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Facebook Foreplay – 3

Hey brave soldier! How did the last lesson go?

Take a look at that post and see how it did. How many likes? How many comments? Is it still going? Please take a moment to check – and compare to what you normally get on your personal page. Is there a difference?

Let’s continue with our experiments. Should we reveal a little more? 

Today I’d like you to crowdsource. Again, it’s not going to be business related. And again, it needs to be on your personal page. 

Are you doing a home project? Trying a new recipe? Always wanted a new hair do? 

Ask your Facebook friends their opinion. Because if there’s one thing other people like to do, it’s HELP. And it doesn’t even matter about what. 

Give them a choice of 2 things – or ask an open ended question. You seriously will not BELIEVE the amount of responses you get. 

Not sure what to post? Ask in the forum first! And don’t forget to come back later and let us know how it went! Now….crowdsource those brilliant people!

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