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Host of millions-followed account “The Coin Show” on TikTok


Jessica Kupferman 0:00
Even though I’m not seeing you How you doing? I’m excited to talk to my arm today. Oh, good, thank you good. I’m excited to talk to them. My cousin Eric today, I was just commenting that, you know, my mom is the oldest of four, his mom is the youngest. I’m the oldest grandchild, he’s the youngest grandchild. So when he was born, I was in college. And so I didn’t get to spend too much time with him growing up. So, um, but it does seem like but, you know, the times that I have spoken to him, especially recently, it seems like we have the most in common. Because we’re very, both very entrepreneurial, but like, not necessarily in the how much money can I make? Like, as fast as possible kind of way, but in the How can we strategically, yeah, you know, outsmart the system. And I’ve heard that my grandfather would fix cars with duct tape and paper clips. And I feel like and I feel like we have uncles and cousins that are sort of like that. But I’m not really like that. I mean, I do like to do i do have no patience. But you know, I like to try and do as well as I could so. So let me ask you this before we get started, because I know you’re here to talk about Tick Tock and when a goddamn rock star you are. But do you have another job that you’re doing right now or another business besides that?

Eric 1:23
I Well, I was doing government contracting. I was working on the on the 2020 census from, well, most of us from home. Once that contract ended. This is kind of around the same time I ticked off was blowing up. And I want my contract ended and I was solely doing this. And so I was able to put more time into it. And I started having a lot of money come in. Yeah. And I was thinking I was like, Man, you know, if I start working again, I would be losing money. I would literally be making less than I would if I didn’t continue tik tok. So, my actually old my old job reached back out to me, and offered me another job. And I actually turned it down.

Jessica Kupferman 2:05
That’s probably the best feeling.

Eric 2:07
It was great. A little bit. I mean, nerve wracking because, you know, it was full benefits of money, but right. But I would be losing money to do the job.

Jessica Kupferman 2:19
Yeah, and you never want that. That’s the whole opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here.

Eric 2:23

Jessica Kupferman 2:24
Did you last the last I talked to you was like, a year and a half ago, and you were gonna buy a land and have like a food truck.

Eric 2:34
Alright, that was the that was the plan. I

Jessica Kupferman 2:36
had anything ever happened with that before the pandemic? Or no,

Eric 2:39
I had, I had nearly everything lined up, I had like four or five people that were ready to sign contracts and put their food trucks there. And they wouldn’t sell me the land to let me do that. They wanted to build on it. I told him I was like, I’m ready to sign right now. And even you know, I was talking to Cliff a little bit about it. And, you know, we were talking we were discussing, hey, buy the land. I mean, literally buy it. The monthly payment be cheaper than renting it and renting it. Yeah. And they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t let me do it. When they said I’m gonna build on and they still they fixed all of them, but they still haven’t built on it.

Jessica Kupferman 3:10
Is any part of that? Do you think because you’re young, you’re young?

Eric 3:13
Probably. I mean, there’s a lot of time. I think there’s a little bit longer ago. I mean, that’s not to be over a year ago, a year ago.

Unknown Speaker 3:20

Jessica Kupferman 3:23
I mean, we unfortunately saw each other last, I think our grandmother’s funeral. That was summer 2019. Right.

Eric 3:28
Yeah. So that’s Yeah, almost like a year and a half ago anyway, like, yeah, like, I was ready to do it. I reached out to basically almost every food truck in the entire area. A lot of people were interested in, we’re interested. But that was a great and actually, maybe it was failing. Yeah. It might have been faded. Didn’t happen. Because if that was going on in the pandemic started, I would be screwed. I would be screwed.

Jessica Kupferman 3:48
Yeah, I’m just trying to see Do you guys can you put in the chat? If you hear an echo? I know you probably don’t, Eric, but

Eric 3:55
a tiny bit of an echo.

Jessica Kupferman 3:56
Yeah. Okay. Hold on one second. Let me just fix it.

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Okay, um, Does

Unknown Speaker 4:01
that help? Yeah, that helps, doesn’t it?

Eric 4:03
That’s way better.

Jessica Kupferman 4:04
Yeah. So like, I have a mixer, but I don’t know what all the editor that tells me what to push and what not to push. So sometimes things get pushed, and I don’t know what thing fixes it. So I just have to push all the things to like it, whatever

Eric 4:17
you just did.

Jessica Kupferman 4:18
That sounds so like on technical and lame, but whatever. I’m actually extremely technical at all things except audio, which is ironic. But like my dad, my dad was a video. He’s a master’s in video production. And so I used to do so I’m really zoned in on video tech. And I know nothing about audio tech whatsoever. But like, I get it shipped frame by frame like the whole thing.

Eric 4:42
I need that for YouTube.

Jessica Kupferman 4:44
Yeah. Okay, so. Okay, so let’s start with how you first of all, why and how? Oh, no, we were in the middle of a question. Do you think that they wouldn’t sell to you because you’re young?

Eric 4:57
Um, I think it’s a possibility. I mean, it was a gigantic commitment. But I told them I was like, Look, I’ll you know, put money down and I already have he was arrested. And they said they didn’t want to use the land for that and they were going to build on it instead. So, well, that’s a shame. Because but yeah, like I said, if this would all been set up, none of this could have happened during the pandemic, I would have been screwed. Yeah. Like, I’m responsible for a lot of money a month with everyone that couldn’t even serve food really, because there was, they weren’t

Jessica Kupferman 5:26
all right next to each other. So maybe dodged the bullet. So and maybe it sounds like you dodged a bullet.

Eric 5:31
Yeah, but it sounded like such a great idea.

Jessica Kupferman 5:33
It is a really good idea. It’s a great idea. I have a I have like a you know, file folder, so to speak full of ideas that I’ll never do. Like, for example, I thought it would be cool to have a drive thru perigee restaurant, because bogeys are the ultimate dipping food. That’s all I’m saying.

Eric 5:55
It’s a good idea.

Jessica Kupferman 5:55
You know, I mean, like, you know, different kind of toppings different kind of Portuguese drive right through what can’t you do with your hands? No one’s thought for me, anyway,

Unknown Speaker 6:04
I think.

Jessica Kupferman 6:05
Yeah, thanks. Okay. So, first of all, when exactly did you get into collecting coins? Have you done it always?

Eric 6:12
I just did it as just a small hobby for like, 10 years. I mean, just like, I like the whole, the whole silver factor of these coins, and some are gold. And you know, there’s a lot of history behind them. That’s just interesting. And,

Jessica Kupferman 6:26
Your Honor, did someone gift you a coin, you know,

Eric 6:29
on my own, it was just played on my own. And I was also watching YouTube’s how these guys would go to banks and grab, like rolls of half dollars. And then they would get like a bunch of silver coins. And I’m like, Damn, you know, because you’re getting it for face value. And you find 50 to, you know, who knows how much silver in them. Yeah. And there was one time I actually went, I went to the bank and I got five, five rolls of customer wrapped half dollar rolls just directly for face value. They’re like, here you go. I found 50 silver coins. Once in those roles, I swear. And that’s that was hundreds of dollars of half dollars. I got for free. And then I was talking. Yeah, I was hooked on that. And then you know, I never found one like that again. But I found a few here and there. And then I just started to like,

Jessica Kupferman 7:15
so that sounds like fate too. Because you know, you weren’t in it until you found that it’s like not gambling, but it’s like, it’s like, you know, treasure hunting Lincoln. Yeah,

Eric 7:24
it’s like treasure hunting Exactly. times where I’ve got a ton of roles and not a single one. So right. And then then I started actually buying some different silver coins, old gold gold coins, they usually hold their value really well and sometimes go up in value too. So,

Jessica Kupferman 7:39
so cool. Um, so how did you get into tik tok? Exactly? like did you go into tik tok? Did that just No. Did you go into it to talk about queens or like partner? Girlfriend then? Yeah, I mean, actually, like when I

Eric 7:54
when I was Marjorie. Oh, go ahead. Sorry,

Jessica Kupferman 7:56
I know that you’ve got

Eric 7:57
that you’re starting with a store. I’ll go after

Jessica Kupferman 8:00
Oh, I was just gonna say like, actually, like, I was just on there. doing you know, like, I don’t know if these guys remember. But like, last year, I had foxes live in my deck, like eight fog, like a fox family living in my deck. And I would like take pictures and record them at the same time. I was sort of, you know, we’re all bored now sort of like watching Tick Tock pretty often. So I started to just see what would happen if I put you know, and it kind of got, like, overnight, certainly not as large as you but but you know, you know, within like a week, I had like 10,000 followers that 11,000 followers, and then, you know, they moved out so I had no more content, but like,

Eric 8:34
that kind of inspired me a little bit too. I mean, well, I did I I was against tik tok, actually, and I just didn’t want to use it. I thought it was really stupid. And then I do dances and like, that was mostly all. Yeah. And like, Marjorie was using it. And she was like, just make a TED talk. You know, why not? Just do it. And I said no, multiple times.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
Yeah. And then get into that. Yeah.

Eric 9:01
And finally, there was like a couple different of these like little couple things on tik tok. And I saw, you know, a lot of these big creators I was alright, so I did create that. I said, Okay, fine. I’ll make it tick tock and me and Marjorie did a couple little couple videos, where it was like, you know, put it put a finger down if you’ve done this and all that. So we did, I made that video didn’t do anything. I like 100 views. And I was like, Okay, yeah. And then I was just posting random stuff. I mean, I was looking at posting anything. I was just like, okay, I posted a little video at the beach didn’t do anything. Yeah, completely nothing. But you know, when I saw you get like, a million views on a video and you had Oh, yeah. And you’re part of my family. I was it was so that means it’s really possible. I was like, Yeah, why are you doing this? I met you right away. You got to tell me what you’re doing. Because I don’t know. I The moment I saw that. I was like, Alright, I got to figure this out.

Jessica Kupferman 9:55
It was effing crazy. And I mean, there’s two of them now that have like a million views and One of them is a fox. You know, honestly, what it is, I think is my secret is like the total opposite of how you’ve become successful. Like, my secret was fine pairing the exact right video with the exact right soundbite to make something, do you? I mean, you’re pretty good

Eric 10:19
at that. But um, yeah, I mean, that is a big that is a big one, if you can make the video match the sound perfectly, it will be shared a lot. So that makes a huge difference. And I mean, there’s a lot of trending sounds that you can either find or look at, like all the stuff you see on your for you page is generally a trending sound. If you see it more than once. Yeah. Then you can click on the sound and see all the top videos that see like, you know, all these little tiny creators getting tons of views.

Jessica Kupferman 10:45
Yes. I know. Yeah, that one was like trending was trending sounds. And that’s pretty much all I was doing. I mean, other than that hashtagging I remember just like doing, you know, playing with hashtags, like seeing which ones were being and like using, not just being specific, but using things like funny smile,

Eric 11:04
that I understand that part, actually the hashtag thing. I use them, but I don’t think that they have too much of a factor. I mean, it helps I guess over time, because if you like for example, I use hashtag coin or coins, which has millions of millions of views. Yeah, that definitely helps because it does narrow whoever’s looking for coins, and it will come up on the hashtag. But I have made videos with no hashtags, no wording at all, that did really well.

Jessica Kupferman 11:29
So when did you so tell me how you figured out that the coin thing was going to be the thing, the thing

Eric 11:34
I you know, I was trying to figure out a niche. You know, if you post a bunch of random stuff, your page is not going to do anything, you might you might get a viral video, but that’s where it’s going. And figuring out continuous content is extremely difficult. It’s so hard and it takes up a lot of time. And you have numerous things that take hours that end up doing nothing. And I, I had a couple rolls of coins. And I posted I posted a couple videos of like throwing stuff up and cutting it with a samurai sword just cuz I thought it was cool. That did a little bit didn’t really do anything. I was like, man, none of these really do much. And so I was there I was, you know, I was already collecting coins. I was there. I was going through a roll. And I was like, Well what if everybody wanted to see this? You know, maybe that would be cool. And I’m gonna I’m gonna find myself going through one of these. Just see how that does. That did good. So when I because what people love

Jessica Kupferman 12:33
is like free money. Yeah, I mean, you really hit on something there. That’s a pandemic. That’s why free money.

Eric 12:40
Those are my most viral videos. ones of like errors you can find like pennies or dimes or quarters that you can’t actually find in packages. I’ve had numerous people make money. And those have done by far like ginormous I mean, one of my penny videos that there was this new trending sound it was the banjo beat. I don’t know if you remember that one. I was okay, I was at the top of that sound for like two weeks next to Bella porch and Jason’s my video is right next to that. And that that

Unknown Speaker 13:12
happened your pants. I

Unknown Speaker 13:13
wanna cry pants. Oh, that video likes. Yeah,

Eric 13:16
that video had a million likes. That’s amazing. Yeah. Generally, yeah, that’s when I just started sticking to that niche because I saw that coin roll video work and I was alright, well. Let’s keep going with this post a couple of general videos. Those did pretty good too.

Jessica Kupferman 13:33
I mean, I’ll say this. I don’t even know if you realize it, but I don’t give a fuck about collecting coins, but that your videos are mesmerizing. I can’t stop watching it because every video you’re telling people what to look for what the value is like, the last one I saw you unbox like, Oh my god, you burn a candle and there’s $200 in it.

Eric 13:59
Wow, that was that was one of those

Jessica Kupferman 14:04
every video like that is fascinating to me. I can’t stop watching it. And I mean, I mean not for just for the coin collecting but more for like the touches like the excitement of it. So exciting. I totally see why you’re into it.

Eric 14:17
Somebody just said the slime video too. Yeah, I just actually I still have this. This was like, like a cash slime. So it’s literally a thing of slime. And it was a cash prize in the middle. Yeah, literally, and it’s pretty cool.

Jessica Kupferman 14:29
And you have to stick your hand where does somebody get something like where do you get that? That’s like all these resources.

Eric 14:36
Yeah, it’s I you know, I found they reached out to me and then like a whole company based on this type of stuff of like stuff, you know that you can find rings in them you can find, you know, whatever. Wow, I was like well, I’m interested in trying one of the cash one so I got one of those. Yeah. And it was ever 100 bucks in it. I there was 105 bucks or something and I paid like $40 for the candle.

Jessica Kupferman 15:00
That’s amazing.

Eric 15:02
That video did really well. And then I also did another one, or this was a birthday one, it was like a birthday cake candles that Happy birthday to you. And I told everyone in the video to comment your birthday. And let’s see how many people have the same birthday in common with you. And 40,000 comments in two days. Oh my god, it’s still going. It’s still going as we speak. I mean raising and there’s people, everyone in the comments are saying, Oh, you have my birthday, and you have my birthday. And I never knew I didn’t wanna have my birthday and all this crap. So, but it’s just, it was really cool. I mean, and that’s just it’s that kind of stays on the same nice of money. Like I going through those is very interesting, because I don’t I 90% of my videos are about coins. But you know, it’s nice to have a little unboxing of something or something right. Fine. I

Jessica Kupferman 15:50
have to tell you that. I watched you on box coins too. You got something from the Treasury and you pulled that out?

Eric 15:56
Yeah, I do those two. Those are a little harder to get. But yeah. I could do that all the time. I work but yeah, yeah, that’s a nice.

Jessica Kupferman 16:05
Nice. Do you have a question? Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 16:09
Hi. Yes. So with tik tok, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never watched it because I’ve always viewed it is for those that’s 14 1516 you know, or younger. So now a little intrigued after hearing him speak about this tick time. Because I think I always just been, I don’t want to be on your act and silly looking stupid. I don’t want to be singing. I don’t want to be dancing. So I’m sitting here mulling over, you know, what can my niche be? So I’m really curious. So my question is, so your videos, you’re taking the video and then you’re adding it to add music? Is that what you do?

Eric 16:47
So, tik tok has a video editor built into the app. So I’m all like, record it directly through the app, which, while you’re recording, you can stop it and start recording something else. And it’ll just keep going throughout the video. And then once that’s all done, then you can pick a sound to add to the video. So basically, you’re filming all the way through? Well, before I start filming at all, I look up some trending sounds, I try to get some sounds that a lot of people are using and getting a lot of views with. Generally, if you can get anywhere close to a decent video on that sound you’ll get it could go viral. There’s a good chance we’re going viral.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Yeah, so blocking, let’s say if I was walking, because I love nature, and I saw some swans, geese, ducks or whatever. And I can film that with the TIC Tock person, then use that app while I’m walking. As the music with that correct, exactly.

Eric 17:42
Yeah. There’s two ways to film on there. I mean, you can film it without the sound or you can pick a sound. And literally, it will play while you’re filming.

Unknown Speaker 17:52
Oh, gotcha.

Eric 17:54
Yeah. Okay. And that’s what I do. I have a lot of different so I mean, I use Instagram and YouTube also, but tic tocs video editor is like, off the charts. That’s why everybody is that. I mean, it’s it’s really good.

Unknown Speaker 18:05
People pay you. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:07
I was getting to that. I was

Unknown Speaker 18:08

Jessica Kupferman 18:09
Thank you. I promise. Um, okay, so, um, I wanted to ask you there like, speaking of niche, like, How important do you think it is? tarnish? Yeah,

Eric 18:21
it’s the most important thing.

Jessica Kupferman 18:25
literally can’t like you can’t just be like, how specific are we talking like, okay, so you know that my thing got popular because it was foxes. But if I wanted to do podcasting, or you know, I also have like a little t shirt store like I have to start going to tik tok, right.

Eric 18:42
It would take a while for you to get back on tic tocs I know because like every time there’s been a few times I’ve posted a video I have 1.3 million followers now. Yeah, I’ve posted a video that has nothing to do with coins does nothing Yeah, and I just put it also don’t delete your videos put them to private because if you delete them It has a longer term effect on your account that if you put in the private no one can see them anyway and you’re not you’re not deleting videos and leaving videos. But if you post to a certain nation you similar hashtags Tick Tock will keep putting you on the for you page and stick you right to that. If you look at any big creator, they usually stick to one thing. Like you know some there’s a couple that are like Bella porches once you have 16 million followers, all she does is do different type of face dances and different face reactions. And she does it every time. And she has 60 million followers. Or there’s like, you know, if you look at any big creator, if you look at their page, all their videos are nearly the same, just a little bit different. It’s all one niche every single time.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
Okay, so that’s good advice.

Eric 19:50
Absolutely. Like if there’s some expression if you can, like teach somebody something like if you can show someone something that they don’t know if you’re adding any value at like to them at all. You’ll get A lot of us,

Jessica Kupferman 20:00
huh? Interesting. All right, that kind of set my mind blase actually, like, because there’s lots of stuff I can teach, but like, you’re right, but I do think I would have to start joining. Like I I’d have to start trying to tick tock because I have like 10 Fox videos. It’s launched right into pot, you know, podcasts here, whatever. bonkers. Right.

Eric 20:19
As my Tick Tock grew, I started taking all my older videos if I’m the prime. I mean, I still have a couple on there. But I had way more of just random random stuff. And just, it just didn’t need to be there. Yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 20:30
What are your viral that I can’t keep those viral ones down. They still get comments too.

Eric 20:35
That’s hard. I mean, I want to I haven’t I haven’t taken out any really big viral ones. Some that were like, maybe like 100,000 views. Yeah. Which, which is still a lot. But

Jessica Kupferman 20:46
that’s pretty viral. But okay.

Eric 20:48
That is still very viral. Just if it’s just not, I mean, there was another way to because some of those older videos, I wasn’t really that good at editing yet. And I was. And so what I did was set those to private and then refilmed it in a better way. So that my 100 that that 100,000 views turned into half a million. Hmm. So it was the same video but sound better and explained a little better. Did it do better? It did. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Do you have

Eric 21:20
a viral video? Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 21:21
yeah. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I feel like it would just be better for me to start over. Not that I wouldn’t have more foxes coming. But I also don’t want to get rid of those followers because I’ve 16 14,000. But then also like, they’re not going to give a shit about anything else I

Eric 21:34
have to say because they’re all bunch of like animal people that that is another thing. Yeah. Because your audiences now it’s kind of specific for that.

Jessica Kupferman 21:40
It’s really specific for that. And then like, and like, I don’t have any pets. I have like, I just got a hermit crab. Like, what do you care about? Oh, God. hermit crab Tick Tock is ridiculous. But yeah, yeah, there. It’s there. But it’s ridiculous. I’ve looked. Yeah. Um, so do you have a content calendar? How do you know what you’re posting every day? Do you keep a schedule? How do you keep a schedule? Just make it up as you go along?

Eric 22:08
I kind of make it up as I go along. I mean, I’ve scheduled for when I go live. Okay. I mean, I go live basically Monday through Friday at 11am. And then in the evenings, like seven or eight o’clock? And then on Sunday night, also, yeah, generally for an hour each?

Jessica Kupferman 22:25
And is it just to answer questions, or you showing them stuff?

Eric 22:28
I’m always answering questions. And then sometimes I do have stuff to open. And then I open that live and just point the camera down. They watch me go through every coin and find cool stuff. So that they’re like watching the treasure hunt that generally gets the most views. And then in every live like hives, I’ve partnered with coins TV, and they you know, is really fast growing coin website and they get the owner, Justin. I’ve already met and he’s a really cool guy, and he gets access to all these amazing coins. And then I’m able to tell all my followers, hey, we just got these, you know, check them out. And it’s basically building everyone’s collection because they won’t even know about these and they’re valid, very valuable coins.

Unknown Speaker 23:10

Jessica Kupferman 23:12
So that reminds me. So speaking of partnerships, how are you monetizing? Like how are you making more money than you would in a job?

Eric 23:19
Well, the main thing is, I mean, you do get money from us on Tick tock, I’m not a ton. But Tick Tock pays you. Yeah, the tick tock creator fun. Oh, cool. And as you get 10,000 followers, you you can join that and then that that was added probably like four or five months ago, okay. Yeah. And then you get money. You get like a few cents per 1000 views and I’ve had videos with, you know, 25 million views. That that video alone is a decent amount of money. I actually, if, if you on tik tok? If you tell people how much you made on a video, they will take you out to the greater fine, so I’m not gonna go into that, but

Jessica Kupferman 23:58
don’t tell me but I mean, it’s good to know.

Eric 24:00
Yeah, no, you can make money from us. And then also, the best part is being able to provide all these coins for everybody. So that’s one way to monetizing it, you know, it’s everyone loves it. And they’re building their coin collections with very valuable coins that are hard to get. So that was another way.

Jessica Kupferman 24:20
So how much like podcasters or I don’t want to say obsessed but interested overly interested, let’s say in sponsorship. So one of the things I wanted to ask you about was how often do you get sponsorship? Do you look for sponsorship does it work the same way in podcasting because in podcasting you know, your your videos are like a minute and we sell sponsorships that are like a minute long. 15 seconds to a minute long. And the beginning middle or end of our show and it’s you know, it’s purchased by CPM, which is cost per 1000 downloads per episode.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Oh, I’m

Jessica Kupferman 24:53
wondering how does it work? How does it work with Tick Tock because you said you partner with Queen TV like

Eric 24:58
so that that’s like a separate Like affiliate agreement.

Jessica Kupferman 25:01
Okay, so you make money when they when things get purchased?

Eric 25:05
Well, exactly, because I mean, I’m making it available for everybody. And that’s right. Yeah, and you know, while I’m live I’m telling everybody all the new stuff we’re getting off you know, it takes a lot of time to get all this stuff for one. And you know, setting up the my entire bio where they have links to click and see exactly what they want. And then the sponsorship is different on Tick Tock. I don’t have like commercials or ads on the videos. It’s mainly I don’t know. I mean, it hurts my views. No, I’d rather not. I mean, it because I think, you know, people lose interest pretty quick. On a video, like if you don’t catch their interest in five or six seconds, your videos gonna do nothing. Okay? So they give you just money for views. I mean, I that’s really just the way to keep it going. I mean, and then you can also build your other social medias through Tick tock, just jva follow me on Instagram, follow me on my YouTube. And you can doing my Instagram is like, my Instagram has 10.3 1000 followers now bad. YouTube. YouTube’s like, like 2500 subscribers. Yeah, YouTube’s a little bit slower. I haven’t had a lot of views on YouTube either. But I have made a few videos that were pretty hard YouTube stuff. You have thumb for like, you know, five to 10 minutes straight without messing up. I mean, unless you have somebody editing, which I did. But, you know, it’s hard to keep that going without messing out. Yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 26:33
So you are the editor, you’re the Creator, you do all the things, you schedule your own social media, you do all the posts and stuff. Yep. Um, is there going to be a point? Or do you have an idea of whether or not you might outsource? Like any of those things? Not necessarily the editing, but like, create someone that really can grow a YouTube channel? Or who can grow like an Instagram like, cuz I don’t? I mean, first of all, I don’t I mean, I know how to kind of, but like, for you. I’d be I guess more in a hurry to do that. Since you’re already monetizing one you might as well make Yeah, there’s

Eric 27:11
there’s also there’s a few ways to go live across all platforms. I mean, so I’m probably going to do something like that. I just want the most viewers as possible. And throughout the whole live, I’m telling people what their coins are worth. I’ve had somebody make over $40,000 in my life. With a coin they knew nothing about oh my god. Somebody came in with a family heirloom that had been passed out. It was worth it was worth over $100,000

Jessica Kupferman 27:36
Oh my God, your coins. antique roadshow? That’s

Eric 27:38
amazing. That pretty much yeah. So that that happens throughout the live and that, you know, throughout the live, like, I will tell people about all these new coins that we got, and you know, anyone that wants to add to their collection, they get their opportunity on live. So basically, if I can go live across all platforms, I can do that. talk to more people. So

Jessica Kupferman 27:59
yeah, that’s what people do people approach you and ask you if they can, like when I did the foxes thing I got approached about doing like, I’m an agency and influencer agency and I’d love to represent you and sell this video out to other people and you get X percent have you been contacted like that at all?

Eric 28:16
I’ve been contacted by like numerous different things. Some were really random that didn’t really fit with my, you know, with the videos I do. One was like, somebody was trying to pay a couple like couple 100 bucks for like a video. And I was like, Nah, I’m not doing that. Because it’s just I mean, the money’s okay, but it’s like the whole sponsorship thing. Definitely. Look at the creases of the the views. I think this was a water bottle. Yeah, like a pretty cool water bottle. And it just didn’t fit with my niche. I mean, the moment I’ve talked about that didn’t do anything.

Jessica Kupferman 28:49
I don’t think I would sell merge. But I definitely think I would do what you’ve done with Queen TV. Like, if you’re talking about Queen TV, they should pay you for the views, regardless of whether I mean this is the sponsor agent and me which I used to be one. So like, I used to be sponsorship agent for podcasters at an agency for a little while, and I sold it but um, yeah, I don’t I didn’t really encourage them to do affiliate stuff because they’re getting the advertising whether they make the sales or not. So, you know, like you don’t call a magazine say I’m gonna put my ad in but you know, only pay you if I get customer don’t fuck that. No, it still has this much circulation. And yeah, I’m not saying I’m not saying this to blow up your relationship with them. No, no, there are others. I think that you could, you know, could do that, that do go with it’s not water bottles or t shirts or, I mean, we might even be able to sell our hair gel, because that’s really, really fine. It’s like, perfectly quiet. You’re perfectly quaffed I mean, I mean, if you were Do you want to look like that? I would say I would sell some hair guy I think just yeah.

Eric 29:53
So I think I think that’s a cool idea. I mean, the whole thing with with points TV is mainly in a affiliate agreement, but there’s just like, you know, he’s helped me grow, he’s helped me suddenly with all with the editing for my YouTubes. And that’s, you know, he’s even provided some of the coins, I’ve used my videos, and that would all be pretty expensive to get. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t post video specific things for coins TV. It’s okay, these are all just videos for the coin show. Right? And during my live, I will provide points to these points. That’s it. Okay. And, you know, whichever coins, you know, go through, then, you know, there’s just like a little break down there. But you know, he’s got so many connections to these coins. It’s, it’s cool being able to even provide them. And it’s, it is building his business. But you know, even when I’m live, it pushes the videos like all my videos do better. When you go live, your videos will do better.

Jessica Kupferman 30:57
That’s good to know. Yeah. When you’re when you’re alive. I’m sitting here in my head, like, like, making up ways for you to make more money.

Eric 31:06
I’m always open to that. Yeah. My main focus is just, you know, growing the page as much as possible. We’re already at 1.3. And it’s slowed down a bit.

Jessica Kupferman 31:18
I mean, you have no problem doing that clearly.

Eric 31:21
Yeah, I mean, it’s taken a long, long time, and a lot of content and hours and hours and hours and hours of lives. So it’s definitely not easy. But

Jessica Kupferman 31:32
find the lives. What do you what do you what do you like about this job the most? And what do you hate about it the most.

Eric 31:40
Having to come up with constant different content is very hard. I mean, it’s very stressful too, because you can’t say that you can’t do or say the same thing, or it’s not going to do anything. Right. So that’s very, very time consuming. And you know, hard to do. It’s just, it’s really hard to do. Yeah. My favorite thing is, I mean, this is one of my favorite hobbies, like points, like it was a lot of fun. And I I’m able to now, I’ve already inspire who knows how many people in the coin collecting? Yeah, every single day. They’re saying, oh, man, you got me to coin collecting. This is so much fun. I mean, I’ve generally in my lives, I have a minimum of a couple 100 people. Yeah. And then when I have videos doing well, or that are on the for you page, my video my lives have. I’ve had I’ve had up to 100 people in my life. Just watching so.

Jessica Kupferman 32:31
So what happened? Just a funny little story I didn’t realize you had gotten so I haven’t been on tik tok in a long time. And I logged in right as you were doing a live and I thought, Oh, just go in and say hi to my cousin. And there’s 1000 people in there.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Yeah, no, it’s like, what?

Jessica Kupferman 32:45
Have you I know you noticed me saying hi to you. But I was like, I’m gonna get out. I don’t want to interrupt any of this. I don’t know what’s happening in here. Oh, my God, I

Eric 32:51
didn’t. I did. My chat moves extremely fast in the chat. Like, I didn’t even see you in there. I had no idea. If I saw you, if I saw you say hi, I would have said hi back. But like, the moment I touch that, I say hi. Yeah, you did. Okay, good. Yeah. But like literally, the chats moving so fast. The moment I touch it, it’s 90 comments throw up and I can’t even find it.

Jessica Kupferman 33:13
Yeah. It’s amazing. You can even answer questions in there. That’s cool. It’s

Eric 33:16
hard. Yeah. And a lot of people get impatient and I have to put up put them in their place. So I don’t like you know, I’m not rude. But if someone’s rude to me, that’s like, I’m helping out everybody. I enjoy doing this. But if you’re not patient, you’re you’re on the wrong live.

Unknown Speaker 33:30

Eric 33:32
That just does not work for me. I don’t like that’s so funny.

Jessica Kupferman 33:35
Um, so any interesting, like, the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of tic tock, either good or bad, or boats? Oh, I’m

Eric 33:43
self employed. So I didn’t think I was always my wanting to do. That’s great. But as you know, I’m working from home. You know, I’ve, I’ve I’ve went to the beach and then went live from my hotel. So

Jessica Kupferman 33:57
yeah, you can work from anywhere you can

Eric 33:58
do. Exactly. And you know, it’s it is it’s fun coming up with new ideas and watching somebody who’s go viral. I’ve had I’ve had multiple viral videos, actually. One video had 5 million likes. Wow. 26,000,020 26 million views. God, that’s amazing. That that was the most viral one. But I’ve had a couple of 15 million views.

Jessica Kupferman 34:25
Wow, it’s so cool. That’s because it’s free money, dude. I mean, it’s the best niche you could possibly get into is free money. Yeah. Go ahead.

Eric 34:35
I was gonna say and you know, I’m I can still collect coins. I mean, I know 1000s of collectors now and yeah, you guys. Some come across my way. Yeah. If I can ever buy new coins out of my collection, well, I can do that too. So

Jessica Kupferman 34:50
that’s awesome. I have a friend who like 10 years ago she started a course called you know, like manifesting your money or whatever. Like how to manifest your money. I mean, she has manifested a lot of money teaching people how to manifest their money. So yeah, a millionaire, you know, 10 years later, she’s got like 1000s and 1000s of students. Wow. So yeah, I mean, yeah, talking about how to make money is like a very, very good niche for sure. Exactly. And that’s mainly what it’s about and, and it gives people

Eric 35:19
something to do that. I’ve had 1000s of people find stuff in there change, like, literally, they’re pocketing or like, they’re like, is this worth money? And like, Yeah, it is.

Jessica Kupferman 35:27
Wow, it’s so cool. I must feel really good. Especially when everyone’s sort of hurting for money, you know?

Eric 35:33
Oh, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and back to that one, this one I’ll never forget, there was a guy named Greg. And he came in my life. He had a penny, that had markings of a dime. And, you know, that’s, it’s weird. He had no idea what he had it for a long time. And I know what that is, you know, I, I? I sure do. It’s It was a penny or a dime that was stamped on the wrong planet.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
That is working.

Eric 36:04
Exactly. And I told him that I said, this is worth 10s of 1000s of dollars, don’t take any less. And he said, All right. He’s the wall. I’m gonna go have it checked out. And the coin shop. He went to a coin shop or somewhere and they offered him $3,000. And he came back in my life. He’s like, what do you think I said, do not accept that. I was like, there’s right. Do not accept that. You will regret it. They are low balling the hell out of you. It’s, they know what it’s worth. And it’s worth way more than three grand. He was right. Like a few weeks later, he sold it for $40,000.

Unknown Speaker 36:32

Eric 36:34
He was very appreciated that

Jessica Kupferman 36:37
as a side note, when you just said yes to me with your eyebrows going up. You looked exactly like our grandfather. Just so you know. That was a total pop up move.

Eric 36:45
Oh, that’s cool.

Jessica Kupferman 36:46
He used to do that all the time. He would go. Like, you did the same thing. I was excellent. I

Eric 36:51
know you. I don’t think ever ma’am. Did you? know I never did.

Jessica Kupferman 36:53
Yeah, no, you look a lot like him. Anyway, sorry. I’m just I haven’t seen that in a long time. You know, so it was like, that was very cool. Okay. Yeah, um, so I want to know, if anyone I know we’d have we lost a few people. But if anyone has any questions from the audience, the three of you. There’s a few more there, but they kind of disappeared. Do you have any sort of last, like your best advice for how to grow some up stick with a niche and have it be real specific.

Eric 37:27
Right. Exactly. And then, if they’re like, if there’s something you enjoy, like, I don’t know, I was trying to tell Marjorie to do this. Like she was a dance teacher. And she she hasn’t listened me and that’s okay. But I said that she should make short videos, have one dance move. And saying, alright, now. She knows ballet. Like she can say, Okay, this is how you do this move in ballet. Make it 20 seconds long. This is exactly how you do it. Thank you and post it. Yeah, yeah, something like that. Something like that. Yeah. And basically sticking to a niche if you if you can, if you can teach someone about something that you are passionate about, that will do very well. And you’ll eventually get a following of people that share that same thing. And there’s a lot of coin providers, obviously. So

Jessica Kupferman 38:14
make sure it’s something you really like because now you’re you’re

Eric 38:18
constantly talking about it. You have to do something you really like or it’s gonna be very annoying. Yeah. It’ll be bad.

Unknown Speaker 38:26

Jessica Kupferman 38:26
I mean, but, but you actually are the perfect person to do this type of show, I think because I you know, I remember when I saw you, like, we have that in common, just that like, business mind that Oh, yeah. That’s kind of what gets you into. I mean, I know you’ve been doing it since you were 16. But it takes someone who’s like, looking for opportunity. And that’s, that’s what I think we have in common is like, you gotta smell an opportunity, and then pounce on it.

Eric 38:53
Exactly. And that’s the same coin collecting. I mean, if you get the right point is worth over. You can make hundreds of 1000s of dollars and I haven’t found that yet, but I buy coins that are worth 1000s of dollars. And

Jessica Kupferman 39:06
I maybe you’re still searching for that white whale.

Eric 39:09
Oh, yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Jessica Kupferman 39:10
What happens when you find it? You just gonna retire? Like I found a million dollar coins.

Eric 39:17
Are there? Are you saying? Oh, yes, there is. Are there? There are? No, absolutely.

Jessica Kupferman 39:25
Yeah. So you wouldn’t retire if you found one? No,

Eric 39:28
I I’d make a video of it. I keep going.

Jessica Kupferman 39:33
Yeah. I cannot imagine that’s worth a million dollars. I

Eric 39:37
probably even if I was if I ever became filthy rich. I’d still do live. I mean, it’s pretty fun. And you know, growing, growing that page is awesome. You know, I’m getting a couple 1000 followers every day. So that’s awesome.

Jessica Kupferman 39:53
It’s a great show you guys check out the coin show. If you want to take a look at a person who grew to a million and Three followers in the last, I guess year, but really, it’s more like eight months.

Eric 40:05
It’s been about eight months. Yeah. Yeah, eight months.

Jessica Kupferman 40:07
So thank you guys so much for coming. Thank you, Eric, for sharing all your knowledge. I know you were just talking right before this. So you must be getting tired because zooms are I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted. I’m

Eric 40:18

Unknown Speaker 40:19
So go ahead. I

Unknown Speaker 40:20
love you.

Jessica Kupferman 40:21
Thank you. We can text later. But thank you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you guys for coming. Thank you so much for being with me,

Eric 40:25

Unknown Speaker 40:26
Bye, guys. See ya. See ya.

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