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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    10-21-21- Traci's Coaching Call - SPL wins and re-purposing content!
  2. 10/07/21- Traci's Coaching Call- Guest rapport, growth strategies, & setting boundaries
  3. 09/30/21- Traci’s Coaching Call- social media wins, mistakes happen, and group referrals
  4. 09/28/21- Elsie's QA- It’s the headphone episode!
  5. 09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
  6. 09-14-21- Elise's QA- Artwork, downloads, and sponsorship
  7. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  8. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  9. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  10. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  11. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
  12. 08-19-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Connection and community, terms of service, and Apple Podcasts
  13. 08-17-21- Elsie's QA- Content warnings, "my story" suggestions and more
  14. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  15. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  16. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  17. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  18. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  19. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  20. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  21. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  22. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  23. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  24. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  25. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  26. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  27. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
  28. 06-22-21- Elsie- Elsie talks faux pas, burn out, remote interviews, and Zoom fatigue
  29. 06-17-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Branding, support, making your podcast searchable, release dates
  30. 06-15-21- Jess- Release schedules, branding dilemmas, and taglines.
  31. 06-10-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Support and wins, rebranding and branding strategy
  32. 06-08-21- Elsie's QA- Is a listen the same as a download?, the benefit of third party podcast services, and finding the right people
  33. 06-03-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Taking a break between episodes
  34. 06-01-21- Jess- Membership sites, content calendar, and super-secret birthday surprizes.
  35. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
  36. 05-25-21- Elsie's QA- Talks; bugs with the new Apple update, keeping it authentic, and website integrations
  37. 05-20-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Talks about editing and interviews
  38. 05-13-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Traci answers questions about the Spotify + Apple Podcasts subscriptions among other things
  39. 05-11-21- Elsie's QA- A question about Apple Podcasts artwork not showing up and a super deep into Elsie's own productivity journey
  40. 04-05-21- Jess' QA - Podcast sponsorships, audience engagement, podcast hosts and community input.
  41. 04-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Rapid fire information- prepare for 1.5hr call next week, marketing and challenges that podcasters face.
  42. 04-27-21- Elsie's QA- New Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscription announcements!
  43. 04-22-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Relationships with co-hosts, difficult conversations and member support
  44. 04-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Clubhouse, self care, and new opportunities
  45. 04-13-21 - Elsie - Content for premium podcasts and expectations around $$
  46. 04-08-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Fears around perfectionism and podcasting to publishing
  47. 04-01-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Email lists, social media marketing, and trying new things
  48. 3-31-21 - Elsie - Rebranding, posting to YouTube, and marketing to your subscribers
  49. 3-25-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Workflows and marketing strategies
  50. 3-23-21- Jess – Design talk, rebranding, consulting and monetization
  51. 03-18-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Workflow Tips
  52. 03-16-21- Elsie - A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now
  53. 03-11-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- All about sponsorships
  54. 03-09-21 - Jessica - How much data is too much?
  55. 03-04-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  56. 03-02-21 - Elsie- Engagement, Early Release & Adult Content
  57. 02-23-21 - Jessica- Talking Engagement in your Niche
  58. 02-18-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  59. 02-16-21 - Elsie's QA testing out Run The World
  60. 02-11-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  61. 02-09-21- Jessica- Media Kits, Website Links
  62. 02-04-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  63. 02-02-21 - Elsie
  64. 1-26-21 - Jessica
  65. 01-21-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  66. 01-19-21 - Elsie
  67. 01-12-21- Jessica
  68. 01-07-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  69. 12-22-20- Elsie QA- Planning for 2021
  70. 12-17-20 - Traci's Coaching Call
  71. 12-15-20 - Elsie
  72. 12-01-20 – Elsie
  73. 11-19-20- Traci Coaching Call
  74. 11-17-20 - Elsie
  75. 11-12-20- Traci Coaching Call
  76. 11-10-20 - Jessica
  77. 11-05-20- Traci's Coaching Call
  78. 11-03-20 - Elsie
  79. 10-27-20 - Jessica
  80. 10-17-20 - Elsie
  81. 10-12-20 - Jessica
  82. 10-06-20 - Elsie
  83. 09-29-20 - Jessica
  84. 09-22-20 - Elsie
  85. 09-14-20 - Jessica
  86. 09-08-20 - Elsie
  87. 09-01-20 - Jessica
  88. 08-01-20 - Elsie
  89. Special Jess & Elsie QA!
  90. 07-11-20 - Elsie
  91. 06-23-20 - Jessica
  92. 06-15-20 - Elsie
  93. 06-9-20 - Jessica
  94. 06-02-20 - Elsie
  95. 05-28-20 - Jessica
  96. 05-20-20 - Elsie
  97. 05-12-20 - Jessica
  98. 05-05-20 - Elsie
  99. 04-28-20 - Jessica
  100. 04-21-20 - Elsie
  101. 04-14-20 - Jessica
  102. 04-07-20 - Elsie
  103. 03-31-20 - Jessica
  104. 03-30-20 - Elsie
  105. 03-24-20 - Elsie
  106. 03-17-20 - Jessica
  107. 02-25-20 - Elsie
  108. 02-18-20 - Elsie
  109. 02-11-20 - (Take 1) - Jessica
  110. 02-11-20 - (Take 2) - Jessica
  111. 02-11-20 - Jessica
  112. 02-04-20 - Elsie
  113. 01-28-20 - Jessica
  114. 01-21-20 - Elsie
  115. 01-14-20 - Jessica
  116. 12-19-19 - Elsie
  117. 12-17-19 - Jessica
  118. 12-3-19 - Jessica
  119. 11-26-19 - Elsie
  120. 11-12-19 - Elsie
  121. 11-09-19 - Jessica
  122. 11-09-19 - Take 2 - Jessica
  123. 11-7-18 - Jessica
  124. 11-5-19 - Jessica
  125. 10-29-19 - Elsie
  126. 9-24-19 - Elsie
  127. 9-17-19 - Elsie
  128. 9-11-19 - Jessica
  129. 9-3-19 - Elsie
  130. 8-27-19 - Jessica
  131. 8-20-19 - Elsie
  132. 8-7-19 - Jessica
  133. 7-16-19 - Elsie
  134. 7-11-19 - Jessica
  135. 7-3-19 - Elsie
  136. 6-28-19 - Jessica
  137. 6-28-19 - Elsie
  138. 6-11-19 - Jessica
  139. 5-28-19 - Jessica
  140. 5-23-19 - Elsie
  141. 5-14-19 - Jessica
  142. 5-9-19 - Elsie - Podfund Discussion
  143. 5-7-19 - Elsie
  144. 4-30-19 - Jessica
  145. 4-16-19 - Jessica
  146. 3-19-19 - Jessica
  147. 2-19-19 - Jessica
  148. 2-5-19 - Jessica
  149. 9-27-18 - Jessica
  150. 9-20-18 - Jessica
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11-12-20- Traci Coaching Call


Traci 0:44
Hey everybody,

Unknown Speaker 0:47
get this?

Unknown Speaker 0:49
I love the Oh boy,

Unknown Speaker 0:51
man, let me tell you, I just realized how I look.

Unknown Speaker 0:55
Reach through I’m like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 0:59
I’m not sure that was better, but that’s all right. Um, we had a really, really early start this morning with client calls and none of them were on video obviously. Oh, okay, well, we’ve got such a great group today. I’m so excited. All right, do we have anyone? Hey, Amy? Um, Do we have anybody on the call today so far, that has not actually ever joined this particular call? And, and if you haven’t muted please mute just so that we can minimize background noise. And, and if you have never been I’ve never been on the call with us. Yet today. Please kind of waves wave your hand and. Okay, Melody. I thought that might be the case. No, just waiting to be sure. Um, would you mind introducing yourself and telling us about your show and a little bit about you? Maybe something fun that we don’t know that we’d love to know? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:04
mere melody? melody? Norma melody.

Unknown Speaker 2:08
Were you talking to me? Okay, melody and then Melanie?

Unknown Speaker 2:11
I’m sorry. Okay. I just left it in thinking I was it.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
Okay, that’s the way we do things here. We

Unknown Speaker 2:17
talk here, right. I have a partner that I’m working with. And we’re only in the planning stages. We’re actually only in the planning. No show. So literally, and I can almost never get on this call. And I thought come through my email. I’m like, I’m just going to leave on there. You know, so. So there you go. So we we don’t have anything going yet. But we’re you know, we’re working on that 2020 was going to be the year and then we all know the dumpster fire that is that year, the 2020. So we can we can get that far in this year. It I’m from Colorado native in Colorado. Um, something fun. Well, that’s fun. There’s not that many of us left I guess.

Unknown Speaker 2:56
It’s kind of a day you’re native of Colorado, right? There are a lot of people moving into Colorado. That’s

Unknown Speaker 3:01
literally any meeting I’ve ever in. They’re all like no I came from elsewhere. I so I mean, I could send the third third generation born here. So there you go. I guess

Unknown Speaker 3:10
what we’re so happy you’re here. Can you tell us what you’re focused on what your show will be about General San Pedro that

Unknown Speaker 3:17
I will try you know, we’re still working out target target audience and all of those fun things, but it’s gonna it’s called speaking from experience. And it’s me and a partner we’re gonna we’re gonna go in and you know, ask, as to women speaking from experience, obviously, we’re it’s probably going to be 40 inapt targeted to women 40. And up and we’re still working out who that’s going to be, you know, is it is it, and what, what we’re going to talk about, but it’s going to be real. It’s that whole thing, we’re talking real stuff, real life real, you know, and sugar coated, but with humor, tight subjects. I wish I had more to tell you. But now maybe even on it, you know, it takes that kind of work in the beginning to really, to really get there. So,

Unknown Speaker 3:58
right. And you know what, you’re in the right place. There are several people, I don’t know that I’d see a couple of them on this particular call right now, but have come to us exactly where you are. And as a community, we have helped you and walk you through building it out and provide ideas and brainstorm. So don’t be shy at all about asking any questions, and we’re just glad you’re here. So, Melanie.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
My name is Melanie Weller, I joined briefly a couple months ago, but my, my internet was not cooperating at the time. And so if I should not have any issues with that today, the I am a physical therapist by conventional terms. My expertise is in the vagus nerve. And that’s and and its role not only kind of physically and physiologically but also as the bridge between your story and your body. And so my podcast is getting ready to launch. I’ve got a logo design and things are coming together on an introduction and those kind of fundamental things. And I don’t know something fun about myself, and I’m having a hard time. I’m working so much these days. I’m thinking about something fun about myself. I love Colorado and love to ski. I wish I could. That’s my

Unknown Speaker 5:27
Where did you say,

Unknown Speaker 5:29
I’m in the world. I know, I’m in New Orleans. So I’m very far away from the mountains and

Unknown Speaker 5:36
well, that I’m actually closer to the mountains than ever because of my recent relocation to Taos, New Mexico. So I can say I definitely am seeing why people appreciate the beauty of the mountains. I’ve just always been an East Coast girl. And I’ve always been an East Coast meaning like literally on the coast on the East Coast girl. So it’s a whole different world out here for me right now. But I’m learning to love it. So and we did have a grandbaby born from last week to this week. And she is a girl. And everybody thought it was gonna be a boy. And so there’s lots of like, she is taking the world by storm just by being born. So we don’t have a name yet. So well, I’ll baby go to forges Whoa, what we know for right now. So anyway, I’m pretty psyched about that, which is one of the primary reasons why we moved here. So um, all right, well, that’s my win for today is that, that we survived the move and that we had a grand baby girl say that wins don’t always have to be about our podcast. But please share with us from last week to this week. If you’re here, if you’re just joining us a win or a celebration that you would like to share with the group and we can all congratulate you.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
If If I don’t get one, I will I will have someone manufacture one by calling on them because everybody has had to have had something small positive

Unknown Speaker 7:08
to happen for them in

Unknown Speaker 7:10
the last week.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
Okay, I was able to add my own pod bean description. How small does that go?

Unknown Speaker 7:16
That is because I happen to have very close personal knowledge of how important that show description getting edited. And this is a kid you know, I always like to use these also as teachable moments if it’s a fit. So what we started talking about this a little bit last week with the RSS feed and search and so here’s your here’s your whim that you didn’t share, dude, I’m going to share on your behalf. So when we discovered that Judas RSS feed actually had her name is Judy Weigel and her RSS feed when you go and search at the time when you would search Apple podcasts and you would search due to Judith, why go. The only thing that would come up in Apple podcasts was a podcast that she was a guest on, because the guests had her tagged as Judith lydell. And that was something that was discovered in the podcast on it. And so when that so it hasn’t even been 10 days, I don’t think from the time that her producer edited the RSS feed and she changed her social media and she changed her. Everything around that to have everything reflect Judith, we did on Tuesday, we did a search in Apple podcast, the same exact search we did before. We did the search in Apple podcasts. And all of her episodes came up on her show came up. And then in Google’s a little bit slower to to to list those. But she had already upped her presence in Google as well. But it was really exciting to see that whole screen of all of her episodes and her show. So just that little tweak is a win and and the one last piece that she added that was to change the name in the show description, which is what she’s celebrating but I’m celebrating the effectiveness and the quickness of that.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
So I cannot tell you that what I spent on that audit was worth its weight in gold. For that alone. Tonight on your stand how important it is, for the name your name to be consistent, I didn’t get it.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Well, because when you’re branding yourself, your personal brand is part of your audio brand. And if you’re guesting on other people’s podcasts, you’d consistently want to put yourself out there with the same name that you would use as your host as your guest as being a guest as being interviewed as being the person who interviews and also within your show descriptions and anything that you market yourself. That consistency. as subtle as that sounds made such a huge impact. It’s a It’s a great example just to show because really, Judy, Judith, like, would you really think that that would keep people from being able to find your podcast? And it absolutely did. So. Yeah. So okay, well, how are things going with you, Charlotte?

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Wow. See,

Unknown Speaker 10:22
while I’m still excited about pod link, and being able to use that, it’s just been nice because on social media, the big pool or the big call to action is for people to listen to my podcast is the, the top of the funnel for me. So being able to have that universal link was huge. So that’s been good. I think, probably the biggest win is it doesn’t have any to do with my podcast. But I’ve been dealing with some money mindset type issues over the really the last year, really getting to where I can charge, what I really want to charge and kind of, you know, getting pulling away from getting rid of little things that I would throw out there, I had like maybe a dozen different offerings and just trying to do away with a lot of those and getting down to the the three or four things that I really wanted to focus on. And they were all higher ticket. So it’s been a long process. But today, I had a consulting appointment earlier. And it was the first time I I pitched that number that I A month ago. I know I’ve said about six months ago, I probably pass out to even say it to someone, but I pitch it with such confidence. And it just flowed in the conversation. And he didn’t, he didn’t really hesitate. He grabbed his calendar, he’s scratching through it, I gave him like two payment options, you know, pay in full, or, you know, like, you know, this little payment plan, he grabbed this calendar, and he’s like, well, if we can wait till this date, I can pay it in full. And then he just like went on to tell me like how, like really the plan and like he bought into it mentally so easily. And I’m going to conversation but inside of one wasn’t really that easy. I waited all this time.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
I think that is an I think there’s so much to unpack with that, then I’m going to wait to respond to that until we have a couple of other wins. But I want to come back to that because especially on the call today, we have all women, and in claiming in asking for our value and setting our prices and how we ask for the prices is such an important part of what we do outside of the podcast. And there are a lot of people that I know on this podcast, who have service based businesses that their podcast is a funnel for. So I am definitely going to highlight that. And but before I do, let’s hear from a couple other people if you just want to say hello, if you just want to say where you are what you’ve been up to just love to say hello. Yes, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:50
it’s my birthday today. So my teenager was like you’re not working on your birthday. And the reason I’m sharing this, I’m not a big oh my goodness, it’s my birthday kind of person. But one, it’s the one day a week I go to the office, our office is completely empty. And it’s the one day that I come to the office. And I’m like, I’m not I kind of want that time to myself, and to I love learning and community. So even though I am still a newbie here to say thank you all because I really appreciate this sort of learning environment. And I look forward to this call. And it was like yeah, I’ll go to the office and sit with these lovely, lovely humans, women. And yeah, learn from y’all. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 13:34
Well, thank you for showing up on your birthday. And you know, I would say to you, but check me to tell you that would not be a guest said Okay, how about you Cheryl? Hi, good

Unknown Speaker 13:47
morning all. Um,

Unknown Speaker 13:49
wow, what

Unknown Speaker 13:51
is a win for me is really a loss. And I’ll try and get a share this without starting to cry again. But this past weekend, I was part of an amazing voiceover conference. It was three days, like 12 hours a day. really intense. And my why my big ask was what’s clarity. For me, I really need clarity, because my podcast has been suffering, meaning I haven’t been in production. My voiceover I’ve been trying to juggle literally two full time entities on my own, without farming anything out without getting assistance, what have you. And the big clarity I got yesterday was that I really in order to get to the next level with my voiceover, it’s going to require a push that I just don’t have in me right now. And I really miss my podcast and I’m getting people contacting me saying We miss you, where’s your latest episode and so I’m listening to that and paying attention to that because it brings me joy and I also realize the nature of my podcast is giving voice to people’s fear, but changing that into hope. And right now if there’s ever a time where people need to be heard and tell their stories, I believe is right now. So my wind is getting clarity that my podcast is my priority. And I was so looking forward to being with you all, just like Leah said. But at the same time, it’s a loss of going, Okay, I’m gonna lay this down right now. And I don’t know that I’m still doing that I have agents that still send me auditions. But as far as doing the hustle, I, I just can’t do that right now. And that was a lot to come to grips with. So like I say, it’s a win for me and clarity, but a loss in letting one of my babies go and trusting that if it’s meant for me to have, it’ll either come through my podcast, or they may not, it may not flourish in the way that I had envisioned it. So I hope that makes sense to all of you. Well, if

Unknown Speaker 15:59
I can, I’d like to share with you a personal experience I have that’s similar, but not the same. And we can stay out because the outcome of it is what turned out to be one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve been given. And that is I started my own business, actually in 2004. And it was focused at that point and evolved as as it was designed to do, which is a business development consulting company. And my true love was always broadcast radio. And I left when I worked in broadcast radio at that point in time, for almost 20 years, it was the top of my game, manage 12 radio stations, outside the Atlanta Metro, all formats, sports, talk, news, rock, radio, everything, it was what I eat, I could eat, breathe, and sleep it. But it’s, even though it’s at the top of my game, at that time, I was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. And financially I was set but nothing else in my life was going well at that time. And so it was a huge choice for me to not only exit that, but then also to start my own business. And like I said, it was focused on business development strategy. And through the course of that, then, let’s just call it 10 years for easy math, I had some really wonderful experiences, and I did a lot of consulting work on various things. I’m not kidding you that range from building a franchise from the ground up for somebody to launching a cookie line from their grandmother’s recipe with the coffee stain on the index card. And really some phenomenal opportunities in the business development side of things that was lucrative for me, but I never, I was just never soulfully connected to I love the winds of it. I love the work I was doing. But when podcasting had its resurgence, and back in 2015, I made a conscious decision to start Producer Podcasts, start my own podcast first, then start produce your podcast. And at that point in time evaluated, that I only wanted to work with people who were launching podcasts as part I only wanted to do business development strategy with people who are launching podcasts as a part of their marketing strategy. So I had laid down, if you will, any client that I had at the time that didn’t serve that niche, and that and you got to understand how risky that was, at that point time because people weren’t talking about podcasts like they are now that conversation was what is the podcast? Not how do I start. But I knew that that was what was right for me. And it was a risk financially. And and it was also a risk because I’m really, really good at business development strategy. And I was like, Well, what if I’m not really really good at being a podcast producer. And what I found from then till now, which is right out of Ms. Five years, is that I married my two loves and that I get to do what I love. And I still get to, to bring my business development skill set into working even on this call, I got such a nice compliment from Judith, where she had said that that really shines through for her that’s one of the values that she gets from this call is, is me having that business development side along with the Podcast Producer side. And I’m just sharing that with you because it really felt like I was I was taking a risk laying down laying down a part of what was important to me a part that was important to me financially, especially, and taking that risk to really focus on something that was making an impact to other people, which was helping them get their voices out and helping them tell their stories. And it sounds like to me out there. Like I said, it’s not the same story and the details are different, that you’re making conscious decision to do for you what you need to do for you right now. And by doing that you’re going to be making an impact and a ripple and other people’s lives. And that just trust that process and have that faith because and I always say it on these calls but I mean it every time I do like this is the highlight I love this part of my business, my work, my community, the conversations, everything that we have on these calls on Thursdays. And I would never have had that this what we’re having right now this chance this this business that I love so much these podcasts that are going out into the world, people telling their stories making impact. If I hadn’t made that very black and white decision, it felt so risky at the time. But I would never look back. So I don’t know if that helps you does,

Unknown Speaker 20:29
it does greatly. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. And that is what risk is about, you know, until you take a chance on something that your gut is telling you. You don’t know if that’s going to be the very catalyst that, like you say merges your worlds. And and maybe it won’t. And it’ll take you to a place that you never even thought possible for yourself. So I really appreciate you sharing that very much.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Yeah, absolutely. And even I get nervous. Let’s see my hands. Oh, my God. I mean, it’s been it’s been quite the journey. So thank you for that. Okay, I see a very happy smiley and fun. So I want to say hello to you and hear how you’re doing today. Highly.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Excuse me. Hi, ladies. Good morning, or afternoon, wherever

Unknown Speaker 21:18
you are.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
I guess for me, somewhat like I made a connection, or a bigger revelation to me. I mean, just with everything that’s been happening, and I’ve always been scared to use my voice. And a long time ago, someone had told me your voice is your gift. And I’m like, I can’t even sing like what are you talking about? Right? Like, it just didn’t make any sense. And and then recently, so I’m, I’m doing the Chopra, meditation teaching certification program. And so we have a study group on Sundays. And I expressed to the girls like how I was feeling and how I’ve always lived in fear, and, you know, for my family for using my voice and just just everything right. And so finally, it just came down to like, I expressed to them what I was feeling. And I felt safe, you know, and so they’re like, wow, like, that was just so powerful. And then one of the girls reached out to me, she’s like, Yvonne, like you stepped into your power using your voice and I’m like, I just like, it was like, huge for me to know that, like all the work that I’ve been doing. And then and now I get it like, Okay, my voice was, you know, what I was told my voice is not, you know, my gift is my voice, right? But it’s not the singing what I thought it would be right like what she was referring to no with me being able to express myself and I told them like, I’m, I’m on this mission to bring peace to the world. And I believe you know exactly what Deepak is saying that his mission is to have a billion people meditating because that’s what’s that’s like the catalyst, right? That’s gonna get world you know, start world peace, right. And it’s only 15% of the world population, which is nothing, right. And I’m like, it’s mind blowing to know that I am helping to plant those seeds of world peace by using my voice and, you know, sharing it in the podcast, right? And it’s like, Oh, my, so this week has been like, like, a big release. Like, of trying to figure out what I want to do. And understanding that and understanding my place. My, my purpose, my mission, I mean, it might not be my full purpose in life, but I, I feel so strong about it now. Like, I get it, and just having, you know, outside, you know, support, expressing, like,

Unknown Speaker 23:56
we see that you see that in

Unknown Speaker 23:57
you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Oh my god, I

Unknown Speaker 23:59
cry, I cry. So, it’s been a lot of crying. It’s just like, really, like, stepping into that space and everything making sense. And like, now I get it and, you know, thankful that I have the support where I can step step up and use my voice for for good and share. Like, we need more peace. We need more love, you know, because there’s so much negativity and hate and, like, everywhere, right? And so I was telling them that hurt people hurt people, but because they learn that right so if we teach them love and peace, then they can change that. And it’s like, oh, my goodness, yes, I’m in the right place. I’m gonna help teach people love and peace.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
And that’s amazing. And the observation that I would like to share with you on that and anybody, especially, Jen, you’ve been on the causal a lot along the way with Yvonne, like the one thing that I’d really like to point out to you Yvonne is like the True leaps and bounds that you have progressed through from the, when you very first came to the call. You really actually, if I remember correctly, you really didn’t even want to be on video, it took you a while to even come off a video and then you came up for video. And then you ask some really like you ask some very good like tangible like pragmatic questions, but you didn’t really talk about a lot about what it was that you wanted to do and how you wanted to do it. And then watching your, the beautiful progression of the confidence that you have behind your podcast has just been such a gift. NSC Jen nodding, so I want her to jump in. And, and but I just want to say before you do that, Jen, that, um, it’s a to watch how you have stepped into your own power and confidence behind the mic, and then taking that to the mic. And then seeing the response from people that have heard and listen to the message that you’ve put out there. The growth of your podcast has just been a beautiful gift to watch happen. And so I celebrate you with that. But you know, Jen, you please chime in?

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Yeah, no, it’s

Unknown Speaker 26:12
so true. I

Unknown Speaker 26:12
mean, like, I feel like when we first met, it was like, I don’t know, I had this idea. I have no idea what it’s gonna be or how it’s gonna work, or what this even is. And now you’re like, no, this is what I’m doing. And this is the mission I’m on. And this is who I’m helping. And like, that’s awesome. It’s so congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Thank you. And for the for the new gals, here. My podcast is called this side balance. And it’s a five minute bilingual meditation podcast. And so I purposely made it five minutes so that people don’t have the excuse of, I don’t, I can’t I don’t have time to meditate, right? Like, it’s five minutes, come on five minutes. Like, you can do it in the shower. You know, but I mean, that’s how it starts. Right? And so like I figured, you know, like even this meditate, like, I started doing the podcast before the meditation certification program came into my life. So it’s kind of like synchronicity how like, all these things have been happening. And it’s like, well, I started doing this, and then the podcast, and now I’m in the program. And I’m going to be like, an official,

Unknown Speaker 27:13

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Chopra center certified, like, it’s like, a big deal. Like, I didn’t get it at first. And then it was like, Oh, it’s so broad. Like, that’s huge. I’m like, Really? Then I started doing my job. Yeah, and I really didn’t know because like, I knew who he was. But I really, like, I mean, I was kind of like, all over the place, right? I hadn’t found a school and I wanted a school to teach me and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to learn. But then like, this came into my wife, and it’s like, this is the program. And I’m like, Oh, yes, I’m like, Yeah, let’s do it. And then I hear more about it. And then I hear about his mission and how he, you know, refers to the Dalai Lama’s quote about, you know, if every eight year old in the world would meditate, we would eliminate. or violence would be obsolete or something to that way, you know, to that point, right. It’s like, we would have world peace. And I’ve heard I heard that, like, years ago, and that’s always like, driven me to keep going and teach my kids and then I started teaching at the school and, and then to learn that that’s like, he references that a lot. And then that’s his mission. And I’m like, Oh, we are lying. Do Yes, I am in the right place. Like, I get it. This is like, mind blowing, like, Wow, thank God. So beautiful. And then having the support of this group to like, help me like, get my voice out there. You know, through my podcast, it’s like, super cool. Yeah. But

Unknown Speaker 28:40
it’s been a fabulous journey to watch. And I can’t even wait to see what even more unfolds, I want to just take a moment to really acknowledge you, Rosie, because I know where you are. At this time of day, you don’t actually have a the ability to actually share with us. But if you want to type something, I absolutely want to read it out. But I also at the same time didn’t want you. I just wanted you to feel like a real part of the group and know that we are celebrating you too. And we always appreciate that you’re here. So I’m Erin, how would you like to introduce her say hello to us?

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Hi, I’m, I am just starting on the podcast journey. I started back in maybe June. And I’m an architect and researcher and focus on how the built environment can help to shape how humans Connect. Um, I really admired what you How do I pronounce your name?

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Hey, Bo.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Yvonne. Yeah, I really, I really appreciated what she was saying about sort of just being a force of good. And I think that’s, I also feel when you guys were talking about her journey. I’m like, I totally feel like I’m having the beginning. steps have that there’s the first one of these calls I’ve attended. And I feel like I just yeah, basically only have questions. I’m like, oh, should I narrow? Should I do this? Should I do that? Which, you know, and it’s, it’s good to hear sort of like, there’s a long, it’s a long journey. And you can do it slowly and find your way and figure out what resonates. So, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:23
yeah, I was so happy you’re here. So since we have, we have two people, at least that are like on the call today, but other people I know that will be listening to the replay that are in that fundamental stage of building out their podcast why, so to speak. And I’d like to spend a few minutes on that, because I feel personally that really getting clear on the why, before you start your show is incredibly, just, it’s, it’s the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for your podcast. And as it will Evan flow. Um, we just, in fact, uh, you know, I just had a call with a client who they are. And this is, and I’m kind of just still coming off of this. And as part of the discovery phase and everything, nothing’s for sure yet, but I don’t want to share this experience from the first call that we had last week till the end. The second call we had this week, when they came to me, they’re just starting their podcast, their financial advisors who have such a specific niche they’re targeting this their clients, or physicians or anybody that has a, you know, a doctor, physicians health care, in their podcast is talk how to talk to your kids about money, right was like how they that’s what they wanted to do. That’s how they came. And they had, I’ve never seen any business or client in my life that had more of a detailed avatar, if you will. So one of the things that I always like to do when I do a discovery process with someone who’s starting to show is I always like to say, picture yourself walking out on that stage. And is that stage, you know, in a small local theater, is it a, is it a big stadium? Is it an amphitheater, like you get to pick what sides of that stages, but think to yourself, and especially in this is a great exercise to do, even if you already have an existing podcast, it’s like pictures, so sent kind of standing behind that stage, and you’re peeking out, and the people that are in those chairs, like they have made a conscious decision to show up to hear what it is that you have to say. And instead of thinking so much, necessarily about who it is, or what it is that you want to say, think for a minute about who are those people that have shown up to hear what it is that you have to say, because those are the people that are opting to take their time to spend it with you. And so getting really clear, it’s hard with podcasting, sometimes, because most of the time you’re in your own, like in your office or in your closet or in your house, and you’re talking into your microphone, and whether you’re interviewing someone else, and you can see them on video, or you have a co host, or whatever that is, it usually feels like a little bit of an isolated circle. And but the reality is, is that if it’s 100 people or 1000 people or 10,000 people that are listening to you, they’ve made a conscious decision to hear what it is that you have to say. So as you’re developing the concept for your podcast, really take into consideration who those people are. And the second thing so kind of walking along the story. So this post is extremely detailed, like I’ve never seen an A customer avatar so outlined in my wife, I mean, broken down by category, this girl has a name and every detail about this person’s life there was so broken out, and that I was a little overwhelmed. Like I was in a creepy way. I was like, Is this like a real human? Or did you mean you’re

Unknown Speaker 34:03

Unknown Speaker 34:04
And they kept saying like, we want to talk to Cali and their avatars person name is calling we want to talk to Colleen and we know that Colleen is this, this, this, this, this and this. And so finally today I said How are you sure that Colleen wants you to talk to her? Like you’ve nailed this person that you think that it is? But how do you know what it is that she wants to? For you to hear her say? Like and so I was having difficulty getting them to that place because they were so focused on this boxed in outline of this person. They took my exercise with the stadium obviously very seriously. But what they missed was that Colleen actually has to invite them in before she will ever even listen to what it is that they have to say. So, that was powerful for me, because I’ve done that exercise with every client that I’ve probably ever worked with the whole, like picture who’s in the seat, things like that. But the missing piece that I never really transferred over is, but how are you sure that, you know why are they there? And how are you sure that they’re and how are they going to invite you in. And so they exercise their use that I took that and then I created a new exercise that I think could be kind of fun to try, is that I said, Okay, now let’s do this a little differently. If you’re in a smaller venue, if you’re about to go speak to a smaller group of people, you’re not in the stadium, you’re not in the amphitheater, you’re not even in the local theater, you’re like about to, you’re at a conference about to do a breakout session. And you’re in the room with these people that have signed up for your breakups, a breakup, breakout session. Because if you think about it, when someone discovers a podcast, it’s almost the same as like, when you look at a conference lineup, and you see the speaker, and then a little bit about the speaker, and you’re gonna go, I’m gonna go to their session, I think I would like to learn that. So that’s really where you are with your show description when you’re launching to new people. So then I said, How are you? When you when you’re about to do that breakout session, and you’re mingling with them in the room before you go and do your presentation? What are the conversations that you’re having with them. And that was such a big breakthrough, because the conversations that they were having their goals were they wanted, they didn’t want to sound like a corporate podcast, they wanted to be a genuine, they wanted to be authentic, they wanted to feel connected, they wanted to build community, like we all want those things, right. But they just couldn’t get there to how to have that conversation. So and these are two guys too, by the way. So they’re sitting. So they are saying, Okay, well, before I would go on stage or do the presentation, I would I would talk to them about the bachelorette. And isn’t it you know, the fact that they have cultural diversity in the best way this year, or the fact that the how great it is that the girl on the bachelorette, found love the first episode or whatever. And I’m not a big Bachelot, watcher, but you can’t watch entertainment news without hearing about it. And then all of a sudden, what really came to clarity is that this person has this really unique ability to have empathy and compassion and insight on women in a way that was not condescending, not patronizing, and was solutions oriented. And all of that ended up becoming that they’re going to create an essence a morning show for Colleen. So all of a sudden, it’s not about Collins credentials in or credit or all the things for this board.

Unknown Speaker 37:46
It’s about how they’re going to invite calling to trust them to be a part of their community that they’re creating with this podcast, and how they’re going to earn Collins trust first, before they can even move into a call to action or move into a way that is going to ultimately, you know, monetize the show and things like that. And I don’t really have an end game to this that I’m sharing with you in terms of like a takeaway tip, except for that it was so powerful to see that evolution of really focusing on for the first time the person who was going to listen to their show, and not think about how they were going to talk at the person listening to their show. I think that was the real thing that evolved that event. And I think if we can all as podcast host, think about how we’re going to get our listeners to trust us and want to hear more of what we say instead of talking at them with what we think that we think they want us to say. Then we really broaden our, our opportunity to really build a true community. So as you’re starting to build your podcast and start your podcast, or if you’re thinking about evolving your podcast to the next level, and build community around that, like what can you do as a host that you can can continue to feel like that you’re speaking to them and to their peers, their colleagues in the in that that they would want to invite other people to hear what it is that you have to say. So does anyone want to share? Maybe that that your if you already have your podcast up and running some of the thoughts that went through your mind when you were watching your show?

Unknown Speaker 39:38
I will,

Unknown Speaker 39:39
I’ll say Yeah. Okay, because I actually

Unknown Speaker 39:43

Unknown Speaker 39:44
my podcast as a response. I was already getting a lot of questions from different people, but they were the same type of questions. So people that didn’t know each other, but they were all Public Health students or graduates, usually in grad school, or just recently graduated, they were asking career related questions, but the questions were similar. So I noticed that and I was, you know, engaging with them. And then I started trying to move it to like a forum and like a group and, and then ultimately, I’ll let me just do a podcast because you know, if these people actually finding me and asking questions, and there was similarity, then maybe if I put it out there, they’d be more. So I started answering questions that were coming to me. And then more questions were coming. And I just continue with answering questions. And that kind of moved into interviewing other people so they could hear what other people had to say about the same questions. So it grew more and more of the same type of people listening just because it, you know, I was able to kind of safely assume, and I’m a researcher, so I hate to make assumptions. But I can safely assume that, you know, more people wanted to hear that. And, and it works. So we just kept the conversation that, you know, we felt like they wanted to hear growing. And that’s kind of where it started and continued.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
Excellent. Jerry. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 41:09
it’s funny when I was originally going to start my podcast, there, there are a bunch of evolutions right before I launched, um, the first was just, I want to start a podcast, I could actually do about 20 different things. You know, where do I Where do I want it to be what of these, you know, probably three or four main categories, like do I want to go into so I started listening to shows that were in those categories. Um, and I found that in the wellness space, in particular, there was a giant gap. Um, and so that’s where I was like, Okay, this is where I need to be. The other thing is, I was out to dinner with a friend, we were talking about a book that she was reading, um, about her kids, she was reading it for her kids to understand her, like neuro development type things. And we were talking about it, and I was sharing some things. And she said to me, I feel like I should do your program. So I know. So I know these things for my kids, but like, I’ve never had an issue. So, you know, I’ve never really had to focus on it. And so what that reinforced is that there are, there’s an audience out there who’s looking for this information, but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to pay someone to get it. And they’re willing to put money toward it with the right information. But they’re not looking for, like, my 12 week curriculum, to teach them some of these things. So that really directed some of the shifts in what I thought I was going to talk about, like, um, this is sort of a long winded answer, but like, at one point, so I’m a health coach, um, I have a specialty in weight management. And I do, I did this probably 10 plus years without having groceries in my house. So the point is, like, you can do this eating out every meal, like I did it for 10 years, you know, and people are like, seriously, like, for real? So, so part of what the conversation originally was, like, oh, maybe I do like restaurant things, you know, but then that was sort of like hyper local, even if it was a chain restaurant, there’s something weird about it. So shifted away from that, and sort of added some other elements and really got clear about the value that I was offering. Um, and you know who the audience is, because it’s while there’s overlap with my typical client, it’s a different audience. And then, like, the podcast membership, came out of understanding the podcast audience, again, compared to my typical client, and so sort of offering those different pieces. Um, so it’s a process, right, like, I launched the membership, maybe five months, four or five months into my podcast.

Unknown Speaker 44:00

Unknown Speaker 44:01
so you know, it’s evolved. But I will say, once I got that clarity, that hasn’t changed since I started my podcast, and all that sort of happened before. Even recording like episode zero, like that intro.

Unknown Speaker 44:19
And I what I really like about what you’re saying also is that you’ve given yourself permission to have an ebb and flow, and that you’ve given yourself permission that maybe what you want, you know, you you identified a gap. And then to Charlotte, to your point you already had, there was a thirst for the knowledge that you had and the questions that people want answers to. So you were able to really validate your niche out of the gate because of identifying the gap, knowing that there was a place for what it is that you wanted to say, but even in the most competitive spaces in and I consider, definitely, you know, the weight loss space to be highly competitive. It’s how you say what you’re gonna say, and how people hear what it is that you say that really truly builds that audience and then ultimately, that community. So even if there are a tremendous amount of possible podcasts in your category, they’re not going to say it the way you say it, they’re never going to process it have the insights have the same perspectives that you have, and you share. And what is like minded to you and in like minded to another host may be completely totally separate. And so I think it’s also really important to, you know, that’s where we, we’ve talked about this before, for, and especially with new podcasters want to say it, again, is that you have a niche, and then you have a niche again, and then even niche further, in that, I think I actually did use this client as an example, the same one that I’m talking to, that’s still evolving, because their financial advisors with a niche on physicians, with a niche on talking to physicians about how to talk to their kids about money. I mean, that is like, if you want a niche that is like niche, niche niche, and so encourage you, as you are defining your why for your podcast is not to stay at that level of here. Because you can really refine your audience and you’re trying you’re I have been talking a lot for a long time today. Um, but I think that’s important. And then to pivot if you need to. So if you’re putting yourself out there and not. And that’s where I love the research side of things where you can start to send your audience questions you collect through a newsletter database, and things like that is to continue to ask and get feedback on are they getting what it is that they wanted, when they initially came to your podcast. And then also just kind of bringing in Yvonne story about how, and when she very first started, it was five minute meditation. And then she was open and willing to, to suggestions from this group to pivot, and then actually add in lengthier episodes with experts and q&a and things like that, so that she could broaden her base outside of just the actual listening to the meditation. But keeping the this is one piece I want to make about that. But she keeps intact, the meditation piece. So she never just does a one off, she may have a new interview or something like that. But she also does keep that meditation piece consistent. So Judith, did you have something you wanted to pick up? So

Unknown Speaker 47:34
you know, so I know that you’ve been saying all throughout our meetings about niche niche niche, and I really do get that. But I’m looking at the people that are the most famous broadcaster, so to speak, that shows larry king, Oprah, these were very broad based people, and they became worldwide entities. So how does niche compared to how they’ve developed their shows?

Unknown Speaker 48:04
I mean, that do you think that that is a great question, I, I think that there’s some element of building your core first and then expanding out rather than being all things to all people and then trying to hone in. And so because of, you know, really being able to refine your message, hone your message, really figure out what your area of expertise is, and then grow out from there. So like me using an example that we talked about, specifically to you and your show, so your, your show is amicable divorce expert, and your and your focus is on amicable divorces. But ultimately, as our conversations have evolved, it’s really about teaching people how to communicate in do we lose Judas?

Unknown Speaker 48:57
No, no, no, you’re

Unknown Speaker 48:58
right here. Okay. So it’s really like, it is the amco divorce expert, and you are fundamentally talking to people who want to achieve an amicable divorce. But ultimately, you’re what you’re really teaching people is about communication and, and, and being amicable in controversial situations, right? So absolutely right. And so that then once you have that core expertise in that space, then you can actually broaden out think of a good example of this might be Chicken Soup for the Soul. So he was he became famous with Chicken Soup for the Soul. And then his brand built out for chicken soup for the parent soul chicken soup for the professional soul chickens. I don’t really know how many iterations there are chickens, but there are a lot of them. And so what what I’m, what I’m really thinking about in the lines of the question that you’re asking is, if you’re claiming to be an expert in your space, you have to really be very Nicole, and not broad. But then once you have that expertise claimed a lot like Dr. Phil Dr. Oz, like Dr. Phil was born out of Oprah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 50:13
and so she, her beef controversy in Houston.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
Exactly. And then Dr. Oz and so she’s a lot and Rachael Ray. I mean, she’s launched a lot of independent experts, but her expertise is this broad based ability to bring people in and then help them in these different areas. Whereas I think with podcasting is slightly different simply because it is it, it is something that you want to claim that niche first, and then build your brand around that and then expand it out. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Oprah’s niche, by the way, is education. She always said she wanted to be a teacher. And so her classroom and she said it on the show, her classroom is the show. So teaching, if we were going to look at a niche, you’re absolutely right, is teaching. Yes, but for our better selves,

Unknown Speaker 51:00
right. And yours is teaching people to communicate for their better selves going through a very difficult time. And eventually, you might ultimately become the amicable expert, as opposed to amicable divorce. I mean, you just

Unknown Speaker 51:14
oh, I totally, I’ve already advanced that that’s exactly where I plan to go. So thank you for bringing that up. You’re right.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Yes, absolutely. Yes, Leah.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
So one of the things that this brought to mind when you were talking about kind of working with that, that those podcast hosts about, like, what is it that their folks want? I do breath work. And one of the ways that we reframe, talking to families about writing a birth plan is, let’s focus less on actual outcome. So like physical or medical outcome, and let’s focus on brainstorming, how do you want to feel as you move through this, and so we have an exercise that we run through with them that has like, every kind of feeling we’ve ever heard people use to describe how they felt during their birth. And then that is a stepping point for them to move from being so focused on physical outcome to how do we want to feel? And I would love to see that same kind of exercise for podcasting. Like, what is it that you maybe not? How do you want your people to feel, although that would be very appropriate for our podcast? But like, what is it that you’re hoping to do with this? Is it solution based? Is it entertainment? Is it being funny, like, I know that I would personally in this formation period of starting a podcast really appreciate having a giant list of helping us to hone in a little bit more, we have this really broad idea of like, we want to have a podcast and we kind of think we wanted to feel like this other podcasts we listen to, but it would be fantastic to hone into. Where are we really at? So if anybody out there would love to create a resource like that, or no other resource like that, that would be awesome.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
And okay, but I need a little bit more clarity, because I am so interested in what you’re saying, but I’m not exactly clear what you’re asking.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
I think I’m asking for a list of how do people who have podcasts talk about what they’re trying to do with their podcasts? Are they you know, responding to, you know, I’m I suck at names Charlotte, like Charlotte said, hers was really a response to all of these questions and realizing if so many people have these questions, there are likely so many more people. So I’m going to answer these questions in this format that’s really going to get out there. So like filling a need that was already knocking at your door, and realizing you’re going to open your door to a whole lot more people by doing a podcast. And so just understanding. I think more where do people realize they are landing in terms of how they’re serving their audience? and Jen? No, we

Unknown Speaker 54:03
keep going. Okay, sorry. No, no,

Unknown Speaker 54:06
I have a thought but like, we have you finish.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
Go for it.

Unknown Speaker 54:11

Unknown Speaker 54:13
I think that comes down to less about you, and what you want to share, and more about who it’s for, and what is the need that you’re filling? So like, you know, your client,

Unknown Speaker 54:29
who’s the podcast listener, why

Unknown Speaker 54:31
would they be listening? Are they getting something different by listening than they would if they were working with you would listening add to what they’re getting by working with you? Is the objective for the people listening

Unknown Speaker 54:45

Unknown Speaker 54:46
then decide to work with you? Like, it’s almost a little bit of a shift in how we’re thinking about it?

Unknown Speaker 54:54
And I think what’s tricky for us is that our podcast is gonna stand alone, like it’s not going to be Be, we have an online course. So our business is going to kind of like promote the online course as a sponsorship sort of a thing. But the podcast is not going to live within our business. Nor is it really about getting people into our existing business. It is about people, you know, kind of about people getting to our course, but serving a different need. And so right I needing to shift my how do we serve people? So this conversation is really helpful. We have an ICA that you know, an avatar that we use for the course but realizing like, okay, is that the same set of needs? For our podcast population? Or do I need to think?

Unknown Speaker 55:43
And then what I’m what I’m also hearing you say that I want to highlight is that you brought up a really good point, which is how, how are people going? How, what are you leaving with people? How are they going to feel? So like, I think, if we can, outside of just like, Who are we targeting, and what how is our message going to impact and what kind of convergence Can we make. But if we also never lose sight on how it is that we make people feel, then there may not always be in the need of where you are, you know, you want to meet people where they are, and they may not always be your target client, but their sister might, or their brother might, or their parents or their or their peer. But if, if the idea is like, I want to make sure that my energy, the energy that I bring to the space, that the content that I provide, the way I provide the content, that ultimately when people leave the podcast, that they feel better, if they came in feeling good, they feel better when they leave, if they came in feeling not so great, that they feel better, or even better when they leave if if we really are targeting the ability, not only to educate, teach and learn, but also to uplift people. And when if they leave listening to your podcast, feeling better, the likelihood is that they will be back. And that then sustains their engagement to a point where if it’s not your services, that they need somebody else that they know that they need, you’re going to be a person that they think of and they recommend, because you their experience with you lifted them up in a way. And I just think it’s always so important. I mean, Maya Angelou said it much better than I can, it’s like people don’t always remember what it is that you said, but they will always remember how it made, how it made them feel. And no matter what our content is, we have to keep into consideration that, that we want people to leave this experience feeling better than when they arrived.

Unknown Speaker 57:50
Or the three the three prongs of a successful presentation if applicable. educate, inspire, entertain.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Exactly, exactly, which I think we’ve done a great job of here today. But I’m not gonna I’m not gonna forget Charlotte, I do, I’m going to have a topic on establishing value and women establishing value around their pricing. And we’re going to talk about that even if we talk about it next week, because I do think it is such an important thing for us who are all growing businesses outside of our of our podcast and really getting comfortable with that. And so I’d like to circle back to that on a on a larger scale.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
things really quick, sorry, oh, you’re also raising my prices. So way to go. And

Unknown Speaker 58:37
the other thing

Unknown Speaker 58:38
I was gonna say, Leah, like, check out some of the other podcasts that are talking about the same topics you’re talking about? And to say like, What do you like about what they’re doing? And what do you hate about what they’re doing? Because there are other people who may not be resonating with them to Tracy’s point may not be resonating with them, but want this information?

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Yes. Which is crazy. That’s how the whole conversation with my client started this morning is because I had them do that exercise. And when they came to the call, they were more fresh. Like, their feedback was we were so frustrated about that exercise. So then my brain is like, Okay, well, we

Unknown Speaker 59:16
gotta come up with a new one.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
But go ahead and say what you’re saying,

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Oh, I think I just I have stayed away from doing that. So I’m like, Oh, I want us to find our voice without it being probably less about what annoys me. I think I don’t it’s 2020 I don’t have a lot of space in my life to voluntarily do things that annoy me. So listening to the podcast that annoyed me. I need to do it. And I think that listening to the podcast that I like, I’m like, I don’t want to end up kind of molding what we’re doing around them. And I can see this as a good exercise. Maybe if I think about it less as, think about it more as a business exercise than than trying to listen to podcast for what I usually listen to podcasts. Which is we’ll close

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
the loop on this because I know we’re a little over time. But so the exercise that I usually put out there is this specific three that are in your industry that have subject matter that are in your industry and three that have absolutely nothing to do with your industry at all. And the reason for that is first of all, there’s power in the number three. And also because you’re going to listen with a different set of ears when you’re listening to the ones that are your are focused on your business because we’re human, so we’re going to do a better than less than we’re going to do and Oh gross. Oh my god, I can’t believe they did that. Or Oh, man, I can’t, I can’t do that as well as they did. Like that’s gonna affect what your how you listen. So choose three that have nothing to do with your business that you just enjoy. But listen to those podcasts for what you like that they do is host what they have maybe special content segments. They’re how their music, bed sound, things like that, because you’re going to hear those with a whole different set of ears. So if if you can’t do six, you know six is the goal. But even if it’s one In one, two, and two, just do do that exercise and balance yourself out and don’t only do the industry ones.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Is it enough to just listen to one episode.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
You know what a win is a win. So yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
one of each.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
So it’s technically two.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
Okay, ladies, thanks as always Big hugs. And Rosie’s. I just see your text about your daughter being in the car accident. So we’re sending hugs and love. And thank you for everything and I’ll see you next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37

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