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All About Music Licensing; An Interview with Angel Slimocosky

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All About Music Licensing; An interview with Angel Slimocosky

Angel Slimocosky, Sr. Director of Spirit Production Music, is here to educate us on the ins and outs of music licensing. You’ll learn what license you need for your podcast and how to do it right in the beginning. 

If you would like to work with Angel, contact her at 818-203-8343  and let her know you are a PODHIVE member for 25% off! or email her at angel@spiritproductionmusic.com.

About Angel Slimocosky 
For the past 20 years, Angel Slimocosky has built up a wealth of experience in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Music Licensing. From Universal Music Publishing, Killer Tracks to BMG Production Music and now at Spirit Production Music, as the Sr. Director of Music Licensing. Her passion has always been to help educate others on licensing music property and creating new music for her clients. Growing up with a father as a musician, Angel has had the opportunity of witnessing sessions and learning the intricacies of creating music. While moving up the ranks within her career, she went back to school full-time and completed her Bachelor and Master Degree in Management and Leadership at Pepperdine University. With this experience, she shared her leadership skills and was on the board for The Universal Music Women’s Network. Angel enjoys connecting others and creating a synergy that helps to build long-lasting relationships. Spirit Production Music, a division of Spirit Music Group, represents more than 50 unique music libraries from around the world, including the prestigious Audio Horizons catalog from the United States, Musique & Music from France, FM Records from Italy, YB Music from Brazil, Emergency Production Music from the UK, 101 Music from Australia and many more. Together, the libraries that we represent currently contain over 200,000 pre-cleared tracks.www.spiritproductionmusic.com

Angel Slimocosky 
Sr. Director, Music LicensingSpirit Production Music
(m) 818-203-8343 (o) 818-508-2040 Ext. 2507 


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