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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
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  3. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  4. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  5. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  6. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  7. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
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  10. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  11. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  12. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  13. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  14. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  15. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  16. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  17. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  18. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  19. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  20. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  21. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  22. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  23. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
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  31. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
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09-09-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking


So nice to hear Madeline in this situation. I am so happy. We have a full house today. So, as you can tell, I’m out of breath, my face is flushed. And if you look really close and kind of sweaty, which is a little TMI, but that is because I had to go for a run. The only time that I had to do it was right before this call.

And I did my best thinking when I go on a run and I needed to do a lot of thinking in a pot most positive way today. And so I thought, what better way to a kick off the call by talking about what do we do when we need to clear our head focus or do some of our best thinking. And so that’s why I’m hoping in the call this way, um, that, and I didn’t really have another choice.

So we haven’t had, we’ve had wellness and self-care tips before, but we’ve really never talked about what sort of our go-to tools are when we really need to either get inspired, get good ideas, problem solve, be creative. So let’s talk, let’s talk about that. And then let’s jump into some wins. And Lindsay

had to double up mat activities today. I love it. And you know, actually I was hired by Jacqueline. This is the honest truth. I was like, yes, LA last week Jacquelyn was on the car and she was riding our exercise bike. And I’m like, you know what, where does all I see right there? So I was like, Jacqueline can show up.

I can show up. We got our Fitnesses. Perfect. Okay. So who has a head clearing tip? Well, I’m sorry, go ahead, Jane. Well, I drive and I know it’s ridiculous in LA traffic to save clearance my hat, but I know the streets to go on that aren’t as horrible as other streets, but, um, and I learned this years ago when I was with the circus, because I drove a lot and that movement for that physical forward movement with no phone calls and no other disturbances seems to be enormously creative for me.

And then I walk and I don’t like carrying my phone when I walk, which is stupid because if something happens, you have no identity on you, but I don’t want anything on me except when the ideas come, I’m like, shoot, I know I’m not going to remember this when I’m done. Um, but those two things helped. I love a long drive and some of my, some of my biggest, like I call them a God voice messages, universe messages, divine messages have literally spoken to me in long drives without the radio with nothing on and just like, and it’s, so it takes a lot of discipline for me not to have something on while I’m driving in the car, but when I choose not to do that on a long drive, um, those are some really good moments to just really download messages.

And I think that’s why I’m a really big fan of walking and running, because that is also sort of a good place for me to be in my brain James ad. But you have some really good tips for, yeah. I just want to say grant stuff with Judas because that is. I, I love the drive idea and I actually did one about an hour and a half, one day around the outer about of Denver.

And I felt very guilty and very happy I did it. And Judith, I’m going to have to say it. If you don’t have your phone with you, everyone’s going to recognize you from your podcast anyways. So you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. You are so adorable and sweet. Thank you. Welcome back, Judith. Let me just tell you, you’ve been sorely missed the last couple of weeks.

I know that you’ve been really busy with your work and we that’s our only, excuse. We’ll really accept for you not being here. Well, thank you. And, and that, and, and I’m not dead. So I had to go to the emergency room in early August in the middle of the night, um, panic, stress, high blood pressure. And that was a real wake up.

Um, yeah, so I’m dealing with that, sorting it out, getting better, hopefully. But, um, when I added on and this is, everybody can relate to this for the podcast and running the business. We’re busy enough and I really wasn’t doing everything I needed to do marketing wise for either. And then I added on the Ted talk and I felt a shift and it scared me because you can only do so much work.

And I thought I had an assistant that I was going to hire and she, she was a no-show and, um, I really had to figure out where my priorities were, um, so that I could function. And I just had to agree to work seven days a week, but little time off with a couple of Saturday and Sunday, a little fun, but, um, Yeah, this is, this is the last month and a half has kind of been challenging for me.

That’s why I haven’t been here either. Well, dang dude. I didn’t know that part. I want to look. I went shopping and bought a new outfit on Amazon because I’m dead. Okay. So we’ll count shopping as a method to clear your head. I was so happy when everything arrived yesterday and then we’ll take one. We’ll also, I think, um, highlight another thing that you said, which is, do not work seven days a week.

And James, I’m going to let you share what you shared with me. Oh no, I do work out and now I do. Okay. Well, James is going to tell you how that, why that’s not always productive for you because he did a study on himself that he would share. Maybe I hope. Okay. I’ll share it now. First of all, I want to see if you’re, if you have to work seven days a week, sometimes I have to a lot, a big part of the.

Guided meditation, your own, your own meditation daily practice I teach is let’s not make it one more thing to do. Find the things you’re already doing, like running or napping and the two or three minutes as you lay down for the nap, do it right there. And then a little meditation or on a drive, just weave it into the rituals you already do that.

You love not the things you don’t like. And that really seems to create more opportunities. So I love that, whatever you love look to piggyback 60 seconds, and that seems to help. But then I did do a, I tracked my hours. It was decades ago, but I was working 60, 80 hours a week. And what I found was when I got over, I, I tracked my time in like quarter hour increments at one point or a period of six months.

And what I’ve found was when I was over 50 hours a week, I started the break things and somewhere around 60 hours, the cost of the things I brought up. Was far outweighed the money I’d gained in that 40 to 60. And once I got over 60, the things I was breaking were either physical injuries, sprained ankle, or a hit, you know, bumped my head or relationship issues, which have far bigger costs.

It’s hard to measure those and iterate. I work a lot too, but I tend to pace it a little bit differently because of that, because I can feel when I’m about to make a bad mistake. So it gets me every time. How about that? Does anyone relate? Yeah.

I can do about 40, 50 hours. And then I start to feel that pain inside that says James, remember, and I think I’m just energetically off balance, not paying attention. And it’s, it feels very, almost ego driven without the center. You know, that core, which, which we have to be when we really want to be with good people.

Well, um, absolutely. And I mean, I had more bumps and scrapes lately and I’d like to blame it on the, going hiking with the, with, with my husband and my dog and falling and tripping and all kinds of stuff that happens like that when you’re uncoordinated on a mountain. But I also think it’s because you’re not totally, I wasn’t totally present either.

So I wasn’t like. It’s motto that I’ve heard many times before. It’s like, you’ve got to stay where your feet are. And a lot of times, if you’re not staying like literally where your feet are in your head somewhere else, you can injure yourself. And I am completely walking testimony to that. So we have some really fun stuff in the chat for people who might be listening to the replay, I’m going to read them out.

So we’ve got that. Um, I love the Cheryl and Cheryl. I just had to laugh about a long job in Los Angeles. Otherwise I love long drives. Everybody’s so glad that you’re feeling better. Do definitely Jacqueline. I have my best ideas in the shower after a run, but I got plantar fasciitis. So now I’m on my bike.

Yes. I had struggled with plantar fasciitis off and on for a decade. And it is not fun. Spinning is a good alternative though, right? Um, okay. Sammy likes to walk and to run retail therapy for Tommy.

And, uh, let’s actually commenting on Judith’s Amazon purchase the retail therapy. Good. Clarify that. Um, okay. And say, when you have a light in here, you want to come off mute and talk about it, or do you want me to read it? Because I love all this stuff. You have

exercising and getting healthy. This is so fun. I didn’t even know is setting the theme today. Okay. Lindsay, three things I’ve done because I’ve been having a rough mental health. Um, these days, one deleted all social media apps off my phone. I now only log in twice a day for 15 minute max to engage for business purposes.

Now that is some serious self-discipline, I’ve heard of people deleting their apps off their phone on the weekends. And, but to me, like to delete them off and add them back on and delete them back on, like, I haven’t gotten there yet, but I mean, kudos to you for being willing to do that. I think that is amazing.

Number two, turn off my computer and stop all cats working at 4:00 PM. Literally not answering emails or texts and leaving it until the next day. Once I’m back in. The back on the clock at 10:00 AM. Awesome. Self-discipline and number three, got myself a therapist because I need someone to talk out all of this blah, blah, blah, and my head and heart with, and those are some very powerful tips in absolutely great advice, Lindsay, from Jacqueline.

Okay. Y’all you guys are getting some great help and tips out there. Um, okay. Anybody else I’m interested in Judith mentioning a Ted talk and I know Yvonne talked about that last week. So I started with group last week who helps you get a Ted talk? You have to pay for it. But actually the part we had on a community call, you don’t have to pay for a tech to it because if you want to get a talk, there’s a, there’s the same thing as if you want to do a good podcast, the things you need to learn about either the talk or even just the application process that they help you with.

So I thought it was totally a great investment, but on the talk last night, they had a Ted talk or talking to us as a group saying a Ted talk, like we’re really at the top of our hierarchy of needs when we’re trying to do a Ted talk, right. We are thriving if we’re trying to do a Ted talk and he said, but yet I bet your goal for that tool.

Isn’t coming from a place of thriving. You’re just surviving. So he was really explained to us how we have this mismatch. Where we think we’re at and where we’re actually at. And I just thought that was really important, especially due to, in the situation you’re in where that Ted talk is adding to your stress versus basic, he was talking about, I didn’t quite get to the place where he was saying, it’s just all about the process.

And I understand that, but at least all the, yeah. Why, why should a tip? Like why, you know, we don’t need to do a Ted talk, right? If it is we’re in a good place, if we’re thinking of doing a Ted talk and I thought that was just such a good mindset shift. Well, for me, the reason for the Ted talk is marketing the exposure, the exposure for the podcast.

And I want to go into corporate speaking, which is a lot more money than even the podcast, unless you really hit pay dirt on this. So. W w the good thing about the Ted talk is that I love writing. And when I can put, when I have the space and the time I enjoy that time, more than anything, it’s very nourishing to me to sit and write and to be creative.

And the gentleman that I hired as my coach is a CA is a comedian, and he’s a good writer and a good speaker. He’s done seven Ted talks, and he does a ton of corporate speaking. And he’s teaching me the fine points of writing comedy, which I kind of dealt within my book. But I mean, this is a whole different experience.

Um, it’s time, the shift was time. How am I going to make all of this happen? It’s just me. And then you start prioritizing and I could have let it go. That I just. No, to be honest with you, I’d like to call in my chips and not market the divorce business. Just let it be what it is and really gamble on the, um, the public speaking and the podcast, because that’s really where my nourishment comes from now.

That’s where I’m happiest. And I think I just have to bite the bullet and take that chance and just focus on those two and accept whatever comes in on the divorce business and just gravitating to where your energy is calling you and just, and then there’s that whole element of trusting the process.

But then the reality of the financial piece of land, I mean, it’s a lot to have when you’re having a swirl, which then leads to the high blood pressure, which then leads to the panic attacks, which, which leads to the, um, air being the reason that we need to do the things to balance ourselves out. Okay.

Okay. Can I ask you to, where did she got accepted for the TEDx. Oh, I didn’t know I’m working on it. I’m applying I’m in the middle of applying to several places. Very good. And we don’t, we don’t have, um, Yvonne on today, but I know she’s in that process too. So it’ll be really exciting to hear from her, um, when she hears her results.

Okay. Let’s get, let’s talk about some wins we bought, I mean, self-care and clearing your head and all these kinds of tips that we’ve gotten have been really good wins as well. But does anybody have any specific wins around their podcast, around their business? Anything else that they would like to share or progress updates?

We’ll take those. Shout outs BLR I’ll share. Hey Charlotte. Um, you know, I rebranded, um, the podcast title and I’ll few weeks back. And, um, so the, the few episodes that we’ve had with the new title and the new focus have been really, really good. So I’m noticing a can uptake on numbers, you know, downloads again, and people really starting to make good comments and getting really good feedback.

So it’s kind of, it wasn’t that the podcast was dead before, but I think, I feel like it has a new fire in a bit and, you know, like new, um, pipeline of guests to, you know, coming up and, um, I even have Jacqueline who’s going to be, um, she listened to, um, one of the episodes because the person that I had on my last podcast episode, Public health.

And, um, she started her own business about burnout, and I thought about Jacqueline and I was like, Hmm, I just kind of tagged her when we posted it. And so she listened to it and she was like, it reminded her of her own story. So it’s exactly what I was hoping for. I want people to start connecting public health more broadly and finding it in more places.

So it just listening to my guests reminded Jacqueline of her own connection. And then she re emailed me and I was like, yes, I definitely want to have you on my podcast. So, um, I’m excited about putting that together. So that’s been really, it’s been a lot of fun with this like clarity right now. Like we’re just, it’s almost like having a new one all over again, but it’s been fun.

And how continue pod have community members connecting to interview each other for when I’ll take that one? Congratulations. Okay. And that’s a beautiful pink top too, by the way, Charlotte, let’s see really pretty on you. Oh, thanks. This was very intentional. I had to do a LinkedIn live with someone. I was their guests like early this morning, so that forced me to like get up and kind of do my makeup and stuff and show up really early.

So I’ve been, you know, in like flying really high and being really bubbly. Exhausted now kind of put my t-shirt back on. Okay. Who else would like to share a win? Well, I would like, can you hear me? Yes. Hey Cheryl. Hey, good morning, everybody. So nice to see so many people here in so many, so much good information.

And I think if I may say the win for me goes along with what everybody’s sharing. Because it seems like the theme it’s so interesting to get on a zoom. And sometimes the theme just runs right through everybody’s life. And sometimes it’s popcorn. It has nothing to do with it. But this morning to hear how Judith and James and Charlotte and everybody who’s sharing it’s the win is about getting clarity for me.

Um, it doesn’t sound like it when I’m about to say what I’m going to say, but I had a meltdown yesterday at like a really bad meltdown. Like I am, I am on overload because again, you know, one woman shop trying to do it all. And yet who’s responsible for that. It’s like, if you go to a buffet and you go, I ate so much, I shot.

It’s like, well, why did you put so much on your. Right. First of all, why did you go to a buffet if you’re not trying to eat so much, don’t go to a buffet,

go hand in hand. Um, so I just, you know, hearing that voice for me, it’s my faith. It’s God, whatever it is for you hearing that still small voice of saying, I, I want you to go this way. I need you to take off social media off your phone. That is something I’ve attempted a couple of times to do. And I’m really thinking of getting off some certain sites.

But I took a day where I on Tuesday after the holiday, cause I actually worked all through the holiday and I decided to. Listened to like Marie Forleo listened to some sermons, listen to some good music and just get my head in a space so that yesterday I could have my meltdown. But the point is, is getting the clarity of going this is what’s working feed that stop trying to fix and blow up or make bloom what isn’t working.

Because you know, there’s this idea that in doing podcasting, you have to do it all. And Elsie said it so perfectly last week in the Q and a that whenever someone says you should, or you could be doing this, there’s usually money and energy and time and effort attached to that. And so if there’s a great idea, It doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea, but are, are you physically able to implement that?

Do you need to hire team members? Do you need to let it go? It’s kind of like, have you ever cleaned out someone’s closet with them and done? Do you really, really need that? You know, like have you worn that the past year? Do you plan on wearing it? Can you give it away? You know, it’s like letting go of things that aren’t serving, either your personal growth, your podcast growth, your relationships, and, um, I’m done.

That’s my win. It’s a win, but it’s my way. No, you know, I mean, sometimes you have to have a meltdown before you can see the light. So I mean, you know, I think, you know, every meltdown on the kitchen floor usually bright, and I don’t know if you’re sitting on the kitchen floors. I just, whenever I think meltdowns, for whatever reason, I think kitchen, floor, bathroom, floor, you know, a shower, whatever, you know, depending on where you’re going to have your meltdown.

When in your car, can I share a positive, but what I do, uh, I think it was, uh, Jacqueline mentioned about, uh, getting great thoughts in water. When I was a swimmer, I would get the best thoughts and sometimes in the shower, I still get them, but I take a while. And the only reason I bring my phone is either a mill listening to music, but I take pictures.

I get outside of my head to notice the beauty that’s around me. Cause it’s there. There’s so many beautiful things around us. We just have, even if it’s a weird sign, a rusty car, a little cat that comes up to you to give you kitty love, because I’m an empty nester. I want cats so bad, but I I’m just not in a place to have them yet.

And sometimes I will just have like three cats come up to me out of the blue. And I’m like, yes, thank you, God. So that’s what I do. Well, and you’ve gotten some lovely comments in the chat that I’m going to read for those who are listening to the playback. So thank you for sharing, Cheryl, sorry for the meltdown, but glad you found some clarity or at least figuring it out such great insights.

The storm can bring clear skies. One of my favorite lyrics is from, uh, Gary Allen, a country song that says every storm runs out of rain. And I think that that is such a good line and it does, um, progress shell. Thank you. Thanks very much for sharing your honesty. And you’re very inspiring, which I can curve.

That is very true. Um, okay. Anybody else like to share a win and update progress? We’d love. Um, Yvonne, do you have any updates on your Ted talk? I got the email yesterday and I was not selected, but they are keeping me in the list or future opportunities. I’m like, I’ll take that the one in a million. So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

Yes, absolutely. Yep. And you know, and that was going for the big Ted too. Right? So now you just go for the TEDx quarterly, you know, , I applied to one cherry Creek, Creek, Colorado, actually, I guess, in your neck of the woods, James and I did not get accepted on that one either, but I found the process of applying to be great.

I was 50 50 on whether my takeaways and my action items were exactly what I wanted. And I said, well, there was a deadline that I had to meet the end of July. And I said, well, what the heck, let me just do it. Let me see what this is like, regardless of the. The result and it didn’t deter me from doing other applications.

So I hope it doesn’t deter you. Did you like the process? Did it make you feel good to go through it? Totally, totally. I mean, just to know that, I mean, as I was going through it, I’m like, oh yeah, this is cool. I got it. And then like, halfway my friends, like this is the global platform. I, whoa. Just not like my local thing, you know?

And that’s, that’s what I had in my head. Do TEDx do TEDx. There’s thousands of TEDx, the regional and, and you don’t need to be nominated. You just apply. That’s what I was doing and they’re available. And I think you might have quite a lot of success on the TEDx level. Thank you. And then Jacqueline was saying in the chat, the company, she works with suggests a hundred submissions to get accepted.

So just keep submitting. And that’s, that comes back to a common thread that we often have in these calls, which is like, if you don’t ask, you don’t get and submit submitting as the same as asking. So love that. And I mean, I mean a hundred submissions that that’s a dedicated time investment right there, but I mean, it’s all the numbers game, right?

Sam said, don’t change your message until after a hundred submissions. Cause I was like, well, what if the message is wrong? And they’re like, you won’t know that till you have a bigger sample. So I thought that was really interesting. It’s just a numbers game. Love that. Great. So for anyone applying to Denver, Boulder TEDx, I do have some good connections and those can help.

So email me please. And juniors. I, I probably need a good email for you. I think I’ve been sending messages but unseen. So I’ll do it in the chat. The volume too. Yeah. Okay. Well, we are. Definitely got a lot of potential TEDx or is on this call. That is amazing what I just think. Well, how great would it be if every single one of us, at some point down the road, we all did our own TEDx talk.

That would just, let’s just all aspire to that. No matter when it is just at some point, if that’s something that you want to put on your bucket list, just put it out there. Right? FedEx pod high. There we go. Hey, TEDx, TEDx.

Okay. Um, does anybody the pod hive Facebook group? So that was kind of cool. It was fun. And, um, Judith, I want to tell you that you are, um, I think the reason you probably are so tired is because you are so. Um, driven. And if like you, you know, I, I’m always so impressed with how meticulous you are and how much thought you give to detail.

And, you know, you’ve got an episode you’re going to promote it. You’re going to find an interesting place to be standing when you promote it. You you’re so creative. And so I, I really enjoyed, like I was scrolling through and I’m looking at you to go, you know? And so I, um, I think one of the posts I saw, you know, you had some, or maybe, maybe Tracy mentioned it last time you were not on the call, but I think you were speaking about.

The episode with Brad and Angelina, of course, that gets my attention. I went to Westwood in front of the Westwood theater because that was in once upon a time in Hollywood and Brad Pitt was part of that movie. And I thought, okay, well there’s a little thematic. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t just say, Hey, I’m going to do a quick blah, blah.

You find a location and the amount of energy and thought that that takes, but it comes through, you know? And so I actually listened to that episode and really enjoyed it. It was just such a nuanced episode. And I mean, I hadn’t listened to others, so, um, you know, I can’t compare it, but I just thought it was such a great episode.

And I’m really enjoying, like, just slowly listening to some of your different podcasts and getting to. No you that way as well. And I’m making my way through a little bit at a time. So right now I’m just, you know, I’m kind of taking it in and enjoying the community and allowing my process to evolve as I go.

But just really, um, it’s been such a pleasure. So I just, when you’re talking about burnout and stress, I was thinking, first of all, you know, like I love that everyone feels comfortable enough. In this environment to share that because of course there’s always that persona of like, I brought it all together, that everybody feels they have to have out in the world.

But, um, yeah, the real being real is, is much more interesting and, and we all relate to that so much more, but, um, I just, you know, I really have, I, as soon as you started talking about it, that I thought, well, that makes so much sense because you clearly pay so much attention to every detail that you put out there and you maximize and stretch.

I mean, and yet the words that come out of your mouth are, I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing enough marketing. And I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding me? Like you, you just go the extra mile on everything. So I just think you’re right. I am very, I’m very humbled by that. Thank you.

And I’m not doing enough. I understand, because I always have the same response when people say that to me. So I totally understand. But just so that, you know, um, thank you, you know, and I’m not, you know, obviously Tracy or others would be able to speak as people have been in the podcast world for a long time, but I would imagine they probably agree with me.

Well, I think my response to that is I think everybody has their own bar. Everybody has their own pace and everybody has their own, um, way that they work best. And so, and I think if you, if you’re competing against yourself, you’re always going to be thinking that you need to do more. So, um, that’s just something that I think if you can balance out with all of these other things, that things.

Things that James was saying about finding meditation in places and doing things that you love and, you know, making sure that you are doing some of these other things to say that you’re not always totally on 24 7, because it’s just, I mean, even a cell phone has to get recharged or you can’t use it anymore.

Right. It’s just this big black blank. Um, well, mine, that blank, look at that.

Okay. Sorry. That’s my niece. She has to make an appearance. I mean, does that not just make you smile? She really is the cutest thing ever. So anyway, um, but yes, time with family just, you know, otherwise you do literally have just the big blank box black box. So, um, who would like to ask a question, share a marketing strategy that they may have tried something new what’s going on in the world of your podcast, or just check in and let us know what you, what you’ve been up to.

I have a question of everyone. Okay. I’ll do you market your podcast? What do you do? That is, that is a broad question, but let’s just jump in with it. Um, does anybody want to start with, um, Charlotte, do you want to share one of the things actually, Charlotte, I have a two questions for you if you want to piggyback on that one.

But we had a question that was submitted to us off the call that was specifically about changing the name of the podcast. And, um, and because they went from, from changing their name to changing it to their own personal name. So they, their, the name of their show was something else. And then they changed it to their personal name and it’s taking a while for it to show up.

So I was curious if you had any insights or if you wanted to share how long it took for your name change to show up in your, um, in the different platforms. Um, most places, it was an instant change. Um, and I really, I haven’t gone to each, there’s probably two places that is not an, you know, it doesn’t feed in automatically.

I need to go to, and it’s on my to-do list. It’s just not super high on the list. And so I haven’t really checked, but like the main places, it was a pretty instant change. And then there were a few things like over the first week or so after we changed that if I caught it, I just kinda went in and manually did it if they hadn’t updated.

But for the most part, it was, uh, pretty instant change. And change the name within the RSS feed itself. Or did you just change it in the show settings?

I may have done both. I mean, I use Libsyn, so I went into I’m sure I checked everything, but I went into the settings and it had to been changing RSSV because that’s how it changed automatically. It updates. Like across, you know, apple and so forth. So I had to change it there too. Did you go to show settings and then just update the name there?

Or did you literally edit the actual link of the RSS? No, though. Just in settings. Yes. I don’t think you ever want to change the URL of the RSS feed is what I’ve always understood, but I just wanted to see if that was something that I misunderstood. So, and then the RSS feed is updated with the show setting content updates within the RSS feed, correct?

Right. Yeah. Okay. And does anyone ever sees the actual URL and that link to even know what it is? Yeah. Right, right, right. I just, for the person who submitted that, I just wanted to have this total clarification. Okay. So marketing, um, if you want to jump in with marketing, what you did change the name of your show, and then we have some stuff in the chat too.

So I had, um, I had added some drama in and I created the whole thing. I made an event out of the whole thing. And so I just kind of talked about, and like two episodes leading up to the actual name change. I’ve talked about the why, like, why we were doing it. I just kind of kept saying it was just, uh, an episode with just me.

And it was, it was short and just talked about how things were changing, um, in the community and why I felt the need to change, you know, that, that change was coming, that the name was changing, but I didn’t tell him what it was changing to until the actual event day, but I kept explaining why we needed to shift and what was important.

And then the day that, you know, the big day that I had been building everybody up for, um, we changed the name, all the colors and all the branding change. And I had, they had already been anticipating and understanding the why then when the name change, it was a subtle change, but they were like, oh, I get it.

And then everyone’s kinda over it after that. But it also did it like that. So that if anybody. To find like maybe they had listened to the podcast a year ago and they forgot about me or hadn’t been listening and then they go look for me again, or they come back and they’re wondering why some of these older ones have careers.

And then this new one has conversations. I wanted there to be like a clear spot in the feed fan base, scrolling through episodes that says, in fact, I think I named the episode moving from careers to conversations like in quotes so that people clearly see that this is a point of change and even did that.

And, um, only do it on Instagram. It’s the only social media feed that matters. But I even had the person that helps me there have like several blocks of just gray blank, like one word posts about two or three rows of that. So he goes from like the old branding. And then there’s this thing that has changed, changed, changed.

And then the new kind of started the new brain in color. So I just made a, a point in the tree. If anybody was following or wherever they found me, they could easily. No, that this is like, w like there’s some explanation of what’s changing and why it’s changing. So I guess it may be a little too late. If, if you know, whoever’s R someone’s already changed the name, but that was how I changed it.

I just let them know. That it was coming. And then I wanted there to just be a bookmark, so to speak. So people could easily refer to that. So w I want to piggyback on that for marketing tip for overall, because I just had the greatest visual of what you were just saying about how you used your Instagram feed.

And you did like the gray blocks, so that you’re like breaking up your feed like the before and after moment. But like, I just had a thought. If you had, uh, uh, an episode that you wanted to permit and I’m going to use the Brad and Angelina one. Cause that’s what came to my mind. So let’s say if, um, when you were about to release it, um, if you did one square that said Brad, one square that said, plus one square that said Angelina, and then one that said coming soon, like, and then that was you like the four graphics that led up to the actual post itself.

Like you could use that particular strategy for any kind of big announcement that you wanted to make. And that can like, if someone’s scrolling through a feed and they see like a Brad plus Angelina coming soon, and then the next thing they see is the audio gram that has the, um, this segment about that podcast episode, that would be such a super cool way to promote something that’s really exciting that you wanted to, you know, or if you’re launching.

Your actual podcast and you haven’t launched it yet. It’s just like, you know, do the, um, Like the name of the show, like, um, the amicable divorce, you know, coming same, but you do it in four squares like that. I think that is such a cool idea that I have never seen done like that in podcast marketing, especially.

So I think that’s cool. It’s cool that you did that. Want to add something for, um, extra for Judith? Another thing that, um, like, just not just because I changed the name, but just ongoing. Um, I used to just be on this hamster wheel of trying to post and then record the next episode and then post and like post on the day it goes out and then try to fill other days with all these other things.

And I stopped doing all that and that. The way I’ve kind of positioned everything is the podcast is like the top of my funnel. I want them to listen to the podcast because I’m always going to talk about how to work with me and all the call to actions in every episode. So if I can just get them listening, that’s like my big goal for social media and make it really easy.

So like my episodes are on Tuesday. So we post something on Monday that says, Hey, new episodes coming tomorrow, you know, kind of getting the, reminding you that it’s a new episode tomorrow, you know, and being really intentional about that. Tuesday’s the big new episode posts. And I have my guests try to get on board with sharing it.

And we, you know, big party that day, that it all the new episode. And then Wednesday, because the person that does my show notes takes out these little tweetables with like little quotes. So on Wednesday we’ll post something that just has a little quote from the episode that just published and, you know, and so it’s kind of like another way of saying, Hey, we just published an episode, go listen, but just kind of teasing it out a little differently.

And then by Thursday, Oh Thursday, we do takeaways. So, because we get so much out of the show notes now. So like a little quote on Wednesday, Thursday, it’s like, okay. Takeaways from this episode or what we covered on this episode. Um, and we just like two or three things on a post. And then like Friday, we’d do something like a review, like a podcast review.

We will post that. And so it’s not like episode specific, but so every day of the week, the posts are all about the podcast, just a little differently. And then we just rent some repeat Monday, we start the next thing, but it helps us to get more out of each of the episodes and kind of all about the podcast instead of trying to be about everything else.

So that’s like one of the things we’ve been doing lately to, for promotion. Great. One of the things I talked about. Oh, did someone have a question? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I do Gabby today. Um, I have a question for Charlotte, Charlotte, uh, on your Instagram page where you did this, these blocks that this plus that is that on your personal Instagram page so I could see it or is it, um, on a business one?

Yeah, on the business one I’m a personal one. You’re going to see like me hiking and riding my bike and stuff like that. But, um,

so the, um, Dr. C H Huntley. So D R C H H U N T L E Y. Like, do you like to put in the chat? Yeah, let me do that. That’s a great idea. And that was the other question who’s using business Instagram versus personal. That’s a great question. Um, and just to clarify, so to promote the podcast, are you using a business Instagram or a podcast specific Instagram account or your personal account?

Is that, so I played around with this cause I was one of them. I was not going to be that person have more than one account. Um, so I started out doing everything in one, but because. And Instagram is not my main platform. It’s LinkedIn, but Instagram is the secondary one for us. So we get a lot of traffic that way.

So it’s, um, it’s important that we show up there, but it’s just too much. It’s just like too hard to compete. They’re too hard to keep up, trying to post something different every day, which is what we did for a long time. So I found that if I just keep them focused, if I can just have them, when they’re on Instagram, just thinking about the podcasts, not about coaching services, not about anything else, just the podcast.

Um, so my business account is, um, I just have it, the podcast title and is all about the podcast. So I just took away all the highlight reels. Like I used to do like, uh, a theme days, like on Fridays it was something about me and my dog or something personal, so they could feel connected to me or, you know, different days, but they should like to it way too much.

So it’s just podcasts and the highlight reels are the, you know, the first 100. 200 plus and, you know, whatever, I just have it all about the episodes and just the podcast. The link is just one link. It takes them to the website and podcasts. So it’s just, just the podcast. Um, and then my personal account is, um, it’s more like personal professional is still where it’s about me and like the stuff I like to do.

So my, what I’ll post about, there’s like bike riding or hiking or walking and, and my dogs. Um, and, and occasionally the, the bike riding, cause I like the south outdoor stuff. And like, if we go hiking or things like that, that’s kind of my personal kind of branding, but it’s still like the people that want, I feel like they’re getting to know Dr.

Huntley can like follow that. So eventually once I do a little bit more personally, I’m going to kind of link them together. Um, so that people in the bios can like go between the two. But, um, but that’s just how that works. I have a real red regimented schedule of how I post personally. It’s just, if we go, when we went to, um, we went, took a vacation to the mountains, took tons of pictures.

I’m I’m a lot like, um, Cheryl was saying, I love capturing the beauty and being present in the moment. And we were in the mountains. I took all these great pictures and the, the hiking, the waterfalls, all that stuff. And then just as I feel so inspired, I’ll share it like later, not trying to post it in real time.

So I have a lot of stuff on my phone that I want to share, but it’s just a way to personally connect with me. Um, and that’s why I have the personal one, but I just did it to separate out and keep the business one all about the podcast. If that makes sense, I feel like I babbled along, but does anybody else want to share their experience with, um, and I don’t know, Lindsay, if this is something that you want to share on too, about how you cause your business and your brand are so integrated in your podcast is so integrated to your business.

I was curious what you did with yours. So I don’t have my speaking headphones and hear me okay.

Yeah. I know. It’s tough with that. Um, so yeah, I said really finding that balance, like, I’m like, please come in your marketing things because I’m not doing that much. Um, I I’m so finding a balance, the tool, like right now, my, my example, my outro is like to learn more one of my website, but there’s literally talk about like specific programs, um, to join.

And so I might try that out, but like really, I’m kind of a hot mess right now with that. I’m just still in the mode of like, let’s get them up. Let’s find a rhythm. Um, So that’s my answer. Like I’m kind of a hot mess. Um, anybody have more of a specific question? I can’t answer that’s okay. I was just curious because your brand and your cause you’re a solopreneur and you’re a service-based business and your podcast is directly tied to yours.

I was curious if you had a separate podcast, Instagram versus

doing them together all under one brand. What I actually did is I ran with my work. Let’s say more podcasts that I’m actually more so that messaging into my business. So it’s like, how do you get to a hundred tapes? I’ve worked in less than play more? How did you go possible business by working with the same ones?

But I’ve actually, I’ve actually kind of done the reverse, like pull my plug in to my, in the messaging. Um, and so it’s all under one umbrella, which is how do you build a business without burning out, working less and play more? Um, as all my. Right. And I want to just reiterate that clearly by the steps that you put in the chat is that you’re walking the walk and talking the talk of your podcast.

Um, so on a, on a separate marketing strategy, kind of moving away from Instagram is anyone using Pinterest to market their podcast? If you are a fee, if you have a female target. Audience. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but Pinterest is the third largest search engine in the world. Say, you have Google, you have YouTube, and then you have Pinterest.

So Pinterest is a great discovery platform and it’s very under utilized and you can, so what you can do is they have business accounts and Pinterest, as well as personal accounts, you can create a podcast. You can create a Pinterest account under the name of your podcast. And every time you release an episode, you can post and post to the Pinterest board.

Um, you can also like, for example, um, we mentioned our interior design client on this call before. One of the things that they’ve had a lot of luck with is they have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the best podcast for interior design. So, um, You can, whatever your business category is or the category of your podcast, you could create a best podcast for divorce resources or best podcasts for health and wellness or best podcasts for, um, mompreneurs.

And then you can post your podcast marketing there. And then if you have other podcasts or other things that you see, you can post there as well, but never underestimate the power of women in Pinterest. And, um, and realizing that it is the third largest search engine. So that’s a very, um, under served under utilized unknown podcast marketing platform.

That’s a great one to start utilizing if you’re not utilizing that already. So, does it, is anybody currently using that, that they would like to share how they’re doing that? This, no, this was very encouraging because it had been on my list and I had heard wonderful things about it. I haven’t done anything.

And so I think I’m going to make a move on Pinterest right now, because it sounds great in terms of, and I don’t mean to go back to Instagram, but, uh, Jen traffic has both a PR. She has to PR personal and business. And I, I, I’m kind of thinking of doing that myself cause I, I blended the two, although I have a program a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday podcast regimen.

Um, that there’s something I wanted to do personally, that I kind of have a gut feeling is going to be beneficial to me, uh, professionally and financially. And just listening to you, Charlotte. You know, talk about how you do this. Um, I think I’m going to open up a second, uh, IgG account just personally and go for what I have had on the back burner and see how that goes.

And I do love your suggestions about how you flesh out the entire week, uh, Charlotte, um, on IgG and I can add two more days. And that sounds so reasonable. Yes. And. Jen does a great GENDA. Din does a great job with her Instagram marketing, uh, wish she was on here today to share with us about it. But, uh, she does a really great job.

She’s very active with it. And she also does a really good job of using interns to help with that. Because one of the things that I love about what you were bringing, um, I think Tommy, you were the one that was saying, what else he said is when people say you should, or you could that usually time, money and resources is involved in the execution on that.

Was it you that said that Elsie said that I did not. I might’ve been Cheryl. Cheryl. Yeah. Okay. Um, so, um, I think that’s such an important thing to thing because it can feel really super overwhelming when we’re on these calls to the together collectively, and we’re saying, oh, well now I’ve had great success doing this.

And I’ve had great success doing that. And you’re just like, okay, I can’t do another thing. Or am I blind? My brain is going to bust wide open. So I think, um, one of the things that I’d like to say terms, whatever marketing. Pathway you choose is choose the one that a, that you’re energetically attracted to because you’re going to be more likely to be engaged with that platform.

If it’s a platform that you currently use. So one of the most important things about marketing is not necessarily how many platforms you optimize and how well you optimize them, but how you engage and interact in addition to where you put things out. So you can put things out on everything to be discovered, but to really build genuine connections and grow an audience within those platforms, you really need to be energetically connected to the platform.

So if Twitter is not your thing, and you have a podcast platform that can connect to Twitter and just post automatically, that’s great, people will discover your episodes and you may get new listeners that way. But if you’re more, if you spend more personal time on Instagram, then you’re going to be more likely to make comments on other people’s posts.

For example, you’re going to be more likely to post yourself, utilize the story feature you’ve said. So you really want to look at all of the platforms in an equal way in terms of discovery and try to be as efficient as possible and being on those platforms, but choose one primary platform. And then engage on that one the most, because that’s where you’re going to build those authentic relationships.

And then secondarily, I also want to speak to LinkedIn and we did talk about this a couple of weeks ago, but in the course of this particular conversation, I want to bring it back up again. And that is the idea of adding value to people’s DM boxes. Now this doesn’t have to be limited to just LinkedIn, but I know I have the context of which I shared this was before in the, um, the unstoppable entrepreneur.

Who’s hosted Kelly Roach. She utilized this particular strategy and she, um, raised the, her podcast to be number eight. This is about a month ago. She raised her podcast. She was number eight in all. The business category, the business and the sub marketing, she w her podcast got to number eight. And the way that she did that, what she credits to doing that was to creating value in people’s inboxes by sending them specific episode links.

So yesterday I was working with one of our clients, um, beyond the balance sheet and beyond the balance sheet is a, um, they’re a recovery center based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Their podcast is targeted to finance, uh, wealth advisors, trust officers, CPAs attorneys, accountants, who might identify their high net worth clients being struggling with addiction issues.

So that’s a very specific niche, super specific niche. So what we recommended to and what I was utilizing that strategy that the unstoppable entrepreneur use as successful. Is category categorizing your audience. In this specific case, they target CPAs. They target attorneys, they target financial wealth advisors.

So going into your link and, um, audience cottage create a spreadsheet, categorizing the different, um, the categories first and then your connections within those categories, and then go through your episodes. And if there’s a specific episode that this PR for example, a CPA could benefit from, then you send them the, um, the direct message that says hi, I, you know, I know you’re working with a lot of high net worth individuals.

I thought you might enjoy listening to this episode on how, um, people struggle XYZ. Um, so that was the strategy that I implemented specifically for that particular podcast, or who’s very, very niche, but it can be. Um, you can use it on Instagram for, um, you can do DMS on Instagram, you can do DMS, but the, the most important part of this strategy is that you are adding value.

You’re not just sending them, Hey, I have this podcast. I thought you might want to check it out. No you’re saying like I recognize and see value in what it is that you do. And I thought this might add value to that. And so you’re giving them an, a return on investment for their time and even opening the message and then listening and their downloads.

What I mean, we just put the strategy into place for one of our clients. So it’ll be another 90 days before we’ll track the results, but it’s something that you can absolutely do no matter what your category of your podcast is, but the key is, again, you’re adding value, but secondly, you’re not sending the link to the show.

You’re sending a link to a very specific episode that you think that they’ll connect with and want to take the time to listen. I’m checking on the chat cause we’re wrapping up, but I just want to make sure we get everything covered. So, um, let’s see, uh, lots of Pinterest comments. Uh, let me get back to this.

So side note from Lindsay, I definitely post Instagram stories, audiograms, et cetera, as well as posting on Facebook. And in my newsletter, I do a YouTube video that coincides with the podcast where we break down something that the guest says and actionable steps. Love that. And yes, I want to do so much more, um, Sammy to everyone.

Pinterest is great because if you have a pen that does really well, the pen stays live forever. A lot of people still get traffic from specific pins after years. So it really helps drive clicks and engagement. Whereas Instagram posts pretty much die and are not relevant after 24 hours. That is such a good point.

Thank you, Sammy. I think that is an amazing point. So glad. Um, and again, in Pinterest, you can show up in search with an old post, whereas on Instagram you have to continually post every day to stay relevant. So if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, get on Pinterest and that’s from that’s from our Varian Sammy.

Thank you, Sammy, who also happens to be a really excellent social media manager and strategist. So yeah, I think you guys can tell, um, Tracy mentioned you can create an account for your podcast. Is that a special kind of account? Um, it’s basically just like opening an account on any other social media platform.

You just open it under the name of the podcast versus your own personal name. Um, and then she said, and Anne’s more specifically saved me. He says you would want to create a business account. Then you can link it with your website and podcast and in your pen. You’re able to add a link to each pen. So lots of great stuff on Pinterest, everybody.

And then there’s a request for Sammy to do a tutorial. So we’ll, uh, I bet you that we can make, maybe make that happen. Just, just think we could, we might have an end with Sammy to make that happen. We got full on thumbs up on that one. Lots across the board. Okay. Sammy, you’re you, you might be our guest speaker next.

Um, okay everybody. Thank you for such a productive call. Every everything from planning your brain to wellness to burn out to marketing strategies is just so fantastic. I appreciate all of you and we will see you next week. Bye.

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