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Media Kit Lesson 1 – Gather

The purpose of a media kit is to give sponsors or press an idea of who your audience is, and whether or not they are the people your prospective wants to be in front of. Remembering this will frame everything we add to the media kit. It’s not necessarily about selling your SHOW as much as it is selling your LISTENERS. 

Brands want reach – and your entire platform may have that, not just your show. So here, we will lay out ALL your potential assets (the ones where you’re willing to share about sponsors.)

First, we gather the information.

This probably seems a bit underwhelming, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve fired up InDesign or Canva only to realize I have no information to include on a slide yet. Oops. 

Obviously, you need information about you. Logo, host photos, host bios, cover art. It’s nice to have a description of your show, and any vision you have for where it’s going or a mission and goal you’re wanting to achieve. 

Next, it’s time to brag. Some interesting things a sponsor might like to see would be if you’ve been featured in other media, TV, radio, speaking engagements. You can also do a slide with any influential or noteworthy people you’ve interviewed or have on the schedule to interview. 

Social proof is the next step – and you can screen grab your reviews from any podcast listening app or tweets, posts and even direct messages or emails that sing your praises from listeners. It’s nice when potential sponsors can see how appreciated your show is, and makes them feel good about partnering with someone who is already having impact. 

Lastly, the numbers. This is the most important part of a media kit. We are selling one thing: your ability to reach their exact target audience. So you’ll need to list:

Demographics – who is your audience?

Social media numbers – how many people will they reach with your ad? 

Lastly, the ad packages. Make these robust and full of options. If you can add variety in addition to your podcast then they’ll know your reach can be even further.

Assets to Gather:

  • Your logo 
  • Your bio 
  • Your headshot  
  • Co-host head shots 
  • Team head shots 
  • Podcast cover art 
  • Written introduction/description of your show Screenshots of your show at the top of iTunes Logos of places you’ve been featured Screenshots of any social media compliments Audience demographics 
  • Social media and platform numbers Website traffic numbers 
  • Download numbers 
  • Email subscribers 
  • Any other interesting statistics 

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