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Facebook Foreplay – 4

Hey there, you social butterfly!

How did the last challenge go? Did you get a lot of advice? Much of it unsolicited, I’m sure. Oh wait – we DID solicit it, didn’t we??

Did you let us know in the forum? How many likes? How many comments? Again, was it more than you usually get?

Today we’re going to go for the kind of engagement you’ve always wanted. If nothing’s worked until now, I guarantee this one will be popular. 

But before we continue – if you feel like the last 2 lessons are still getting traction, it’s OK to wait a day. Don’t post today’s assignment if you think you’re exhausting your people. In my experience, it doesn’t happen as fast as you think – but you’ll know if they’re weary of your poking and prodding. 

OK – back to the experiment. 

Have you ever been to a corporate event, a youth group meeting, or anywhere else where they did some type of icebreaker game? Yup, I have. I used to be GREAT at those – and often taught them, too! (Does this shock you? I AM the nosiest person alive, after all.)

Let’s use an icebreaker technique. Meeting and event planners use them to loosen people up, get them to relax around each other, foster teamwork, and more. So let’s follow their lead! 

Today, post one of these questions. Take your pick – and answer the questions as part of the update:

Are you a morning person or a night person? I’m _____ because _____.

What’s your favorite cartoon character? I’ve always liked _____.

What’s something you own that you wish you didn’t? Every time I pass that ____ I want to set it on fire /throw it out /wish I hadn’t invested what I did in it.

If you had a time machine, where would you like to visit? I’ve always been partial to ____ time period. (then say why)

What’s the lowest grade you’ve ever been given – and what class was it for? Once, I got ___ in ___. #confessions

You only have to choose one! And don’t forget to come back and tell us what happens! And as always, post any questions you have. 

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