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Interview with Tracey and Shayna from Band of Mothers

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Interview with Band of Mothers founders Tracey and Shayna


Jessica Kupferman 3:35
They’re promoting a new service that they offer. But I wanted her because they do so many fuckin things. And I just want to talk to them about all those things. And like, really, I want to know, like some of the processes and systems and team that you guys have. So I’m going to dive into that a little bit. But for now, I’m just you know, getting to know like you guys are both married, and you have two kids and you have a 10 year old girl and you guys are both right on the cusp of torture with your daughters.

Unknown Speaker 0:00
issued clothing with a cord like

Unknown Speaker 0:02
trying to do.

Jessica Kupferman 0:03
Good, hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 0:04
It was ridiculous. That’s

Unknown Speaker 0:05
why we’re like, Okay, hi.

Jessica Kupferman 0:08

Unknown Speaker 0:10
it’s a snow day

Jessica Kupferman 0:11
as you I mean, you guys probably

Unknown Speaker 0:13
were Denver. Okay? Yes. No, yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 0:16
For me, it’s a snow day. So my kid is home. And he was just playing outside. He’s sick. So like, and also last year, we got zero snow. So I had him in I’m totally unprepared. I had him in, like cuddle duds like let long johns and then I put sweat pants on top of that. And then he came in five minutes ago soaking in wet, right? It’s hot, like so I’m like, Alright, go get your pants. Go get your pants. And I’m like

Unknown Speaker 0:44
I know it’s such an ordeal when they can dress themselves off.

Jessica Kupferman 0:49
Well, he can but he doesn’t is the naked. So So I have my office unlocked just in case because my husband’s on a call and oddly, my mother in law’s like, everyone’s on a call right now. So I was just like, just sit here until someone’s done. She’ll be fine because he’s watching the thundermans. But like, we’ll see. He’s Isaac is interrupted. So usually call him he just loves to be

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Oh, yeah. Well, the kids in the house right now going School, which means my son is just playing on his floor with a with a screen on. Yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 1:20
Your kids

Unknown Speaker 1:22
are girls are 10. So and then

Unknown Speaker 1:26
boys eight. Yeah. So third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade.

Jessica Kupferman 1:29
Who’s got Bowie? Who’s got the two? Okay. Did you guys know each other before you had kids?

Unknown Speaker 1:36
We’ve known each other since eighth grade.

Unknown Speaker 1:39
Sweet. That’s Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
Yeah. And then we found out we were actually living on separate coasts. And then we found out that we were pregnant at the same time with the girls and they’re three weeks apart. So I had moved back to Denver, and Tracy moved back to Denver right after the girls were born and she asked me for a playdate and that’s how we reconnected so that was 10 years ago. No eight nine years ago guys, and I was already pregnant with my second kid cuz oops. And shut up for the planet. I’m like also I can’t have any why my second

Jessica Kupferman 2:18
you are much more careful with the first one that’s for sure.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
Oh god I’ve

Unknown Speaker 2:22
been like when she came out I all I did my I have my brother Go get me a Subway sandwich. It’s like all I wanted. And then in my second pregnancy I only ate Subway sandwiches so that’s actually have a lot to blame on this.

Jessica Kupferman 2:35
Pregnancy chicken was to chicony and I had no other explanation other chicken me like I could not explain it so that all tastes like you came fresh off the farm. I gamey

Unknown Speaker 2:47
I go chicken actually when I was pregnant not to say that the my first massive throw up was after a chicken. back Yeah. First one.

Jessica Kupferman 2:55
My first child was steaks a steak, Caesar salad.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Oh, that’s a bummer. Those are good things

Jessica Kupferman 3:02
for you that ruined it for Well, you know, at least not. So I see that you guys have headsets on but I am not sure that your mics are the ones that are chosen. Do you know they are for sure. And having the weirdest Marissa says I always feel that way about chicken. That’s funny. Zahra Good morning, she says my video is acting where you guys can have your video on you can have it off, there might or May, you know, feel free to chat at any point while we’re doing this sort of an informal interview.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
If you haven’t already, it’s it’s starting to rear ugly head for sure. Yes, definitely. At worst, like I’m like, What happened? Who was that person in that attitude? Come? Yeah, like I don’t, I don’t.

Jessica Kupferman 4:16
The 10 year old girl is is like, imagine having PMS but all the time? Yes, the 10 year. They’re very sensitive and very dramatic and everything is terrible. And they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. It is it’s like having PMS for two years. Because I swear my daughter, she would have been 24 in January as soon as she turned 11 and then got her period. I was like, thank god she’s a normal person finally. Well,

Unknown Speaker 4:45
so my this is a kind of a funny story. I didn’t tell you yet. So my daughter had her first like close friend from growing up, got her period last week. And so she started reading going back to her like books you know, like her puberty books that we got her you know, yes. She comes upstairs and she’s like, Mom, I read that about a week before you get your period. And there’s something in your underwear. That’s Like what? Like discharge, you know? Yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 5:10
Oh, yeah. Right. Of course.

Unknown Speaker 5:12
God, this is she pocket.

Jessica Kupferman 5:14
Like, I’ve completely forgot about that. Like, anyway. Well,

Unknown Speaker 5:18
I was like, okay, and she’s like,

Unknown Speaker 5:22
and I was like, Oh

Unknown Speaker 5:23
my god, oh

Unknown Speaker 5:23
my god. So she, I was like, Well, why don’t you show me so she brings me a pair of underwear, you guys. And it is like a piece of white fuzz like,

Unknown Speaker 5:31
Oh my god, like, just from like,

Unknown Speaker 5:34
and the poor girl is bawling. Like, I was like, oh,

Jessica Kupferman 5:39
oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 5:44
We hilarious but like, could Yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 5:47

Jessica Kupferman 5:47
I had a, I had a neighbor that terrified me. Like, I used to walk them to the bus stop. And, you know, so they had asked me because their kids were on, you know, six seventh grade. And they said, like, has your daughter better? Because they had sons. They had older daughters. And I was like, No, not yet. And she was like, Whatever you do, just check the towels. And I was like, for what? Oh, apparently her daughter would hide the materials that she was using, because she didn’t want to flush them and couldn’t leave evidence, I guess in the trash. Yes. Like she would use a pad or something. And then shove it in her clean laundry. And I was like, I went home and I was like Emily, let me tell you something. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:25
let’s talk about this.

Jessica Kupferman 6:26
We’ll wrap it. We’ll trash it. We’ll flush it. Never, ever do this to me. I know. I thought I was gonna die. She tears a year before it happened. But I was like, oh my god. Did

Unknown Speaker 6:38
he not have a dog?

Unknown Speaker 6:40
I mean, like,

Jessica Kupferman 6:43
Girl, I had a dog And it was a nightmare. A total nightmare. Yeah, discuss what happens when you have a sorry, I know. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
Well, and it’s like, we’re introducing ourselves to the world like this. By the way. We’re like a world

Jessica Kupferman 6:57
but yes, I think the world you’ve already introduced yourself to let me

Unknown Speaker 7:00
know what it’s like diaper etiquette, right? Like my niece, bless her heart, was on her period and was cool. Like, didn’t say anything. She spent the night a couple weeks ago. And I went down to the guest bedroom, a bathroom downstairs. And I was like, what’s with all the toilet paper and like, oh, the trail that my puppy had pulled out and I was like, Oh, she like, I’m like, Girl, you got to tell me so I cannot do that trashcan.

Jessica Kupferman 7:21
They don’t know. And they’re still there. And so it’s just terrible. It’s all the terrible. Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 7:30

Jessica Kupferman 7:31
Um, periods.

Unknown Speaker 7:33

Unknown Speaker 7:35
I’m very excited because I’m on the Marina and I have zero periods. Guys, you guys. Are you guys old enough where you don’t want to reproduce anymore? Or you still think about it? I didn’t you? Sure? Yeah. I had to have a full hysterectomy a few years ago. So I’ll ever I have nothing. I don’t even have a cervix. I got nothing. It’s like it’s just a giant void.

Jessica Kupferman 7:55
Sounds awesome.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
I gotta tell you, I was dread. I mean, I don’t miss my periods.

Jessica Kupferman 8:02
I don’t either,

Unknown Speaker 8:03
at all. Likely neither. Not even. I mean, I had horrible ones my whole life. Hence the hysterectomy. But um, yeah, no, not even first. Not even for one second. It’s delight. You’re all set. You’re it’s so I mean, like I gave you know, I gave away the last batch of my tampons. And it was like, so liberating to just get them out of my house. I love that.

Jessica Kupferman 8:27
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 8:28
I am not reproducing anymore. No, when I’m not just because No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:33

Jessica Kupferman 8:35
I mean, I’m 46 at this one. So we had, I had to, and I was like, 2122. And then I got divorced. Then I got remarried. And then we didn’t have a house big enough. Then we finally did. We had to do some science experimenting in order to get the little one that’s out there now. But we had through the science experiment, we have two more like, on ice, a boy and a girl. Oh, and like, I’m 40 I’m about to turn 46 next month, like literally a month from yesterday. I’m 46. And like, we’re still paying for them to be like in the freezer. And it’s like $600 a year. So I’m just like, how could we just I mean, if we give them to someone else, give them to someone else. You can donate them to science, or you can flush them down the toilet. Those are your three choices. So he does like

Unknown Speaker 9:19
or you can have one

Jessica Kupferman 9:20
or no, I’m not sure I can. That’s what I’m saying. Like that’s kind of I can have a surrogate. I mean, you know if I was if I was Yeah, Tom Cruise and wealthy like that, then maybe but yeah, so I’m just like, well, he’s like, I just want them just in case I’m like in case of watts. You don’t just have something happened to this one and then replace it with another it’s not a lamp. Like what are you gonna do so? Like Yes, I have a boy and a girl that like is there like in the not in limbo? They’re just frozen. Like is asked me for a brother, a little brother or sister. I’m just like, wow,

Unknown Speaker 9:54
you can go visit the zygote if you want.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 9:59
Yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah, that’s a tough one. That’s a tough choice.

Jessica Kupferman 10:03
It is. Yeah, it’s tough.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
I mean, I don’t like facing your mortality, like straight in the face, you know, I mean, it’s just kind of like when I got a hysterectomy, it was like, well, you had to kind of choke down the idea that like you were in. She’s like, Well, that’s it. And like, that’s it for my I mean, it’s hard not to feel like a woman when you’re missing your parts. You know, I can still afford Yeah, so it’s, it’s fine. All it matters. Let’s

Jessica Kupferman 10:27
be honest.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
I know. I’m very happy about that. But like, yeah, so just like, stare that in the face and then just be like, Well, okay, um,

Jessica Kupferman 10:36
yeah, um, do you know that I wanted to have another one I was sort of just going along with the testing just to see what would happen and kind of like hoping that nothing would happen. But then when I was told that a 5% chance of it happening, I was kind of sad. And mostly because the guy that I had kids with the first time around was a little iffy and I wanted to see what would happen if I had kids with someone that I was like, gonna stay in love with and had things in common with and you know, we both had a working salary weird things like that. You know what I’m not like you actually want to procreate

Unknown Speaker 11:05

Jessica Kupferman 11:06
Yeah. Like a planned pregnancy. What is that? Like? You know? Yeah,

I was very lucky to have him. Anyway. Anyway, this is all a whole nother ballgame. Nice to get to know you both. Um,

Unknown Speaker 11:19
so yeah, we I don’t have a uterus and you have eggs on ice.

Jessica Kupferman 11:22
On Ice? Yes. We

Unknown Speaker 11:25
a lot of subway are used to Yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 11:27
subway is disgusting. Stop talk yet. It’s not almost two o’clock. We get off the phone. You have 20 minutes and then we cannot come back and I’m sorry. Okay, I’m sorry. Okay, go get something. Some ham.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
Go get some ham. Ham.

Jessica Kupferman 11:47
Sorry. Sorry. No, no, those days? Yes. So go ahead. Where you saying sorry.

Unknown Speaker 11:51
Oh, it’s so gross. Because we haven’t been gross enough. Um, I The reason I stopped eating subway was because I went to get a Subway sandwich. This is pre COVID. And the persons are making it was sweating a lot. And I watched a bead of sweat go into my

Unknown Speaker 12:06

Unknown Speaker 12:09
And I was like, and that’s the last time I’ll eat that Subway sandwich. Oh, damn.

Jessica Kupferman 12:14
Often Genesis exercise. We don’t know how often that happens. I don’t see it. No.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
I waited enough tables and worked in enough restaurants

Unknown Speaker 12:24
and I like paid for it and then took it home and was like,

Jessica Kupferman 12:30
Hey, could you make me do that again? Oh, yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 12:33
was like,

Unknown Speaker 12:34
it was really fat cake. I was not it was not good. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 12:37
why is that though that we protect the person that commits the egregious crime, right? Like, you’re so polite. You should have just been like, dude, you just dripped sweat in my sandwich. Can you make me a new one, but you felt like you were too polite to make him I now aware that he’s dripping sweat into people’s food. Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 12:52
I mean, he should be.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I would have done the same. I didn’t want to make a scene.

Jessica Kupferman 12:56
No. We’re too nice though.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
It’s just such a bit working. I

Unknown Speaker 12:59
took my foot long and I batted him over the head.

Jessica Kupferman 13:01
Hold on Shana, but you’re Jewish, right? Yeah. And your Jewish mother and you don’t make a scene over a beat a sweat and your sandwich? I don’t know what’s wrong.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
I married a Gentile raise

Unknown Speaker 13:14
the wolves

Unknown Speaker 13:17
makes you make we have selective c making we each have our things that we like stand up for I need like the right table at a restaurant.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I’ll change tables. Oh, if I’m cold. I will fucking

Unknown Speaker 13:29
rules if you don’t like the lighting or the cells. Yeah. Okay, so

Jessica Kupferman 13:33
there’s that but not the food. So the food

Unknown Speaker 13:35
What about sending back food? No, I need to step into my power and like do that more.

Jessica Kupferman 13:40
I mean, my grandmother once sent back I saw send back a salad like three times. Because once I had canned something on it, and then there was not enough dressing. By the third time my uncle was like, don’t eat that mom.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
Yeah, they’re literally someone spit in your food.

Jessica Kupferman 13:56
And like when I was really little this one impacted me the most we were at the beach and she sent back lima beans because they were canned.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
That sounds like my like mother in law. She would do that.

Jessica Kupferman 14:05
But like my dad’s in my face like I was like, horrified that like something wasn’t right and had to go bad. Probably never seen that before. Yeah, yeah. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 14:14
I’m kind of jealous though. I feel like that’s kind of awesome to like, just be like, No, thank you. I mean, food that I’m spending money on. You know,

Jessica Kupferman 14:20
have you seen the scene in as good as it gets where jack nicholson goes, we’ll have two beers. Yeah, that’s my grandmother, though.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Oh, okay. So like a little a little one. Like, like, it was horrible. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:39
it’s anyway,

Unknown Speaker 14:40
I kind of love that.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
I know. I know.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
You know, instead of just sitting you’re wasting away starving, like and, you know, I’m like, Oh, hi.

Unknown Speaker 14:49
I just think I worked as a, you know, sit in the service industry for so many years that I just it’s not their fault, you know,

Unknown Speaker 14:55
but I never I never minded if people I mean if they were if they weren’t asked About Never mind it that people sent food back. Like,

Unknown Speaker 15:02
either there. I took everything I felt. I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 15:05
was like, Oh, sorry, God, that sucks. Sure, you know,

Jessica Kupferman 15:08
I felt terrible about it. If someone had to say, Oh, I made it, and

Unknown Speaker 15:12
they’re like, and then I was like, oh, free food, I would take it back in the kitchen. And then we would all eat it because you couldn’t.

Jessica Kupferman 15:19
How we all live like that? I know. Let’s not even go there. Yeah, exactly. Also a mess. Okay, so let me introduce you to gosh, how do I even your, your the band of mothers, I guess, random mothers calm. This is Shana and Tracy. They do all the things. And I want to tell you a little bit about all the things that they do. So let’s take a look here. You have an app. Correct. You have a podcast, you have a live show. And they’re sweet and fun on there’s more recently.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
A lot we

Unknown Speaker 15:59
have. We have a website called moms who make money

Jessica Kupferman 16:02
moms to make money. Thank you. I was yes. And then they’re all surprised.

Unknown Speaker 16:08
Now we have design services,

Jessica Kupferman 16:10
and branding services, right. But there’s probably more that we can’t see. And the reason I noticed is because I signed up for the app. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before today. But I signed up for the app today. And invited me to do something on Maven Lee, which is like, I guess affiliate marketing, mainly, mainly, yeah, so you so you invited me to be a partner where you suggest products and services that are women owned and ethically sound and environmentally friendly to your friends. And then you make commission. So it’s basically affiliate marketing. And I thought, gosh, that’s smart. What other things are hiding that? They don’t tell me off the bat. So like,

Unknown Speaker 16:48
if that happened when you signed up for the

Jessica Kupferman 16:50
when I sign up for the app, maybe I went in under was an event? I don’t remember there’s

Unknown Speaker 16:54
a camera in there. Oh, you’re in there. It was like, You don’t realize like, sign up make a phone call. Excuse

Jessica Kupferman 17:01
me. Like, no, I was definitely around in there. Yeah. Okay. There’s so the affiliate marketing. So what made you decide? Let’s, I mean, let’s just start there. What made you decide to do that?

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Oh, the affiliate marketing side? Yeah. Like,

Jessica Kupferman 17:16
how did you get involved with that? That service specifically?

Unknown Speaker 17:19
Well, our show died

Unknown Speaker 17:21
when COVID happened,

Jessica Kupferman 17:22
the live show? Well,

Unknown Speaker 17:24
it was even really a little bit before that. I mean, I think we slowly realized is is a business and as a brand. It was it was drilled into our frontal lobes. When our show died when COVID happened to cancel all of our shows, how many shows

Jessica Kupferman 17:41
did you have to cancel? Because I think under events, they’re all still there, and at least eight right?

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Oh, no, like I see two.

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Oh, just just through July. So I would say probably close to 70 or 80 shows we have

Jessica Kupferman 17:54
the gang and all over the country or was it?

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Kosta? We’ll just back up for just a sec. Just two people under

Jessica Kupferman 18:01
sorry, everyone. Yes, that was a terrible introduction. I’m very sorry.

Unknown Speaker 18:05
No, no, no, don’t be sorry at all. It’s

Unknown Speaker 18:06
hell. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 18:08
think the I think the dog and blood here yet a low point.

Jessica Kupferman 18:14
I thought it was interesting.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
So eight years ago, when our babies were baby babies, Tracy and I started a show called the pump and dump show that we started for free in a bar in northwest Denver because we needed to get out. We thought moms needed to get out live show, a live show and it blew up really fast. And two years later, just like we grew out of that space. We just did another space. We were doing a monthly here in Denver, where we live, okay. We have backgrounds in theater, writing, marketing, all of the things comedy. So the show is kind of like it’s a segmented show where there’s music. There’s comedy like

Unknown Speaker 18:54
hello, hi, Jen. Um,

Unknown Speaker 18:57
there’s a lot of it’s kind of it’s really an event for mom. It’s an it’s a night out for moms where we treat moms we get we play games, we have interactive slideshows, like I said, there’s music, and we we took it on the road in about 2014 and that was Tracy and I so for five years, Tracy and I were you know, on a on a Wednesday getting up in the morning getting the kids ready for school catching a plane flying to a city doing a show getting on a 4am flight the next day flying home and picking the kids up from school. And that’s on

Jessica Kupferman 19:26
Friday. So it was a two day thing or one day thing sometimes

Unknown Speaker 19:28
it was like a one day like not even sometimes not even a full 30 hours away from home. Hey Aaron back

Unknown Speaker 19:34
ever sometimes we would go almost Yeah, we would go and then we do we drive to another city do a show we’d be gone two days. But for the most part because our kids were so little we would go and we come back. Right. And we did that for five years nationally. And then we decided that we could not take it anymore. And at that point, we’ve been building the brand and building our team. We went from just the two of us to a team of 15 people before COVID. And at that point two years ago, when we decided to Get off the road, we cast new moms to do our show. So that had younger kids that were amazingly talented. They’re so great. We had a cast in LA and a cast in Chicago. And they started touring. And they had done their first tour in the fall of 2019. We’re about to do so Tracy, and I got to stay home and do the podcast and do work on the app and just manage at this point and do the Denver shows, okay. And at that point, the girls were about to go out and do 52 shows, that was just march through July. And then they would, you know, we take a break in like August and beginning of September, and then they would go back out. So COVID, shut all of that down. And in the meantime, in these eight years, we had had partnerships with brands, we had discovered affiliate stuff, because we’ve worked with really great brands like mabley, who write for women who support women owned businesses, and then obviously, like sponsorships through the podcast. And so that was kind of that’s our story. That’s how we started. And then Tracy and I just were so entrepreneurial, and especially Tracy started kind of discovering that band of mothers as a bigger brand, could do more things, right.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
And as a business, what I was saying to and COVID really drew drove this home is that we realized in this day and age, you can’t just have one revenue stream, like I just can’t like you it’s not, it’s not safe. It’s not sustainable. Right? Um, you got to have multiple streams coming in to support your growth. And we we learned that the hard way for sure. So affiliate marketing is something that we are sort of like dipping our toes in, you know, we’re, we always like to, like grow with our, like, grow with our friends, our peeps. Yeah, exactly. So, you know, we started mom to make money because we’re like, gosh, you know, everyone’s lost their jobs. And there’s so much out there’s so many opportunities out there, like, let’s let’s start a site where we can explore different revenue streams and, and write about that. And now and then the app, you know, a lot of, you know, a lot of the stuff that we talk about on the podcasts or things that we like, or again, like Shana said, like, we’ve just met so many amazing female entrepreneurs, mom entrepreneurs through the years that we want to support like, you know, you can get paid for that you can do it for free. We constantly promote other people’s businesses for free. But if there’s an affiliate, like we’re kind of to the point where, you know, girl’s got to get paid for stuff, like

Unknown Speaker 22:28
when we made a shop, the podcast, yeah, area on our app, so that like anything we talked about on the podcast, you could go in and click on and we’re like, Well, why wouldn’t we get money from that? Click? You would? You should? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 22:40
it’s not like we are doing it. You know, it’s it’s just for I was not manipulate? No, I

Jessica Kupferman 22:44
didn’t. I was Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:46
no, I know. No, but affiliate marketing is awesome. Yeah. And I’ll speak for myself, like someone I always say, like, I’ve like was born with a crushing goat complex. And, you know, authenticity and transparency is really important for us Christianity. Yeah. You think if you see it on my face, it’s just like, pouring out in the Catholic. No, I was joking. My should have been just yeah, just but good old fashioned. Shameful shame. Christian. Yeah, shame, Christian. But, um, you know, so like, so, you know, realizing that money doesn’t equate greed or like, not being truthful and transparent, but just leveraging revenue streams, was a was a long was a long lesson coming, but now we stand you know,

Jessica Kupferman 23:29
we’re in it, right? Yeah. Yeah. Um, so moms who make money so that’s relative. So that’s really, really new. And it looks very established. Like you’ve been doing it years and years, you know?

Unknown Speaker 23:41
That. That’s our design services.

Jessica Kupferman 23:43
Yes. Who is the designer? Do

Unknown Speaker 23:45
you both do it? Man? Oh, man. Was

Jessica Kupferman 23:47
it? Okay. You do all the graphics and stuff? Yeah. Our whole brand.

Unknown Speaker 23:52

Unknown Speaker 23:52
I do accept them. Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 23:54
I do all the graphics for us to.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
I mean, I feel like because this is She Podcasts we can say like,

Jessica Kupferman 23:58
any celebrity, literally anything that you want

Unknown Speaker 24:00
new graphics. So we’re so just because I feel like this is such a great platform. We we are relaunching our podcast on wondery with Warner Brothers. And so it’s the first time that other people are designing our stuff, and they’re doing an amazing job. But it’s like for Tracy and I were like,

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Yeah, man. Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 24:21
I just hired a designer to do some of the stuff for our conference coming up because I just know that I should be focusing on sponsorship and not the other. Like, I’ve I’ve always been very controlling about our graphics because I don’t think anyone else can do a good job. That’s ridiculous. I found someone who has does gorgeous work and I’m, I’m sure she’s gonna be great, but like, we are just getting used. We just did our year under review and we’re just getting used to like having a team we probably got a team in the spring because our conference went to shit and we had I mean, I guess no other stream. No other formal and useful stream of income, like we have Patreon and we turned that into Our membership. But yeah, we didn’t have a team or anything else. And LC works for Libsyn. So she has a job and I was just kind of like, Oh, this is a real business now and we’re gonna have to make it. So

Unknown Speaker 25:14
growing pains are real to, you know, our real thing. And it’s, it’s so hard because like, just when you’re on the upward trajectory, you just start selling out money, because you can do it all. And then yeah, and that’s another lesson we really learned. the hard way. And this pause has given us enough time to reflect is that we just being controlling and you know, it’s one thing to know your talents and know your strengths and know what you’re capable of, but then taking it all on yourself, because you don’t want to let anyone else do it. It’s just not healthy, at all, no, are helpful. I mean, even if though it’s gonna hold you back in the end, you know, it’s gonna hold back your growth, like your brain only has space for so much.

Jessica Kupferman 25:56
Yes. And I feel like it’s leaking out honestly, like I have short term memory has gone to shit lately, probably because we’re doing many things. And that’s one of the reasons why I want to talk to you. So tell me about now you have a team of 15. And based on all the things you do the app, the show that this that, like, Who were the members of your team, and who’s in charge of what do you mind? I mean, I know it’s a lot of people, but like,

Unknown Speaker 26:18
Well, a lot of that was the live show. So now that when COVID shut the live show down, unfortunately, we had to I mean, like part of that team was our casts, our director, who we had, so Tracy and I finally like a couple years ago, we’re like, oh, we should maybe have someone with an alibi look at this show. And she helped us cast and like, so that whole section was gone, ah, manager had seed managers for each cast. And then we had our Director of Operations, who was an integral part of everything we did, but ended up basically like running the live show, when Tracy and I expanded the company, because we were, we were overseeing that, and managing the app and doing the weekly podcast and, you know, creating all the branding and the creative and, and we each had our own roles with a live show, too. So like, I had to handle all of the music and Tracy had to handle all the marketing. And so we had our team, you know, consisted of that whole live show branch, which now is gone until we don’t know when right

Jessica Kupferman 27:23
until you can read this.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
So right now, we are amazing digital media manager who I would highly recommend to any podcast that is looking for social media.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
She’s a member of the group, she posts.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Yeah, she has a company called Cobra media llc.com. She’s incredible. And she’s been a saving grace. So we were able to keep her on. And of course, like, our agent is considered part of our team. And he was our He is our booking agent. And he’s the one who scheduled all of the shows who Um, and then we had another assistant who was kind of like our tech director, and he was, so it was really the live show that took the most. Yeah, staff. Yeah, yeah. So we, we, it was devastating when everything went down, because not only were we losing all of our revenue, well, most of our revenue and the, you know, our ability to spread our message across the country, which is what we’ve always just done, right.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
And when the shows were going, you know, our app was growing exponentially every show. So they actually hired a second marketing person. So we had a marketing team of three all of a sudden, because you have to, you know, the tiers of marketing, just the top level overarching thinking, then you’ve got day to day implementation, scheduling content. And then you’ve got the grassroots outreach, which is first specially when you’re trying to sell tickets, or just get the word out organically, and specifically, the moms like you need that, like grassroots person out there, too. So we just brought someone on in that capacity as well to support

Unknown Speaker 28:57
and then and then we had to make a bunch of fun phone calls. Yeah, it was not fun. It was not sure. So I think like from a Podcasts perspective, you know, it’s been really, it just a brand perspective, it’s been really valuable to have our Kalani, our digital manager, because she’s, she just thinks in ways she has her, her thumb on the pulse of what’s changing constantly. And it’s too hard for us to use. And what we learned over the years is just to keep our creative brains going. We have to let go of some of the other marketing crap because marketing is creative, too. So you know if you can find a person who can take some of that off your plate from a creative side, like you said, the design getting sponsorships, I mean, you know, there was a period of time where it was just like me on the phone and you know, just trying to sell these ad space. Yeah, people. That’s what I do. Yep. Yeah. And it’s it’s a lot. It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of organization and so how are you? It’s fine, if that’s what you want to do, but then you need someone else doing the other parts that you can’t also do. So I would say like, you know, for for our community at She Podcasts, which by the way, I mean, just we told you this on our last call, but it’s just such an amazing community for podcasters, and people who identify as women, it’s so awesome. Thank

Unknown Speaker 30:20
you. Um,

Unknown Speaker 30:22
it’s been so helpful as we’ve grown. Oh, my God, we’re sure so much. But I think you know, a lot of people I see a lot of women not knowing where to start and a lot of things especially like, where do I start with sponsorships? Because as Tracy always says, like, the podcast world is the Wild West, you know, it is Yeah, it really so bizarre like you don’t know how much to charge. And I had this great conversation with this guy who has this amazing podcast called Scheffer death. It’s really successful. And he goes out and gets all of his own sponsors. And he’s just like, yeah, just do what you need to do. Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 30:53
we don’t do a great you are, and then it’s awesome. You know, like, we don’t charge any kind of industry standard we charge based on our platform. And what

Unknown Speaker 31:01
is the there is no, I mean, there is but it’s show?

Jessica Kupferman 31:05
Yeah, no, it’s like, well, because it’s of Joe Rogan, the industry standard, just like $25 per 1000 downloads per episode. And most people don’t get that I mean, if you are going to buy Joe Rogan, that’s a very affordable thing to do. But if you’re not, then as podcasters, you don’t make diddles. So you have to kind of make your own rules, I think,

Unknown Speaker 31:23
because there is value there. And it’s a funny thing about podcasting, because you can do it per downloads. But if you’re, if your audience is exactly who that advertiser needs to talk to you, and it’s only 100 people, right? It’s still going to be such good advertising, that’s good ROI for you. And there is value there, even if it’s just to 100 people. So it is just a fascinating, you know, and that’s but that’s, you know, that’s Don Draper? Like, that’s how do you ever put a price on convincing someone to use their hard earned money to buy your goods or use your service? You know, there’s, it’s at the end of the day, at some point, it just has to be like a gut thing between the advertiser and the host. And you just everyone has to mutually agree that this is the right number, and then you just move forward. And that’s why

Unknown Speaker 32:11
niches are so great. I know. I see a lot of people I think someone posted yesterday on She Podcasts like, I have this niche market, and how do I set up a sponsorship model? And it’s like, niche market is, that’s really what you want to do. Because Yeah, you can search out the burden. Yeah, hoo, hoo, you have the exact audience they need. And so it’s your confidence, it’s presentation, which is what you know, we wanted to talk to you guys about because making sure that you are making sure that the energy that you put out is is confident and that you you unclear and that you believe that you know what you’re doing, because you do it is the Wild West. So just put on your spurs, you know, like

Jessica Kupferman 32:52
that hat on and make sure glitters,

Unknown Speaker 32:54
yeah, I mean, because it’s worth a $300 investment and having something that is gonna make you 20,000 you know, like, like, I think, and we, you know, it’s we’ve learned so much just from a spiritual standpoint, as business people during COVID Yeah, heard our sob story. But like, coming from a place of lack is no good. Like, this is never gonna, you’re never gonna get out of it. Like you can’t ever start from that place. So, I’m not, we’re not saying go buy an $80,000 course on podcasting. Unless, of course, Jessica is offering it, let’s just offer you

Jessica Kupferman 33:31
know, it’s actually much less than that.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
Good bye, bye.

Unknown Speaker 33:35
Bye. No, but there is value in learning, teaching yourself and investing in yourself within within reason, you know, but, um, the whole concept and we just interviewed a guest a couple days ago for our podcast and talked about like, you know, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And this whole superhero Superwoman complex that I think our culture is, I feel like we’re kind of we’re moving away from it very slowly, everyone’s waking up, that that’s not realistic. But in business, especially this whole, you know, girlboss mompreneurs, slay do all the things Wonder Woman,

Unknown Speaker 34:12

Unknown Speaker 34:13
you know, I had a baby. And I like we’ve done that, like, we never stopped when we had babies to actually have the baby, we kept going with business, and there’s this drive, but it will catch up with you. And if you just take a step back and release a little bit of control and delegate or higher, or say we can’t do that right now, because I don’t actually have the space or the time space in my brain or time in my day. We’re going to put a pause on that and do it later when there’s time. Like, taking those things back and not feeling like you have to do all the things yourself is is for sure going to make your business run more smoothly. I Yeah, I think so.

Jessica Kupferman 34:53
Let’s talk about branding for a second because that’s a new thing you guys are offering and I always say that like if you do your own branding, and you’re not As a graphic designer, it’s sort of like every time you reach out to shake someone’s hand, you’ve got filthy fingernails. Oh, it’s a it’s a disgusting reference. But that’s how, but that’s kind of what I see. Like when I see branding that is subpar. I sort of got like you’re showing the world like,

Unknown Speaker 35:17
your dirty fingernails.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
Yes. Wedding into one Subway sandwich.

Jessica Kupferman 35:22
Yeah, I mean, people put a lot of effort, you put so much effort into you.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
We’re just keeping going. We’re just metaphoric. We’re coming. We’re sorry. We’re just we could do this all day.

Jessica Kupferman 35:33
No, but it’s, I mean, it is sort of like you invest so much of your time and money elsewhere, why not make it look the best? Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Exactly. That’s the idea. Like, well, I have to do it myself. Because I’m gonna save I’m gonna save some money or, and you lose perspective, you lose. And there’s something you know, it’s hard, because you guys are both graphic designers. And, and Shea is beautiful. And at least it works with us because there’s a partnership. So I have my own ideas. And there’s at least a little bit of feedback. But if you’re doing everything yourself, starting your podcast, you know, doing a creative coming up with your niche, trying to get sponsors trying to do all the copywriting and like eking out a logo with capabilities that aren’t inherent in you something Yeah, like you said, like someone’s gonna fall. Yes, I’m gonna bite you in the butt. Yeah. And it’s gonna be your brand, your own brand. And you’re so proud

Jessica Kupferman 36:29
of your brand or your content. Let’s be honest. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
Can I share it? Can I share a screen with you? We sent this to you before, I’m gonna apologize if whatever comes up? Well, while you’re doing that, is

Jessica Kupferman 36:41
there a reason that you chose podcasters? Or do or are you working with any sort of mompreneur?

Unknown Speaker 36:49
So, great question. We’re basically focusing on fundraising, decks, presentation decks, and sponsorship packets, and not as cool as worse. Media kits and media kits were just so busy, that it wouldn’t feel right to do logo design. But we are offering consultation. So Tracy has, well both of us have a ton of marketing background. Like I used to be an art director at a PR firm. Tracy has created so many businesses and was a was an actual consultant for small businesses and social media consultant for years. And so we as an add on are also offering like an hour, probably would turn into three but like consultation service, if there’s just questions, or you just need inspiration, or you just really want us to kind of audit what you have. So we can help you with the content creation too, just from our expertise, but we had to narrow it down. And because we’re podcasters, and we’ve done our own sponsorship packets and media packets for our live show, etc. Right? It made the most sense so

Unknown Speaker 37:51
that we know what those elements are we we know that elements needed in those to make them successful, because we’ve done so many. So also it just comes from a place of especially fundraising

Jessica Kupferman 38:02
just together like is that a search? Is that like a software as a service? Or did you create that piece in the middle? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 38:09
this one? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
Oh, that’s all Shea

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Oh, that’s me. So

Unknown Speaker 38:13
that’s just,

Unknown Speaker 38:13
I just put that together. So you could see kind of like the overview. That was our fundraising kit when we were raising money for our expansion. Cool. So um, Cobra media, that’s what I was telling you about that Kalani created but but I did her deck for her. She’s our social media consultant. She’s amazing. And then this just kind of is like an overview, but I just wanted you to see like that, you know, put our money where our mouth is. So let’s see. Oh, yeah, I can zoom it in. So here’s just some other examples of our work. But I’m, I’m trying to figure out how to Oh, there we are. So see, so Kalani had actually gone online on Fiverr and hired someone to make her deck and that’s what it looks like. Okay. And then, uh, sorry, I’m trying to figure this out. And then that’s what what we made for her. Okay, which was just so much clearer. Yeah. And better cleaner. And we were able to actually give her feedback on content with our expertise, which I think was, you know, is is a big value. Absolutely. Just right there. We this was, um,

Unknown Speaker 39:15
pop just, let’s just, I mean, she just wants to see that. Yeah. Because it is, I mean, you know, you’re a person who were just making fun of it, you can layer over clipart and you can, you know, cut and move things around. But it’s, it’s going to be painfully obvious versus truly integrating design, and making it flow with the content and, you know, presenting your brand so that even every word on the page, backs up your branding. And there’s there’s a nuance there. That’s a learned skill.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
Yeah. That, you know, she spent, you know, I think this was like $500 for this for this deck, and she can’t even use it, you know, nor could she make two ranges and we offer 30 days of changes. And then you know, we can obviously we do like, like an hourly fee. But yeah. And so like you said, we were what you were asking. I mean, we kind of specialized in these particular areas for entrepreneurs, especially for women and moms. So just because we’re called Banda mothers doesn’t mean you have to be a mom, for us to work with you. That would be right. Um, and then we were just really upfront about our pricing, too. So if anybody’s interested in this, all you have to do is email Banda mothers design at gmail, and you can get that at Bantam. Others calm too.

Jessica Kupferman 40:38
So and of mother’s design at gmail.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Yeah. Or just go to abandon mother’s calm and click on Oh, I’ll put it in here. Put it in the chat. Yeah, I’m gonna attach, I’m gonna attach the file,

Jessica Kupferman 40:49
and then everyone in the chat and then I’ll also put it when we do the recording, I’ll put it in as part of the course in the cool bot.

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Yeah. And now everyone has the

Unknown Speaker 40:57
PDF if they want it.

Jessica Kupferman 40:58
Yeah, man. Thank you. Thank you. Um, so you went from live show to break? So now you have moms who make money? Is that is that an income maker? Not a membership, or no,

Unknown Speaker 41:13
it’s not paid membership. You know, it’s still again, like a experiment. Okay, a lot. There’s a lot of affiliate links baked in there, we are making some money, nothing that’s like, you know, going to buy us a new house. Right. We also are developing a job board for moms by moms. So that’s a little post and that you can access that actually, you can access that through moms who make money. And if you’re an employer, and you just want to reach out to the mom community, you can post there, if you’re looking for a job, you can look there, that’s kind of still in development. So hopefully, yeah, they’ll just be a nice little revenue stream,

Unknown Speaker 41:52
we were so sick of like not understanding funnel programs and lead lightning and like, you know, all these things that you see on Facebook, that’s like, just put up this ad, and you’ll get $100 a day, you know, and we were like, what is that? So we decided that it would be really great to have a place where we explain it. Yeah. So fortunately, and unfortunately, we spent hours of our lives trying to figure out funnel programs, but we wrote articles about them. And so you can, you know, obviously we get since its affiliate, like we would get a, you know,

Jessica Kupferman 42:25
a portion or a

Unknown Speaker 42:27
portion, you know, when people sign up, but we’re so transparent, which is like, such a huge word in our

Unknown Speaker 42:33
Yeah, us too.

Unknown Speaker 42:35
And so it’s just important that you that we put that information out there, and that we are clear about it. And then

Unknown Speaker 42:43
you know, we offer a resource Yeah. And we’re grateful for the time to be able to like it was it was really kind of cool just to be able to learn new skills, you know, because that’s the other thing is entrepreneurs. And if you get as you get going, and it gets super busy, and we’re starting to ramp up again with our podcasts and actually get back to work, but it was really cool. Like we took a couple other courses on some things and like, it was great, you know, it’s good to just broaden your mind. You never know how those things are gonna come back in. But you kind of need a global pandemic and a year off from everything

Jessica Kupferman 43:12
of the time that it is forced reflection is forced

Unknown Speaker 43:15

Jessica Kupferman 43:16
whether you want it or not hear it. Yeah. I mean, I I don’t want to say for everyone, but certainly for me and for us, it’s been really good because I also so like with my with the membership, no, I A merchandise store. So we did a T shirt store for She Podcasts. And then I thought it was so much fun that I wanted it. And I’ve always wanted to do my own t shirt store. So I signed up for Shopify, and I have a few of my own designs. And then I realized that Shopify will connect with Ollie Express, or mandalas, or a bunch of other things where you can pull in other products from Etsy and Amazon. And then I spent a week, curating and pulling together, you know, like iPod cases, or, you know, air pod cases, and like, phone glitter cases, and weird scarves and hats. And then and then the night before Black Friday, I was like, why did I do this, I just wanted a T shirt store. But it’s sort of like, when you don’t have time to reflect you. Like, at least for me, I fully overwhelm myself. That’s just my process. Like, I think I have to fully overwhelm myself completely go far way far past scope of anything I was thinking of doing. Only so that I can like, see the light and how stupid I’ve been and then do the thing I was meant to do in the first

Unknown Speaker 44:32
but it’s like a whole month long as a student because like, I have the same sickness. And now I’m like, I have to go home and do that store for us. Like I want to do it like right,

Jessica Kupferman 44:40
it’s really fun. It’s really fun. I mean, our own designs, like you see funny shirts all the time and like I always get great ideas for funny shirts and then like I never can do them because also something I was allowed myself to do this year that I’ve never done before is when I had a creative urge. Usually I suppress it because I think well She Podcasts needs this and that and the you know This end, the conference needs this and everything needs this. So I should not design this T shirt or create this funny blog or write that funny monologue or do stand up comedy because I don’t have time because I need to be making money doing this. And for the first time, I was like, fuck it, I’m just gonna do it. I’m just gonna design it. And it was so much fun that I just like kept going. But now I’m in this place of like, I mean, and then of course, you know, that leads to an identity crisis, as usual. Because you can’t do anything without having a kid do anything like creative without having like a is this who I am now. You know, like, I don’t know how you guys deal with that look like with that whole? Like, like, you had no live show. So it’s like, well, if I’m not if we’re not on stage, who are we? What is our purpose? Who are we here? Did you guys cry? I don’t know. Is it working? I didn’t know that. I could. I mean, it’s

Unknown Speaker 45:49
funny. I

Unknown Speaker 45:50
think we both have different approaches to it.

Unknown Speaker 45:52
I we, you know, we

Unknown Speaker 45:52
we follow this. I’ll keep this short. But like we follow, we really believe in the enneagram is like a personality profile. Okay? delve deep on that on ourselves. Interesting. You know, dipped our toes in Human Design, done a lot of things know our you know, astrological sign. So I’m like an Aries, eight enneagram eight. I’m a master of manifesting generator. I

Jessica Kupferman 46:16
am, like all I have all that stuff to make. And a maverick.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
And I don’t live a linear life, right? Like, I’ve never lived a straight line. And it took me kind of this time to realize, like, I can be on stage and be a comedian. And I can be an affiliate marketer, and I can be a podcaster. And I can be a mom. And I can be a hippie that makes oils on the side, I can do all the things and I once I released my one identity, I’m just like, this is just, that’s who I am. I just do the things. And but that that took a long time to kind of like, wrap your brain around so that you don’t lose your identity.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Well, and I’m a three so all of my self worth is in my success.

Jessica Kupferman 46:57
Oh, god,

Unknown Speaker 46:59
it’s a harder journey over here.

Unknown Speaker 47:01

Unknown Speaker 47:03
up to her G. So I don’t know. It’s I mean, we it’s actually I don’t know how Tracy and I lucked out so much. I mean, we are new producers or co producers were like, you guys, please stop calling each other your wife because you’re confusing everybody. But oh, Elson, our credo. Like we have this marriage, obviously. That is like, you know, good in India. It is uh, we’re her birthday is April 6, and mines October.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
We’re literally release six looked at our astrological charts. And we’re like, directly across from each other.

Unknown Speaker 47:36
So we Tracy’s all over the place. And like, Oh my gosh, let’s start a new t shirt store. I’m like, Yeah, no. And so.

Jessica Kupferman 47:46
So this might be it’s funny, because even though we have the same skills, I might be Tracy in this relationship.

Unknown Speaker 47:50
I feel Yeah. It’s a thing. Yeah. But it’s good. I have the big ideas and some of them work, but you got to rein it in sometimes. I just wanted to answer a couple questions that came in. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, that last one. I

Jessica Kupferman 48:01
think it’s we’ll start with the last one cuz that’s from LC and I can just go ahead and unmute her because she finally got out us. So I’m gonna unmute her video on her car. I’m

Elsie 48:13
not like in the right place to be unmuted. I am an extra second hater. I am laying in the kitchen.

Jessica Kupferman 48:21
All right. Okay, but we did ask you. You did ask a good question. Are they Audio Technica? bphs one?

Unknown Speaker 48:27

Unknown Speaker 48:29
We like him like sighted. See,

Elsie 48:32
I love those. I’ve been coveting that for so long. How are they? How long have you been using those?

Unknown Speaker 48:40
That’s just like our third podcast. Yeah, they’re

Unknown Speaker 48:42
new. I’m grant mainly because when we talk to each other It was getting very, very annoying to we don’t like holding but

Unknown Speaker 48:51
I didn’t like this thing in front of my feet. I needed to be able to like like, gotta be able to knock

Jessica Kupferman 48:58
Yeah, a lot of this lot of this.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
I’m like so Stevie Nicks I need to just like I need my tambourine. Hello

Unknown Speaker 49:04
on you today.

Unknown Speaker 49:04
I know I’m cool. Like, I know I’m cozy.

Unknown Speaker 49:09
Thank you for noticing because yes as podcasters like we’re very excited about our audio Tony. Yeah, those are amazing.

Unknown Speaker 49:18
And full disclosure.

Elsie 49:18
Let me just go ahead. No, no, I just want to share why that these are so great for those that are listening. It’s because these are the only headphones or headsets that are dynamic microphones which actually are not picking up as much noise on the outside and they are the only headsets that work this way mind you they are only XLR so you can’t stick those to a computer. They have to go into a audio interface but the three Yeah, they’re the three prongs to jiggers but they are fantastic. You you ladies look dope, wearing those things. I love that. Love that.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
Thank you. We Yeah, so what we have is a mixer but you can get you know very small. And so these go directly into our mixer and then the mixer has a USB into our computer. So that’s how that works. If anyone is curious, yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 50:08
that’s a question. I’m launching a podcast called politicking like a mother. Do you help with overall branding for? Yeah, tell them exactly. Because I know you said you were focusing on decks. But do you do full branding? and Christine, do you want me? Yeah, you can unmute yourself, Christine. Hi. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Hi, Jessica. I want to say I was Laura powers on her her class the other day. So I just feel like the world you know, merges.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
I love that crazy. So

Unknown Speaker 50:36
inhabiting the world of carrying my children with me everywhere politicking. I married for five years. And I’m known as the one who brought their babies. And yeah, managed, managed the council meetings with the baby on my on my boob. So I’m proud of I love I’m in Colorado, admire the work that you both have been doing over the years. It’s really incredible. So yeah, I’m watching this podcast. And I feel like it could go big fast, and I just don’t have like, I have a full time job on the side, you know, just kind of like, in that space, but I feel like, you know, connecting with you in some way and figuring out the branding side, because you know, your stuff would be really incredible.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Absolutely. Yeah, we’ll just Can you email us and we can we can see what we can do for you. Yeah, yeah. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 51:19
yeah, I mean, you say that, and then we’re, like, never gonna pass up a, like an amazing, strong mom that like, is starting something awesome. Yeah, we’re like, Yes. How could you? First I want to

Unknown Speaker 51:31
sign in myself.

Unknown Speaker 51:32
But yeah, and you know, and I and again, like, the The nice thing about the two of us is that we can both consult because we both have tons of business experience. But you know, I can really help someone you know, drill down and get to the nitty gritty find the why find the reason, get to the heart of your business plan, and then shake and like, just manifest it into this beautiful

Unknown Speaker 51:57
lot of

Unknown Speaker 52:00

Unknown Speaker 52:01
She just puts.

Jessica Kupferman 52:04
That’s so funny. Like when

Unknown Speaker 52:05
she first said, I come out. And then when Ellie and I

Jessica Kupferman 52:11
co consult, she figures out who you want to be in the world what statement you want to make, and I figure out how it can be a business. We mean thing. Faisal, I guess, as you said, yeah, it’s cool. So yeah, I think they would be super fun to work with. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:26
I’ll connect with you. Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Maybe we’ll let you try on one of our headsets.

Unknown Speaker 52:31

Jessica Kupferman 52:32
Mother’s brand.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
You don’t really have to do your hair. You just like throw it on, does it? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
Yeah. I’m wondering if I can ever wear a ponytail again, if I’m just gonna look like I’m Princess Leia. Like,

Jessica Kupferman 52:46
look, though.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
I’m sorry. I

Jessica Kupferman 52:48

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Thank you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:52
yeah, yeah, it’s just we’ll just, you know, we fired our whole team. So it’s just

Jessica Kupferman 53:00
in fairness, you didn’t need them at the moment.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
No, no, we love our team. And we can’t wait. Everyone waiting for their march will be

Jessica Kupferman 53:07
and then what happens when everyone gets a vaccine? Are you back on the road once a week? Or what are you gonna do?

Unknown Speaker 53:13
If the moms are going out to the shows?

Unknown Speaker 53:15
Yeah. Oh, they

Jessica Kupferman 53:16
got to get out. We all got to get out girls. Fly to Denver. Don’t Don’t invite me twice. I will get on a plane right now.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
There will be a show near you. I mean, Oh, girl, oh, gosh, yeah, we already have shows booked in Philly that we’ve had to cancel like, every time perfect. We Yeah, like so we have a cast out of Chicago and a cast out of LA. So they kind of travel regionally. And then we were just about to have an East Coast cast. I mean, our goal for the puppet show was always to have shows going so that any mom could go to a puppet show, just about any week, wherever she is. And that’s truly our goal, because it’s it’s an important evening. You’re still home by 10 or so. You know, you laugh, you cry, you get it off your chest, and you go back to being a great mom. And that’s, you know, that’s the core of our entire business. So obviously, we want that to, we want that to come back. And yeah, we just don’t know, we will know when we know.

Jessica Kupferman 54:15
Well, no, we know.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
There’s nothing we can do about it.

Unknown Speaker 54:18
But we’re so grateful, Jessica, that you had us on today. Ah, thank you so much for letting us tell our story and also sharing, you know, yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 54:28
I picked your brain a little bit because we’re in similar crises where we’re expanding. And then you know, we are still going to have to I mean, I have to start the show again. I mean, I’ve I have I mean, I don’t know what you guys dealt with your stages and stuff, but our our venues still expect us to come do it as soon as we can. So we’re right back in it even though we’ve created other streams of revenue. And so that’s why I asked you because I was wondering, like, are you gonna balance it? Are you going to pick one over the other again, or how’s that going to work? So yeah, I guess you just kind of go with it.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Make it go make it rain, it’s gonna meditate and hold our clip crystals and smoker, we’ll see what happens. That’s a really good I mean, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that we have control over nothing in life. So we’re just here for the ride now. We make the right decisions. Just stick with our principles. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:19
but the new the new relaunch to the podcast is January 26 on one, so check it out. And that’ll be an interesting new journey into that we’re doing because you guys can know that they apparently don’t want the rest of the world to know this. But we’ve been doing banter most podcasts for a year and a half, right? But they’re relaunching it as like this new thing. So

Unknown Speaker 55:40
that was a big silver lining when we got picked up, Warner Brothers reached out to us and asked if they could produce it. And then they got us to contract with one jury and that was I mean, it’s honestly amazing. I mean, because so many of our friends and family like no or sob story and we haven’t really talked about the podcast much because a we never believed it was really going to happen until it happened. Right? I mean, literally the moon could have fallen on word studios and we wouldn’t have been surprised right? We have we’ve kept a kind of mom but then people are just like But wait, this is amazing. Like this is so huge. Yeah. And you’re like yeah, really we

Unknown Speaker 56:17
all these headphones

Unknown Speaker 56:19
a man when we see it when we’re up on the 26th I think it’ll feel real but we’re starting to pre record and get

Jessica Kupferman 56:25
it’s gonna be great and always use as a resource you can use Elsie nice resource resource. Whatever you need, we’re here for you. Thank you so much for everything today if you guys want your branding done they are brilliant at branding takeout check out band of mothers comm check out moms who make money.com email them band of mothers branding@gmail.com and I’ll have all the links,

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Panda mother’s design.

Jessica Kupferman 56:51
And I’m sorry, that’s a mother’s design. You better do branding, just

Unknown Speaker 56:56
in case you find like john will do it. Another Gmail other Gmail is

Jessica Kupferman 57:04
another another guy that account

Unknown Speaker 57:06
for a week. We didn’t even tell you about the crypto course we took

Jessica Kupferman 57:10
you guys to the blog article on crypto mom’s crypto and

Unknown Speaker 57:13
I was like no, we took learning how to trade crypto and

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Bitcoin just made it

Unknown Speaker 57:18
past 23,000 We’re here for it. Ladies Think about it. Really

Unknown Speaker 57:23
bad with that Amen.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Hades crypto, Jen trades crypto. Mm hmm.

Jessica Kupferman 57:28
I don’t because I’m so beyond my realm of knowledge. So

Unknown Speaker 57:32
we did a podcast with the marketing director of coin base that is up on Apple right now from our old podcast. Okay, and it’s really informative she she kind of like super genius is a super genius in Silicon Valley. And Molly kind of breaks it down for you and it’s just a great episode to check out I mean, I literally that day after we finished recording went home and just bought 250 bucks of Bitcoin just to see like I was like you How’s it going?

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Well and buying great sold it already. It’s I mean, you know, it’s it’s process money. It’s still kind of gambling, but it’s the wave of the future. So just in if I think we think for moms to be empowered with this brave new world, like get in now.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Yeah. And also I I was not as excited about it and was very much against that episode. But look at me now. So anything’s possible.

Jessica Kupferman 58:23
is possible. Absolutely. See, Jen

Unknown Speaker 58:25
says it’s a blast. Thank you guys so much.

Jessica Kupferman 58:29
It was so great to have you. And we’ll send the link out as soon as it’s ready with the recording and the transcription and YouTube I will talk to you soon. Very

Unknown Speaker 58:37
Absolutely. Very soon. Yeah, holidays to you guys.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
Oh, yeah. Later 2020.

Jessica Kupferman 58:43
That’s right out.

Unknown Speaker 58:45
Bye, guys.

Unknown Speaker 58:46
Thanks, guys.

Jessica Kupferman 58:48
Bye bye.

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