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Media Kit Lesson 2 – Tell A Story

Now, the media kit needs to tell a story. You’re going to take them on a “journey of your potential” so to speak. 

First we’ll tell them a bit about the show and you. Then, we discuss who the audience is, and how many there are. Lastly, we discuss how much reach you have – audience numbers and press you get. Then, the pricing. This way we’ll have sold them long before they see the price!

The idea is to take them on a journey of value. Information, then entice with the exact right audience….then we hit ’em with numbers and influence! It’s a perfect win. They’d be crazy to turn you down!


  1. Introduction to the podcast (including mission and vision statement and subjects/topics you cover on the show and why)
  2. About the host of the podcast
  3. About the team, if there is one
  4. Who is the audience? Explain about the the listeners IN NUMBERS
  5. A demonstration of their love and loyalty to you
  6. Explanation of your platform/community – IN NUMBERS (don’t have great numbers? Instead talk about your %  of recent growth)
  7. Places where your podcast or you have been featured – demonstrates additional exposure for your buyer as well as your strategic alliances
  8. Upcoming exciting content, if pre-planned
  9. Ad packages
  10. Contact page

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the sponsorship forums. We’d love to see your kits, too!

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