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Facebook Foreplay – 2

In the last lesson, you shared with your fellow challengers about yourself – totally random things, not business related. And don’t we feel like we know each other intimately!! I know I feel that way about all of you who posted. 

For today, I’m hoping that exercise gave you some courage. Because one very small step for you is going to be to post about something you’re thinking about. On your PERSONAL page, NOT your business page.

Why? Trust me.

It’s never going to be enough to post about what you’re DOING. No one cares. I promise. Eating dinner in Paris, yeah that’s sort of interesting. But the fact that eating dinner in Paris makes you feel very important and mysterious? THAT’S FASCINATING. 

See the difference? 

No more posting about WHAT you’re doing. Today, it’s more about how you FEEL about it. 

I want you to post one of these phrases and complete the sentences. Here are your choices:

I don’t understand what the deal is with……

I love/hate September because……

I can’t stop thinking about ___ lately. What’s wrong with me?

This weekend, I hope _____ (don’t you DARE post “I get to relax.”)

By the end of this month, I swear on my life I’m going to ____.

Be mindful of what’s going on in the news and while it’s a veritable hotbed of nonsense, I’m suggesting you try to avoid those topics. We are trying to be more relatable, not polarizing.

OK! Really think about how you feel, and fill in those blanks. I’ll be watching!! Post any questions here!

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