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Facebook Foreplay – 1

Hooray! The first day of the challenge has begun!

Here’s the forum where you can post your assignments and ask any questions.

I really want you to get the FULL experience of this challenge, and it includes sharing and admiring our results. Also if you haven’t done the pre-assignment, pop in there and tell me 3 things that make you weird. I am TOTALLY curious! I have to know!

And you know what? EVERYONE is totally curious and has to know. So today’s assignment is:

10 Things About You

Years ago on Facebook there was a viral ‘assignment’ going around where we wrote a note (remember those?) and shared 25 Random Things about ourselves. It was super fascinating! I still have mine. 

Today, I want you to post 10 in the forum. And they absolutely, positively 100% CANNOT be business related. Under any circumstances. 

Want some inspiration? Here are the first 10 I wrote, 11 years ago, back when it was popular in 2009. You can read all 25 here: (https://www.facebook.com/notes/jessica-kupferman/25-random-things/44724584796)

  1. I have a million ideas for new TV shows, movies, books, and businesses. I’ll never do any of them, I’m sure. Who has the time to write a book? But they are REALLY good ideas. 
  2. I LOVE Chef Boyardee’s “ABCs and 123s.” I would eat them every day if I could. I haven’t eaten them in forever though.
  3. I used to eat gummi bears every night before bed- I did it for a while, like 6-8 months or so. Every night when Scott would see me get them out he would warn me that I was giving myself cavities and I would say “it’ll be worth it.” Well, I finally went to the dentist and guess what? He was right and it wasn’t worth it. I don’t eat them anymore either. But I do miss them.
  4. I’ve always wanted to be a blond. A platinum, white-haired blond. With a really short hairdo, like a really short little ‘fro. I’ve attempted to dye my hair, even highlight it, and it always comes out horribly frizzy. And orange. I’ve given up. But if there’s a way someday, or if I get grey enough, I’m doing it.
  5. 5. Sometimes I wish Scott’s cat would die and I could get a dog. Or at least a cat that was nicer to people. Then I remember that he hates dogs and the only way I’ll get one is if something happens to SCOTT. I don’t want that, obviously. And then I start over thinking of other pets I’d rather have than this psycho cat. I go around in a circle like that in my head. 
  6. I can’t do a cartwheel. It’s the shame of my life. Humiliating.
  7. My feelings are always really hurt when I find out that a friend’s parents hate me. There were several friends in my childhood/middle/high school years who told me their parents couldn’t stand me. I always wondered, what the hell is so wrong with me? I’m just a kid after all, sheesh.
  8. I always eat all of one thing at a time per meal. I never eat a few bites of one thing and switch, then switch back. That’s barbaric. I used to hate when my food touched on the plate but I got over it. I didn’t know we had that in common but whatevs. Great minds think alike. ALSO I cannot eat anything slick or slimy or mushy with lumps, mashed potatoes excepted.
  9. I have no stage fright whatsoever and I never have, in my life, ever.
  10. I hate scary movies, mostly because I never feel scared. If it were realistic, maybe I’d appreciate them but I’ve never seen one that freaked me out. Now on the other hand, and I hope this isn’t too offensive, the moves that REALLY freak me out are usually about religious zealots. Because…I know they’re out there.

Happy posting! And feel free to post any questions in there as well. In the next lesson, we post something PUBLIC. 

Dun dun dunnnnnnn…..

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