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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    11-22-21- Elsie's QA- It is that time of year again...content strategy for the holidays!
  2. 11-18-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Interns and other podcast support, networks and opportunities to monetize.
  3. 11-16-21- Jess's QA- Editing shortcuts, introducing yourself to listeners, and what to talk about in your podcast.
  4. 11-11-21- Traci's Coaching Call- testimonials and guesting on podcasts.
  5. 11-08-21- Elsie's QA- Sponsorship and advertising.
  6. 11-04-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Wins! Niching and rebranding.
  7. 11-02-21- Jess' QA- Marketing and social media
  8. 10-28-21- Traci's Coaching Call- A blast from the past and getting high profile guests.
  9. 10-21-21- Traci's Coaching Call - SPL wins and re-purposing content!
  10. 10/07/21- Traci's Coaching Call- Guest rapport, growth strategies, & setting boundaries
  11. 09/30/21- Traci’s Coaching Call- social media wins, mistakes happen, and group referrals
  12. 09/28/21- Elsie's QA- It’s the headphone episode!
  13. 09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
  14. 09-14-21- Elise's QA- Artwork, downloads, and sponsorship
  15. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  16. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  17. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  18. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  19. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
  20. 08-19-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Connection and community, terms of service, and Apple Podcasts
  21. 08-17-21- Elsie's QA- Content warnings, "my story" suggestions and more
  22. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  23. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  24. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  25. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  26. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  27. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  28. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  29. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  30. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  31. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  32. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  33. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  34. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  35. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
  36. 06-22-21- Elsie- Elsie talks faux pas, burn out, remote interviews, and Zoom fatigue
  37. 06-17-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Branding, support, making your podcast searchable, release dates
  38. 06-15-21- Jess- Release schedules, branding dilemmas, and taglines.
  39. 06-10-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Support and wins, rebranding and branding strategy
  40. 06-08-21- Elsie's QA- Is a listen the same as a download?, the benefit of third party podcast services, and finding the right people
  41. 06-03-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Taking a break between episodes
  42. 06-01-21- Jess- Membership sites, content calendar, and super-secret birthday surprizes.
  43. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
  44. 05-25-21- Elsie's QA- Talks; bugs with the new Apple update, keeping it authentic, and website integrations
  45. 05-20-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Talks about editing and interviews
  46. 05-13-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Traci answers questions about the Spotify + Apple Podcasts subscriptions among other things
  47. 05-11-21- Elsie's QA- A question about Apple Podcasts artwork not showing up and a super deep into Elsie's own productivity journey
  48. 04-05-21- Jess' QA - Podcast sponsorships, audience engagement, podcast hosts and community input.
  49. 04-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Rapid fire information- prepare for 1.5hr call next week, marketing and challenges that podcasters face.
  50. 04-27-21- Elsie's QA- New Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscription announcements!
  51. 04-22-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Relationships with co-hosts, difficult conversations and member support
  52. 04-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Clubhouse, self care, and new opportunities
  53. 04-13-21 - Elsie - Content for premium podcasts and expectations around $$
  54. 04-08-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Fears around perfectionism and podcasting to publishing
  55. 04-01-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Email lists, social media marketing, and trying new things
  56. 3-31-21 - Elsie - Rebranding, posting to YouTube, and marketing to your subscribers
  57. 3-25-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Workflows and marketing strategies
  58. 3-23-21- Jess – Design talk, rebranding, consulting and monetization
  59. 03-18-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Workflow Tips
  60. 03-16-21- Elsie - A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now
  61. 03-11-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- All about sponsorships
  62. 03-09-21 - Jessica - How much data is too much?
  63. 03-04-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  64. 03-02-21 - Elsie- Engagement, Early Release & Adult Content
  65. 02-23-21 - Jessica- Talking Engagement in your Niche
  66. 02-18-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  67. 02-16-21 - Elsie's QA testing out Run The World
  68. 02-11-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  69. 02-09-21- Jessica- Media Kits, Website Links
  70. 02-04-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  71. 02-02-21 - Elsie
  72. 1-26-21 - Jessica
  73. 01-21-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  74. 01-19-21 - Elsie
  75. 01-12-21- Jessica
  76. 01-07-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  77. 12-22-20- Elsie QA- Planning for 2021
  78. 12-17-20 - Traci's Coaching Call
  79. 12-15-20 - Elsie
  80. 12-01-20 – Elsie
  81. 11-19-20- Traci Coaching Call
  82. 11-17-20 - Elsie
  83. 11-12-20- Traci Coaching Call
  84. 11-10-20 - Jessica
  85. 11-05-20- Traci's Coaching Call
  86. 11-03-20 - Elsie
  87. 10-27-20 - Jessica
  88. 10-17-20 - Elsie
  89. 10-12-20 - Jessica
  90. 10-06-20 - Elsie
  91. 09-29-20 - Jessica
  92. 09-22-20 - Elsie
  93. 09-14-20 - Jessica
  94. 09-08-20 - Elsie
  95. 09-01-20 - Jessica
  96. 08-01-20 - Elsie
  97. Special Jess & Elsie QA!
  98. 07-11-20 - Elsie
  99. 06-23-20 - Jessica
  100. 06-15-20 - Elsie
  101. 06-9-20 - Jessica
  102. 06-02-20 - Elsie
  103. 05-28-20 - Jessica
  104. 05-20-20 - Elsie
  105. 05-12-20 - Jessica
  106. 05-05-20 - Elsie
  107. 04-28-20 - Jessica
  108. 04-21-20 - Elsie
  109. 04-14-20 - Jessica
  110. 04-07-20 - Elsie
  111. 03-31-20 - Jessica
  112. 03-30-20 - Elsie
  113. 03-24-20 - Elsie
  114. 03-17-20 - Jessica
  115. 02-25-20 - Elsie
  116. 02-18-20 - Elsie
  117. 02-11-20 - (Take 1) - Jessica
  118. 02-11-20 - (Take 2) - Jessica
  119. 02-11-20 - Jessica
  120. 02-04-20 - Elsie
  121. 01-28-20 - Jessica
  122. 01-21-20 - Elsie
  123. 01-14-20 - Jessica
  124. 12-19-19 - Elsie
  125. 12-17-19 - Jessica
  126. 12-3-19 - Jessica
  127. 11-26-19 - Elsie
  128. 11-12-19 - Elsie
  129. 11-09-19 - Jessica
  130. 11-09-19 - Take 2 - Jessica
  131. 11-7-18 - Jessica
  132. 11-5-19 - Jessica
  133. 10-29-19 - Elsie
  134. 9-24-19 - Elsie
  135. 9-17-19 - Elsie
  136. 9-11-19 - Jessica
  137. 9-3-19 - Elsie
  138. 8-27-19 - Jessica
  139. 8-20-19 - Elsie
  140. 8-7-19 - Jessica
  141. 7-16-19 - Elsie
  142. 7-11-19 - Jessica
  143. 7-3-19 - Elsie
  144. 6-28-19 - Jessica
  145. 6-28-19 - Elsie
  146. 6-11-19 - Jessica
  147. 5-28-19 - Jessica
  148. 5-23-19 - Elsie
  149. 5-14-19 - Jessica
  150. 5-9-19 - Elsie - Podfund Discussion
  151. 5-7-19 - Elsie
  152. 4-30-19 - Jessica
  153. 4-16-19 - Jessica
  154. 3-19-19 - Jessica
  155. 2-19-19 - Jessica
  156. 2-5-19 - Jessica
  157. 9-27-18 - Jessica
  158. 9-20-18 - Jessica
Lesson 88 of 158

10-17-20 – Elsie


Elsie 0:05
Then that done, it’s always, it’s always such an issue with

the stream health

that I have going on. Hello, my friends.

Unknown Speaker 0:29
Hello, hello.

Elsie 0:32
Here we are

paying attention to all the things. And I am looking at the chat to see that that’s okay. I’m going to go and check what’s going on with the stream to just make sure that everything is going well. Over over there. And all the things. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see.



So glad to see you. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay. Yay. I am excited. Okay. So I am seeing all of that stuff. Just as a quick quick FYI for those of you who are watching live inside of the super squad. On the right hand side on the page over at Super Squad dot She Podcasts calm are Leah, welcome. At the bottom, there is a little area that says have a question. And you can actually over Well, I don’t even know which way I go. It’s at the bottom. And if you tap I think that you can still Why isn’t it working? Is it not working? That’s dumb. Video seems okay, good. Well, I’m glad. Because I don’t know what’s going on. I guess the question is not working. Hello, Lera. So nice to see you. Yay. All right. So just write all your stuff on the chat. It seems like the question and and the question thing is not working, which is kind of lame. I thought that it would be easy for you all to do it because it had a little area where you can do it there. And I don’t know. I don’t know why it’s not working because it should be working. But alas, it’s not. So you can write in the chat. And I will address any comments that come up. So we were just having a meeting, y’all. So let me give you a little behind the scenes. podcast movement began today. podcast movement began today. And I Well, not today yesterday. And we are planning the women’s networking event that is happening tonight at 6:30pm. And I’m going to be dressing up, I’m going to try to do makeup and actual makeup with no brushes, and no like stuff like stuff. I don’t ever I have never really done like makeup before. So I found a makeup tutorial. And of course, they’re using all the things I don’t have, I’m going to try to put it together. And I’m going to be dressing up as an energy vampire is the only thing that I could come up with, because I really don’t have any anything else. So I will be wearing one of my daughter’s wigs and doing the makeup. And we we are now we just finished a planning session to get everything ready. But what I wanted to tell you is that doing virtual stuff, man, I’m telling you, they’re having us use this new platform. It’s called shindig, let me see if I can write it down here so you guys can see it. So there’s an app, but there’s there’s also a desktop thing. And when you use shindig, it’s like a whole new experience, like people keep saying that having these virtual events are a different experience or a new experience or whatever. But it really always ends up being like a zoom meeting, right? Because that’s what it is. Well, this is an actual new experience. Very different. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Because if anybody’s here that was there, then oh my god, it’s crazy. It has these flowing like things at the bottom where like the floating heads and people can get together and talk and then there’s people up here and I’m telling you it is insane. So I just wanted to let you all know Hello Sandy. Welcome, welcome. So it’s gonna be great. Jessica is also dressing up, we are going to be having we’re going to be playing games, we’re going to be playing music, we are going to be what else are we going to be doing, or we’re going to have a costume contest. So obviously, if you can costume, you’re this part of your body. We’re going to be doing that we might give away some prices, because Jessica has some prizes at our house that she can still give away. So it’s going to be fantastic. And so that’s us. We’re preparing for today. But alas, I have not seen any questions. I usually get some questions here and there, but I did not. But I actually wanted to go ahead and answer a question that I saw. Hold on one second, my beloved is texting me. Because he’s bringing me some lasagna from Whole Foods. Karen says I filled out the form to test to Libsyn five beta what happens next? Okay, great. I will answer that question. Give me a moment. Awesome.

Yeah, cuz my, my love, my daughter got her thing turned off.

Unknown Speaker 6:17

Elsie 6:19
my her arm. She broke her arm and it was finally taken out. So this was a very, very awesome, awesome, awesome thing. So let me answer one more question because of the Super Squad. Yes, we’re having the Super Squad. Okay. So Karen, let’s, um, may steak steak. I

Unknown Speaker 6:43
said steak.

Elsie 6:46
steak. Okay, Karen asks, I filled out the form to see the Libsyn five beta, what happens next. So Libsyn is having is now has opened up their beta to see what Libsyn five is going to be looking like. So Libsyn five is simply just the next iteration of the Lipson interface. As of now we are still it’s just called Lipson for because that’s just what we have. But there’s no you know, no rhyme or reason. It’s literally just like the way that you had like an iPhone. And then now it’s iPhone 12. But it’s really just an iPhone. So once you fill out the application it takes about, that’s what this is what crystal told me, it takes two to three weeks for her to process those applications, because she’s doing it manually. Number one, number two, it’s only one person doing this. And she’s actually vetting The, the, the type of person and needs that the community has, and what access they get. And then afterwards, the access is also takes time. So it’s not like when you subscribe to an email newsletter, and then you just, it’s all automated and all of a sudden you’re in, it just takes a little bit of extra. And so she has slated it to be able to get to these, like in a batch form. And usually it takes two to three weeks. So I hope that that works out. Yeah. I asked under the queue tab. There you go. Let’s see, I see Lera Oh, I’m gonna put your question up there Look, my podcast post to YouTube. But the closed caption sucks. Do you know if there is a way to edit the CC after it has published? This Miss Lera is beyond my scope of knowledge. But I will look for that answer for you. Because this is also happening on Facebook. Did you guys know this? Did y’all know that Facebook is captioning stuff. I had no idea because we did those live, we did the live a couple of live Super Squad. We’re open type things in the large Facebook group. And when Jess and I when I was looking at the replay, and I was trying to write like a little bit of description inside of the live event, I tapped on the play just to see how it was going and it had all these captions at the bottom and I was like oh my gosh, what so I don’t know if you can and I have a feeling that they’re using around the same system. So I will if any of you that are happen to be here either now or later know the answer to this. Go ahead and you can actually email info at She Podcasts comm so that I’m able to answer that question, or that Justin I can follow up on it and even posted in the Super Squad later on to see if this is true, because that would be very weird. And I would hate to have that happen. Thank you so much Lera for using that. That q&a right there, which is awesome. I’m super stoked about that. You Whoa, whoo. Okay. arlena says I don’t have backup recordings, but I know I should be doing that. Do you know of an easy way to do that on a laptop? I have a scarlet preamp, but no fancy soundboard. Okay, I see what I’m what you’re talking about here. Okay. So this is how I, it depends on what you’re recording into Aralia, if you can. If you can. Let me know in the chat, what the initial recording is that you’re doing. So if are you doing a solo recording? Are you doing? Like, are you recording a Skype conversation or a zoom conversation? Or, you know, a Facebook Live conversation? Is that what’s happening? or insert, please, because that will help me get the backup. I will let you know what I do now currently, for myself for my own podcast, as a backup, you are recording on squad cast? Okay, perfect. So what I would do is I would do squad cast, and I have done this in the past. In fact, I did it in the last squad cast interview that I did, because I am deathly afraid I’m going to lose my side of the conversation. And at this point in time, my capacity to be able to reschedule something is really really low. Like

Unknown Speaker 11:21

Elsie 11:22
my god time right now is at the most it’s so important to so I did this, you start doing your squad cast in the same way that you always did. But if you have the capability to be able to record locally, and this is how I do it for me, I use an app called and I’m going to an hourly, do you have a Mac or a PC? or a Mac or Windows machine? Somebody told me to be clear, a Mac or? Or in a Windows machine? What do you run on your computer? So I use Amadeus pro to do the recording. And at the same time, so squad cast is doing recording you have a Mac awesome. And I also have I also have a Mac I have Amadeus pro that I record into it is simply the same as having audacity it’s is the same as having GarageBand. I just like Amadeus pro because it’s I feel it’s a lighter app, it doesn’t is not a system hog, like GarageBand. Sometimes GarageBand is very resource resource intensive. So what I would suggest to you is you can have a backup using QuickTime, on QuickTime, you can definitely do that. I wish you know what, I’ve never done this before. But let’s see if we can do a quick, quick mini tutorial, I am just going to see if I can so bear with me, y’all. Bear with me as I try to do this for the very first time. So I’m going to share my screen application window and I’m going to see if I can find quick time. Here we go. All right. So let me know here we go. This is quick time. And you go all the way to the top. I’m not even sure if you can see this, but you tap on the top left, you let the file drop down, right. And then the file area drop down menu and you choose new audio recording. You tap onto that. Let me see if it’s showing this for you. I’m going to wait. I guess it didn’t do it. New audio recording it didn’t do it. And let me see if I can show you. screen again. application window. Let me see it. Here we go. So it’s gonna look like this. See that? Yay. Okay, so you go to QuickTime right at the top, it’s actually recording me right now, as you can see, you got you have to go all the way to the top or left on the right hand side there is a file, you tap on the file and then there’s a drop down and then tap on new audio recording. So when you are on this, there’s a way for you to reset what you’re using. So you tap onto that and you see how it’s where the audio hopefully you’ll see the drop down menu. I’m not sure if it’s gonna catch it up on where you see the little arrow, it’s not showing it to you. On the right hand side of that little recording button. It actually creates a drop down menu and in that drop down menu, you can choose what the microphone is in that drop down menu. And then it also right below that it also asks for quality. And then you pick maximum maximum and you pick the microphone that you want. I’m going to go ahead and stop that. So you really just tap on the middle, right? You stop the recording? Well, actually, that’s the recording now, I guess, or is it saving it? I don’t even know. So now it’s recording it wasn’t before now it’s recording. And then you go ahead and stop it right through the middle. So we’re finished with that. I hope that that made a little bit of sense. I’ve never shared screen. The, what do you call this thing? The, this one here. So yeah, quick time. So that can really help. That is a really easy way for you to have a backup backup recording, you know, using Camtasia, like leora is mentioning in the in the chat as well in the background for video. And audio is also a choice. My trepidation with something like Camtasia. And something like squad cast going on at the same time is that you do need to have a computer that can support those processes happening happening at the same time. And for audio purposes. Although I’m because right now you’re using squad cast, I assume audio is your thing that you’re focusing in on, then having that backup audio is more important. So the quick, the Quick Time is the best, it is not the most, it’s it, although it’s a light app, you really have to make sure that you pay attention, that you pick the right microphone that you make sure that you stop it. So two things you’re going to forget is number one, you’re going to forget to start it and to choose your microphone, and number two, you’re going to forget to stop the recording. And if you forget to stop the recording, your you’re gonna not it’s not that you’re going to lose it. But there’s a possibility that you don’t stop it, you shut the computer down, you lose, you lose that recording. So essentially, you’re it’s kind of moot everything that you’re doing. The other thing that I love, and I’m going to put it in the chat right now, this is a wonderful investment, a it’s called audio hijack.

And I’m going to look for the website really quickly so that y’all can can see where it is, this is a fantastic tool. I just love this tool so much. And I have been using it instead of using ECAM Call Recorder for Skype because I have been very unhappy with the quality of that recording. It had something happened. It’s not the same. I think in a pinch, it works great. But there’s something happening with the processors in there that I’m not okay with. So I’m now using audio hijack and audio hijack is an app that I have been using since I started podcasting. I bought the first it used to be audio hijack pro way back in the day. And they took the pro out and just made one app. But it is fantastic. It actually is is capable, it is essentially an arm, a digital mixer. So it’s able to pull audio from a bunch of different places from your website. And it already has presets in it so that you essentially just press a button and it hijacks the audio from apps from voice conversations like it has a preset for like a Skype conversation or a zoom conversation. And the lovely thing about it is that you can really set the levels on both sides, you can have a split conversation, like it’s just so rich, and I’ve been using it as a workflow for the feed lately. So what we do is I run Skype. And so I do two separate things. For when I record with Rob, I run Skype, we hear each other, but I’m recording my track on Amadeus Pro. And then I also record both of our tracks on audio hijack. So I have my backup of the recording the backup of the audio hijack, which is both sides of the conversation. And then Rob is also recording his conversation on his side using e cam. So we have those two versions as well. So if I lose any of our audio, I can have at least one other backup from somewhere. So that’s what I do.

Karen says you can assign the same mic and QuickTime as you have going on to your preamp you can so when I chose it, I wish you would have been able to see Karen the drop down because there’s a little drop down menu that comes down and you’re able to pick it so right now the mic that I picked was not this mic because this mic is not being read by the computer. It’s my it’s my Road caster pro that is being read by the computer. So it’s kind of fun that it’s being read there. And then I just bring it in here. And we’re all good. And I’m going to check that recording afterwards and see what happens, right? Because I kind of really love that. It’s super awesome. Okay, so I’m going to go check on the q&a, because maybe there’s another question. But allows there’s not, I’m gonna go ahead and archive this question. I really liked that little area with the question. So if you can ask a little question in there, that would be fantastic. I would love it. And audio hijack, okay. Yes. And at some point and it but it is audio hijack is not the, the simplest thing to use at first, because you have to really get used to being able to use it. And but once you get the idea, then you’re fine, then it’s not that big of a deal once you start to do that. Okay, I’m gonna double check to see if anybody’s talking. Okay. So the next thing I have to talk about here is I saw this question, and I think I’m going to address it, it was in the forums. And I really want to go back and address some of this because I think that this is going to be this is going to be a bigger issue as podcasting starts to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And this is a question from Jen with two ends over at the forums in the community. And I don’t, it’s in the General tab. And she asked, claiming podcasts across various aggregators. And Jen says, wondering if anyone has thoughts on best practices around the never ending stream of notifications I get most recently from a site called bramble.fm. About claiming our podcast on these platforms. On the one hand, it feels impossible to keep up with as they’re bazillion of them. On the other hand, I worried that letting them go unclaimed could result in erroneous info, etc. Thoughts? Is it worth my time to play this? Wakka moly, guacamole? You know, I don’t think it’s worth your time to play this guacamole. Whack, not walk, whack. amole. Lee, I don’t think so I think that there is a time and a place for all of these things. And there are some key places for you to really, really go claim your show. And that would be Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, amazon music now. So four places right now that you must claim. Those are solid and strong. Those are the top four aggregator apps that are out there, they essentially make up 70% more than 70%, maybe 80% of all podcast listeners listening 70 or so I have to look at it. I don’t really have the data in front of me. So I can’t, but at least 70%. So yeah, all of that stuff. And places like maybe pod chaser pie chaser is really growing a lot. That is a place where that is loving and wanting to be the I am dB of podcasts. So it’s where people are going to go search for your show. It’s like a directory, right with all of the things in it, it’s pulling from hopefully, it’s not actually pulling, I don’t believe from the apple podcast API, I think they might have started to do that. But you can actually expand a lot more information into pod chaser, those are really good places for you to be all of the smaller ones are the ones that are actually making you are the thing that’s going to make or break them. So it behooves them to reach out to you to have you go into their platform and import the information, they can use the apple podcast API. And they would fill it with over a million podcasts like that.

The reason they’re asking you to claim it is because they want users they want people to go use the platform in the same way that we’re trying to build the She Podcasts Super Squad, in the same way that we are enticing you to come in here for value, my hope is that you are getting value and that you will come in here and ask very key specific questions. But it does not mean that you need to go to all the places because the whole point is we need people in here in order for the value to expand and grow. And a lot of these platforms are banking on the fact that the podcasting space is becoming so famous that they want to have people engage and the only way to do that is if they get you the podcaster to love on them and share about them. So yeah and and amazon music Danielle you don’t really have to claim it because they don’t need you to claim Because it’s yours all the information is in the RSS feed, you don’t have to claim it anywhere else. I think that there, there’s, um, at some point there will be a portal. In the same way that podcast, excuse me, Google podcast has created a portal for your content, the same way that you have Apple podcast Connect for your content, right. And the same way that Spotify also has the producer hub for your content. And that is generally accessed by the email, I believe that is inside of your RSS feed, like something is tied to the RSS feed itself to the feed itself. There is no way to claim that without having access to the email address is my understanding. This I’m not quite sure on so I’m gonna have to be very, very, I’m going to ask that question to see if anybody could possibly claim your show. That is not you. But it’s really hard for somebody else to do it. Yeah, that’s just not not not cool. on Apple podcast, Apple podcast, Google Play amazon music, pod chaser Spotify, what was the ones that you mentioned, those are the ones I mentioned. And actually, it’s not Google Play love. It’s Google podcast. So Google, and write that down, not Google Play. It’s a Google podcasts. As Google Play is going away, Google Play is going to disappear, it is going to become YouTube Music 100%. So there will and already, I think they sent an email out where they’re no longer supporting podcasts. So oops. And so Apple podcast, Google podcast, amazon music, pod chaser Spotify, five places where it’s imperative for you to be. And for you to, you know, if there is a portal of whatever, then that’s you. With a lot of these things, there are destinations, right? Like we have on libsyn. This concept of destinations is also being used by other podcast hosts out there. And what that means it’s just, you know, you do your show, and then they have the possibility to spit out your show. And to get into these other directories from directly from within your podcast host of choice. Lipson has a bunch, and I think that lives in has the most, but at the same time, having the most doesn’t necessarily mean that every single one of them is of equal value to others, right? The latest one that was added was player.fm, which is a solid app. But I don’t know I mean, it doesn’t really matter. But if you fill it all out inside of the Lipson directory, essentially, you’ve essentially claimed it, you’ve claimed it because you have submitted your RSS feed in there. There aren’t very many places that have a sign in place.

So I hope that that makes sense to you. And I think that this the hooves me to speak on the fact that there is that issue that’s happening in inker lately, where what they’re doing is they are essentially, I don’t even know how they’re doing it, because I haven’t really looked into it. But they’re cloning feeds, they’re cloning content, they are opening up free, because it’s free, right anchor accounts. And they are, I believe what they’re doing is that they’re importing somebody else’s RSS feed into anchor, I think, I’m not sure though, the exact things but they’re cloning that feed, and they’re submitting that show. And so what they’re doing is when they submit that show into anchor, so it’s I don’t believe they’re going into Apple podcasts, they’re just submitting them into anchor. When people are, let’s say, looking on anchor to listen to a show in there searching for your famous show. The that’s what’s gonna come up not your show, because you’re not hosted on anchor anchor, it’s its own destination. And the way that anchor saves not saves makes money because they are free, you have to remember that there’s no way that somebody is just going to create a service as beautiful and streamlined as anchor is without there being some kind of business that has been set up around it. As of this moment, the business of anchor is being acquired by Spotify. So when the Big Daddy came and bought them, then they gave them essentially theirs. hate these little maps essentially gave them the money to stay afloat, right? It’s like having a big daddy anchors got a big daddy that’s paying for all the things. And they get to play, they get to design, they get to do things they get to market, they get to test stuff, they get fun things. And all of it is too long for people to come in. Because again, they just need more people because it’s free. But alas, the way that they’re making their money is Big Daddy, Big Daddy. And the second way they’re making money is ads. So there are ads that are platform specific they are, the system is set up so that you can sign up to make money off your show or to allow for dynamic insertion of ads inside of anchor. And so that’s how they make money because they’re serving these ads to people who are consuming the show inside of anchor. So if there is a show that is very famous, and is getting a bazillion Julian downloads,

and these people know now to import or however clone these feeds. And essentially Clinton and then the same claiming it. I’m not saying claiming it as in like they are actually using the RSS feed that the hook the home RSS feed, they aren’t making a copy. So it’s like they’re copying the content into in an anchor account. And so when they release those episodes that are not there, there’s that or not there’s people still like the content because it’s famous content. And they are making money off of the ads that are served when people listen via anchor. Okay, so anyway, so, um, yes. And then and Karen says, You’re right, and anchor shows aren’t vetted by Apple like everyone else has to correct. So there’s a there’s a setup right now that anchor and Apple talked at some point, there was a meeting between people who said, who shook hands or say, you know what, let’s go ahead and do this, where they decided to allow anchor the anchor platform to skip over the ability, the to skip over the process of going and submitting your podcast rssc, RSS feed into Apple podcast Connect, which is what the rest of the world has to do. Anchor doesn’t have to do that. So you open up an anchor account, you do your thing, and you everything else is done on the back end. So you don’t even have to think about it, all of a sudden, you’re an apple podcast. Awesome. This is great for a new person, somebody who doesn’t really know how to do all the things. And in all honesty, it is a little bit annoying. And confusing to know that when you open up an account and any other podcast hosting platform, you have to now do all the bits, fill out all the information and then get your RSS feed, and then go somewhere else and submit it there. It’s annoying, it’s confusing, it causes a lot of problems to new people. Those of us who have been around for a while have all kind of always had to do stuff like this. So we kind of know that this is the way you do it. And so we understand it. We understand the logic because we’ve been around it. We know what an RSS feed is we know how to start a podcast. But there are a lot of people who don’t have a clue. And so it’s confusing and hey, I don’t disagree. Anchor came up with a solution. Why doesn’t it all happen in the back end?

Makes sense. But

what happens is now they just are submitting and they’re not really getting that verification, which Apple is incredibly they’re really militant about it when it comes to do when you’re doing it on your own on Apple podcast Connect. They’re very militant about it, and it’s kind of like crazy. But when you’re doing it through anger, they don’t really bat an eye around it. They don’t like double check if this is a copy, they don’t check if it’s a duplicate. They don’t check any of that stuff because it’s just all in the back end. It’s all kind of being done. And unfortunately it really is just happening for anchor because no one Host has the privilege of just doing it on the back end and providing that service for all their listeners. So it’s not like they haven’t tried, I can tell you that podcast hosts have inquired, like your, you know, those of you who are mothers, or parents out there that are watching this, you and you have more than one child or maybe you have a child and a best friend, were my best friend gets to stay up till you know, 10 o’clock at night every night. How come? I can’t? This is what the podcast hosts have been coming up to Apple saying, Well, how come anchor gets to do that and we don’t. And as a parent, they’re essentially going like, Well, you can’t just get all the things that so and so is getting there’s no explanation. It just is a deal. Somebody knew somebody somebody had a conversation with somebody somebody happened to be having a good day that day and said let’s just give anchor that one extra thing. So anyway, I have nothing else I can say about that. That is like that is my my thing about anchor. All right, let me go look at the q&a and see if there’s questions. Oh my gosh, here we go. I see Karen Jackson. She says lots of stories about pirated shows on anchor can how can we check on ours? I believe that you can go and look at the anchor app. Karen if you have download the anchor app on your phone and then search for the show, because it should not be there. Your show should not be there if you’re not hosted on anchor I don’t know if you are hosted on anchor I don’t know if there’s going to be like to write I don’t know. I don’t know if that happens. So yeah, there’s that. And Lera says I heard that Lipson can publish right to my WordPress site. I use Beaver Builder platform truth or fantasy. I want to know is it really truth or fantasy that there’s a beaver builder platform? I’m sorry, I had to make that joke because that’s weird. Anyway, Beaver Builder. This is true. This is true. So there are two ways that libsyn can publish. And I’m gonna get very upset by these Nats. Yeah, two ways. One way is there is an on Publish feature in the same way that we’ve been talking about the destinations that you fill out the stuff and it spits it out into all these other places. Lipson has the capability of doing that to a WordPress site not burnt wordpress.com. So not the free ones, not the free ones. But the wordpress.com ones, those are the ones that.wordpress.org self hosted WordPress sites, okay. So you can set a destination, it also spits it out to blogger, you can actually do it to blogger, you can cross post to Tumblr. Those are other writing destinations, like blog destinations, if you happen to have those and use those in your community is there. It can also send them out that way. So yes, you can do that. You can set an on Publish destination, and it will publish your stuff out to your WordPress that is one way you can do it. It’s one way meaning you do everything inside of libsyn. And that shoots it out. And the same way that it goes out to Twitter and LinkedIn and all that stuff. And it does it. It’ll do it. It’ll create a blog post and it’ll give have a player and all the things okay. The other way is that there is something called the libsyn publisher hub, or publishing.

It’s either the libsyn Publishing hub or Lipson publisher hub, I can’t remember what it’s called. Exactly. And in that that is a WordPress plugin. So in it in and on it and of itself. It lives inside of WordPress, like any other plug plug in that you would have on WordPress, and you fill out all the stuff that you do inside of Lipson, but it’s all done in WordPress. So you treat it in the same way that you would a plug You know, you download the plugin, you open it up, you unzip the file it, you install it into the app, excuse me into your website, you fill it all out with all the details in there. And all of that stuff. There are a bunch of tutorials on the Lipson site on the Help Desk, that are about the libsyn publisher hub, where it does all these things. So it is capable of doing a lot of different things, you can do everything on the WordPress site versus having to go over to Lipson and do that one thing, and then copy and pasting and putting it over here. So it kind of does save time for some people. Yes, so that is true. But I’m going to give you a caveat here. I personally am not a fan of plugins very much, they tend to be a problem. Although they can be very powerful. I mean, this entire website that you’re on right now is run on plugins, it’s how we put it together is with premium plugins that have been designed to do things to in the back end, that can create experiences that were not originally created inside of WordPress, which is great. But each one of them necessitates a development team that’s really into it that can help you troubleshoot. And then sometimes things lock up. And then things don’t work and all of that stuff. So that’s a problem for me and plugins. Second of all, I find that I’m a little I want more hands on when it comes to when I publish from Lipson. So I usually write everything down inside of my computer. And that’s where I have all my show notes. That’s where I do all my work. And then when I go inside of Lipson, I really like the ability to publish the RSS feed. And I like the ability of me personally LLC, I’m not saying this is you, me personally LLC, I like being able to go inside of my blog post now and copy and pasting that there, I have the option of being able to move the player where I want it. I have the ability to if I have a problem, I can delete it, I can customize it better for myself. It’s not automated. So that’s what you like, lose, right? There’s no automation. But it has more customization. I like that. I like the fact that if something goes wrong with my website, I’m still able to do most of the other things.


that’s how I feel about plugins, especially podcasting plugins, because I just have seen too many troubles when it comes to podcasting plugins. I’m not too much of a fan. But if you feel really strongly with it, and it’s working for you, then you do it. I just, I just don’t like to troubleshoot very much. And I have found them to be a little too much of a headache. That’s just me. I might be an old lady now. So yeah, and Larry, you say that’s how I’ve been doing it, create a post and then customize the player HTML? I do I that’s how I do it as well, I prefer that. But yes, you can automate. But especially with that specific plugin, that libsyn publisher hub, it is a very powerful plugin. But at this moment, a lot of the dev focus, you know, the development focus, the people focus and the energy is going into creating Lipson five. So if that’s the case, then that means that there might be a little delay when it comes to supporting things that are broken or that are not working optimally inside of the libsyn publisher hub, versus other pressing things. So that’s something else to note. And that is complete transparency. I would at this moment until it’s like more stable and there’s more of a team at the moment. Like, you know, helping with it. I wouldn’t switch it around. I would keep it on doing what you’re doing. I find you know, sometimes it’s annoying. I mean, truth be told, it’s annoying. It’s an extra step. I wish I could just be done. But it’s never really hurt to take my time. And also I just like the ability that I am able to. I don’t know I like the separation. I like being able to go like the problem. This is what I love the problem is happening here and I can pinpoint it. So if something’s wrong with the Lipson account, if something’s wrong with my RSS feed, I know that everything is happening there and I know that they can fix it and they can really focus it in whereas when you add the the plug up a plugin, not even just the plugin, the Lipson publishing hub, but I’ll plug into the mix, it becomes a little more like what’s the where’s the complexity, where’s that point that might have gotten broken? So that makes sense. I hope it does. So, yeah. Anywho we have about 15 minutes, y’all. I’m going to look to see if there’s any other questions coming in here any other chat bits, bits and pieces of the chat that might have looked, I’m looking at my like stuff here, and it says like, average view time 159 EAC. And now it’s changed 165 minutes and 14 seconds, which seems a little extra to me, because y’all have not been here watching all the things that much. So I see that the Q and A’s are working. I am super excited by that. I really like that. And it looks like everything else is working as well. So So how about this? How Are any of you guys going into podcast movement? Are any of you attending podcast, movement, virtual, any of that stuff? at all? Because I don’t know. I mean, it’s happening now. And I heard that there’s been a couple of really great sessions and y’all, I don’t have time for that. I have no time to be attending virtual things. I mean, thank you for coming here. Because I adore you for making the time and that makes my heart full. But Dude, it’s so many things. Holy crap. Now Lera says NAD Karen says now, Daniel. Now. This point, I’m not sure. No, I hadn’t heard about it. Zoom fatigue rate, I’m telling you. And also here’s the kicker, y’all. I got a meeting. Like there’s meetings, you can set meetings with people, which I understand it’s like really helpful and awesome. And Karen says, but Charlotte podcast conference has some great free sessions. Yeah, that’s really great. But, but in all honesty, like, there’s a meeting so I have, I’m not here to like, be like, I’m so busy. Oh my God, my time. It’s not that it’s just that, seriously, I’m getting things to I’m a mom, I’m dealing with my children, their cheese, oh, I don’t even know what she’s doing over there right now. And I’m here with you. So it’s not there’s never not a time when I’m doing something other than when I’m sleeping. Or I wake up at five, you know, and I have from five to eight in the morning to work by myself right? And do stuff. At night I like to unwind with some kind of Netflix series right now. We’re watching Stranger Things with the family. It’s been fantastic. Every night, we get together and we watch a couple episodes. It’s awesome.

I love it. It’s delicious. It’s my favorite thing. I don’t want to learn anything. I’ve been learning so many things. And I’m working with people. So I’m all this to tell you that there is a an option of scheduling time with you. And since Libsyn, is there as a sponsor, it’s like we have a booth, right? So we have a virtual booth. And you, you you there’s hours where you can request to talk with us, which is what we want because it’s a business and you’re investing, right. But so now I have meetings for work. I have meetings with my clients. I have planning, She Podcasts stuff. And then now I’m adding these other distressed DJ networking meeting things to the mix. And I’m not sure how I’m I have one now I have one now I have one. Another one. And again, if you’re watching person that scheduled a meeting with me. I’m glad and I will be thoroughly excited to speak with you. But alas, it is so much. All right. I haven’t seen any other questions come in. My hair looks very Brown. By the way, did I tell you my wig is gonna be blonde. I’m gonna have a blonde wig wearing a blonde week. So it’s gonna be great. All right. II think that all the things time for a beach and a bite. I know, right? I’m telling you. No, I just want to chill. I don’t want to be talking to him. I mean, you know, I’m coming in here. If they want to come in here and have a session with me, I’m cool with that, by the way I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing office hours to where you get to chat with me for like 15 minute chunks. And it’s just you and I. So we’re going to figure all of that stuff out and I have Oh my god. I have other ideas of some things like some trainings and some wonderful zoom events that I’m going to be bringing in here. Now. I know I was just talking about zoom fatigue and all of the things that you guys have to do, but at the same time, this is going to go into a little area and the library where we can be like, Oh my god, I don’t know how to do blah, blah. And then we can just go go here, look at this, but it’s just gonna be so much more fun. I think that would be so great. I love that. So anyway, I just thought I’d share. I think that I will be done I guess because

Unknown Speaker 50:19
well, oh my gosh.

Elsie 50:23
Oh my god. All right. Here we are. And I think we’re done. I think we’re done. I hope somebody can come and we should have screenshots and sharing about goals night out. That we did. yesterday. That’s been a huge thing. What’s another thing we finally recording? There will be a shoe podcast that’s coming out on Friday. God willing. And yes, nice and early on. Leah says Okay, tell us where to find you tonight in your blonde wig. I know. Right? I’m gonna see if I can take a screenshot. Um, and and lasagna. That’s right. I hope I actually don’t know if I’m gonna be having lasagna today. Because it’s like, it’s like, I think I’m gonna have it tomorrow. But alas, uh, yes. So I think I’m going to take a screenshot because I’m gonna see what I look like. And Jessica was not having it when she saw me when I tested the thing. It’s like a short blonde wig. So we’ll see what happens. And make up I found a tutorial I told you guys that. So I’m excited. Even though I’m probably gonna suck so bad at it, but it doesn’t really matter. Because it’s the only dress up I’m gonna do anywho All right, thank you so much, everybody. Thanks for showing up. Yay. I’m so excited. I wish we could keep the chat so that the people can see the chat on the side. But once I leave, I end the event. It’s gone. But those of you who are watching the replay Hi. Maybe next weekend. Come watch Jessica live

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