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Coming To Apple Podcasts and Testing Run The World

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Coming To Apple Podcasts and Testing Run The World


Elsie Escobar 0:01
That I did see that that might be an issue and I’m not sure if this actually matters. I’m not sure yet is that I was unable to, to set the output audio into my headphones. So the computer has them and I wasn’t able to change that. So I’m not sure how that’s gonna go. Especially if I’m wondering if we can have a discussion as well here soon, where if somebody asks, I’m like, I’m gonna open it up and see, like, who wants to grab the mic after I go through this, and I’d like to pass the mic to somebody. And I’m, I’m wondering what will happen, since my, the audio of the computer seems to not be picked. And so that might be a little bit of an issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:01
Other than that, though,

Unknown Speaker 1:02

Elsie Escobar 1:05
I think we are okay with all the rest of this stuff, especially if it’s just me, but I but again, if it’s not just me at some point, and I do want to have a conversation with somebody, that might be a problem. But okay. All right, it is 12 o’clock today, thank you, for those of you who are here to help me a little bit test this thing out, this platform that you are using right now, if you have not used it already is called run the world, run the world. And as of now, it can, it can do a bunch of different things like it is a sort of like a platform that you would use if you’re doing a virtual online event, because it has all of these like lovely little things that are going on on the side, you can have, you know, all kinds of separate rooms and things like that. So you can really scale up this process. But you can also run the world is also doing lately is it’s really focusing on community conversations with folks kind of like in a smaller with a smaller amount, sort of like what you are here. As of now I see that there are 10 people here. So they are looking for something that is a little bit on the smaller realm, but also be able to kind of scale up. So if there happens to be a lot more people showing up at this time, that would be really great as well. And I do know that this is sort of like what I’ve noticed is that it’s a little bit of an amalgam of a bunch of different things. One of them Hello, Miss Hailey. So nice to see you. Good morning. It is an amalgam of like crowdcast, zoom. And something else like it’s, it’s really interesting. It also offers you the opportunity to break people out into separate rooms, if you would like in the same way that zoom classrooms or rooms are set up. But it’s done in a more elegant manner. I haven’t tested any of that stuff out. For this right now. I just wanted to see like what people’s experience was signing in to the platform and experiencing what that’s like and kind of mess around with a button. See if you can engage with it. Tell me what you think. I mean, even if it’s off topic, I’m cool seeing people’s what’s happening. Where are we? Haha, yeah, I know, if you all want to talk, that’s super cool. I am super Alright, with y’all chatting on the sides there, seeing what it looks like telling me your experience of it. Because I want it to be as you know, as easy as comfortable for everybody to be able to see like what’s going on. And I was mentioning before that one of the goals of this time together that I have here is to possibly pass the mic off to somebody to be able to bring somebody on stage with me so that I can see what that looks like, particularly if there are some questions either around the platform or if you want to test it out or any or because of the stuff that we’re going to be talking about. I’m going to wait a little bit longer before I get to the Apple podcast stuff, which I do feel is going to be really helpful for some, there are going to be some I’m hoping to share my screen. I haven’t done that either yet. So I got like a super, literally a PowerPoint, not PowerPoint or Keynote presentation just with like a couple of screenshots, left and right. So it’s super, very, like I did it in five minutes just to get like so that you guys can see and I can test that out as well. And we can talk about that. So that’s going to be great, but I want to wait just a little bit longer to see if we can get some more folks in here. And then given the conversation around Apple podcasts. If any of you want to come on stage or pass the mic or have any questions or anything like that, please let me know. And then I’ll bring you in bring you over. So, okay, I have been seeing lots of little bubbles, like, come up there. And that is awesome. And I’m going to do just one thing, I think I’m going to close the door because I let my daughter, I let my daughter talk to her friends. And she’s like her mama, and she’s really loud. So I’m going to shut my door. One second.

I thought that they were being very quiet. And then I was like, Why is she being loud now? So I’m gonna go ahead and shut the door, I shut that door, and I kept her out. Alright, so let me take a look over here to see some of the people that I see in the chat. And I’m gonna call you out for some of you who Oh, my gosh, what’s that? I’m so happy you’re here? Um, the I know that there’s many of you who are obviously all podcasters, I’m assuming. But then we have a lot of folks that are strictly john. So nice to see you. Oh, my gosh, so exciting. I know that there are some folks in here that do work with podcasters one on one. So this is going to be really, really intriguing for you all to kind of check this out. I am going to see how to go ahead and start sharing my screen. So I hope that I know.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
I hope I know how to make this

Elsie Escobar 6:28
work. Because if not, it’s going to be sad. It’s going to be a sad day. I’m just going to have to talk with you about it. So let me see application window. Here we go. Are you all ready to to learn a little bit about what’s coming up with Apple podcasts? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 6:45
my god,

Unknown Speaker 6:46
oh my gosh,

Elsie Escobar 6:47
oh my gosh. All right, here we go. Then the Dan, here we go. So this is my really again, it’s a really simple and quote presentation. This, this truly is a PDF where I just got two screenshots from side to side. So that everybody can kind of see what I’m going through here. Everything that you’re going to see in this mini presentation is the left side of the screen, the one that’s like a wider image is my iPhone, my current iPhone eight. Okay, everything that’s on the right hand side, everything that’s on the right hand side, it is. Out Rob’s Rob Walsh, my co host for the feed, he took all of these screenshots for me and sent that to me, I believe he’s got an iPhone, pro max. So that’s why they look different different screen sizes. And there really isn’t anything that I can do about, obviously, his screen is so much bigger than my screen. And everything on the right hand side is iOS beta that has just been released. So meaning when I say the iOS beta that has just been released, that means that only those people who are actively into the beta can see this. Alright, so that means it’s not out into the wild, this is nothing that you can actually download unless you’re participating specifically in testing, iOS, all the iOS releases before they come out. As far as I know, I believe that this is a an upcoming release that might come out in March. I’m not quite sure yet. I believe that’s what Rob said. But I just want to let you all know this. Okay, so again, this is the opening screen. This is looking at somebody using Apple podcasts. Okay, so Apple podcasts. And and for somebody who is not subscribed to your show. So we did a search for see podcasts. And this came out so that you can see that it’s basically the same layout, right. So there’s nothing there’s nothing different here. Now, let me see if I can move it to the next to the next page here, because I have to have both of these things open at the same time, which is a little bit hard for me to see. Did that move? Did that move at all? Yes, it did. Okay, good. Oh, yeah. All right. So this is where we start to get a little bit weird right now a little bit different, a little bit like oh my gosh, on the left hand side, it’s what’s currently inside of Apple podcasts. And as you can see the purple button right at the top of the screen, it says subscribe. On the right hand side, you can see a little bit of a difference now. So on the left hand side, the artwork is to the left the right place. Part of the screen has the name of the show, you can read, like my name, and it doesn’t really have Jessica’s name on there. And then subscribe is the big call to action there. Right. And then if you move over to what you can find on the screen here is that the artwork itself has become front and center. So that’s really come front and center of the screen, it is taking up a lot more,

a lot of width, I guess on that side, and it’s centered part up there. So meaning that your artwork is going to be a lot more important. for Apple podcasts, it’s showcasing that a little bit more. Something else that you see now is that the name of the podcast is slightly smaller, but you can see both just in my names on there, which is nice. So the first thing I know right spot, Oh, hold on, Haley, hold on, Haley, somebody like somebody is getting a sense right here, right. So on the right hand side, it’s got that big and it’s white, it’s white, which is a little bit different, because it’s not purple anymore. It’s got that white play thing, right. And it’s I immediately has a play on there versus subscribe, which is what you see on the left hand side. To go back a little bit. This is the screen that comes up after you search. So let’s just go back a little bit to the first screen that I showed before. This is the beginning, right, you search for the screen. On the left hand side, you see the Xi podcast logo. So let’s say that’s what I want. And I tap through. This is what comes up next. So again, the big subscribe and the purple, and then latest episode on the right hand side for the other one. I also want you to note, I don’t know if you all can i don’t think that you can see the my, my What do you call it? But is that the little arrow arrow thingy? On the right hand side? my stylus is on the right hand side, the one that is the latest iOS beta. There is a tiny little plus sign at the top right. Okay, there’s a tiny little plus right on the top. Right there. Okay, so just to let that that’s the telling there’s a telltale sign happening with that. Are you ready for the next? Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready, then that?

Unknown Speaker 12:36
This is the thing y’all Check, check it out. Check it out. Because this is the biggie. This is a biggie. Oh my god.

Elsie Escobar 12:49
Right? What do you all think? So now there’s this subscribed. And then now there’s the following. So I’m cursor. Yes. cursor. Thank you, everybody who’s helping me speak. Right? So yep, both of them. So now on again, on the left hand side, it’s what we currently have in the iOS release. On the right hand side is the iOS beta that’s going to be released here coming up sometime in q1. Possibly in March, mid March, whatever. I’m not sure when this is going to go live. But this is really, really huge. So I’m subscribed versus following. So why does this matter? Can somebody I know I’m going to be I’m going to be the teacher who’s going to raise their hand. Who’s going to tell me what’s the call to action that I personally have been telling y’all is the most important thing for Apple podcast for a bazillion Julian gazillion years. Can somebody can somebody say and I went I said I went right subscribe Andrea Condor gets the gets the bonus right there. That is correct. So Andrea, is that yes, absolutely. It’s subscribe. It subscribe. It’s subscribed. Correct? Subscribe is the money. Now what are you going to do? hydrate? Nice, Cynthia. Yes. Correct. That is also very fair. In fact, here’s my what big water bottle but alas, that is what I’ve been telling everybody. Right? So all of you podcast consultants, podcast, coach’s podcast, all the things you have got, we all have to now reimagined the language that we’re using to tell our people what they need to have their call to action to be. Okay. So, yes, this is huge. This is huge, because, as you all know, and particularly I hope that those of you who are here and play and I’m going to maybe I should do a poll, but did you all know that iTunes is no longer thing. Did you know that iTunes no longer exists? I wonder if I should use a poll? Is there a way to make a poll? Let’s see if I can make a poll just because I can. roundtable cocktail party. I’m going to see this. Oh, sorry, I can’t do the action while I’m sharing the screen. But alas. Alright, so yes. So yes, unless you have an old desktop like you correct. So iTunes is gone. iTunes is gone. It’s Apple podcast, iTunes. Apple has asked us to start to not say iTunes for the past since 2017. And still now there’s still people saying iTunes. And so now you understand that the whole subscribed to follow language is going to be changing. And it’s going to take a long time to change that language for so many people. So it’s up to you, all of you, podcasts, coaches, and consultants and people who are working with other podcasters to start to shift the language. But here’s my suggestion, because I’m still not feeling this whole follow, right? Because I think this is what I’m suggesting. I think all of us need to say, Listen to my podcast, listen, listen, in Apple podcast, listen, in Spotify, listen to wherever you get your audio, not even podcast. But wherever you get your audio because we have now expanded to almost every single platform out there that supports audio, regardless of whether or not it is podcast centric, right? The biggest reflection of that it’s Spotify, because Spotify obviously has started with being a music platform. Now it’s supporting podcasts. Audible is an audio book, primarily platform, who is now supporting podcasts. So listen to wherever listen to my podcast, wherever you get your audio is my suggestion at this moment, saying listen to my podcast, going to Spotify, listen to my latest episode, if you want to, you can go ahead and follow the show. Alright, so we are going to be doing some of that stuff there. Let me look at the comments right here. Yes, yes. hydrate the Follow button in this teeny correct mag. I completely agree. It is super, super small.

Yes. And technically, you’re correct, Miss Brittany, it is still a iTunes for desktop, but actually only for the latest OS. So I have Big Sur and there is only music on my desktop. There is Apple podcasts on desktop. So I don’t know if you’ve seen that. But it is actually as a big sir. As of the latest update. There is no longer any iTunes on the desktop, it actually does not exist. It’s not a platform that’s going to be supported. coming forward. Right? They always support back. Os is I’m not sure how first of all how late but iTunes itself isn’t going to be reflecting In fact, I? That’s a really great question. I’m not sure iTunes is going to reflect this language. So all right. Okay. Let me read a little bit for PC Oh, for PC users, Brittany, we’ll see what happens. That’s really interesting. I’m very, very curious about how they’re going to do that. All right. So now let’s keep going on the screen share so that you all can see what else we have going on, we’ve got following. And so in this screen share here is what you see after you have tapped in right after you have subscribed, or after you have followed the show. Now you can see that all of the little, the little drop down menu is to the top right. And it has all of the little things that you can do there and it says unfollow, obviously, as you can see, on the left hand side, it has all the unsubscribe stuff, and you don’t see all of the things that I have on there on the screen. Because I think I make it big for myself. I just like big words. So you can’t capture everything, but it has essentially the same stuff. So that’s another thing for you to think about. And then this is the screen of your show being played on Apple podcasts. So as you see on the left hand side, it actually says playing with the little button to stop right to pause. And then on the right hand side, you see the pause right over there and you can see the stuff. Now what you don’t see though is as you can see on the left hand side it says subscribed right underneath the names. And I didn’t see any of that on the right hand side handle the screen. It doesn’t really show you what else is happening there. So that’s interesting for that for sure. And then this last screenshot here is really just from the library. I didn’t take a picture of my library here. The again, the these are pictures from Rob’s phone, this is not my phone. This is Rob’s phone, because he has the beta on his phone, and he’s testing it in there. So Apple podcasts here shows you that it says now the language there is recently followed recently followed. So that’s going to be something that we need to start to pay attention to when it comes to this. For sure. Right is I’m gonna go ahead and leave it on that screen. But I am going to go back to the browser that I’m looking at right here. And I’m going to stop sharing my screen. All right, so I’m going to look at some comments here. Oh, Jessica. Hi, Jess. So yep, looks like Spotify to me on the right. Right, Jen, you are correct. And there was a down arrow where there used to be a plus sign? Yes. For sure. So I see what is the other I see another little tiny. Hi. Oh, look. Hi. Are you private messaging me jazz? Hi. Where did you put that in there? That’s so cool. Is that just for me? Can everybody do that? I don’t know. But anyway, not sure. I know. I’m like, I’m still but I like the little bubbles that come up. That is very cute. Okay, um, so folks, do you have any questions for me? Let me test out some of the I look at that. And he’s in it says hi. Say hi. Oh, that’s really cute. So I said, Hi. That’s really cute. Okay. Does anybody How about somebody request to ask me a question about what we just talked about? Anything that has to do with the whole change? Look, Terry Terry just asked. Okay, let’s see. She asked them at a press the button. She said you want the mic. I’m giving you the mic, Terry. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But oh, no, I

Unknown Speaker 22:20

Unknown Speaker 22:21
I just like to try new things. So they’re looking at there. It’s I like the split screen though. That’s kind of nice. Cool, right. Yeah. So what do you think this is? What do you think you’ve been saying along that Apple setting everybody up for? Like a Patreon style, whatever. So that’s where this subscribe is coming in.

Unknown Speaker 22:47
Why win now?

Elsie Escobar 22:52
If you win now, I don’t know how what should we do? Right. Like, you’re absolutely right. And I think and Terry just nailed it right here. That was like the other aspect of me coming through here. Because one of the biggest issues that Apple was having, and I remember the last time that I was talking to Apple, and we were having a meeting, and one of the apple folks was like, so what do you think about mind you? This was a while ago? This is not? This was when I was still in Pittsburgh. Like, wait, yeah. So anyway, he asked, what are what do you think about the the name of subscribe? And we were like, well, subscribers, what everybody knows. But he was saying, Don’t you think it’s a little weird that people think you have to pay for it and all this kind of stuff. And that’s when they change the language to listen. That’s when they started to say listed in Apple podcast listening apple. What do you think about listening and Apple podcasts? And we were like, Okay, listen is good. And now they’ve taken it even more to the prop to the like to the next thing, which is kind of interesting, I think. Yes, Terry. So it looks like I’m gonna either drop the mic or you can kick me off stage. Why don’t you try to kick me off stage. Okay. I will give you I will. I will take back the mic. That’s what it says. Take Back the mic now. Okay, here we go. Does anybody else want to say something to me back on and see if anybody wants to take the

Unknown Speaker 24:26
lead? He.

Elsie Escobar 24:30
Jessica wants a mic. Oh my gosh. I see. It’s like it’s so weird. It’s very like I want the mic. I want the mic. It’s Hi. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
It is weird. It’s weird to ask your permission. You know, I just also tested in case you were

Unknown Speaker 24:50
curious, curious,

Unknown Speaker 24:52
whether or not I could open another app. Right. So I came out here to my porch to take pictures of the snow. I love it. And I opened it up fine. I can’t do video though. But I opened it took a picture took a couple pictures, and then right back to you. So that’s good. So it doesn’t like zoom. I think if you get away from zoom, it closes. Oh, I can hear the audio just fine. And I heard everything you were saying I couldn’t see it, but I thought that was cool.

Elsie Escobar 25:17
Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. And so you’re, uh, you’re on your phone right now.

Unknown Speaker 25:21
I’m on my phone. Yep. And I love it. This

Elsie Escobar 25:23
is kind of neat. I’m kind of

Unknown Speaker 25:27
I love it. So I mean, I’m not on my computer. So I don’t know how. But I don’t feel like it’s that mobile. I feel much more like, this seems normal, like a normal conversation. Whereas I’m on zoom. If I’m on my phone, it’s like, bad audio bad video.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Oh, if

Unknown Speaker 25:43
you guys agree, but I’m on the same Wi Fi. But for some reason. It doesn’t work as well on mobile, but like, Look, you can see really clearly Oh, that’s neat.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
I love it.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Yeah, so it’s good. I like it. I like it, too. This week. We can’t use it for big conference. Like it says, oh, run your biggest conference. But you really only if it’s virtual. Because there was something that Scott was Scott tested it with us yesterday, too. And like he there was something we couldn’t do that we need to do in Oh, they will let you see what ticket people purchased. If someone wants a refund, they don’t give you the information as to like what level ticket they have. Because it’s private.

Unknown Speaker 26:25

Unknown Speaker 26:27
I was like, well, that’s not gonna work. No. But it’s great for. It’s great for what we’re doing for virtual and for QA. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:38
I’m digging it.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
What are they saying? They’re saying I’m on the app. Everything looks really good. Yeah, it’s really good. I agree. That’s really good. I know you’re on your computer. But if I do it on Tuesday, you should pop on and play with your phone just to see what it’s like. Yeah, totally. Yeah. Well, anyway, Happy Sunday. Happy.

Elsie Escobar 26:58
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Oh, Britney says I’m super quiet. It’s probably I’ll have my earbuds on.

Elsie Escobar 27:04
Um, you sound Oh, you know what? This isn’t even coming. I just realized this is not coming into my headphones. It’s coming out of my computer. It’s so weird. Oh, that’s weird. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
I wonder if there’s a way to

Elsie Escobar 27:16
I tried to set it up. Not you. That’s not your problem. That was my

Unknown Speaker 27:22
that was video. I can also leave there’s a little like, get the fuck out of there button.

Elsie Escobar 27:28
Can you do it yourself? Can you choose to leave?

Unknown Speaker 27:32
Yes. Do

Elsie Escobar 27:33
I have to kick you out?

Unknown Speaker 27:35
No. Look, watch.

Elsie Escobar 27:38
Okay, are you leaving for real? Okay. Oh, okay. Look, she left. So she can choose to leave. Jessica wants the mic again. And then I will get I’ll get ginger. Y’all can come up here in just a moment. And, you know, and also Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:54
I will interrupt ginger. But

Unknown Speaker 27:56
another thing is when you request the mic, you can see who’s ahead of you. Oh, cool.

Elsie Escobar 28:04
I’m gonna have ginger Campbell. Come on. Look at my ginger Campbell. Look at how cute you are with your theme. And it’s still pretty the color this one my favorite. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
cute face. I’ve missed you.

Elsie Escobar 28:21
You’re very quiet light slightly. Yeah.

Yeah, you’re very, you’re very quiet love.

Unknown Speaker 28:33

Elsie Escobar 28:35
I can’t hear you very much.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
Maybe I’ll make let’s see what happens if I leave and then maybe it will give her all the audio.

Elsie Escobar 28:42
Okay, great. All right. Lost in a bit. All right. Thank you. Yeah. No, not really. Miss Haley can barely hear it. Yeah, I can’t hear you very much very well. From here.

So yeah, I don’t know. That, alas, let me look at some of the comments while you’re figuring that out. Um,

Unknown Speaker 29:07
how about No,

Elsie Escobar 29:08
that’s better? That’s good. Well, that’s

Unknown Speaker 29:11
weird. Because usually, when I use zoom, I have no problems with my internal mic. Just as a FYI, yeah. So

Elsie Escobar 29:22
yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. And let me know.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
I was just gonna say I kept getting the network error. I had to leave several times. But it’s kind of I mean, I like it. It’s just, I had a few technical glitches. And I didn’t know I couldn’t use my internal mic. I don’t know if anybody else. Well, nobody else has tried yet. So. Right. And I actually don’t know how to adjust the internal mic, cuz it’s never been an issue. I mean, when you’re, obviously when we’re podcasting, we’re using our good mics. But I don’t usually bother with that when I’m zooming.

Elsie Escobar 29:57
Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure. I’m just looking at comments here on the side. Just to see, I see that there’s folks that have been using their iPhones and their Mac. And yeah, so the code Okay, cool. Yeah, Shauna, you know what, it’s interesting. It seems like the audio there’s some audio there’s still some little funkiness also need to sign up before so need to let people know I had I missed the first part. Shauna, Yes, for sure. I yeah, I forgot to mention that to some of y’all.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
I got the text. Yeah,

Elsie Escobar 30:36
I sent it on the text. But I think that what I didn’t say is that you have to sign up like, which is something I did. I just didn’t want I didn’t do that. I want I can’t do those attendees. It sounded like it was set to an external mic, but it was a wet Yeah, that’s right. Can you see my mic request? Or do you have to allow use your microphone? Okay, so how about this? We’re gonna do you know what, Cheryl? I do not see your Mike request. I can see john. I’m gonna say I’m gonna let john up here too. And I’m gonna say Terry to come up here to oh my gosh, where did you go? You brought me up again. Harry is here. And then john is here. But what happened to ginger? I did not kick you out. Ginger. You just disappeared on me? Did not. That was there we go. Hold on. Let me see if I can get her on. Just because I want to mess with this.

Unknown Speaker 31:28
Hey, here we go. I was just drugged out on purpose. It wasn’t it wasn’t.

Elsie Escobar 31:32
Oh, you dropped it on purpose. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
It’s officially a party. Can you hear me? I’ll see.

Elsie Escobar 31:37
Yes, I can.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
I never got the pajama pictures.

Elsie Escobar 31:44
You did it. It’s on there. It’s that it’s on there. It’s the first link on the top part.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
I’ll look I look, I probably want a way to get people in, huh?

Elsie Escobar 31:53
Yeah. Ready to look at me with my pajamas. It’s because my pajamas are so fuzzy and warm.

Unknown Speaker 31:58
Yep. So I wanted to get a little feedback on the system here.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Yeah, please go. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:03
I’m always looking for the best user interface, especially for people that are technically challenged. Right. Yeah. So you know, I get this all the time, because I use squad cast a lot.

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:18
People have a real hard problem. If they’re using a separate microphone, that’s not the default on the computer or camera. So you know, you have to go through this whole process of switching cameras and the gear icon and then refresh the screen and stuff. So I was very pleased when I came into and and to raise my hand that it gave me the option right then to be able to choose the microphone and the camera. And it was great. I really appreciated that.

Elsie Escobar 32:46
Yeah, you know what, john, something I don’t know if any of you experienced this was that I, as of now I you’re not coming into my ears because the my computer that the whatever the options are, when you come in, I wasn’t able to choose the road caster pro as the output it only let my MacBook speakers be the output. So right now you are coming out. And

Unknown Speaker 33:18
I’m on a road caster pro as well. Yeah, it just didn’t it didn’t let me go into the speaker. So let me go out and then come back in and see what I get to choose that. All right.

Elsie Escobar 33:28
Yeah, go for it. And does anybody have any other thoughts from and yes. Any other thoughts around the whole Apple podcast thing? Because I know that’s what we’re really talking about here. But I’m also i’m curious, both conversations, both of the conversations around the platform here, but also on the apple podcast stuff as well.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
So yeah, it was odd, because before you would almost have to subscribe in iTunes. I mean, apple, it made it look like you couldn’t listen unless you and that’s the way it looked. Right. Right. To a to a naive user. It looked like you had to subscribe in order to listen. Now I’ve made subscribe, following so obscure that I don’t see any newbie actually ever clicking on that itty bitty button.

Elsie Escobar 34:20
Yeah, yeah, I think that you’re right. I think that what they’re doing is they’re just wanting to get consumption, which actually, by the way, Rob and I are actually he gets into a lot more nuance around what this is going to do to guess what people the apple podcast algorithm because remember how we often talked about it. It’s all based on subscribers, right? It’s literally based on the subscribers. So now it’s going to be it’s the follow is like, like you said, way up there. So it feels like it’s leaning heavily on actual listening to the podcast, as in like pressing Play, right? And then that’s the way it goes. So I thought that was really super, super interesting. But I don’t know what it’s gonna do with the algorithms.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Getting back, getting back a little bit to the interface. So I, you know, I’m not on a Mac, I’m on a Windows 10 machine. So I’m able to change the sound speaker in Windows 10. And I was able to output back to the road caster.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
What did you do? And I can,

Unknown Speaker 35:31
yeah, there’s in Windows 10, you can select, you know, the speaker and the microphone to us. Right. So I was able to choose the road caster as the speaker to use.

Elsie Escobar 35:43
So you you actually did it? You did it on your

Unknown Speaker 35:48
own outside of Rhode

Elsie Escobar 35:50
Island. Okay. Good to know. Cuz then.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
Yeah, because if I’m sure people are used to zoom, so in zoom, you know, there’s a little up arrow next to mute. Yeah, where you choose the microphone and the speaker. So that option doesn’t exist here. So it has to be done outside of run the world. It’s probably the same for a Mac as well.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
Yep, for sure. Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Yeah. I’ll leave the room now.

Elsie Escobar 36:13
All right. Thank you, john, for troubleshooting with me and testing this out. Hey, how about you, Terry, you got any last? Any last words? So I’m trying. You’re sounding very strange to me.

Unknown Speaker 36:37

Unknown Speaker 36:38
yeah, it looks like

Elsie Escobar 36:41
it’s funky. It’s doing weird stuff. I miss Terry. It’s like, and now I can’t hear you. Oh, my gosh. Oh, by. So do we have anybody else who wants to chat about this? I will follow up on some of the questions that I have in the chat here. Um, let me see. I wonder if there’s like, I know that there’s like a special q&a thing. Stevie. Terry, you sound like Oh, I see. You’re using the funding computer at the same time. Yeah. Well, that would do it. Robot boys. Okay. Yes. Stevie. Yeah. So Stevie Yes, stream yard. But see, here’s the thing, let me tell you why. This isn’t a solution for stream yard. This is a solution for a hybrid, like zoom, extra or a hybrid. This is for me, the solution that this was bringing to the table is when we do our q&a is inside of the shoe podcast, super squad, versus we’re gonna go live, right? We’re gonna go live. And it’s just an AI. And we can do the overlays and do all of that stuff and picking your inputs and their outputs and doing production. We’re sticking with stream yard. This is strictly for the q&a that we’re doing and doing all the private stuff that we’re going to be doing behind the scenes in the podcast, super squad, which is having, you know, conversations with experts and doing some in depth tutorials like this, like of the moment things that I want to get out to the sea podcast, super squad, I want to test that platform for that. So that’s not a stream yard type of thing. Because with stream yard, you can’t just come into stream yard to watch it. You have to cross post it into a lot of different places. You have to add a website, place landing page of some kind, and it’s like way too many steps. This is you come in, I can let you in. I can let many people in, I can split you into rooms, I can have you guys have discussions, we can do all kinds of other things. So that’s why stream yard is not the thing that I wanted to do here. Let me just again, once again, look over to what’s happening on the chat. I have to say I like it. And I also like the fact that you can respond individually to people which is something that that doesn’t happen in other places. Okay, who asked the question about March because I see a lot of folks are responding that let’s see use microphone. So Cheryl said that you need to allow for video. You can’t just do audio. Does anyone to study for audio settings input in my output? Yeah, so

that’s my cue to go. Oh, that’s right, Jessica. Come on. Yes, and yes, you’re right, Brittany, it seems like more people are not going to subscribe and I don’t think they want people to subscribe because, like Terry mentioned and we were talking about and all curious, you know, guessing, basically guessing is that they’re moving to being able to offer Subscribe for pay. So whatever that is being able to manage subscribing to a podcast and becoming having that become a premium way of offering content managed via Apple podcasts, I think that that might be where they’re going with that. So they’re trying to shift things from following a podcast, which is free to subscribing to a podcast, which is paid. And as you know, this is going to be a challenge. So I challenge most of you who are here, especially who are doing podcasting, consulting and, and coaching folks around you to start to think about it on your own and go like, what is the best? What is it that you feel would be the best thing to advise to your clients to tell to do, and what’s the language that you’re going to be using? So Stevie said, When is the for release? Sorry, I missed that. So yes. So Haley, I believe somewhere around March is the beta that’s coming up. So everybody needs to be getting ready for that. Let me see. I also couldn’t get the comments to disappear. So they didn’t cover the screenshots. Very interesting. That’s like, very weird. Yeah, those are smallish. But that’s really I mean, it’s great. Does this have any time limit? I’m going to be possibly finishing soon. Right now? I’m keeping it less to an hour. I just wanted to test it. But I don’t know. I that’s a great question, Hilda. I do not know if that if this has a time limit. I mean, I guess it has some, I hear that some folks do marathon sessions on this, for sure. And they do manage and run the world can also run on paid paid stuff. So if you want to do like a webinar or special something or other for your people, people can pay and you can set the payment and they process the payments via stripe. The advantage of zoom in QA is that we can all see each other. That is correct. You can all see each other. And I think that what’s harder for me is that I don’t get an opportunity to have specific one on ones when everybody comes in. I assume that if the key ways are if there’s enough people, I can put people up on the screen to be able to do that. So thanks for that feedback. Lina. Yeah, so so Cheryl, however, the picture is there message option? I haven’t tried it yet. But I’ll try with you just sent you something, Haley. Oh, how cute. That’s great. You make a solid point. Okay. Why then do you favorite this over zoom? JOHN? Are you asking me? Yes, I think it’s it’s primarily for the ability to have a little bit more focus with our, with our people, being able to bring people on stage, being able to pass the microphone, more specifically to folks. I also like the idea of all of these, the calls to actions and group files, and polls and things. But alas, you can, you know, do those types of things. And I think I really like there’s also a round table discussion thing. So the round table, it says here, it’s the easiest way to facilitate group discussions, just decide the group size and add discussion topics for our attendees to choose from. We’ll do the rest by connecting people who want to discuss that same topic. So I believe that what that what that does is that you can just add the folks to do the group discussions in there. I don’t want to press that right now.

Unknown Speaker 43:39
I don’t want to breath it.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
I don’t know how to make it go away.

Elsie Escobar 43:43
Because now I can’t make it go away. Now. It’s like in my face. So this is something for me to not understand how to make it go away. If I press this, it’s not going away. It’s not going away. Oh my god. I’m so annoyed. Okay, so there’s that. I think it’s more compatible to some of the other presentment comparable rather than zoom with the advantage that it is easier to bring guests on board to join the presentation. Haley says on mobile for chat, I had to double click on your face in attendees list. Then click on messages for the individual person do not see any notifications that someone sent me a message. Okay. That’s good to know. I mean, will individual artwork show on the new format? Oh, yes, Cheryl. That’s right. I forgot to answer that question. I don’t know I that was not shown to me via I can ask Rob to take some screenshots. Unfortunately, what happens with Apple podcast currently is that you get different experiences based on how you’re engaging with the apple podcasts. So I think I mentioned this before. If you are not subscribed to a show, in Apple pop, not subscribed, and it’s just in the directory and you click through to an episode. It shows it shows the artwork But once you subscribe to the show, and it’s in your library, it doesn’t show the episode artwork. So I don’t know why. And now with the follow, I don’t know. And I’m assuming that if you press play on the episode, at least from what I saw, it didn’t show it. So I’m not sure how it does it. All right. Well, my friends, I think that I know boo, I’m so sorry. Thank you for hanging out with me. Thank you for now, knowing that it’s no longer going to be subscribed, but it’s going to be follow. I have one last little thing that I would like to test if anybody’s here you’re Of course if you are. You’re welcome to to exit my friends. But I kind of would like to test out. Let’s see, to test out this table of topics. So I’m going to see like food, we’re gonna discuss food. Or podcasting. Or what else? What’s another thing? Some random pets or gardening? parts? Okay, pets.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
That’s it can.

Elsie Escobar 46:14
So and I had want it said for people to a table. Allow attendees to add topics? No, I’m not going to allow you to add on that topic. So I’m just gonna go ahead and do this. Y’all can exit and for those of you who want to join us

think I did it. Oh, am I back? Here we go. I think I’m back. Alright, well, folks, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I like close this thing. And then it went away. So I know, I need to figure out how to fix that. However, that is. But thank you all for coming in here today. And for helping me get some of this stuff done. And I hope that we can play again some time and do some more of testing of this platform and, and kind of putting it through its paces. It’s got a lot of good things. And thank you. And if you have any feedback for us, you can either text via the community, if you’re part of the community chat on the text message platform, if or you can email info at xi or feedback, I think that would be better feedback, I’m going to write that down feedback. Actually podcasts.com if you have any feedback about your experiences, just to see like, you know how we put it through its paces, and we don’t to mess things up and whatnot. And so, thank you so much. I really appreciate all of the things that you did, and to test this around, and I’m really happy that you all tested out a lot of the mobile and desktop and switched it around and all of that. So thank you, and I will chat with you guys very very soon somewhere and in the space and that would be awesome. Bye

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