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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    10-21-21- Traci's Coaching Call - SPL wins and re-purposing content!
  2. 10/07/21- Traci's Coaching Call- Guest rapport, growth strategies, & setting boundaries
  3. 09/30/21- Traci’s Coaching Call- social media wins, mistakes happen, and group referrals
  4. 09/28/21- Elsie's QA- It’s the headphone episode!
  5. 09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
  6. 09-14-21- Elise's QA- Artwork, downloads, and sponsorship
  7. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  8. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  9. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  10. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  11. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
  12. 08-19-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Connection and community, terms of service, and Apple Podcasts
  13. 08-17-21- Elsie's QA- Content warnings, "my story" suggestions and more
  14. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  15. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  16. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  17. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  18. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  19. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  20. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  21. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  22. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  23. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  24. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  25. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  26. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  27. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
  28. 06-22-21- Elsie- Elsie talks faux pas, burn out, remote interviews, and Zoom fatigue
  29. 06-17-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Branding, support, making your podcast searchable, release dates
  30. 06-15-21- Jess- Release schedules, branding dilemmas, and taglines.
  31. 06-10-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Support and wins, rebranding and branding strategy
  32. 06-08-21- Elsie's QA- Is a listen the same as a download?, the benefit of third party podcast services, and finding the right people
  33. 06-03-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Taking a break between episodes
  34. 06-01-21- Jess- Membership sites, content calendar, and super-secret birthday surprizes.
  35. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
  36. 05-25-21- Elsie's QA- Talks; bugs with the new Apple update, keeping it authentic, and website integrations
  37. 05-20-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Talks about editing and interviews
  38. 05-13-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Traci answers questions about the Spotify + Apple Podcasts subscriptions among other things
  39. 05-11-21- Elsie's QA- A question about Apple Podcasts artwork not showing up and a super deep into Elsie's own productivity journey
  40. 04-05-21- Jess' QA - Podcast sponsorships, audience engagement, podcast hosts and community input.
  41. 04-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Rapid fire information- prepare for 1.5hr call next week, marketing and challenges that podcasters face.
  42. 04-27-21- Elsie's QA- New Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscription announcements!
  43. 04-22-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Relationships with co-hosts, difficult conversations and member support
  44. 04-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Clubhouse, self care, and new opportunities
  45. 04-13-21 - Elsie - Content for premium podcasts and expectations around $$
  46. 04-08-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Fears around perfectionism and podcasting to publishing
  47. 04-01-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Email lists, social media marketing, and trying new things
  48. 3-31-21 - Elsie - Rebranding, posting to YouTube, and marketing to your subscribers
  49. 3-25-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Workflows and marketing strategies
  50. 3-23-21- Jess – Design talk, rebranding, consulting and monetization
  51. 03-18-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Workflow Tips
  52. 03-16-21- Elsie - A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now
  53. 03-11-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- All about sponsorships
  54. 03-09-21 - Jessica - How much data is too much?
  55. 03-04-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  56. 03-02-21 - Elsie- Engagement, Early Release & Adult Content
  57. 02-23-21 - Jessica- Talking Engagement in your Niche
  58. 02-18-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  59. 02-16-21 - Elsie's QA testing out Run The World
  60. 02-11-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  61. 02-09-21- Jessica- Media Kits, Website Links
  62. 02-04-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  63. 02-02-21 - Elsie
  64. 1-26-21 - Jessica
  65. 01-21-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  66. 01-19-21 - Elsie
  67. 01-12-21- Jessica
  68. 01-07-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  69. 12-22-20- Elsie QA- Planning for 2021
  70. 12-17-20 - Traci's Coaching Call
  71. 12-15-20 - Elsie
  72. 12-01-20 – Elsie
  73. 11-19-20- Traci Coaching Call
  74. 11-17-20 - Elsie
  75. 11-12-20- Traci Coaching Call
  76. 11-10-20 - Jessica
  77. 11-05-20- Traci's Coaching Call
  78. 11-03-20 - Elsie
  79. 10-27-20 - Jessica
  80. 10-17-20 - Elsie
  81. 10-12-20 - Jessica
  82. 10-06-20 - Elsie
  83. 09-29-20 - Jessica
  84. 09-22-20 - Elsie
  85. 09-14-20 - Jessica
  86. 09-08-20 - Elsie
  87. 09-01-20 - Jessica
  88. 08-01-20 - Elsie
  89. Special Jess & Elsie QA!
  90. 07-11-20 - Elsie
  91. 06-23-20 - Jessica
  92. 06-15-20 - Elsie
  93. 06-9-20 - Jessica
  94. 06-02-20 - Elsie
  95. 05-28-20 - Jessica
  96. 05-20-20 - Elsie
  97. 05-12-20 - Jessica
  98. 05-05-20 - Elsie
  99. 04-28-20 - Jessica
  100. 04-21-20 - Elsie
  101. 04-14-20 - Jessica
  102. 04-07-20 - Elsie
  103. 03-31-20 - Jessica
  104. 03-30-20 - Elsie
  105. 03-24-20 - Elsie
  106. 03-17-20 - Jessica
  107. 02-25-20 - Elsie
  108. 02-18-20 - Elsie
  109. 02-11-20 - (Take 1) - Jessica
  110. 02-11-20 - (Take 2) - Jessica
  111. 02-11-20 - Jessica
  112. 02-04-20 - Elsie
  113. 01-28-20 - Jessica
  114. 01-21-20 - Elsie
  115. 01-14-20 - Jessica
  116. 12-19-19 - Elsie
  117. 12-17-19 - Jessica
  118. 12-3-19 - Jessica
  119. 11-26-19 - Elsie
  120. 11-12-19 - Elsie
  121. 11-09-19 - Jessica
  122. 11-09-19 - Take 2 - Jessica
  123. 11-7-18 - Jessica
  124. 11-5-19 - Jessica
  125. 10-29-19 - Elsie
  126. 9-24-19 - Elsie
  127. 9-17-19 - Elsie
  128. 9-11-19 - Jessica
  129. 9-3-19 - Elsie
  130. 8-27-19 - Jessica
  131. 8-20-19 - Elsie
  132. 8-7-19 - Jessica
  133. 7-16-19 - Elsie
  134. 7-11-19 - Jessica
  135. 7-3-19 - Elsie
  136. 6-28-19 - Jessica
  137. 6-28-19 - Elsie
  138. 6-11-19 - Jessica
  139. 5-28-19 - Jessica
  140. 5-23-19 - Elsie
  141. 5-14-19 - Jessica
  142. 5-9-19 - Elsie - Podfund Discussion
  143. 5-7-19 - Elsie
  144. 4-30-19 - Jessica
  145. 4-16-19 - Jessica
  146. 3-19-19 - Jessica
  147. 2-19-19 - Jessica
  148. 2-5-19 - Jessica
  149. 9-27-18 - Jessica
  150. 9-20-18 - Jessica
Lesson 54 of 150

03-09-21 – Jessica – How much data is too much?


Q: [00:39] Leah asks- I have an eternal internal ad for my own monthly events that I’d like to keep updated in all episodes, it appears the solution for this is dynamic ad insertion. I’m currently hosted at Libsyn, but it looks like that option isn’t available for small businesses, or small independent podcasts or sorry, I’d love not to change hosts. But it looks like Spreaker is the only place to do this at a reasonable price. Have I puzzled this out correctly? Are there options added considered? Are there any other considerations in switching from Libsyn to Spreaker?

Q: [14:20] Cheryl asks- First question is in regards to the SPL conference this year, will we all gather, if not will it be online?

Q: [17:40] Cheryl asks- My question being I’m thinking of putting together a pitch for them about doing like a five minute tech review you once a month a month, that would be sponsored. So I don’t I looked on the the courses, I did see some pitch letters, but I didn’t see anything specific that would either be for an insert in the show or its own five minutes segment. And I wondered if you could either guide me to the right place on the site, or you have any ideas of how I would massage that price?

Q: [28:00] Robin asks- My question is, how perfect do transcriptions need to be?

Leah (she/her): Transcriptionist -Jan Acielo, janebreoacielo@gmail.com. You can say you got her info from me

Q: [37:06] If you can write jetpack stats. Should I use Google Analytics instead?


Jessica Kupferman 0:00
Ah Hello, Leah. I think Leah is the one with the question first as a matter of fact. Let’s see. Yeah, got a pressing question. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Okay. Well, I’m glad you’re here because I was just about to start without you. So this is good. How are you, Leah? Alright, that’s okay. All right. Ah, here we go. So this is the only question that was written in first, so I’m just gonna start with it. It says

[00:39]- I have an eternal internal ad for my own monthly events that I’d like to keep updated in all episodes, it appears the solution for this is dynamic ad insertion. I’m currently hosted at Lipson, but it looks like that option isn’t available for small businesses, or small independent podcasts or sorry, I’d love not to change hosts. But it looks like spreaker is the only place to do this at a reasonable price. Have I puzzled this out correctly? Are there options added considered? Are there any other considerations in switching from Lipson to spreaker?

Thank you. So Leah, assuming that this is you, who was on the call, and not a different Leah? Can Can you share with me what the event is? The monthly event? Can you hear me? Yes. Oh, hi. Hi, sorry, this my first time using zoom on my phone. Oh, wait. I do a monthly PJ party. Oh, hi. I do Hi, PJ party where I gather a group of women. I’m a sex educator. So I talk to women about sex each month. And I’d like to have the the details of the upcoming party be current in each episode? How are you doing the calls

Unknown Speaker 2:05
on zoom?

Jessica Kupferman 2:08
So is your does your information? I mean, have you set up a weekly recurring meeting on zoom? Or do you change it every time? The details get changed every time. Is that your Column Information? Yeah. Is that by design? Or is it just that you haven’t ever done a recurring weekly? Oh, no, no, I mean, it’s a paid event. So I want I don’t want people to have a recurring thing that they can just join whenever they want to they need to pay to get the link if to pay every time.

Unknown Speaker 2:45

Jessica Kupferman 2:46
got it. Okay, that makes sense. I wonder if zoom, just before we get into changing hosts, which is kind of a big deal. Yeah. I’d like to see if zoom allows you to take payment every time before before you can let someone in like because that I know, let me just share my screen. I know that they have a lot of integrations. And so I’m wondering here, let me just share my screen here. Pardon my tab clutter. Okay, so we have this is the membership. This is the event meeting, a meeting that we had right before this. Now let’s see what if we did webinars? What is webinar, blah, blah, blah, monetize with our pay pal integration? Okay, well, let’s just take a look at that. I have a way for people to purchase their ticket on my website, and then I send them the zoom information. Okay, the question is, I want right now I have to figure out which months ad goes with which episode, because I’m producing like six weeks in advance. Kenya. Alright, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Go ahead. And then it also means that when, whoops. When I after I’ve published an episode, it’s always going to have the information for previous parties, rather than for the the next upcoming party. So I’m wondering how I can always keep the information current.

Unknown Speaker 4:32

Jessica Kupferman 4:35
our event link hold on now. I hear an echo. Do you guys hear an echo from me or know me or No, you do? You do? Alright, how do I make it stop? Hold on one second. One second. Why is it happening? Is it done done? No. Oh, I hear it a little bit. But it’s not Father, Son, father, son. You’re going to what is that? Oh, all right. Well, We’re gonna try and ignore it. And if it’s terrible, you guys, just send me a chat tell me it’s terrible. I guess it was terrible. Okay, so. Um, so when we have our event, when I have my event, one of the things that I do is I use a plugin called pretty links. And it’s through my WordPress website. Do you have a website? Yes. Okay. So there’s a plugin, it’s free, called pretty links. And basically, for the Eventbrite, for example, you know, the Eventbrite gives you like a link longer than, you know, with like, a million characters, but I always put in the PrettyLinks, She Podcasts comm slash register. And that page could change at any time. Right? But I can redirect it. So I’m wondering, can you do something similar, where the link is always the same, but the but the no matter when they go to that link, it will have updated information this way. You don’t have to change hosts. So I already have all that set up. The question is about the information that’s in the podcast episode. So that when I say the episode that goes out today, or this week, says the next party will be March 24. And then, next month, I if people listen to the episode that came out this week, I would love for them to also, you know, to hear not about the march 24 party, but about the April 24 party party. How do you feel and this is not ideal, but how would you feel about saying if you’re listening this week, the next part is March 24. However, if March 24 2021 has already passed for you go to this link, and the most recent party will be there and you can sign up because Elsie and I record on Monday, but it doesn’t go out till Friday. So often, we’re promoting something, you know, that isn’t gonna, you know, that might happen two days from when it goes live. So then we have to say like, if you’re listening to this, like a week after we put this out, sorry, you know, oopsie, but you know, for everyone else, it’s it’s then and then, you know, check this link, if you want more information about this event, sign up next. Now we sort of like trying to advertise both. Yeah, we’re listening right the second. And for people who don’t do you happen to have I don’t know if Lipson gives you this? Probably not. But you could peek based on your last episode. What do you have any idea what percentage listen right away versus, like, how many downloads Do you get per episode? And then per month, I could probably give you an idea if I knew that. Yeah, I mean, I I know that I’m getting on like on a lawn on a drop day, y’all get 1000 downloads, but only 500 of them are for the current episode. Okay, so I’m getting a lot of back catalogue downloads. Okay. So you would be okay. Um, maybe you could say, I mean, and again, if this is not the solution, you want, feel free to go Nope, I don’t want to do that. But like, you could also say, we have these pajama parties that you know, pitch the pajama party, you know, and then just say, if you’re listening to this, currently, it’s this you know, I don’t know how evergreen your content is like Elsie my content is also very evergreen, because we do a little bit it’s totally evergreen. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So then you would want to see, you know, we do this pajama parties, regardless of when you listen to this, go to this link, and the most recent one will be there. But we have, you could also say we went every couple weeks, and it’s once a month to say we have them once a month. You could be a little more general so that you don’t have to switch hosts. If you did a pretty link that would help. But I see what you mean, though, because it’s not like every Thursday, it’s like once a month at the week whenever you’re choosing it. So fun. By the way, what a great idea. pajama party and love. Come for one. I would love to come I’ve done I was thinking but for the first event we did in person I wanted to do instead of a big DJ party, I wanted to do a pajama party just so we could like wear slippers to shit like why can’t we just wear slippers. So okay, so, so. So on a scale of one to 10 How much do you hate the idea of just like pitching both scenarios where you’re listening right away, or you’re not? Um, I don’t the way that you have just framed it. I don’t hate it like.

Jessica Kupferman 9:33
So, I mean, one thing that I would have been doing is changing the day and the time of each party to try to get people in different time zones and everything. But if I just say they’re always like the third Thursday at 6pm Yeah. And go to then that just makes it easier all the way around. Yeah, because because then regardless of the date, you still have the same link You still have the expectation people can look at the calendar right when you’re saying it and go, yeah. Oh, should I miss it? But it’s the next one coming in like two weeks or whatever. And this way, yeah, it’s that way your parties are evergreen without actually being evergreen. Yeah, I think that’s a much better a much better solution than changing hosts. Kara chat. She just did it. And it sucks. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
It doesn’t sound like a good idea. It was it was a lot. I was really lucky. I worked with someone at Lipson, who was just wonderful. But it’s a it’s, it was a nice.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
Why did you switch Karen? Well,

Unknown Speaker 10:41
I am doing kind of a rebranding of my show. And I had been doing the power press file for download only on Lipson for she was double dipping

Jessica Kupferman 10:54
her hosts kind of

Unknown Speaker 10:55
exactly, but frankly, it was it. It had been a good system because I was doing everything through WordPress. And it was just a one shot deal. And now moving to Lipson, I have to now do everything twice. You do

Jessica Kupferman 11:10
you don’t you do a destination with no Let’s finish. All right. All right. All right. All right. So and yeah, so I mean, if that’s gonna work for you, then I guess Problem solved. Do you have any follow up questions or anything like that about? That? Not the moment I think it’s talking this out is really helpful. So thank you. I guess I do have another question. Which is I can’t find the content on the on the Super Squad site. So Oh, I put in a helper class last night. Yeah. Okay. I just saw it. Yeah. Okay. Sweet. What do you mean, you can’t find the replays? Or what? You can’t find the content content? Like the all the courses? I can’t find anything. Oh, dear. Alright, I’ll fix that for you. Thank you for telling me. There’s been sort of like a fun little unexpected thing, where if you perhaps bought the virtual ticket, or if you came to the event, like some people have access to the virtual ticket, which doesn’t include access to anything else. And then they’re either joining the super squad or did an upgrade, you know, or did a ticket where they bought a ticket for the you know, it’s like all three different systems that are trying to talk to each other and like, as much as you can think it’s all going to work out. Inevitably there’s some piece that says, No, we’re not going to play like that. What do you do? Well, thank you. I will look for welcome. Yes. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll hear it out for you. After this call. They You know, when people pop on the note right after this is over, I go running schnoodle but then I’m back in like 15 minutes. All right. And thank you for that. That help it really welcome no problem. No problem. Okay. Cheryl, you mentioned you had some questions. And Karen has Karen and I can talk about her question as well. But are you ready to go Cheryl or no?

Unknown Speaker 12:59
Yeah, good morning. Well, what did she submit hers because I want to defer to her please. I

Jessica Kupferman 13:05
she just happened to mention she did and I mean, I’m just trying to go in the order of appearance.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Go ahead, Shara. We already talked about mine with the last q&a with LC

Unknown Speaker 13:14
Oh, okay. Well, um, order of appearance. I am so not camera ready. Sorry.

Jessica Kupferman 13:19
Don’t ask me. I mean, I’m hardly camera ready as well. Robin, you look very camera ready, though? Your hair’s like all combed very nicely. And

Unknown Speaker 13:27
I absolutely. I was just thinking that man actually wash.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
Thank you. Yeah, I normally have it a little more punky. So I feel not camera ready. But y’all just made my day. Thank you so much. You look very

Jessica Kupferman 13:39

Unknown Speaker 13:40
Y’all. Where are you? Robin? Just curious.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
I’m in Florida, but I got Carolina roots. Oh, yeah. No, I

Unknown Speaker 13:46
heard that y’all. I lived in the south for a couple of years. Anyway. Good morning. And hi. Jessica, how fabulous you and LCR just really appreciate you guys. I sat in on your live taping yesterday. And Excuse me, I took the the tip of going to Google podcast to kind of search my results. That was depressing. Anyway, but then I got some nice reviews on Apple. You know, it’s all focus anyway. Yeah. So a couple of questions.

[14:20] First question is in regards to the conference this year, will we all be to gather, And if not, will it be online?

Jessica Kupferman 14:32
Yes, yes. In fact, I think simply because of the way our society is now I’m going to bump up the virtual component as much as I possibly can. Short ideas that have not been confirmed or planned in any way include sending the members swag bag, even if they can’t make it. I’m making sure that people can do interact, you know, instead of it just being like live lecture that they can also ask questions during you know, like, for Ampleforth live streaming something that’s happening live, I’d love to be able to take questions from people on zoom, that kind of thing. So that you can participate, you know, without having to be there because it’s no fun. You know, it’s a virtual ticket shouldn’t have to be recordings A month later. That sucks. So like, Yeah, I’d like to have it be as interactive as possible wear your T shirt. You know, you can interact with what you may be a special group where you guys could interact with one another, who aren’t there, that kind of thing? I don’t know. I’m just spitballing. But also, I’ve thought of it a little. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:33
And I’m just going to put a bee in your bonnet that I because I do plan on being there and would love to volunteer and help out. Oh, thank you. Yes, sign people up or escort them out. And you know, if they’re misbehaving.

Jessica Kupferman 15:46
Yeah, if you could be security, that’d be me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:48
sure. No, you might end up having to kick me out. It’s more like,

Jessica Kupferman 15:54
be registration. And if you want to send me a quick email, just that she can just let me know that you’re, you know, does a volunteer email than all system.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Okay. Thank you. And this is just technical. So I think I emailed you before about that. But since you brought up t shirt, your tab on your She Podcasts site or the Super Squad, where it says swag at the bottom? lower right. It doesn’t work deal isn’t working.

Jessica Kupferman 16:19

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Yeah, you have to apologize to me. I just thought you should know. I mean, that’s, that’s but

Jessica Kupferman 16:26
swag. Link in squat. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Okay, so my question is, and if this is more for a coaching call question on Thursday, I’ll take it up on Thursday. But

[00:00] I interviewed one of my dream interview, you know, client, guests, that I had approached a couple of years ago to be a sponsor, which at the time is really silly, because I had a concept for another show, I had no content other than my pilot, and they’re like, we’d love to sponsor you send us your first couple of shows. And we’re like, and we’re like, wow, why? Talk about jumping. jumping in too soon. So it is Sennheiser and I got a lot of response to that show. When I say a lot for me a lot. About eight people from Sennheiser, from around the world, including India have listened to the show giving me really positive feedback. So and it was, if you listen to this show you would swear was being sponsored or paid. In fact, my husband was like, I can’t believe you did this kind of show. And you didn’t get paid for it. But he understands that I love tech talk and geek talk and what have you.

[17:40] So my question being I’m thinking of putting together a pitch for them about doing like a five minute tech review you once a month a month, that would be sponsored. So I don’t I looked on the the courses, I did see some pitch letters, but I didn’t see anything specific that would either be for an insert in the show or its own five minutes segment. And I wondered if you could either guide me to the right place on the site, or you have any ideas of how I would massage that price

Jessica Kupferman 18:08
that okay. Yeah, you’re right, what I have in the squat is specific to you. You know, like, ads, but it’s still applies. And actually, if you look in, there’s an article about pricing, I think that might be separate from the course that’s just pricing. And it gives you a list of all the stuff you can offer social, all the stuff you can offer on your website via audio. And I think one of the things on audio is like a like, maybe I didn’t but yeah, I think a sponsored segment is very cool. I still think you can treat it as an ad where you have a monthly or a weekly price. I don’t know that I would price it per you know, like normally when you do an ad you price it per time. Like so 60 seconds is this amount and 90 seconds is this amount. Or you price it by and or you price it by where it is in the show, beginning middle end. So I might split it down the middle and sort of like I mean, I don’t know how well how many downloads per month? Is your show getting? Right, per per week per episode episode? Totally. Depends.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
I mean, this is. You know, and this is where I get tripped up, because I hear some people who have like, they’ve, yeah, well, but you just feel like why why don’t I crawl in a hole? And

Jessica Kupferman 19:38
because it’s not relevant. I’m just trying to figure out I’m trying to price your reach

Unknown Speaker 19:42
not you’re not No, and I understand that. And that’s where I’m like, Who am I to even say that but here’s Okay, here’s my thinking. And I’ll answer your question. Not that I’m trying to avoid it. But I look at the content and quality of who are listening. And I get feedback versus so But to a sponsor, they’ll be like, Okay, well that means, you know, I get it. So I have 1200 downloads unique downloads of my show, and I have 15 episodes.

Unknown Speaker 20:13

Jessica Kupferman 20:14
alright, so 16 episodes. And then what about your social reach?

Unknown Speaker 20:19
I have a pretty good my LinkedIn is really beefed up and very nice now. And the quality again, I mean, I have a lot of fellow voice actors, but I do have some really interesting people reaching out to me now. My Instagram, not so much of like 430 my Facebook 800. Okay.

Jessica Kupferman 20:41
I’m just googling, you know? That’s okay. Okay. 19 stories. Yes, yes. Um,

Unknown Speaker 20:50
don’t look at my Google Analytics. You’ll crawl? No, I’m

Jessica Kupferman 20:52
not looking at your Google. No, I’m not looking at that. I’m, I’m trying to look at your, your, your social reach. Okay, so you have like, so I would say a 1200. Total between 15 probably means you’re getting around 100 ish per episode. So some more, some less, which isn’t a bad number. And then you have another you know, if your LinkedIn is beefed up, let’s say that’s let’s just say 5000 5000. And then, let’s just say your reach is about 6000 per episode, if you post on LinkedIn, and you post on your other things, we’ll see I mean, its potential reach. And I don’t think advertisers expect 6000 eyeballs or ears on their ad. But you need to know the possible, you know, they can divide themselves based on how well they do in each medium. So like him for like they’ve probably advertised on Instagram and LinkedIn. And they know what their percentages of images of success is, is on each channel. Channel. What is that?

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Crazy? Yeah, yeah, it’s really it’s really deep now.

Jessica Kupferman 22:08
Is that better? No. Is that better?

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Yeah. Yeah, much better.

Jessica Kupferman 22:17
I’m just touching things. On my mixer.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
See what happens when you touch things?

Jessica Kupferman 22:26
It’s not Yeah, it’s not always good. Alright, I think that’s better for now. Right?

Unknown Speaker 22:32
You guys, so yeah, really good. No, it’s,

Jessica Kupferman 22:34
it’s good. Okay. So they, so they probably know on which channel how well they do. All you have to say is I have a general reach of 6000. My show itself gets 100 an episode. But they’re all people who are, you know, super invested in the product you’re offering. And so I’d like to, you know, I’d like to do a tech segment that’s sponsored by you. And we will do it for 250 a month. How do you feel about that? Cheryl?

Unknown Speaker 23:03
Yeah, I wouldn’t turn down to 50 a month. That’s fine. Are

Jessica Kupferman 23:06
you hoping for more? Or?

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Really? No, I had really no idea just to have the association with them. A lot. I mean, Sennheiser has a fantastic name in the industry. So

Jessica Kupferman 23:18
yeah. And they’re big enough company where they could probably afford that. I mean, and that’s a price that, to me, shows that you value, your content and your audience while still knowing that it’s not my favorite murder. You know, so, so 250 is a respectable amount, either per month, or maybe even 500, I don’t know, maybe I would even do 500 because they’re long segments, you don’t know how long it’ll be. Um, you could also plan out the segment where it’s like, you know, we’ll start the segment, it’ll say, sponsored by you at the end, we’ll also thank you for, you know, for sponsoring that segment, we’ll say it twice. And then you can also say, you know, also put your link in my email, I’ll also, you know, make sure to, you know, do a special tech post on LinkedIn, of what I covered, thanks, you know, like, you can write out exactly what you’re going to give them. And, and this is actually the part I think I’m pretty good at, because your concept of doing, I mean, most people’s concept is that they’re just gonna, you know, they’ll do an ad and it’ll be great. And you pay me this, and I pay with that, but they really do like to know, every channel what the reach is, and the demographics of those people. I mean, they know the demographic of LinkedIn, but who listens to 19 stories? And it’s possible you don’t know that yet. But you could guess. Or if you had an ID, you know, if you have a Facebook page, you could probably look at the insights. If you have Google Analytics, you could look at those insights like I try to make an educated guess mean She Podcasts Live I actually did research so they know what percentage that were there was women but for our show, I’ve never done that. But I should because I know it’s more male than our than our Facebook group and I know it’s well obviously and it’s more male than our, like our facebook page is 5% but I think our listenership is more so you’re just guessing you’re, you’re sort of guessing, like, as to who’s listening. Okay, so I would say segment, five minutes, pre and post roll on the segment’s thanking them, post on LinkedIn, thanking them for sponsoring the tech channel and even like an audio gret you know, maybe they’re sponsoring an audio gram of you talking about the tech piece. And I’m creating work for you a little bit, but you don’t have to have all these ideas. They’re just ideas two to five tweets per week, thanking them and calling out the tech segment. And then I don’t remember if I said link in the email and link on the website, you know, link in the show notes, thanking them as well. If you want to get fancy, you could also do a little display ad in the sidebar, which isn’t hard to set up if you know how to use widgets and like you can either just put an image in there or you can get like a really it’s just easiest to do a widget like to do

Unknown Speaker 26:19
a sidebar on on wet

Jessica Kupferman 26:21
face on your on your know on your WordPress.

Unknown Speaker 26:24
I have Squarespace

Jessica Kupferman 26:26
Okay, I don’t know how to do shit on Squarespace. But I mean, I don’t know if you can don’t think I’ve ever opened opened it in like eight years, but like maybe you have something that you can do in this. Can you designate images in the sidebar somehow, maybe you could.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
I believe I believe I can. And I don’t know appreciate this information. I don’t want to take up the whole call. But I so appreciate all this information. This is fantastic.

Jessica Kupferman 26:49
There’s a half hour left. Let’s you know, let’s do it.

Unknown Speaker 26:51
That’s what I’m here for. And pajama party. Yes. Hello. Oh my gosh. Is She Podcasts? pajama party?

Unknown Speaker 26:58
Oh, no, you’re fine.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
I have a contest like on the final night. I don’t know. I just love wild and crazy ideas like that. So I do

Jessica Kupferman 27:06
too. I would love to I mean, I’m studying. You know, we haven’t planned that social part yet. Why not? Who wrote naked squatting? What’s that all about? naked squatting?

Unknown Speaker 27:19
I was responding to Andrea’s comment. Oh,

Jessica Kupferman 27:23
I don’t even have clothes on. Oh, Cheryl. Oh, that’s probably because Cheryl, you said you weren’t camera ready. And she’s like, really? Because I’m naked. That’s funny, Andrea, thank you for sharing that with all of us, by the way. Um, okay, a transcription question from Miss Robin.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
So, I’m on captivate. And they’ve just added transcription, which is something we’ve been wanting to do. And now it’ll be easier that we don’t have to like bury it in the show notes and have 15 miles of show notes that include the transcription. Right.

[28:00] My question is, how perfect do transcriptions need to be? Do you have any sensor? Is there any consensus on like, like, if we spend 15 minutes, you know, because we’re going to pull it from an AI service, right? And then we don’t want to spend hours going through with a fine tooth comb and making the transcription perfect. If we do a 15 minute sweep, and it’s okay, is that going to inadvertently hurt us down the road? If somebody finds typos and bullshit, or a sentence? That doesn’t make sense.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
I mean,

Jessica Kupferman 28:37
you can only do as much as you can do, like, if you if you don’t have the money to have a human person, transcribe your episodes, and very few of us do. And you don’t have the time to do it yourself and who and no one does, because it’s a pain in the ass, and then

Unknown Speaker 28:52
a huge pain in the ass. Yeah,

Jessica Kupferman 28:53
I mean, so. So we transcribe the excuse me,

Unknown Speaker 28:59
we do that all the time. I hate that. So

Jessica Kupferman 29:01
we transcribe these calls. And we were trying to figure out, this is just an example. We’re trying to figure out how to create a huge FAQ of all the questions that are asked in each thing, so that you could go into like a database of questions and type transcription, and this would come up and something else he talked about what come You know, boom, boom, boom. But the problem we’re finding is that transcriptions aren’t perfect. And because Elsie and I are human, there’s no particular question. Answer portion. There’s like, in fact, like she Jenny used an example of like, how someone asked Elsie a question. And before she answered it, she gave detail about something else and then said, so in regards to your question, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. She’s like, how would I put that in as an FAQ? You know, it’s true. So then So then the question then becomes How persnickety are you how much time or money do you have to dedicate to it? What kind of a reader Are you were if you’re into a transcription, do you give a shit whether or not it’s formatted? Like if I’m a very fast reader, I’d rather have a shitty transcription then be forced to watch a video any day. Because I’m because I can read three times faster than anyone can talk. And even if it’s, even if it’s like, sped up, well, then it’s just then it’s like, if I look away for a second, I’ve missed half the thing. So I prefer a trans so much. So my opinion might be different than someone who’s like, if it’s not perfect, why bother? You could be one of those people too.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
I’m yeah, and, and actually, we don’t give a shit about it being perfect, perfect. FYI, to all the other ladies on my call on the call, like, I curse a lot. Our our podcast is called unfuck my business.

Unknown Speaker 30:49
I love that

Unknown Speaker 30:49
name. Um, and so so the topics and the advice that we’re covering, we know is heavily searchable. That’s why we’re choosing the topics that we do. And we’re at the point now where our listeners are actually saying, Hey, can you guys talk about this? Hey, can you help me solve this problem? So we know if our listeners are asking us these questions. Other people are googling these questions. So we know transcripts are going to help us. I think I’m just overthinking it, I wanted to make sure that the transcript wasn’t going to inadvertently hurt us if we don’t make it like typo free. No,

Jessica Kupferman 31:23
it definitely won’t hurt you. But But is there any way you can take podcast prep for the episode that you’re doing? And add a little bit more keyworded SEO, description, any stuff? So that rather than have the transcription in it’s an imperfect form? You know, you can say, you know, we’ve been asked about this, and we’re going to talk about this. And then in your show notes, you kind of have like a four sentence answer that will be easily seen by Google. then underneath that you say, here’s the raw transcription, which is additional content, but you know, it’s presented in a way that’s like, it’s not perfect, but here,

Unknown Speaker 32:12
that’s what I needed, Jessica, because we can actually, we can actually write that on brand. Because our whole thing is like this is this is no BS, unfiltered advice. Like we’re gonna keep it real. So we can use that same tone to say like,

Unknown Speaker 32:25
this is a no BS script. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
But we’d rather spend our time on fucking your business than on fucking this transcript, right? That’s perfect.

Jessica Kupferman 32:32
Oh, my God, I wish I thought of that myself. Every genius. That’s very smart. Karen, I

Unknown Speaker 32:39
saw your comment, we use the script. And it’s, it’s great and helps a lot. But it’s not perfect. It’s not perfect. We usually have so many speakers. So we started with eight, we’re down to five. So that’s where we run into the stuff is, is the script doesn’t always get who’s speaking, right? So if I have to spend time fixing anything, I’d rather spend time fixing that than worrying about every typo and weird sentence.

Jessica Kupferman 33:02
So Andrea says also edit for proper nouns like, Yeah, that makes sense. And if anything is misrepresented, she said she had a client transcript where it sounded like the host was propositioning the guests for sex with liquor. Imagine what they were saying instead. But LC had one recently to where she was like it made it sound like she was talking about funerals and she was talking about something I don’t remember what it was but she you know, she is like, if you don’t know her, she she often can’t think of the right word or Misra, you know, risk mispronounces words and stuff because English is not her, even though she has a master’s in theater and English is not our first language. So, um, yeah, so I mean, that can be tricky. transcripts are tricky, especially when they’re hers. I agree about the proper nouns. Leah says she’s hired someone to pay, you know, the Philippines for about 10 bucks an episode, which is actually very, that’s very good advice. I mean, if it’s done well, I mean, you know, why don’t you share if you don’t mind, Leah, you can just share the information in the chat so that we have it for this call. And for other people who might rewatch maybe we can put that in the transcript and Karen says I want to start a list of the bastardization of artists names I’ve gotten you mean from transcripts? Please tell me you’ve saved them because that’s hilarious. Yeah. I started list I want to I want to see it in two weeks. One of our guys is maybe us us.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
Yeah, one of our guys is named Jinx. Because we just have to Chris’s and so he went by his nickname, which is Jinx. And so d script makes that like, you’d think the script would always call it the same Oh, no, but it doesn’t I mean, D script is thought we said Gen X and jack and like, every time we say Jinx in the podcast, D scripts, comes up with some other magic words that it thinks that it is. It’s bad, but my first thing went to like a racial slur.

Jessica Kupferman 34:51
And I’m hoping you’re not getting that because thank goodness. Why? Why would I think of that first? I don’t know. But I was just like, oh no. Anything that rhymes with a racial slur? I’m like, Oh, no, don’t say it. Okay, on the transcript, that’s the worst. Yeah, so Okay, so good. I’m glad that’s solved. And let me know how it works out. Andrea says the script has a new update that suggestion which words it thinks maybe mistranslated high love, that’s a very cool feature. I love to script if you don’t have that already, and you need transcription. Or I’ll tell you, what I love that it does is video editing. But like, so. So like, anyway, let me just describe what I do. Because it’s, there’s no way to title it. But like, I upload a video, I can see by the transcription where I say, I’m so like, you know, and I, I can edit those parts out, and it edits the video, but seamlessly. I don’t know how but it’s not a jump cut in the video, either. You just don’t say the stupid word that you didn’t want to say. And it’s seamless. I don’t know how they do it, but it makes you look smarter, sound smarter. And it’s all by, again, because I’m a reader and I’m fast. And also because I’m very visual. I can just add also you can find and replace, but like I can just go through and, and like search, um, and just delete them all one time and boom, my videos done. It’s the best script.com I think. Okay, let’s see,

Unknown Speaker 36:30
and they they integrate with captivate now, which just makes my life all

Jessica Kupferman 36:35
good for them. Leah says, I love that as a disclaimer at the beginning of your transcript, it’ll say this is rough for your convenience, but we’d rather unfuck your business than unfuck this transcript that is a damn good line. I hope you can use that one I love Oh,

Unknown Speaker 36:48
completely. It’s already written down.

Jessica Kupferman 36:51
It’s perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Um, okay, so I know there was another question after Robin. Let’s see. Way back up. Hold on. Sorry. jetpacks. Oh, that’s it. If you can write jetpack stats. Should I use Google Analytics instead? I mean, I would even say in addition to because you can never have too much stats or too many stats. If you want data, then Damn it, get all the data you can especially because Google Analytics is free. And I think jetpack is free to Google because it’s the main search engine because they’re constantly flipping around their requirements. And then also because they have now expanded, maybe not in your data analytics. But like, in in like, at when you do a Google ad, it asks you the most detailed questions about like, okay, you want to you want to rate for podcasting, but what about and then it’ll go through a B, C, podcasting, D, podcasting, and then it will say, deep Do you want a podcast, C, E, F, G, gotta have a podcast, and it’ll ask you like, these are the things that have ever been searched on this keyword, which things should we put you at the top of first, and this is how much it is. And I’m thinking if they can do that, and they can hit your, you know, they’re now using cookies enough where they can see not just age, sex, race, height, but you know, whatever. But also what stuff other stuff they’re looking at, what else are they interested in? that can help you get advertiser, so

Unknown Speaker 38:30
right, because I mean, that’s the thing. Because what jetpack does not offer of course, is demographics. Guys,

Jessica Kupferman 38:39
I didn’t know that

Unknown Speaker 38:40
that, as far as I can tell, I mean, it’s it gives you geography, you know, refers what people clicked on. Yeah, I mean, Google is shit like that. But but not not people. And that’s the big, you know, you’re talking before about know your audience. And like, yeah, that is a big hole in my knowledge is I have a fair idea of who’s listening. But if Google can provide me more event information, that would be great.

Jessica Kupferman 39:09
Google can provide you who they are, what they searched to find you what pages they went to how long they sat on each page, and your bounce rate, which is if somebody clicks on your site and clicks right back, right. Yeah, like if you have a 60. Okay, well, yeah, I mean, you have 60% bounce rate, it means, you know, six out of 10 people come to your site, and then get the hell out of there. That’s not good. And want them to sit, you know, so it’s full of a lot of information that I don’t think anyone else could give you because it’s Google. Okay. And everyone uses Google.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
Can I say one more thing about the horse? Getting back to the whole changing hosts thing? I will say, as you guys, as some of you guys know, I’m kind of doing a new season and rebranding. So I’ve done a couple of short kind of promo episodes about the new season. I seemed We’ll be getting a lot more traffic. Oh, being hosted at Lipson than I did when I was using the the other setup where it was a power press feed and Lipson files.

Jessica Kupferman 40:13
Yeah, I wonder if that’s because I mean, I can’t explain I’m I don’t really know the searching versus the Lipson thing, I can only imagine that like traffic the shortest, the shortest distance to a point is a straight line and you’re all kinds of crooked there. So I’m imagining that the traffic is now like directing right to as opposed to bounce, bounce, bounce bounce to listening, but I don’t know. I’m only visualizing that in my head. I have no idea if it actually works that way. Because I’m not that. I mean, I just I understand what RSS feed is. And I know what it does. And I know in some ways how it works. But But if you ask me start asking me about like tags, and how people you know how an RSS feed gets fed to like, I, you know, that is the part where I start to lose knowledge, just say knowledge. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
Anyway, just thought that was an interesting is surprised, but that isn’t. But yeah, but the Google thing is great, because like I said, it sounds like it’s going to plug some holes in my audience data,

Jessica Kupferman 41:18
a new thing you guys can look up to is Google Trends. And honestly, if you like data, you could be in this all day, go to Google Trends. And it will even offer you like, here’s the most searched stuff in 2020. And then if you want to say, Okay, well, I want to look in 2020. But I want to know how many good girls are talking about sex. So you write good girls and stuff, you can see, I mean, probably porn will come up. But like, you can see how many people are googling that? What sites come up when they Google that you know, how often people do Google sex or something specific referring to maybe an episode that you want to bump or a guest. You know, if you have like a fancy guest, you can see how how trending they are in search. It also kind of helps like, come up with podcast topics. If you can see what’s trending, you can see what will get you a lot of traffic. So that’s kind of an interesting use of it, too. I’ve been really into Google Trends lately, just because I’m so nosy about what other people are doing. But I’ll tell you this. So like for 2020. It’s not too much of a surprise. It’s like bread recipes mask wearing Anthony Fauci, Donald Trump, like it’s nothing that you haven’t googled 800 times, or at least I haven’t. So I was a little disappointed that I didn’t like, uncover the secret of the universe. But I mean, it was a weird year. Robin says we use answer the public a lot. What is that? What is the public? I never heard of that?

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Oh, it’s cool. So it kind of takes the concept of Google Search autocomplete. So if you were to type in like, Yes, yeah, yeah. And so so it, but it it does it in a way where you can type in and it’ll tell you like, here’s exactly the questions people are asking about a particular topic. Yeah. And then,

Jessica Kupferman 43:13
okay, answer the public Comm. Right. So this is how it’s how they get celebrities to answer questions that are the most searched about themselves. I’m guessing. Right?

Unknown Speaker 43:23
Oh, the I’m sure they use that. Or you can just type in like What does Chris Pine and then you just leave it blank. And Google will tell you what people are asking about Chris Pine or whatever celebrity you can think of. I’m sure a lot of people are googling Megan Markel at the moment. Oh, yes. I’m sure you’re right. But answer the public the websites a little creepy because it’s got that guy that’s just like staring at you when you first log into it, but it will tell you like exactly how you’re asking the question.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
And it was a mind map.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
Yeah. And so you can see my topics are interconnected. And so what I like to do with that is phrase the titles in direct response to help people are asking the question,

Jessica Kupferman 44:04
Alright, so let’s take a look. Can you guys see all see my screen? So I typed in podcasting? Will Spotify ruin podcasting? Is Spotify go for podcast? Is Spotify better? How do you Spotify, Spotify, Spotify spot? And then when did it start? When did it begin? When is it used when to quit? or where to buy equipment? Where to start? I mean, this is actually really good for keywording to like, yep, I mean, God does what a resource. Thank you. You’re welcome. Even better than Google Trends, because you can ask about and it’s just like, you can literally put anything in there and like I want to put like, What’s something random tote bags?

Unknown Speaker 44:47
I mean, literally anything and so so like when when I’m working on branding and stuff with folks like when you’re trying to get creepy Jesus

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Wake up.

Unknown Speaker 45:01
I know, right? When when you’re like, not only do you want to find your people, but you want to answer them. Exactly the questions are asking, right. So if one of those questions you had about podcasting was when to quit, right? Yes, if that’s my audience, and I’m going to title an episode of the show, here’s when to quit podcasting, because I know it’s directly responding to a question that I know people are typing in, right. And it just allows your audience and the audience and the makers to find each other faster when you’re titling things in direct response to the question.

Jessica Kupferman 45:37
So I did to announcing I have to pay and it’s $100 a month.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
Yeah, you have to use it judiciously.

Unknown Speaker 45:44

Jessica Kupferman 45:45
I guess I’ll save my next question for tomorrow. That’s $100 I mean, I mean, let’s try Let me see if I can show you Google Trends. I have a few minutes just to see if I can get anything remotely as cool because I’ve never seen that and it’s very it’s $100 school but it’s pretty cool. Alright, let’s see trends dot google. Okay, let’s see if I Alright, let’s see. So first interest over time how many people were searching it last July versus this week this week? So I mean, you know, it’s not a lot per week I guess that specific word and then what states I don’t know why that’s it wouldn’t be relevant to me. Related queries best microphones podcasting software, best my best Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike Mike. And then once you get past that all category then I guess you can compare it to say blogging i don’t know i’m just see that’s much higher. And then what are the I don’t know how you do the comparison with like the topics and stuff. Huh? interest base. Okay, so there’s this one, which is a mess. Microphone microblogging. Make money blogging, blogging for free. Blogging sites, blogging debt. That’s a lot more specific than just Mike, Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. I don’t know. I’m just saying if you want to get into one of them, which one would you pick? Based on this comparison? I don’t think I’d pick podcasting was like double the interest, which is, I don’t know. I mean, it’s just, it’s just interesting. I think yours is better. Because it it it’s sort of blasted out by all the things people could possibly ask about a topic which I love to talk about getting blog, you know, ideas, even if they are very similar and stuff

Unknown Speaker 47:47
and you don’t have to use answer the public. I mean, you can literally use Google search. It’s just answer the public makes it so easy to see how everything is all interconnected. Yeah. But you can just start typing a question into Google search and see what autocompletes Yeah. Oh, and YouTube. Oh, do that in YouTube search as well. Really? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:09
Hold on. Now

Jessica Kupferman 48:10
I have to let me I

Unknown Speaker 48:14
one of my clients just made huge strides by looking to see what videos were most popular on YouTube based on questions about the topic the industry that she’s in, and then she created videos in direct response to those questions.

Jessica Kupferman 48:31
And don’t judge my YouTube because I have a little boy and also I’ve been looking at murder mystery and makeup and also curly hair shape because my hair is anyway just don’t judge me All right. So what do you do you type like podcasting? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 48:46
or Yeah, or start a question like, um, you know

Unknown Speaker 48:52
what, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:53
how do I live without you?

Jessica Kupferman 48:57
How do I breathe out? How do I say goodbye? How do I crack this again?

Unknown Speaker 49:01

Unknown Speaker 49:05
like what you need to know about blank or you know

Jessica Kupferman 49:12
okay all right. So let’s see

Unknown Speaker 49:14
what podcasting blah blah blah like if you just start typing the question that’s the See there you go.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Yeah, yeah.

Jessica Kupferman 49:24
Or like

Jessica Kupferman 49:31
man men’s that’s helpful was what I was looking for. But it’s helpful I didn’t know you I mean, you know what I mean? Then find cute clothes faces close out. I mean, at least it tells you what people how to find what you wallpapers, Animal Crossing clothes on. And I mean, that’s useful if you’re in a, you know, whatever. That’s very easy. You’re saying thank you for that

Unknown Speaker 50:01
well, so I like that you can dig down a little deeper once it gives you the results, you can actually filter and sort the results by like, all time in the last 30 days. So especially if you’re trying to like, do a subject that’s like in the Zeitgeist at the moment, like, what videos are people watching right now? Like, within the last seven days, YouTube will show you that? Yeah. So yeah, it becomes really interesting research. You want to talk about going down a data rabbit hole?

Jessica Kupferman 50:30
Yeah. So back to your question how much data you can never have enough data. I mean, you can also lose your life just following data. But it is I think it’s very interesting. But I’m also fascinated by human behavior. So data just feeds into that nosy thing that I have about finding out what everyone’s doing and why Cheryl says we should just start a pajama party. channel on YouTube. You’re first in showing your pajamas. If that’s the case. Your idea you thought of it, your jammies are first. That’s my vote. All right. I should probably go get my schnoodle now I don’t think there are any more questions, but if there are, please send them to me. Just at She Podcasts calm. Thank you guys. This was a fun. This was a fun QA.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
really helpful. Thank you.

Jessica Kupferman 51:16
hope I was helpful. If not, I mean, let me know what I can help with this week. All right. Thank you guys so much. Have a great day.

 [37:06] If you can write jetpack stats. Should I use Google Analytics instead?

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