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Are You Ready? Lesson 1: Community


You don’t need 5,000 downloads per episode, that’s one thing for sure. However, you will need an audience of some kind, even if they haven’t caught on to the podcasting thing quite yet. Lots of podcasters start their show after having grown an audience of followers on other channels for the past 8 years, and advertisers want to get to those people just as much as the listeners of the podcast. 

Even if you were a little late to the social media and online audience party, you still could have a decent audience built up. It doesn’t take 8 years to grow an audience. In fact, you could have built up a decent-sized following in the short time your podcast has been live, if you’re set up correctly. Let’s take a look. 

You should have at least one social media channel with a healthy amount of friends/followers and good conversations going. Just one will do the trick. Your personal Facebook profile, Twitter account, Pinterest, Instagram, anything you’ve built up. If you have one in the thousands, great. If you have a few hundred spread across a few of those channels, that’s good too. The more people the better. 

It’s also helpful to have started an email list of people who like you and/or your show. Maybe they don’t listen to your show, but they’ve given you their email for different reasons and you have permission to market to them (aka send them emails via an email management system.) 

Why do you need this?

Ad buyers and sponsors are looking for a person with a significant circle of influence. If you say buy these shoes, for example, they’d like people to trust you and take your word for it and buy the shoes. The more people you’re connected to, the more able you are to put your opinion out there on a product or service and have people act on it, or at least be curious enough to check it out. That’s what they want – exposure to the right people and the more, the better.

Don’t have this?

Here are some things you can do to jumpstart your community:

  • Ask your listeners to friend and follow you on your social media channel of choice.
  • Let them know that you’ve got a free download or a freebie of some kind on your website.
  • Start connecting with people immediately on a social media channel. Don’t wait! 
  • Even people who don’t seem relevant, or who are personal acquaintances will be able to tell people about what great stuff you’ve got going on. Separating your personal and podcast stuff is a waste of friends and family. 

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