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Are You Ready? Summary

Many of you have started your podcasts with all three of these things in tip-top shape – and if that’s true, then congrats! You’re 100% ready to go out there and land your first sponsor!

If you’re someone who has most of the things above pretty nailed down but need to check or try out a few things, go for it! You can start to get your materials ready for your media kit while you work on putting systems in place, growing your community or tightening up your branding. You’re almost there! It won’t be long before you’re ready to get out there and sell, and you could even start to research and reach out now if you’ve got confidence in what you DO have and you’ll have everything in place by the time the first contract is signed. 

If you’re still working on the above aspects of community, branding or organization, have no fear! These pieces are a cinch to fix and while important, are not impossible mountains to climb. Building your community can take time, yes – but with focus and dedication, will grow as long as your passion and enthusiasm can reach the right people, as many of them as you can and as fast as you can. Your branding may be a mess – but by making a few small font and color changes, or by straightening up your copy, you could be ready to go very shortly. Finally, putting systems in place is going to help you manage your podcast whether you land sponsors or not – so find ways that you can streamline your process and free up your own time so you can pursue making money with your podcast!

Let us know your thoughts and any questions in the forums. See you there!

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