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How to Create an Audiogram

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How to Create an Audiogram

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is a short video you can post on your social media accounts to draw interest to your show. Audiograms are made up of a 1 minute clip of audio from your podcast, combined with an on-brand image and animation. 
This video gives you 2 easy ways to create audiograms: 

Method 1: Libsyn + Headliner Integration. Headliner comes with your Libsyn membership! 

Method 2: 
Wavve.com + Audio Editing Tool (Garage Band) GarageBand comes with Macs, an alternative to GarageBand is Audacity & it’s free! https://wavve.co/
https://www.apple.com/mac/garageband/https://www.audacityteam.org/Why we recommend creating audiograms:

  • Another reason we recommend them is because not everyone creates them, so it makes you stand out 
  • They trailer to a movie, so you can choose a bit of audio that is intriguing 
  • You can also send the audiogram to your guest to share on their social media if the audio clip is of the guest speaking 
  • Someone who has never listened to an episode, may listen to your clip, and be moved to check out your podcast. 

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