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Cold Email Templates – Email 5

This is my last email. “They” say you need to do a touch around 8 times, but 5 is all I can personally do without feeling like a complete nuisance. Other people don’t mind continuing to follow up, but I wanted one last push.

NOTE: this email is often the ONE they choose to respond to. Go figure.


Subject: I wanna hold your hand

Well, we’ve been on quite a journey here, and while I’m sad to say it, I’m going to go ahead and let your inbox have a break from my insatiable wit. 

Hopefully, you’re sad too. 

The truth is, my goal and mission is to help advertisers break through the early stages of a new technology, a new thing to do, a new and unsure medium. 

About 15 years ago I was tasked with selling banner advertising to a bunch of newspaper advertisers. Can you imagine that? It felt like a lost cause. Here they were spending TONS of cash on newspaper advertising, and while the newspaper circulation was around 300,000 (I live in Delaware, now my secret is out) their website was getting 2 million visits. 

Two. Million. Visits. 

Yet still, they wanted nothing to do with it. They laughed at me! The internet is a fad, they said. I don’t have a website to advertise, that’s ridiculous. 

Those times were frustrating. But the clients who saw the future…the ones who trusted me to show them how to build the bridge, and walk over it….they got some amazing results and learned a TON. 

Podcast advertising is new. I know it. Everyone knows it. But people are getting amazing results. And just like those banners 15 years ago, the pricing of podcast advertising is really peanuts compared to everything else. 

It’s just a matter of saying, “What the heck. Let’s give it a small try.” 

I’d be honored to hold your hand through the beginning, if you’d have me. And if not, that’s ok too. I’ve attached a checklist I put together for advertisers who have never done podcast advertising before. If you have, feel free to ignore it. But if not….when you’re ready, I hope this is helpful for you, whomever you work with. 

I really believe in podcast advertising, as a podcaster and an agency owner, and I believe podcasters really deserve partners that will help support their amazing talents. 

I know that in return, they get wildly loyal fans and a heck of a boost in sales. I want to see that for you, someday. 

Feel free to reply or hit me up anytime with questions or just a howdy-do. 




Subject: [Insert faux-sad farewell here]

[Inform them that you’ll be leaving well enough alone.]

[Inform them of the main benefits again]

[insert helpful checklist, infographic, etc. ]

[Insert authentic desire to partner and wish them all the success]

[Insert signoff with contact info]


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