip into something comfortable, and put on a headband or rock the messy bun. 

You have my permission not to shower until your 3-4 hours of work are complete. 

3. Don’t answer the phone. Whomever it is will wait until you’re done. 

4. If someone is in your house that needs to be fed besides you, try to set that up beforehand so it’s easy to serve them and get back to work. 

If there’s anything that has you stuck, post your question a forum. We’ll make sure to answer as soon as we can. 

Note: Inevitably, this is one of those days where you want to accomplish more but feel stuck on something. Mental block, indecision, whatever. That’s totally ok! If that’s the case and you can’t get the feedback you need, move on to the next task, make the next list, and repeat. By the end of the week we will hopefully complete all the things on your list this way. Put the one on hold and plow through the next. All of you listed at least 2 things you want to accomplish this week – get to the #2 and revisit #1 after you get the feedback. 

Meat days can be repeated as many days as needed until you get your project done. Prep, then meat. Prep, then meat.

Note: Make sure you get this on your calendar so NO ONE needs you for anything!

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