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Facebook Foreplay – 5

Last day of the challenge! Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

I know. It did for me too. 

For today’s last challenge, I want you to find something procrastinate-y to put on your profile. Fun, funny, amusing. I think you get the point. 

Does this seem like a waste of time? Well, the truth is that everything we post can’t always be about US. Sometimes it has to be about what we find fun and funny, too! That reveals so much about ourselves. Your audience will be able to get to know you by getting a little peek into what you like to read in your spare time, what makes you think – and it’s such a big part of the know, like, and trust thing. 

So. Are you into women’s articles? Try https://jezebel.com/. What about some fun and science-y stuff? Believe it or not, Cracked.com has some fascinating articles. One of my favorites is Buzzfeed, it really has some great articles about the 90s, TV, men vs women, etc. Political buffs may want to post some stuff from The Onion. 

Give them a shot! And of course, post in the forum what results you get. 

But Foreplayers, this is just the beginning. Don’t. Stop. Now. 

Over this week, I hope you’ve noticed how much more people respond when you share yourself. It’s a HUGE difference. And I want to help you keep the momentum going. I don’t want it to stop for you, because I know it will make selling your self, your products, your services, that much easier. 

What about your Twitter?

What about emails?

What about your web copy? (HOW long ago was it written?)

Let’s not stop at Facebook. You need this kind of attention EVERYWHERE – and I created the perfect course.  It’s called The Guide To Crazy Engagement.

Basically, it’s a 4-module course that covers how to continue doing what we’ve doing this week on ALL aspects of what you share: Facebook, Twitter, emails, blogs, website copy. You’ll learn how to infuse more FUN into your business all around. 

Dive in!

Don’t forget the forum! Post your findings!

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