How To Create a Media Kit

Download our media kit checklist so you can create the EXACT thing sponsors need to see - and nothing they don't.


A media kit is pretty much your podcast’s equivalent of a business card.

It contains everything a prospective advertiser or sponsor will need to know to get a feel for what your show is all about and what you do.

It’s lovely to think all sponsors would listen through your back catalogue of episodes to find out more about you. But, the reality is, they won’t – so you have to sell yourself in your media kit.

It may seem like a daunting task, but fear not – our resources will help you.

Here you can check out Jessica Kupferman’s Media Kit checklist. It shows exactly what you need, so you can work on anything you’re missing at the moment.

You can also study Jessica’s sample media kit from her podcast to give you some ideas.

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