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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    10-21-21- Traci's Coaching Call - SPL wins and re-purposing content!
  2. 10/07/21- Traci's Coaching Call- Guest rapport, growth strategies, & setting boundaries
  3. 09/30/21- Traci’s Coaching Call- social media wins, mistakes happen, and group referrals
  4. 09/28/21- Elsie's QA- It’s the headphone episode!
  5. 09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
  6. 09-14-21- Elise's QA- Artwork, downloads, and sponsorship
  7. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  8. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  9. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  10. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  11. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
  12. 08-19-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Connection and community, terms of service, and Apple Podcasts
  13. 08-17-21- Elsie's QA- Content warnings, "my story" suggestions and more
  14. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  15. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  16. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  17. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  18. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  19. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  20. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  21. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  22. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  23. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  24. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  25. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  26. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  27. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
  28. 06-22-21- Elsie- Elsie talks faux pas, burn out, remote interviews, and Zoom fatigue
  29. 06-17-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Branding, support, making your podcast searchable, release dates
  30. 06-15-21- Jess- Release schedules, branding dilemmas, and taglines.
  31. 06-10-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Support and wins, rebranding and branding strategy
  32. 06-08-21- Elsie's QA- Is a listen the same as a download?, the benefit of third party podcast services, and finding the right people
  33. 06-03-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Taking a break between episodes
  34. 06-01-21- Jess- Membership sites, content calendar, and super-secret birthday surprizes.
  35. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
  36. 05-25-21- Elsie's QA- Talks; bugs with the new Apple update, keeping it authentic, and website integrations
  37. 05-20-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Talks about editing and interviews
  38. 05-13-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Traci answers questions about the Spotify + Apple Podcasts subscriptions among other things
  39. 05-11-21- Elsie's QA- A question about Apple Podcasts artwork not showing up and a super deep into Elsie's own productivity journey
  40. 04-05-21- Jess' QA - Podcast sponsorships, audience engagement, podcast hosts and community input.
  41. 04-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Rapid fire information- prepare for 1.5hr call next week, marketing and challenges that podcasters face.
  42. 04-27-21- Elsie's QA- New Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscription announcements!
  43. 04-22-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Relationships with co-hosts, difficult conversations and member support
  44. 04-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Clubhouse, self care, and new opportunities
  45. 04-13-21 - Elsie - Content for premium podcasts and expectations around $$
  46. 04-08-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Fears around perfectionism and podcasting to publishing
  47. 04-01-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Email lists, social media marketing, and trying new things
  48. 3-31-21 - Elsie - Rebranding, posting to YouTube, and marketing to your subscribers
  49. 3-25-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Workflows and marketing strategies
  50. 3-23-21- Jess – Design talk, rebranding, consulting and monetization
  51. 03-18-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Workflow Tips
  52. 03-16-21- Elsie - A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now
  53. 03-11-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- All about sponsorships
  54. 03-09-21 - Jessica - How much data is too much?
  55. 03-04-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  56. 03-02-21 - Elsie- Engagement, Early Release & Adult Content
  57. 02-23-21 - Jessica- Talking Engagement in your Niche
  58. 02-18-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  59. 02-16-21 - Elsie's QA testing out Run The World
  60. 02-11-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  61. 02-09-21- Jessica- Media Kits, Website Links
  62. 02-04-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  63. 02-02-21 - Elsie
  64. 1-26-21 - Jessica
  65. 01-21-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  66. 01-19-21 - Elsie
  67. 01-12-21- Jessica
  68. 01-07-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  69. 12-22-20- Elsie QA- Planning for 2021
  70. 12-17-20 - Traci's Coaching Call
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  72. 12-01-20 – Elsie
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  77. 11-05-20- Traci's Coaching Call
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  89. Special Jess & Elsie QA!
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  93. 06-9-20 - Jessica
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  95. 05-28-20 - Jessica
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  97. 05-12-20 - Jessica
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  107. 02-25-20 - Elsie
  108. 02-18-20 - Elsie
  109. 02-11-20 - (Take 1) - Jessica
  110. 02-11-20 - (Take 2) - Jessica
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  141. 5-14-19 - Jessica
  142. 5-9-19 - Elsie - Podfund Discussion
  143. 5-7-19 - Elsie
  144. 4-30-19 - Jessica
  145. 4-16-19 - Jessica
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  147. 2-19-19 - Jessica
  148. 2-5-19 - Jessica
  149. 9-27-18 - Jessica
  150. 9-20-18 - Jessica
Lesson 52 of 150

03-16-21- Elsie – A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now

QA Summary:

 A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes, including changing all of your calls to actions to FOLLOW! Instead of Subscribe. Elsie shares all the places to note that need to change from subscribe to follow for your podcast and beyond. 


→ Why artwork is even more important now
→ Why your stats *might* take a bit of a hit (maybe)

Also covered in the QA is a high level breakdown of the Infinite Dial data, zeroing in on how the podcast listener landscape is changing and how it’s all about the new generations and diverse audiences


Q: [03:30] Elsie goes through the list of some of this stuff to need to update for iOS 14.5. In terms of the marketing stuff for front facing things..

Q: [15:18] John mentions…How he uses the play button to capture his audience in their Google Search and continue to listen and subscribe.

Q: [27:10] Lena asks…When is this going to happen for the new release?

Q: [29:27] A commenter says… since they’ve switched your feed, there are significant changes to their stats.


Elsie Escobar 0:07
Let’s see if that helps things out. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 0:18

Elsie Escobar 0:20
let us see if that makes it better.

Unknown Speaker 0:25
Here we go.

Elsie Escobar 0:31
Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 0:35

Elsie Escobar 0:35
Lana. I think that was my bad. I’m gonna see if I can if I can do

Unknown Speaker 0:43
I thought maybe it was time because we haven’t changed the time in Europe.

Elsie Escobar 0:48
No, it’s me.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
I’m just I wanted something else who someone else to talk to?

Elsie Escobar 0:57
I know I actually you know what, give me a moment. I’m just trying to send a quick message to the folks that are I tried to do something, you know, from a different place. Sorry, folks. Here we go. That was Hold on. Hello, Karen Jackson. Oh,

Elsie Escobar 1:21
hold on. I pressed the wrong button. The wrong What do you call this zoom meeting? I’m sending a text out. So you’re probably get it. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
No, I will not.

Elsie Escobar 1:37
I am so annoying. Because it is totally not cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:46
You know what Elsie is doing tech stuff. I thought of you recently because there’s been a lot of news reports over here about how the shipping industry is having a very bad time right now.

Elsie Escobar 1:58
Oh, gosh. What was the Wait,

Unknown Speaker 2:00
what was the angle this time?

Unknown Speaker 2:04
Let’s see. One was in the Washington Post. Number one about they don’t have enough containers. So they have to build containers. ships are backed up outside the ports like rush hour traffic. Those are the two main takeaways.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
Yep. And the reason for that is COVID.

Unknown Speaker 2:27
Yeah, yeah. Right. They put it in that context. And it’s just it’s incredible.

Unknown Speaker 2:31
The port workers have COVID so they can’t you know, there are no people to take care of the containers and especially know people to send them away to China again to get them reloaded. So there is a long queue into port of LA, Port of Long Beach and things like that. So the poor seafarers are not only not able to travel, so they are stuck on board. They have been stuck on board for a year now. So if we think that seafarers are unsung heroes, that is

Elsie Escobar 3:07
nothing like instant gratification, to interrupt.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
We got people were just chit chatting, so you don’t feel stressed.

Elsie Escobar 3:23
I know. I’m trying to like it’s it was my It’s my fault. Okay. Anyway. Oh, look, john. Oops. JOHN, in the super squad. Here we go. All right, what’s going on? Everybody? Thank you so much for showing up today. I don’t have a list of things that I need to cover because I didn’t get any questions. So I kind of came up with my own thing, which was really just about walking through possible upcoming changes to, you know, iOS 14, is 14.5. Or, particularly for those of you who are It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a consultant or not. Because this is gonna affect you regardless of what happens because there’s a lot of things that are changing. And I think that now industry wide, the entire industry is going to be changing from subscribed to follow. So that’s really something for everybody to kind of pay attention to whether or not you like that whether or not that dies with you whether or not you want to even deal with that. That’s just you’re just going to have to address it. So that means for a lot of you updating for those of you who are working with other podcasters I advising them on calls to action, particularly when you are helping them develop their own shows. And, you know, even your own show podcasts intros and outros, that have to do with, Hey, everybody, subscribe to my show, right? Which we sometimes say, tell your friends to subscribe to my show.

This is when you start to update that language and even write it down somewhere so that you can, you know, make sure that they that you follow your own rules, because I know for me, it’s going to be a little bit hard. In the same way that I had to teach myself to not say iTunes, and constantly be saying Apple podcast and making sure that I said Apple podcast, Apple podcast. Now it feels weird to say iTunes, but it took me a while to fix that. So for those of you who are particularly moving into that, those are some things.

[00:00] So what do you guys think? Do you want me to go through the list of some of this stuff to need to update for iOS? 14.5? In terms of the marketing stuff for front facing things? I see some faces nodding there. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know what this means. JOHN, this is like

Unknown Speaker 6:11
your summary would be good. I’ve got 10 minutes before another meeting. So

Elsie Escobar 6:16
summary would be good. So just that like I think the main, the main event here is for follow, updating, follow everywhere. Yep. And that would be follow into your, you know, podcast landing pages, if you have that, and have those out. In fact, I have to do that myself to make sure that we do that. And it’s an I got to give myself a to do list as well to tell that to the sheep podcast team. And that would be like, subscribe to the show, and any other places. So here are some for you to start to write with. Or remember, that would be anything that is on your social media, because a lot of us have those call to actions inside of a social media bio. So remember to update that stuff to follow the show. They’re about pages, follow the show there. All of that stuff needs to be updated from there.

Unknown Speaker

Isn’t it kind of follow wherever you get your audio?

Elsie Escobar 7:11
Yeah, follow wherever you get your audio is great. Done that like, yeah, yeah, that is really good. It’s super easy. So that’s one of the biggest places but if you’re doing pushes for particularly Apple podcast, I do see this a lot. Not a lot from those of you who are here, live with me today. But it is something that I do see, all the way around is that people sometimes will focus on like just having the apple podcast link inside of like an Instagram or on Twitter bio, like, I’m not commenting here as to whether or not that’s a good or bad thing. But if you do do that, you do need to change the language to follow, follow the show on Apple podcasts or follow the show here and point to it or something. So that has to be changed. I’m sure and just be prepared for this. I’m sure that there’s going to be some language, possibly maybe some button updates coming from Apple podcasts with a different language on them. Currently, they say listen on Apple podcast, which is still current, there’s nothing wrong with listening Apple podcast. Also, that’s what they suggest for you to say is listen in Apple podcast, that really comes into play with the fact that now whenever you go into the apple podcasts, web iOS app, I do believe that it says listen to the latest episode or something like that. And so there is no even the term download has taken a backseat. It’s still present, but it’s taken a backseat. So listen or follow are some of the key calls to action. That would be for those of you who have a maybe a pre created outro or intro to your shows you probably were going to have to update that for either yourself or your clients and email templates. That’s another thing. There’s a lot of you that have an email that you send out email templates, it’s something that you need to pay attention to for sure. I can tell you that at this moment, even the new Lipson player that is already out in the wild for Lipson five, we are going to be changing this subscribe there’s a subscribe wording on the player itself, that’s going to also change to follow. So all of that is changing. At this point in time. I believe the only thing that still has subscribed or that the large the big sort of player in the industry that still has subscribe is Google podcasts. And of course, the smaller players like Castro and overcast and things like that pocket cast, I believe they still are using subscribe, but I wouldn’t be surprised at some of that language is also changing as well. So this is a great opportunity for you to start to teach your audiences. In all of that stuff. You know, if you’ve created educational material for how to subscribe to a show in the past, you’re gonna have to update all of those things. So I am sorry, for that moment, I’m going to if you guys want to talk for a sec, I have to let the cat out. Because if not, he’s going to, you know, do nasty things.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
Oh, we can’t have that. So LC I know you’re let that you let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
I know, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:50
But you know, it occurs to me. I use pod page, by the way. Yeah. And I love it a lot. And I’m actually emailing Brendan right now.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
He needs to change his subscribe to follow. He’s He’s very responsive. So I’m sure it’ll happen.

Elsie Escobar 11:07
Yep. This is good. It’s a good call there. I think that this is something that to keep an eye out, for sure. So let me look at. So that’s really the top I think that’s a really the top thing. So right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to share my screen so that you can kind of read along with me to the blog posts that we put out for Lipson we we put out some stuff on the Lipson blog itself. Just to make sure that I cover all the places and then Andrea, I am going to take a look at that with you too, with the infinite dial stuff. So I’m going to keep an eye on the time and then I’ll comment on some of that stuff there. Sue, give me a moment here. I have to move my screen sometimes I hate it when I don’t have a big a big screen. It’s so small and I can’t see it. Okay. All right. So here we go. This is the Lipson blog, just walking through it. So you guys can reference this as well. I’ll put it in the chat at some point here as well and see if I can do it. Alright, so one of the other things that are really important are the, the artwork placements. I think we talked about this before, but I’m just going to reiterate because Lipson, historically, excuse me, Apple historically has been super, super caught up with visuals, and making sure that your artwork is on point. They really like big, bold, bright colors. And they tend to draw attention to the art, it’s something that has happened historically. And when they are going to be in some way, promoting you or featuring you they do require very specific do design guidelines that they give you and they are particular about that for sure. They love clean, they love bold, they bold, they love like, bright in and clear. So I’m not saying that you have to have like super bright colors, I’m saying they need to be more bold than anything else. And I’m you can definitely see the difference whenever you start to see the placement of the shows and how that starts to communicate to you. You can see on the right hand side here as we’re moving here from subscribe to play that the the artwork is taking a center seat a little bit here. And also noting the whole subscribe versus listen to the latest episode. So another thing that we have talked about on the feed and it’s something for you to keep an eye out and to also tell your clients is that the listen to the latest episode is going to prompt people to immediately tap on that play button, if you will, and then what they hear at the in the first 15 to 30 seconds of your show is the thing that they’re going to make a decision on. So those first 15 to 30 seconds are by far a lot more important than at any other time and they have been at any other time. I don’t know how this is going to affect folks that have dynamic ad insertions for in pre rolls, which means that they will have an ad at the beginning of that those 30 seconds and I’m wondering if that’s going to play a part in anything but that those first few seconds of hearing you are going to be really important. This is primarily feedback that I have for some folks who have kind of long leading in music goal in you know, musical times when they come in. It’s like all of a sudden the music keeps going and going and it’s great music but it’s Just Music When are we going to get to the actual show? So thinking about giving feedback to yourself and to other folks for me to do that. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Elsie, do you comment? Yes. So I mean, I got this from Rob months ago.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
So what I do, I’m I, you know, I do several podcasts, but on one of them as an example, right at the top, I say the title, the episode number in the podcast. So it’s like, social distancing, not Episode 16, on what has my attention podcast. And then I. And the reason I did that is when he mentioned that people are searching in Google, and they’ll see the play button. And when they hit the play button for the reasons you already gave, people need to know right up front, if it piques their interest to actually continue to listen and subscribe.

Elsie Escobar 15:50
Correct. And I’m, I’m a fan of doing that, for sure. I’m a fan of drawing attention to the conversation right away. So you get an opportunity. And again, as always, depending upon the type of show you have, and whether or not the title of the episode really counts for you to get drawn in. Or if voice or if it voices, like, you know, one of my there’s a couple of one of my favorite shows that they have, like, I haven’t, I shouldn’t say favorite show because I haven’t listened to them in like, over five years. They used to have a musical to notes like, and so then it was like you turn it on, and it was like to do Hello there, how’s it going? And then they would just start talking. And it was really, for me it was it was engaging, because there was no leading it was just here we are talking about the show. And they were again different than a business type show. Which sometimes you do have to be a little bit clear. This is an episode about this and this is the line you tell let people know what it’s all about. And then there are some shows that are like a little more like comedy shows or shows that are based on a personality, right you’re listening because you love to hear them. That that’s a completely different intro. It’s it’s totally different. Like I’ve I’ve been listening once again, I forgot why I went back to it. But I listened to the show call her daddy, which is really not safe for for work. But it does not in any way serve that specific show for her to start saying this is Episode whatever of call her it’s just goes totally against the way the show is she’s not that way at all. You’re listening because you want to listen to her the end, right? So and and you need to hear her voice right away. So she has that she has no music in there. Really. She just starts talking. There’s no music music whatsoever.

Unknown Speaker 17:55
Thank you very much.

Elsie Escobar 17:57
You’re welcome, john. So you are welcome. Goodbye. Have fun,

Unknown Speaker 18:00

Elsie Escobar 18:02
Alright, so now we have this now you can check for automatic downloads. So this was something that there was a lot of discussion in the podcasting space that it was there was a bug in the prior iOS releases. So we thought that automatic downloads was dismissed like it was gone. In fact, it was a bug, it needed to still be there, but you can’t really see it anymore. So part of it is that you’re going to have to check to have automatic downloads for automatic downloads right at the top right. So if you are already using Apple podcasts, you that’s your place that you listen to all the podcasts, and you have chosen to have these episodes automatically download to your device that’s going to continue. So I don’t believe that you have to const to go back and fix that I believe that those settings are going to go through. But for those of but there has to be, you’re going to have to turn on automatic download for new people to listen to episodes when before it was sort of like the default, I believe. So if you want to tell your folks or they want to listen, when they’re not connected when they’re on airplane mode, when there’s no Wi Fi and all of those things for your show. And that’s like the way that they’re going to listen, they’re going to have to turn on automatic downloads for your show, if that’s how they want to consume, or if that’s what you want to do. I I prefer most of the time for the shows that I love and that I’m subscribed to. I want to subscribe to those shows, and download those shows. That’s how I like to consume them. But if I’m testing your show, if I’m doing research on a show, I’m not going to subscribe. I’m just going to go and download it from me, excuse me, I’m going to go and stream it from wherever it is that I’m going to do it. So you have to make sure that you let them know. And there’s a possibility. For those of you who are in here, there’s a possibility that this might cause that your, your, what do you call it? downloads go down, because they’re not downloading the show. So there’s a possibility that there’s something different that’s happening there. Just to let give you a little insight into that. Okay. All right. I’m this last thing here where it says increase of indexing episode cap to 2000. I, I’m almost sure that none of you guys even knew that this was a thing. Because maybe llena de Have you gotten to 300? Lana? No, yeah, I don’t think that any of you here have gotten to 300. So before there was a cap, so once you hit Episode 300 of your show, Apple podcasts would not delete but Apple podcasts wouldn’t show all of your episodes, they would show only the top 300. So once you start it, like Jess and I are now on episode three, it’s gonna 305 is going to release on Friday ish. So that would have meant that before and I think maybe now it’s still happening, those first five episodes, if you are not subscribed to the podcast, and you go into Apple podcasts, then you wouldn’t be able to see those, you wouldn’t be able to see them. So if you wanted to test out our first episode, you wouldn’t be able to see it. You would if you subscribe to the show, and you can scroll all the way down or follow the show, you would go all the way down into and find those there. So there was a cap there. And also, the other thing that used to happen once you hit Episode 300 is those first five episodes were no longer indexed in Apple podcasts. So if somebody was searching for and this is a lot more important for people who have interview shows versus the type of show that she podcast is or even the feed is that have like a guest like a high like a being named guest or something like that on your podcast that people are searching for or maybe a topic that you covered that is like evergreen content that you’re constantly referring people to or it’s a search term that people go looking into Apple podcasts, then if you hit that episode 300 300 Yeah, 300. And then it just went away, they wouldn’t, it wouldn’t come up in search results because it’s no longer being indexed.

Elsie Escobar 22:40
And it is why john Lee Dumas having a daily show now moving into, I don’t know, year, whatever, six, he’s got way more than 300. And that’s why he has archived show feeds. So he would actually purchase or buy or have another Lipson account for his archive content, all the way up to 300 episodes. And he would submit that as a podcast into Apple podcasts, because because he wanted to keep that juice of being searched. Now, he wouldn’t really have to do that anymore, because that has been increased to 2000. And you can see that, you know, the majority of folks in back in the day, nobody’s really going to meet, it’s really hard to make it to Episode 300. That’s just the thing, unless you have a daily podcast, and you’re going it but it is a tough thing to make it there. So it used to seem as if that was a challenge, but there’s been so many more podcasts out there, so many more podcasts that have been consistently producing for years, and some of them that are doing daily shows that are hitting that 300 limit. So therefore now it’s 2000 most folks are not going to have a problem with being indexed to up to 2000. In fact, I don’t even know when we would hit Episode 3300 you know, 2000 for this is a little crazy. Does anybody have any questions for me around these things? I am happy to enter your quest Jones if you do, and if not, we can just keep on moving forward. All right. Okay, so now moving into the background color adjustments. So this is another beautiful, pretty nice thing that Apple podcast is doing. So the background color is going to change according to the branding of your podcast artwork inside of Apple podcast. As of now that color is going to change based on your show. artwork. I asked the question would it change for your episode artwork. Rob told me that it didn’t. So I’m assuming this is at the show, show artwork stuff here. So it’s gonna change. It’s gonna make it nicer for you there There’s no way for you to pick this color. So whatever your artwork is, the system will choose the color for you and make it matchy matchy. But you don’t have the choice of saying, Hey, you know, like that. The example here for on the left hand side there, it says, Ask the health expert, let’s say, JJ virgin there wanted to change it to the blue on her shirt, and not have it be that sort of dark Maroon ish type of color there, she wouldn’t be able to make that choice. It’s just you just have to deal with whatever pops up. And you, you get that. Lastly, we have an updated Apple podcast library changes. In this one. Again, this one is really just about the way that it’s being outlined here in terms of the library, you can get an opportunity to see what the latest episodes of the shows the downloads and the saved episodes there. But not necessarily the thing that you really highlight, there are latest episodes. And it looks over there, let’s save feature. And just the word downloaded is replacing downloaded episodes, all of that has been changed and moved into there. So some of the key takeaways for you to look at is that if your artwork your artwork is going to have and be drawing a lot more intentions in there, Apple wants people to listen to your latest episode, so it is going to be showcased a lot more and it’s not necessarily about. So those first 30 seconds are the some of the most important things. And lastly, of course, subscribing is gone. And following is the new norm. So do start to think about how you say that, and how you train your audience to do that. Alright, so I am going to stop sharing my screen here. And we can chat a little bit if anybody has any questions about those changes, I’m happy to address them. If not,

Unknown Speaker 27:10
I’m going to what time is it gonna happen?

Elsie Escobar 27:16
You know, we don’t know when that exact releases. They it’s, we’re assuming it’s sometime in March. So we still have a couple of weeks here to go. Sometimes they will push it possibly all the way to you know, like, one of the reasons that everything is being released on March 30 or March 31 is because that is the proper ending of q1. And so a lot of companies are wanting to deliver on what they said, right? This will be out on q1. So if Apple has said, iOS 14.5 will be out q1, then that means that needs to be out by March 31. So anytime from now until then, we don’t have specific dates as to when this is going to be changing. But we will see I mean, it’ll be interesting to see what those changes are. And when that starts to happen and how much of an impact it actually does have on on behavior, people’s behavior, people’s confusion, and also the ability for folks to like the podcast or themselves to look at their own stats, and to see if there has been a change. If they get different information, if they get more or less downloads, if they I don’t know if you are somebody who has on tracks their own data in Apple podcast Connect. I’m interested to see if there’s a change there. So I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to those questions. And I don’t know, like the overall impact. for that. Let me look at looking at some of the infinite dial stuff that came out. And I’m gonna see if we can see if this is all this is 21 How can they not have like this stuff right at the beginning. I’m gonna keep a lookout in the chat. If anybody has any other questions. I am happy to

Unknown Speaker 29:21
follow up.

Elsie Escobar

Ever since you switched your feed Yeah, yeah, there are significant changes to your stats. Yes, I would say there are significant changes in most people’s stats when it comes to things like that. That’s one of the reasons why I’m it is a really crazy thing to start to deal with. Going down the rabbit hole of seeing specificity and relying too much on that specific data. And I’m only saying that because of the difference in the way that It’s framed in the media as well meaning is downloads really a reflection of your audience. What is your audience? What’s a subscriber? And as I’ve been trying to explain, and really go down the rabbit hole of understanding. I had a question about uniques, the other day. And I was like, what exactly is uniques? And how can I explain this to somebody else who doesn’t really know about it. And so there’s, there’s such a huge disparate, like discrepancy, when it comes to the way that we’re measuring that I can’t really go into the weeds of trying to figure out if one piece of data actually equals another piece of data, and a general smattering of where things are coming from, for me, is a lot more helpful, like a stand back view than getting really, really into it. The other thing that is really interesting to me to know, is that whenever download numbers, or whenever the data that’s coming into your, you know, into the interface, and whatever you’re looking at, wherever you’re looking at your stats information, the smaller the download number, the more folks tend to get stuck on numbers, because it’s a small number. So if you diminish, you know, by like, if you have 10 downloads, and then now you have eight, and you’ve always had 10 consistently off of one destination, that’s going to be a very big glaring number that you can look at and go like, I used to have 10. And now I have eight or I have seven, and I know that that might not seem like very big, but for some folks, they they really track that specifically. And when you have a smaller number, these matters so much more, because it’s going to help you hit something faster, right? If you’re looking to hit 50. And you kind of thought like I’m gonna hit it a specific time, and now you’re seeing that it’s not growing as much, then you kind of want to hit that number, regardless of what it is, when you have larger numbers, it is you can’t really see it as much because whenever there is a diminishment, it’s not too drastic, unless it’s really big. So like a change of 500 downloads versus five is going or three is going to be the thing that you pay attention to versus that diminished amount. And unfortunately, it’s not proportional, meaning that sometimes for somebody is going to have 10 downloads, and then you won’t have you know, it’ll be minus three downloads, and then somebody who’s got 1000 downloads, it’s going to have minus three. And so the person who has 1000 minus three isn’t going to care as much as somebody who’s got 10 minus three. I hope that that makes sense. And so I do see that, sometimes it’s a little it’s a little bit more challenging. It’s been that you’re getting more traffic from Googlebot video. That’s an interesting place to get in far fewer than usual places like overcast. So then like when you do that, like what I would do, I actually just got a question about Google bot. Let me really quick, and I think that it has to do with I think it’s some one of the super squad members who had sent a question. So we I have a feeling. I’m Karen, we’re gonna be answering that question. On the feed this weekend, because I think we got a question about Googlebot. And I think it was Googlebot video. So we will be going down that rabbit hole there, for sure. To be able to look at some of that stuff. Okay. And it’s been that I’m getting a ton more time for Google, Bobby. Yeah, thanks. Yes, for sure. Okay. So I’m looking really quickly over the infinite dial data really fast, so that I can see

Elsie Escobar 34:22
some of the ones that popped into my brain that I was like, Oh, look at this, look at this. This is something to think about. Overall, I think as a swath of my understanding of the data here, Andrea, it had to do with the, with not seeing too much of a difference given the kind of year that we had. So given that last year was essentially a completely dismantled year, worldwide when it came To behavior in so many different ways in how we lived our lives worldwide. I was surprised by the lack of change in the data. So overall, that was huge for me, which, to me, tells me that those that are used to doing or engaging with audio, mind you with audio, specifically with audio, those that engage with audio are kind of it’s part of their lives in a way that goes beyond every day life engagements outside of the home, like, meaning, I’m going to listen to podcasts, or I’m going to listen to audio books, or I’m going to listen to music, no matter what, no matter if I’m at home, no matter if I’m outside, no matter if I’m working out no matter if I’m at work, like I’m going to behave it or no matter if I’m driving, I’m going to behave in the same way, by listening to my shows what’s going to be different, I believe. And I think that maybe that was not reflected in this because that’s not the kind of study that we went through will be the type of content that I’m listening to. So maybe and I it’s already it already happened for me. Last year, I had two shows that on in my app of choice Castro, there were daily shows and those shows immediately went into my queue next, in the morning, like they were automatically downloaded. And they were to the two that were right at the top of my list that I consumed almost every single morning when I woke up and had my coffee. By the time I was essentially done doing the basic wakeup stuff, I had already listened to those shows, I gotten my information, I was ready to go for the rest of the day. As of the beginning of this year, I finally removed them from my queue next queue and I have not listened to those podcasts that I was listening to on a daily basis and 2020. I’m now back to listening to other shows and back to listening to audiobooks. So my listening hasn’t stopped or changed. What I’m listening to has shifted once again. And I think that that’s a normal thing. Okay, let me see if I can continue to move through, particularly as we get to some of the social media stuff, the social media usage, what I think that was something that was really evocative to me, something that really caught my attention. Let’s actually I’m going to share my screen for this too, so that we can see if, especially for those of you who are here. So Andrea, Andrea, if you want to chime in at any time, please feel free to share your thoughts. Because I’m not the boss of all the thoughts.

Elsie Escobar 38:02
Just saying. Alright, so social media usage we have here and you obviously you can see a gigantic rise of that as well, in terms of what’s happening with social media, and what we get an opportunity to see in front of us. But looking even at this data at 82%, I don’t really see that the drastic shift that has happened in the past I have seen like as you can see, from 2016 to 2017. That was another like big percentage point that went up, in fact, look at 2015 to 2016. That was a much higher growth point than anything else. But social media is not going away. Obviously now it’s getting like 233 million people that are using this kind of stuff. So that was really for me the social media stuff was the stuff to pay the most attention to by far. Now when it comes to this social media brand awareness here that total population of 12 and forth like this is just awareness stuff, seeing Facebook still lead the way that is huge. But all but one of the things that was really for us or at least for everybody else that the growth of other brands particularly like if you start to look at Tick Tock here. Look at that. Isn’t that insane? If you start to look at Tick tock, if you start to look at the way that even let me see. And the the lessening of Facebook, that was a huge thing for for me to pay attention to for sure when it came to all of this stuff. And WhatsApp look at the growth of WhatsApp and even here look at LinkedIn, which for me has been fundamentally shifting. I’ve seen LinkedIn grow almost in a passive way for particularly our our company pages. Without much of anything, just putting content out It seems like there’s a lot more activity on LinkedIn when it comes to the growth here. So that seems to me that it’s skewing more towards more usage of social media in a different context, to grow a narrative to grow your messaging to grow your communities on a platform that’s a little more professionally focused. And then Tick Tock as a whole has been a fundamentally changing for so many different people, it is not something that you can really avoid, I think in and I can’t say it’s always appropriate for podcasts, because you do need to have a very specific reach or a very specific strategy when it comes to tick tock. But at the same time delving into it isn’t going to be a bad thing at all. Let me see, what is this one the usage still, obviously, Facebook is the boss of all the things. Let me see if I can get to like this is one that I was really interested in intrigued by, which is that the younger audience, right, so if you start to look at the growth of Instagram, the growth of Snapchat, the growth of tik tok, once again, that it seems to actually not snapchats not growing very much, or it’s kind of smaller. But to see that Instagram and Tiktok have gotten so much bigger than they were before in terms of that age range from 12 to 34. This is something that’s really, really important, at least for me now that I’m like, looking back at this data, one of the key things that I saw for the infinite dial that was like, Oh, my God, and it’s something I’m pushing so strongly for Lipson, as well, is that that 12 to 34. age range, is where we need to really pay attention to what does that look like from the perspective of I’m not talking to you who are here, actually, I’m saying more of a business owner, thinking more on your team members, people who you hire to work with you, for you, people you tend to partner with, if you’re looking into future casting, of where you want to go, that starting for you to like shift your viewpoint from hiring peers, to hiring some of the younger folks.

Elsie Escobar 42:21
People who are just starting out, they have a completely different understanding of the online world than we do me as a woman who’s almost 50 years old, has an understanding of what was before and what was after this age range, particularly the younger types, don’t even know what that is. So they only have a, they have a completely different point of view, that can actually be future proofing to what you’re creating from now on. So that has been huge. Being able to understand how your marketing is actually appealing to if this is something that you want to move into the future can informing all of that the part that I wanted to pay attention to here is that there was the this is mused. And this was really shocking to them that their usage of Facebook has actually gone down ever, from the from every single time this is the time that it’s gotten down to such a degree, you can see the growth of everything else that you have on the right hand side, particularly the power of Instagram to be able to do this. But I think that there’s a growth thing in here, let me see if I can. This is a really shocking one look, social media brand use most often to 1234, which is like that 33 part there with Instagram is pretty eye opening. Also, what’s up, particularly if you’re reaching audiences outside of the United States, this is a must place to be. And of course, tick tock that has come in from a 3% in 2020 to 14%. That’s mind boggling to be able to see the growth into that. And then let me see. Particularly if you want to reach that audience, there’s something in here that I wanted to look at and then was mostly based on the divert, Oh, here we go like monthly AUDIO listening here. This is one of the key ones that I’ve seen, obviously, ages 12 to 34. Look at the percentage in terms of listening. And also to see that there has actually there’s been a drop for 35 to 54 year olds, which is like what, it’s a little confusing. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck is going on with that age. I’m trying to understand so if any of you all have ideas as to why there’s a drop in this has been reflective not just on this data, but That age range 35 to 54 is actually listening less. I have some thoughts that I don’t know if it actually I mean, but it’s like they’re so Whoo, that I’m not even sure if that even makes sense. But also the 55 age has really popped up. So let me tell you why I think 35 to 54 have gone a little crazy pants. And I think that it really has to do with a reckoning with our usage of the online space, and how we’re trying to once again, take control or in some way, think about mindfully about the way that we interact with our world, and are having that sort of like resistance to the digital world is taking everything over. So there is a lot more thoughtfulness, at least for me in terms of online behavior, I have actually stepped away from a lot of the technological stuff, I have wanted to not engage in a digital form, I have been wanting to once again, take control of my life, and live in my world, in the world, as as it used to feel like before, right? It’s like this push pool towards what was once and where we’re going in this sort of ambivalence to the movement of tech. But I don’t know how quantifiable that is in like actual data. So that’s just an instinct as to what I feel is happening here. Does anybody have any thoughts about layout by any chance? Any of you? And I don’t think I see any

Unknown Speaker 46:37
questions. No, no, no.

Elsie Escobar 46:38
Well, here we go. Hold on a second. Let me look at the chat because I had to make go away. homeschooling. Maybe they switch to YouTube, you know what they possibly could have switched YouTube. But I think that, yeah, I don’t think that they have YouTube here. That would be really interesting to see it later. Or Claire, you say, because we’re trying to teach school and with us and do all the things that could also be the thing, we’re totally overwhelmed with life and having to deal with the everydayness of the world. And we just don’t want to deal with with what we want to do here and how to engage with it. Let’s see, what is this? This is weekly online listening, that also went out. But I wanted to get to the diversification of stuff, average time listening, which has gone up, but not that much. And that’s what I was kind of more shocked at from 2020 to 2021. It went up to 1614. But if you think about what happened in 2019, it was at 1643. So this is what I’m saying that overall, as I started to talk about this, this data didn’t change as much as I thought it would I really thought there were going to be larger, something where I was going to go. But it didn’t do that it was very normal. As you can see from this entire graph, there’s always this sort of like up and down, up and down, right. And it’s reflective of that app and down. In fact, that change from 2018 to 2019 is the most the one that you’re like, Oh gosh, that’s a that’s sort of like the lift that I was looking for here. I’m very, very surprised by that for myself. Yes, and you’re right, Clara, you can take time to be able to listen to all of that stuff for yourself, especially if it matters to you. So that’s why I’ve it’s funny, once again talking about call her daddy. I cannot remember why I went down that rabbit hole. But it is really kind of fun to have that audio for me in the background again, because I’m doing a lot more. I’m more more curious about our younger people. And G is for sure a millennial. She’s having conversations that I haven’t really ever heard before. She’s one of the biggest podcasts out there. And I can put her in the background and it doesn’t really matter to me. Obviously, in my ears. This is not safe for anybody to be listening to out loud, especially if you have I think anybody that’s not particularly open to talking about sex in any way shape or form. But having her my ears like I can have this silly, not silly, just interesting, Goofy conversations going on in the background with stuff that’s not my life at all. It’s sort of like watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It’s like, it’s that desert. And it takes up space in my brain, but it doesn’t make me have to pay too much attention. So yeah, and I yeah, absolutely. I think that that might have something to do with it. Let’s see online awareness. This is a curious one. I’m always wondering like I had no idea people in the US were so caught up with Pandora. Seriously y’all. How many of you guys listen to Pandora? I don’t want to disparage it because it is it sorry Lena. It’s only you Last thing, but still holy crap. And obviously here online audio brands listen to the last month, I think Spotify is kicking it up. But where’s the there? Where is the one that I wanted to the diversification one? in car, oh my god, oh my god we’re gonna go through let’s see if we can get average monthly listeners ethnicity Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 50:29

Elsie Escobar 50:31
So for this, this is where I feel ease very very appealing to me, particularly the rise of or actually the smaller orange part of the scope here that the audience itself is becoming more diversified in all kinds of different ways. So think about that it’s at 57%. White, which is almost, it’s almost 50%. That’s insane. And so that’s been huge. And that’s from 2011, to have that 11 point, like shrinkage is pretty amazing. And also to note, something that they were noting about is the amount of people that are subjecting, not that like the data set itself, I don’t know if the information is here, but we’re not moving from like counting, let’s pretend 100,000 or folks in 2011 to 100,020 16 and 100,020 21, it is actually a much larger data set. So all in all, it’s gotten so much bigger, but the biggest growth that I’ve seen here, and it’s something obviously that I’m pushing forward is the Latino market, the Hispanic market here with a huge growth from 12% to 16. Andrei says, I have a new client government agency asking about making content available in both English and Spanish, it feels very costly and time consuming to do that at this moment, but I’m interested in figuring it out. Yeah, for sure. But you know what it depends on. In fact, I wish, actually, she doesn’t have it in English and Spanish. But you have to get the right strategy. And what I would say to that is if you’re really mindful at making, and this is where the short content really comes into play, making something that is maybe tops 10 minutes, then you can very easily create something that’s in English, and then have a corresponding thing in Spanish. And you can put that content out because you really just doing the same work over and over again, to be able to repurpose that same content, you don’t have to recreate it all the time, in the same way that Lorie Martinez has done with her or chanta Studios, which is what she’s done. She’s actually created the same podcast in a variety of different languages. There are some subtle differences to what she’s putting out there. But all in all, it’s the same show. And she has obviously changed the narrative. Like she has one word, she’s got like agenda stories, my daughter or participated in her show called the 10th stories. And she had the introduction, right, then they went into the story of night that my daughter wrote, and my daughter read, and then they had right there, the English version. And it’s like English, English, and then Spanish, in the same episode in the same, you know, show and it’s called agenda stories. And then she just published that same exact podcast in Spanish, and I believe it’s a store Yes, do Chanda or something like that, but it’s obviously a Spanish title. And it’s just backwards. So it had the intro in Spanish, the story in Spanish leads, and then they inserted my daughter’s English version at the end, different names, different brandings. But the leading voice is the one that leads and the leading language for whatever it is that they’re pushing is the one that leads and they didn’t have to Rican do the content. And it’s short enough that you can do it. So short, I think is the way to go 10 minutes or less really key content, it’s able to be translated. And unfortunately for podcast consultants, what you will not unfortunately actually fortunately for most of us, you’re gonna have to learn to start to hire folks that are bilingual, and that are able to edit in a different language to be able to have services that are either not necessarily translation services, but editing, somebody that can edit copy, somebody that can edit audio in Spanish would be a fantastic partnership for you to begin and to build in so that you can actually grow your business based on that need. So, yeah, given the fact that we have now given, gotten to this point of our, of our webinar of our q&a, of which I just spoke all by myself, because nobody spoke,

Elsie Escobar 55:14
we’re coming to an end, I don’t want to take up your time. It is three o’clock. Feel free to follow up with me with any of this stuff. I’m super excited that you all showed up for me today in spend some time, I will answer if anybody has any comments, please go ahead and put them in the chat there. And I will comment it or you can unmute yourself and speak to me, that’s totally cool. I’m going to stop the share. And I will put links, whenever it goes up into the super squat, I’ll have links to the things that we talked about. So. So there What did you think anybody have any thoughts? Other than all the things we diagnose? Oh, my God, oh, my god. No. All right. Everybody’s good. Natalie, Marie, y’all just want to say thank you. You’re welcome. And the, it’s,

Unknown Speaker 56:03
there’s so much information that I want to share something useful with my clients, like, whenever something like that comes out, they’re like, what does all this mean? Why don’t just like kind of distill it, but I’m like, there’s so much I don’t have time to digest that entire thing and figure out what is relevant to you.

Elsie Escobar 56:21
Right, right. And I think that diversification of audience and diversification of, of the market, meaning age wise, that we have to think younger, in all honesty, I mean, we, I think we’re, we are gonna all age out and continue to listen to podcasts. So that part’s gonna keep on growing, I guarantee you the 50 plus 50. plus, times are gonna keep growing, that’s just gonna keep growing because we’re not gonna ever not listen to podcasts, we’re just we’re going to getting older. So that’s going to get bigger. But the younger audience is the one that we need to start to train and focus on because they’re going to move and be like the middle tier that’s currently smaller. That’s, those are the ones that we’re going to be moving forward. So that’s what I would concentrate on and that audiences are getting like they’re actually moving and consuming content much more outside of just Apple podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, tik tok are all going to be places to, to keep an eye out. If it matches with people’s businesses, obviously, it depends. So, Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 57:27

Elsie Escobar 57:28
I hope that helps a little bit to be able to distill that. Alright, folks, oh my god, I got so hot. I have to take my sweatshirt off. Bye. Thank

Unknown Speaker 57:39

Elsie Escobar 57:44
Where is the go away button.

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