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Cold Email Templates – Email 4

At this point, you’ve got nothing to lose. While it’s possible they’re still just busy, the chances are higher that they’re not paying attention consciously. We need to be a bit bolder. (again, nothing to lose)

Have fun with writing these next 2. If nothing else, you’ll make them laugh or smile.


Subject: Even cheapskates have a shot. 

I’m not calling YOU a cheapskate. Why would I? We barely know each other. 

What I’m saying is that podcast advertising is incredibly affordable and has better results than other types of ads. There are all kinds of shows, with all kinds of reach, for all kinds of budgets. 

Plus, podcasters are reasonable people and really like having partners to talk about. They’re also creative and willing to do fun stuff to help you promote. 

I know I’ve been chatting up PODCAST to you, and that’s because the host of that show really, REALLY likes your products. They use them. They are enthused already. That enthusiasm comes through in their voice….they sound excited to talk about you….listeners get excited….and lo and behold, the internet shuts down because people are fighting over bandwidth just to get a piece of the action!

OK, maybe it’s not THAT dramatic. 

I will say that every advertiser I’ve worked with is shocked by the results. 

Let’s see if I can shock you too! Can you hop on a call with me anytime soon? 

Hoping to electrocute,



Subject: [Major attention getter]

[Short explanation of attention getter]

[Reiteration of previous claims. Case study. Quotes from other advertisers, from companies, or an article link that will wow their socks off]

[Clever closing]

Hoping to electrocute,


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