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Blitz Day 3 – The List-Making

List making is the kind of thing where you can do it all day long. It feels good and it feels like you’re accomplishing something! But don’t let it be a source of procrastination. Catch yourself – are you listing out everything you have to do in your podcast – for the rest of your life? Careful! (I’ve been known to do this when I’m unsure of myself or the direction I’m going in.) List making is a way of making progress without actually making progress – SOMETIMES. So today, regardless of where you are, we’re moving forward. 

Why? Because we don’t have to wait for the rest of our lives to begin. It can begin today. 

Take one of the lists you’ve made and cross 3 things off of it today. Write the pages. Sign up for the things you need to sign up for. Email or call who you need to call. 

If you’ve been progressing on your list, and some stuff is written, go ahead and post it in the forum! We’re happy to give feedback or some editing help. If you have any questions, go ahead and post it in the forums. 

Let’s make this a day we cross some things off! You can always go back to list-making later. 

Yours in productivity!


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