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  1. Jess & Elsie QA and Podhive Coaching Call
    11-18-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Interns and other podcast support, networks and opportunities to monetize.
  2. 11-16-21- Jess's QA- Editing shortcuts, introducing yourself to listeners, and what to talk about in your podcast.
  3. 11-11-21- Traci's Coaching Call- testimonials and guesting on podcasts.
  4. 11-08-21- Elsie's QA- Sponsorship and advertising.
  5. 11-04-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Wins! Niching and rebranding.
  6. 11-02-21- Jess' QA- Marketing and social media
  7. 10-28-21- Traci's Coaching Call- A blast from the past and getting high profile guests.
  8. 10-21-21- Traci's Coaching Call - SPL wins and re-purposing content!
  9. 10/07/21- Traci's Coaching Call- Guest rapport, growth strategies, & setting boundaries
  10. 09/30/21- Traci’s Coaching Call- social media wins, mistakes happen, and group referrals
  11. 09/28/21- Elsie's QA- It’s the headphone episode!
  12. 09-16-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Member launches, tracking stats, and many wins!
  13. 09-14-21- Elise's QA- Artwork, downloads, and sponsorship
  14. 09-09-21- Traci's Coaching Call- talking tools of inspiration, and ways we do our best thinking
  15. 09-02-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Launches, Show Descriptions and International Podcast Day!
  16. 08-31-21- Elsie's QA- Big Elsie Thoughts on all the shoulds of podcasting.
  17. 08-26-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Tips to avoid podfade, rebranding, and launch
  18. 08-24-21- Jess' QA- Closet clean out, partnership and networks, and more fun parties planned for SPL
  19. 08-19-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Connection and community, terms of service, and Apple Podcasts
  20. 08-17-21- Elsie's QA- Content warnings, "my story" suggestions and more
  21. 08-12-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Finding your visibility and working your network.
  22. 08-10-21- Jess QA- Jessica summarizes her experience at Podcast Movement and live events in 2021.
  23. 08-04-21- Elsie QA! Elsie’s hacks
  24. 07-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Trademarks, growing your audience, and podcast planning
  25. 07-27-21- Jess QA- Launch checklists, social media trends, and live events
  26. 07-22-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Finding support in your community and summer break!
  27. 07-20-21- Elsie's QA- A lot of talk about lifestyle, including ADHD, crippling anxiety and hormones
  28. 07-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- SEO and URLs, time management and starting where you are.
  29. 07-13-21- Jess- talks social media and the group shares their excitement for SPL
  30. 07-08-21- Traci's Coaching Call- PR tips and pitching yourself, collaborations, and great SEO tips
  31. 07-06-21- Elsie QA- Elsie talks audacity and alternatives. Link to News Your Can Use from the FB LIVE!
  32. 07-01-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Self-care tips, maximizing LinkedIn, and terms and agreements
  33. 06-29-21- Jess' QA- Naming your podcast, workflows and SPL
  34. 06-24-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Celebrating wins, branding online
  35. 06-22-21- Elsie- Elsie talks faux pas, burn out, remote interviews, and Zoom fatigue
  36. 06-17-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Branding, support, making your podcast searchable, release dates
  37. 06-15-21- Jess- Release schedules, branding dilemmas, and taglines.
  38. 06-10-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Support and wins, rebranding and branding strategy
  39. 06-08-21- Elsie's QA- Is a listen the same as a download?, the benefit of third party podcast services, and finding the right people
  40. 06-03-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Taking a break between episodes
  41. 06-01-21- Jess- Membership sites, content calendar, and super-secret birthday surprizes.
  42. 05-27-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Members share their wins, talks about setting your podcast up for success and how to preserve your energy while launching.
  43. 05-25-21- Elsie's QA- Talks; bugs with the new Apple update, keeping it authentic, and website integrations
  44. 05-20-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Talks about editing and interviews
  45. 05-13-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Traci answers questions about the Spotify + Apple Podcasts subscriptions among other things
  46. 05-11-21- Elsie's QA- A question about Apple Podcasts artwork not showing up and a super deep into Elsie's own productivity journey
  47. 04-05-21- Jess' QA - Podcast sponsorships, audience engagement, podcast hosts and community input.
  48. 04-29-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Rapid fire information- prepare for 1.5hr call next week, marketing and challenges that podcasters face.
  49. 04-27-21- Elsie's QA- New Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscription announcements!
  50. 04-22-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Relationships with co-hosts, difficult conversations and member support
  51. 04-15-21- Traci's Coaching Call- Clubhouse, self care, and new opportunities
  52. 04-13-21 - Elsie - Content for premium podcasts and expectations around $$
  53. 04-08-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Fears around perfectionism and podcasting to publishing
  54. 04-01-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Email lists, social media marketing, and trying new things
  55. 3-31-21 - Elsie - Rebranding, posting to YouTube, and marketing to your subscribers
  56. 3-25-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- Workflows and marketing strategies
  57. 3-23-21- Jess – Design talk, rebranding, consulting and monetization
  58. 03-18-21- Traci’s Coaching Call- Workflow Tips
  59. 03-16-21- Elsie - A walkthrough of the upcoming iOS 14.5 Apple Podcasts changes & Why artwork is even more important now
  60. 03-11-21 - Traci's Coaching Call- All about sponsorships
  61. 03-09-21 - Jessica - How much data is too much?
  62. 03-04-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  63. 03-02-21 - Elsie- Engagement, Early Release & Adult Content
  64. 02-23-21 - Jessica- Talking Engagement in your Niche
  65. 02-18-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  66. 02-16-21 - Elsie's QA testing out Run The World
  67. 02-11-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  68. 02-09-21- Jessica- Media Kits, Website Links
  69. 02-04-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  70. 02-02-21 - Elsie
  71. 1-26-21 - Jessica
  72. 01-21-21 - Traci's Coaching call
  73. 01-19-21 - Elsie
  74. 01-12-21- Jessica
  75. 01-07-21 - Traci's Coaching Call
  76. 12-22-20- Elsie QA- Planning for 2021
  77. 12-17-20 - Traci's Coaching Call
  78. 12-15-20 - Elsie
  79. 12-01-20 – Elsie
  80. 11-19-20- Traci Coaching Call
  81. 11-17-20 - Elsie
  82. 11-12-20- Traci Coaching Call
  83. 11-10-20 - Jessica
  84. 11-05-20- Traci's Coaching Call
  85. 11-03-20 - Elsie
  86. 10-27-20 - Jessica
  87. 10-17-20 - Elsie
  88. 10-12-20 - Jessica
  89. 10-06-20 - Elsie
  90. 09-29-20 - Jessica
  91. 09-22-20 - Elsie
  92. 09-14-20 - Jessica
  93. 09-08-20 - Elsie
  94. 09-01-20 - Jessica
  95. 08-01-20 - Elsie
  96. Special Jess & Elsie QA!
  97. 07-11-20 - Elsie
  98. 06-23-20 - Jessica
  99. 06-15-20 - Elsie
  100. 06-9-20 - Jessica
  101. 06-02-20 - Elsie
  102. 05-28-20 - Jessica
  103. 05-20-20 - Elsie
  104. 05-12-20 - Jessica
  105. 05-05-20 - Elsie
  106. 04-28-20 - Jessica
  107. 04-21-20 - Elsie
  108. 04-14-20 - Jessica
  109. 04-07-20 - Elsie
  110. 03-31-20 - Jessica
  111. 03-30-20 - Elsie
  112. 03-24-20 - Elsie
  113. 03-17-20 - Jessica
  114. 02-25-20 - Elsie
  115. 02-18-20 - Elsie
  116. 02-11-20 - (Take 1) - Jessica
  117. 02-11-20 - (Take 2) - Jessica
  118. 02-11-20 - Jessica
  119. 02-04-20 - Elsie
  120. 01-28-20 - Jessica
  121. 01-21-20 - Elsie
  122. 01-14-20 - Jessica
  123. 12-19-19 - Elsie
  124. 12-17-19 - Jessica
  125. 12-3-19 - Jessica
  126. 11-26-19 - Elsie
  127. 11-12-19 - Elsie
  128. 11-09-19 - Jessica
  129. 11-09-19 - Take 2 - Jessica
  130. 11-7-18 - Jessica
  131. 11-5-19 - Jessica
  132. 10-29-19 - Elsie
  133. 9-24-19 - Elsie
  134. 9-17-19 - Elsie
  135. 9-11-19 - Jessica
  136. 9-3-19 - Elsie
  137. 8-27-19 - Jessica
  138. 8-20-19 - Elsie
  139. 8-7-19 - Jessica
  140. 7-16-19 - Elsie
  141. 7-11-19 - Jessica
  142. 7-3-19 - Elsie
  143. 6-28-19 - Jessica
  144. 6-28-19 - Elsie
  145. 6-11-19 - Jessica
  146. 5-28-19 - Jessica
  147. 5-23-19 - Elsie
  148. 5-14-19 - Jessica
  149. 5-9-19 - Elsie - Podfund Discussion
  150. 5-7-19 - Elsie
  151. 4-30-19 - Jessica
  152. 4-16-19 - Jessica
  153. 3-19-19 - Jessica
  154. 2-19-19 - Jessica
  155. 2-5-19 - Jessica
  156. 9-27-18 - Jessica
  157. 9-20-18 - Jessica
Lesson 79 of 157

12-01-20 – Elsie


Unknown Speaker 1:04
I am testing out

Elsie Escobar 1:08
the cammo thingamajigger I don’t know why it’s got that watermark it should not have no watermark on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:21
Let’s see.

Elsie Escobar 1:26
Late. Lena Lena. Hi. So you can hear me and see me. I’m testing things out.

Unknown Speaker 1:37
You passed along.

Elsie Escobar 1:38
I know I am testing cammo which is the app that is currently using my iPads.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Camera. Do you want me to have the headset?

Elsie Escobar 1:58
Oh, can you hear me? Oh, I can hear you. I can hear you. I’m not supposed to speak enwezor Yeah, I’ll mute you. unmuted when it’s good. When it’s time for muting.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
I saw that you

Unknown Speaker 2:12
sent out I wake. I woke up this morning. And it said, well,

Unknown Speaker 2:16
you’re meeting with elss in 20 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
So you had put pm instead of

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Oops. Oops, I realized that you will not up at three o’clock this morning. So I thought

Elsie Escobar 2:35
I was not. Okay. So that is my thing. Let’s see what happens if I go like this. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:44
meet me a little closer. What do you have one of those cameras. That is

Elsie Escobar 2:50
I’m actually using software. This is a software. This is a piece of software that I talked about on the podcast, the re incubate cammo Studio. Hold on a minute. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Welcome Cheryl.

Elsie Escobar 3:06
So I’m just I’m welcoming people at this point in time. While I get ready, I think possibly maybe to one minute or two. You’re welcome to you know, be quiet. Turn your cameras on and off or whatever. Once I do get started. I’m gonna turn everybody off all the audio off and all of that fun stuff. Everybody muted. But right now I was just telling Lana that I am testing out a camera.

Unknown Speaker 3:33
So what was the name of the software

Unknown Speaker 3:35
I can wear?

Elsie Escobar 3:37
Yeah, I’m gonna you know what? I’m going to put it in the chat. Good.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
I can always impress my engineer friend.

Elsie Escobar 3:46
Okay, I’m gonna see if I can find the

if I can find the um Here we go. Hold on.

I’ll put it right here. Oh, it’s 40% off. Wait, what? What’s going on? Cyber Monday discount off of camel pro $40 off a year. I didn’t even know that it was a I didn’t know that. It was a recurring is that a richer? What is that’s very weird because I just bought it. Or maybe I just have camel not cammo Pro whatever that is.

Unknown Speaker 4:32
Cyber cam. Oh, it says

Elsie Escobar 4:34
yeah, cyber. So right now I’m actually using my iPad. So my iPad is being used as my so I have to look over here. See I have to turn. Look here and then go like this. I see you I see you going on that side. This is just another option. You know, in case I wanted to change things around or something like that. Which is kind of cool because I get an opportunity to kind of test this out. Now it’s the first time I’ve ever used it in this context, so it’s nice to be able to do although I’m a little orange. Did you think I’m a little orange looking?

Unknown Speaker 5:16
Yeah, you look more orange done usually.

Elsie Escobar 5:20
I know. I wonder if I can. Ooh, I got dark. I’m gonna see. I’m gonna see if I can turn that light back on. Come on light. Come back on light. Karen Jackson, I see you. Woohoo. I’m gonna see what happens if I turn it brighter. I guess my color never changed. It’s still the same. In this in the chat, y’all. I have I just told leyna that I am testing out camera incubate camera, which we talked about on the sheep podcast podcast. This is the very first time that I am testing it out as a as an external camera. And I have it on my right hand side here. Although I’m noticing that I’m looking very orange. And I think what I’m going to do

Unknown Speaker 6:18
is how many carrots?

Elsie Escobar 6:20
Too many? Yeah. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m actually going to see if I can just for the sake of learning, and then I’ll get to the questions because I have just a couple of questions today. While people are coming in and whatever, I just have like two questions to go through. But what I’m going to see if I can do a share of the screen, so we can figure this out together. So you should be able to see now the interface for the camera itself. This is what it looks like on my computer right now. So I see you here and obviously you can see that there. And it has like settings. So maybe I can I don’t know. adjust the exposure. What does that look? Oh look

Unknown Speaker 7:10
a little bit.

Elsie Escobar 7:13
changes a little bit. I don’t know. I’m actually not quite sure how the stuff works. So then I can do white balance temperature. Oh, II tint. Oh, people that are gonna be listening or me like what is she doing? I’m not sure quite how to get myself not looking so Brown. Because I’m like, brown all the way. It’s like I match my outfit. All that turned on the camera light.

Unknown Speaker 7:51
Try the white balance. Can LC

Unknown Speaker 7:52
that white balance. Yeah. Crank it all the way over.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
Here. Egon.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
Keep going. No, no. Okay, go

Unknown Speaker 8:00
back the other way. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
That’s all the other way. Let me get that. Yeah, somewhere in between me.

Elsie Escobar 8:08
Like, that’s better, right? Hmm. Still not you know, and then

Unknown Speaker 8:16
at the top, it says live adjustments and there’s a little arrow to the right of that. Is that something you can I don’t know. Like I just Oh, the alignment

Elsie Escobar 8:24
adjustments is the thing that has the exposure, white balance. Mm hmm. And then flash level so the flash level if I put the flash level on, it turns on the flash on the on my iPad which is kind of neat.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
What about under presets LC is there’s something there that might correct for

Elsie Escobar 8:45
presets preset the left side. Saturation buff. Yeah, that’s not good.

Unknown Speaker 8:54
The Hub I am Hawaiian tropical.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Hawaii. Oh, wow.

Elsie Escobar 9:02
That’s super fancy. Very cool. Look. orc attack. Yep. Halloween, Halloween.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Oh, look, that’s not bad.

Elsie Escobar 9:16
This is saturation nerf. That’s not bad. I like that better

Unknown Speaker 9:22
than the other ones. What’s

Elsie Escobar 9:23

Unknown Speaker 9:25
A mano is black and white. Okay,

Elsie Escobar 9:28
and this is gonna make me yellow cuz it’s a lemon. Well, no, none of that. I’m gonna. I’m gonna go with the nerf attack, saturation nerf nerf attack. Okay, so Well, I mean, you know, live and learn. I’m using. So I guess if you are wanting to do something like this, this is a great option for you to be on zoom and be able to like look towards one side instead of just counting At least sticking to looking forward. So it’s an another opportunity to have a different take when you are presenting anything or you want a higher quality, whatever. At this point, I’m not sure this is better than the camera that I was using. Prior in terms of the coloring, you know, it does have more things like I can sharpen it up,

Unknown Speaker 10:24
oh, oh,

Unknown Speaker 10:28
all of these things.

Elsie Escobar 10:29
So it does have a lot more of an opportunity to be able to adjust stuff. And it also has this neat little thing that I just saw that it had, which is a watermark. And you can add a custom watermark to it. Where I assume let’s see what that looks like. If I touch that I just said custom. I’m assuming it’s going to ask me to upload something maybe I should have not not done that. Yeah, it does. So I can add like a sheet, podcast, whatever to that, if I want to do that, although I’m not sure that was a good idea in the middle of doing this, because it probably slowed things down. But um, if I add the watermark to the camera, you can see it at the bottom, which is kind of neat. And then that has this option for those of you who are watching this, and has the ability to also zoom. So if I wanted to,

Unknown Speaker 11:18
I could get very close.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
We can look at your pimples.

Elsie Escobar 11:23
I know look up my nose, I can’t go like this, because then you’ll see all the that’s that would not. Okay, so let us stop sharing the screen. I’m going to leave it just as is right now. And we can move forward with some of the q&a that we have going on. So awesome sauce. So I’m gonna put everybody on mute. I think that there’s a way for me to be able to do everybody all at once. I think I may be participants, I think, yeah, there are so many ways in which participants may see you participants, and mute all. So I will just tap on that. And we can get started with all of the things that I have going on, I only only have two questions to start off with. And then we can I can send it off to you if you want to know more things, and whatnot. So here we go. And I will keep an eye on the chat as well. All right. And moving on to the questions here. All right. So I have a question from Mary. And she asked, How can I incentivize guests to ensure they post slash share their audience, to their audience, I’m assuming to their audience as well. So I’m sure that this had this question you have all thought about. Or if you have seen people talk about this many different times inside of the shoe podcast, larger group. And it’s still something that a lot of people talk about. So I’m going to actually address this issue from the perspective of giving you solutions to the question that you’re asking. And then I’m also going to give you some thoughts around the the philosophy or maybe the strategy that seems that is seems like people teach a lot when it comes to having guests and having guests share your show. So one of the I think that one of the key ways that I know is easiest for me as somebody who is often on podcasts is that I get pre crafted material from the person or from the person that I’ve been. So one of the key things and I know that a lot of people drop the ball on this again because I have seen it in the past is that there is no notification to the guest at all. So just notify them that their guest is that their episode is live. If you do a lovely job at releasing your episode inside of your blog, and you have show notes that are very beautifully crafted and you have a really nice website. Sometimes that’s as easy as the only thing that you need to do is just if you want to keep it very, very simple. Thank you so much like never asking them to do it to beyond the fact that you say thank you so much for the value that you brought. I really loved our conversation about this, this and this, here’s a blog post Feel free to share it with your community. It can be as simple as that. I’ve also had people who will reach out to me and create lovely graphics and

I have to be honest about this. The more beautiful or the more beautiful to me graphics that I get the more I will probably use them. And so whenever somebody has a very lovely visual brand, and they share a little you know pictures and things like that I should be talking to you because this is the camera not here I’m talking to the camera here. So whenever I it’s very hard to get used to that change of camera. So when you get the really beautiful brands in Like, for me, it makes it so much easier because then it’s just, it feels like a lovely thing to be able to share. whenever that happens when it really highlights me, or whenever it does assess something, when they grab a quote that I’ve said, I think for me, it’s like, ooh, they put me down, it’s so nice. It always makes it easier for me to share something. And the pre crafted things also really help including the link. So if you share a couple of tweets, even just one like it doesn’t even have to be five or more or anything like that. It can be as simple as one tweet, where you say, Hey, you know it and do it in my voice as best as you can. In my voice. I talked about this, and this and this. And then obviously say, Hey, here’s a pre cracked cup of pre crafted Facebook posts or Twitter, post our Instagram, whatever, feel free to copy and paste this in a mentee, you thank you so much, goodbye. Because that just makes it easier for me. Because if you are working with a team, one thing that you can do, as somebody who has somebody to do these things for them, I can forward that email off to my team and say, can you please add this to this to our social media, it is easier to pass that off to the team and have the team be able to catch it and do it. If you don’t have a team and you’re working on your own, then of course, copy and pasting is one of the easiest things for you to do. But the more what I have found, for me, for my eyes, and for the kind of bandwidth that I get when I’m doing these things is that the longer conversation that I get from you, when you share it with me the least I’m going to pay attention. So if you start off with three or four sentences, I mean, not even three or four sentences, three or four paragraphs telling me about how important it is for me to share this and how we all the stuff and thank you so much for coming on the show. You can like if it’s so long, I will more than likely not read it. And I kind of don’t know what you want me to do. So I really appreciate the clarity of I love your show is live, thank you so much, hey, I have these things here for you. If you want to share them, here they are, quickly copy and paste them or send them over to your team. I so appreciated your time Goodbye. Like that’s, that’s about the extent of it. We can also comment in terms of of the conversation. So if there was something very specific that you said, or and they and you can talk to them about it, the better it is. Why I say this is because in a lot of conversations that you have with a podcaster sometimes these things are way in the back, meaning they’re like, three months behind. And then you have three months to come forward with it. And you forgot what you said. And if you can have a little bit of a remembrance. Remember when we talked about this, thank you for sharing that really great insight about that one specific thing,

then you have a place to go with that. And you can remember Oh yeah, I really did talk about that. I forgot that something that has helped me too. Because, again, sometimes I forget, I bet on these shows, because they’re so far forward, and they’re batch producing that I completely forget what’s going on. So that’s also also very, very helpful. The other thing that helps me in addition to that is after you post it on social that for depending upon how much of your strategy you have, because here’s the thing, some people have very robust strategies in sharing on social media, meaning that when you publish one episode, you promote the crap out of that episode for that week, meaning you have like three Instagram posts and five Twitter posts, and then you post it in the Facebook group. And then so there’s like so much of it. If you have a robust strategy around sharing your latest blog posts, or your latest podcast episodes, I would say tag your guest, only on the key ones that are the most highlighting of them. It’s all about them. So if you post 10 pieces of content on social media, pick three of the ones that are really highlighting them so that when they get that tag, they’re quickly able to see it and go ooh, that really, you know, we are all constantly looking at how good we are. I mean, not saying that. I’m not saying we’re always going like oh my god looks so cute. I mean, but really sometimes we totally want that and if the image is very beautiful and what it says about is very nice, or it’s very like, you know, making us look like we’re super smart, which we are, we’re more apt to share that. So if you can highlight that, it’ll be a super easy retweet a super easy reshare. And it’s kind of like a no brainer. When that happens. I can tell you from my end of things, if you have a robust social media campaign, and you keep tagging me, all in again, I get a bazillion 20 different tags all over social, it’s going to be a little bit overwhelming. And it’s kind of like Peter in the wolf, right? where it’s like, you’re just constantly shouting, and then you don’t know if it’s true or not. And you really rush to it, you’re like, Oh, it’s, it’s just a tweet. And, and unfortunately, that tends to happen with a lot of people where they get a lot of tags, we get a lot of tags. And because we’re constantly being notified, we tend to just not look anymore. So if you’re very specific, it is going to also provide an opportunity for the guest to share. The last tip I’m going to give you is that you put that into a library of things that you can share, which means that maybe this first round, don’t ever think that just because you just released an episode it over. Meaning that episode is evergreen content for the majority of us, unless you’re talking to

Unknown Speaker 21:28
maybe, you know,

Elsie Escobar 21:29
since the election just happened here in the United States. And if you are interviewing somebody who is you know, it’s dealing with the election fraud claims, right. As of right now, that is an episode that is for the most part very much of the moment, which means that you do need to push it hard because it has to do with what’s happening right now. But if it’s an overall interview about something specific, like even how we’re talking about how to promote podcast episodes, or invite your guests to share your show, this is like an ongoing evergreen content thing, which I can very easily just put on repeat, I talked with a podcasting expert about this thing, and you share it on, you know, when you release it right now in December, and then wait a couple months and have it go again. And you can actually share it one or two times on social once again, share it with I mean, tag it with tag it, and then they will repeat and share again, I can tell you that for me, I need a little bit more time to forget you that I was on the show with you. And but it’s always such a surprise, when I get a tag from an episode that I did like last year, or an episode that I did six months ago or even two years ago, I get so excited when I see that because I go oh my gosh, I totally forgot I was on that show. I really liked that conversation. And then I and I share it again. Or it’s something like you go look back and you go, oh my gosh, I was so busy. It was December, I was in the middle of all the things, I’m so glad that they’re sharing this content again. Now, I can share it. So all of those things are really, really valuable. Let me also address the fact that there’s a lot of people who don’t share for a variety of different reasons, I’m going to speak from personal experience, because I have been on hundreds of shows and I have different reasons as to why don’t share them. Sometimes I don’t share them simply because I don’t have time. And for me, there were times or happen times when I had become super, I was very, super picky. And I haven’t posted on Instagram. And so I think I posted like two pictures this entire year. But I was thinking of having an Instagram strategy that was really beautiful or like curated on my Instagram account. And I’ve actually been doing this a lot for libsyn as well, that whenever we are on somebody else’s show, everybody’s branding and colors are so different than our own. And there’s times when we get a an image, right that is so outside of the color palette of maybe something that we’re curating so beautifully inside of our Instagram feeds or anything like that. Now we don’t want to share it because it kind of jarring and for aesthetic. For statics and for brand. Look, this is important for a lot of people. And I think that that’s something for us to be able to pay attention to. So that’s something to think about. So what I have done independently because I this is my job at Lyft. Lipson a lot of the time is creating a lot of these social media images. So they have somebody that does that with me when I do is whenever anybody from our team or I used to because I haven’t done it in quite a long time because it is time consuming and we have other things that we’re pushing whenever Somebody is interviewed on a podcast, I get it. And then I will look up the podcast artwork that they have. And then I have created templates of our team. And whenever we are on somebody else’s show, I simply grab that podcast artwork, put it into the little slot with the podcast artwork in the template, but it’s really highlighting us, right? If it’s me on somebody else’s show. It’s my image. And it’s like, on like LC is on, right, this show, yay. And then we have all the links that go to the podcast. But it’s all about me. And it’s all about the Lipson image. And I was doing that for myself as well. I actually did create templates that did that, because I wanted to share you. But also, it’s coming from me, and I wanted it to look nice. So that’s a solution that I came up with. But I just want to let you know that sometimes it’s because of the way that your artwork might not fit into the overall overall look that sometimes it’s not shared. Now, if it’s on LinkedIn, or if it’s on Twitter, or Facebook, it’s less of a problem, because those are not necessarily visual platforms. But if it’s something like Instagram, or Pinterest or anything like that it is and sometimes there’s a general overall look for that. So that’s one of the reasons that Another reason is simply time. There’s times when there’s just no time. I’m very busy. I know that it’s your publishing time, but it’s not mine. It’s not, I have other things that I’m doing right now, I can’t do what you want. And there’s been many times for me that I want you, I want to support you beyond just tweeting something out. And there’s times when the conversations that we have on your show are so important to me that I want to take the time to share it from my heart and be able to write you know, I really enjoyed being on this show, because it’s the best thing that I have never talked about this or, you know, coming from that perspective. And that actually takes a little bit more time for me. And I always think like, oh, I’ll, I’ll work on this on Friday. And I forget.

So sorry. That’s why From now on, I really appreciate it when people like tag me because that way I can do it really quickly and just like retweet it and something like that, because I’m not going to have the time to do what I want. And I understand that. So that’s the second thing, why people don’t share that. It’s just, they don’t have time. And the third one is the hardest one for me to share with you. The third one is when the audio quality, or the show itself is not as of the quality that we are used to sharing. And this hasn’t really happened too much with me. But there have been times when the conversation was great, and loved it. But when and here’s the thing, I actually do listen to the episode after it goes out. When I listen to the end product, I am slightly disappointed by the audio quality and it’s not about like I’m not a I am not by any means an audio snob. I am not like you need to be. I am not that. But I am conscious of making sure that you can put your best foot forward and sometimes they when there’s absolutely no editing when you can hear every single sound keyboards moving, shifting back and forth. Lots of arms, like arms to the enth degree right a lot of somebody like something that Jess and I were talking about actually Jess and john and i think that when we recorded this, this episode of she podcast this week, I don’t think we were live yet when we were discussing this is the fact that we oftentimes do a lot of uh huh. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Mm hmm.

Elsie Escobar 29:17
When we’re talking with people in a, in a way that makes them feel that we’re listening, which is great when you’re face to face with somebody. Those responses are absolutely something that we humans do. And they are triggers for the other person that they’re listening and agreeing or not whatever. But when you’re recording, that is annoying for the people who are listening later because it kind of takes away from what the person is doing when they’re talking. So sometimes that’s not taking away and for me, what I do is I put myself on mute and I let you talk so that I don’t have those responses. I also remove that when I’m editing my show. So that if there are times when I do that, and they do not add to the conversation on the show, I removed those, because a lot of the time, they can actually be deleted. And therefore, there’s a lot of times when I remove those things, again, I am not here to be just like judgmental about this. Those are things for you to think about. If you want your people to really share it, sometimes the quality needs to be slightly more elevated. And sometimes we have to do it more and more so that we can really hear what’s the best, right? What are you? What is your capacity at this moment to be able to put out the best audio that you can? Can you make better choices? When it comes to muting yourself? Can you recognize when the guest was making noises, and it was really annoying, right? So that it actually sounds really good, because sometimes they think they sound really great, but they don’t. So that’s something for you to think about. So those are the key things that I feel are very important. Now I’m gonna go ahead and look at the questions or see if there’s any kind of conversation going on inside of the zoom. I see some stuff like that. Yeah, Cheryl says I use Canva for my templates, I also use those templates to create a thank you card using postable. What the heck is postable? Cheryl? I’m going to ask you that when we’re done, because I don’t know what that is. cards, not car. Yes, I know, I knew you said cards. Um, so yes. So these things are really, really helpful, I think from from those that have been around doing these things are very important to be able to kind of create some of these some of these things, and they can actually with Canva, it’s the easiest thing for you to create those those kinds of stuff. Okay, so I’m actually going to continue on this from the philosophical perspective, and then come back and see if I have any comments again on this conversation. Okay, so the philosophical perspective on this, or maybe the strategic perspective on this is that we tend to think that, guess what, if you have guests, they will help you grow your show that they are going to offer to their audience, and their audience is going to love your show. Well, I’m so sorry. But that’s really not the case. A lot of the time, guests are, are great, but they don’t often. They’re not really the reason that your show is growing. You are the reason that your show is growing. It is your show. And there are times when you know, we’ve seen this like in sellout in celebrity stuff, right? where, like, Kim Kardashian has shown this is her favorite restaurant. And then people come to that restaurant because Kim Kardashian was in this, this favorite restaurant.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
But for the most part,

Elsie Escobar 32:53
the reason people show up to that restaurant is because they have the best scone that you’ve ever heard of and tasted and you’re telling all your friends about it. Usually, it’s the locals that love that place, because their scones are so great, that are telling everybody else about it. It’s not because Kim Kardashian keeps showing up, there are going to be people who are going to come in and they’re really going to come and go, Oh, this restaurant is really nice. I can see why Kim really likes to eat here. But the reason that they’re gonna come back, is because they really loved the food, not because Kim hangs out there. I mean, there might be some super fans who are just like, let’s see when she comes in and whatever they come in every day, but for the most part they’re not. So it’s actually not a growth strategy for you to have somebody else share it, because it’s not your audience specifically, yes, there can be an intersection of audiences for sure, absolutely. But in if you want to grow your audience that way, actually, that a better strategy would be for you to invite guests or hosts to something like a roundtable that are all talking about the same thing. So I’m going to actually take this to talk to not quickly I’m not gonna put you on the spot, Atlanta, but I’m just gonna mention your show. And part of it is that so like, let’s say, Lana has a she has a shipping podcast, that’s what she has. She has a shipping podcast. And so it’s about the shipping industry. So what if there are other people who are coming up or maybe there’s like a plethora of shipping podcasts out there. Then what would help her grow her audience and be able to expand her reach would be to offer an invitation to these people who have shipping podcasts and say, You know what, we can have a conversation around the biggest wins. And losses of the shipping industry for 2020. Are you wanting to have a discussion around these topics, let’s go ahead and do it. Because, and maybe we can all share the episode on our respective feeds. Maybe we can do that, that way, everybody has an episode. And we are going to, you know, it’s not going to be such a huge lift for me to come up with the content. And so you do that, and everybody releases that on their feeds, and everybody talks about it, I can, I can guarantee you that those people that are listening are gonna go, Oh, I didn’t know about this other shipping podcast that’s really interesting, they are actually going to go listen to the show, especially if you do this as an ongoing strategy, meaning every, every quarter, you get your policy, and they come together, and then you have a discussion about whatever. This is how I discovered so many Mac podcasters out there, because every single time that there used to be this is back in the day,

every single time there was a Mac release of some kind when Apple was doing, you know, anything, whatever they were, you know, the new iPhone and UI Mac or anything like that, they would get together. And it was called the Mac round table. It was actually a separate podcast that they created. It was called the Mac Roundtable. And in doing that, they used to have oh my gosh, anything from like, I think the it was like three people. And then sometimes they had like five to six, Mac podcasters all come in, and they would all discuss it. And they would also share it not only was it on the Mac roundtable feed, but they also shared it on their respective shows. And sometimes they would just say like a new episode of the Mac roundtable is out, go listen to so and so and me and this and that all together discussing these things, and I got to know them. Sometimes I only subscribe to like one woman’s show. And then I subscribed to the Mac Roundtable. But as I started to listen to the Mac Roundtable, I started to then subscribe to everybody’s separate podcast on their own. And I ended up having a relationship with all of them, and still being subscribed, and still loving all of them. So I think one way to think about it is you’re not going to lose audience. If you are talking about the same thing somebody else is talking about. I’ve seen this as well from the TV podcasters, where what some of my favorites is when there’s a season finale for a show that is really popular for a specific type. And they will do a roundtable discussion. And they will get together and do a season finale, all of them talking about that one episode. From their points of view, I love that the I got really into Orphan Black, a way back when. And I was obsessed with that show. And that’s what they did. And I so appreciated being able to hear all of the podcasts that covered Orphan Black, come together and talk about the season finale and what they expected for the season premiere, I love that it was so great. And then I got an opportunity to get different points of view different fields for people. And of course, there’s some that I knew was an orphan black podcast, and I thought I’m gonna give it a go. And I didn’t like them at all, I just stuck with the ones that I really liked. And that was great. But that’s another a wonderful opportunity, because everybody is invested in the amplification of that. But when you’re having guests, they’re not really invested in that unless they are selling something specific. I mean, bottom line is that that’s what it is. We’re all looking to see what we get. And there are some of us who really love like, for me, my thoughts are very important for me to get out. I want you to know how I think and what’s valuable about me in the podcasting industry. So I will share that because I don’t have a podcast that specifically puts me as a thought leader, I have co hosted shows, and then I do have things that I say by myself within those shows as a co host. But there’s nothing that’s very specifically like it’s all about me. And when I go on a podcast episode with you, it is all about me. You’re talking to me. So it behooves me to share it and to get that word out, but that’s not true for all. So I hope that that works for you. All right. Let’s look at some of the conversation that I see being had here. Oh, la la la. If they were not so boring. Oh, Lina. Um, alright, so Karen says hello Along the same lines, if your show has a small audience, can you approach a potential sponsor about promoting the show through their social newsletters versus a paid sponsorship, and I would promote them on the show? What’s a good way to do this? I think you know what, Karen, you can just reach out to them. And I absolutely agree. One of the key things that I as we were looking through all the loops in marketing strategy, and like, what are some things that are actually working because you really have to work? You really have to look into that. And to see like, what is actually working for me today. And that is being the newsletters have been amazing, like the amount of,

of activity, the amount of action that we can track, specifically to being mentioned in a newsletter is crazy. So I would actually say yes. See if you can find newsletters where you can do these things and be able to either do a small sponsorship, or a mention and say, Would you mind asking for this right there is a local newsletter that I love. It’s a vl I think it’s called abl today. I think that that’s the name of it. I get it every day. And it has just like, everything that is about Asheville, everything that’s around about the town that I live around. And it has a list of all the things sometimes they have a theme like they did like who’s making Thanksgiving dinner places that you can shop for that it sometimes it tells you like what are the best coffee shops, sometimes they do a lot of cultural things like, these are some of the oldest homes in Nashville, and you can you know, whatever, anything, all of those things, but they also have, they sell advertising for the banner. They also sell advertising for the center, and they sell advertising for just quick links. Every single one of those things has a different price point. And they’re very accessible. And you can actually either invest in a month or invest in something that’s huge. Or you can invest in like I I’m only I’m saying I don’t know exactly what the rates are, because I haven’t really looked into it. Sometimes the rates are very inexpensive. It’s like $25 for a mention, and you can just buy that link, you can do that with pod news. I think pod news is is has to be very specific though. If you are obviously going to be publishing a podcast about podcasting, I think it would be a lovely way to get yourself a little bit of advertising in some of these like bellow collective also do some advertising, I believe so many of these newsletters out there are now kind of expanding a little bit more when it comes to advertising. You just have to see though what the scale is. Some of them are very much more expensive than other ones. And you have to pick and choose. But I am all in sometimes, if it’s of relevance, and they are a news focused community type newsletter. Sometimes they’ll just linked to you just because I happen to have gotten a client this year very interesting. She hired me. And as I was preparing for to to work with her, I’ve never heard of her right. Turns out she lives in Nashville. And I was like, Oh my god, she lives in Nashville. That’s so weird, because I saw her number. And then I listened to her show. And she’s like a meditation type podcaster. And I immediately told her reach out to abl today, it’s like the best thing you can do. And sure enough, she was she all she did was reach out and they link to her because she lives in Nashville. And she I told her what to pitch I said, Listen, give yourself up as a resource. And just say like, Hey, if you’re looking for content about how to calm people down, and when they’re in quarantine or you know, all that kind of stuff, like how to settle anxiety to say like my podcast is free. Here it is, here’s the link and blah, blah, blah. And they totally linked to her. She didn’t pay for it. And I just was like so proud of her because she took that. And it was easy. It was so easy for her to get that coverage. So consider doing things like that as well. It’s so much easier for people to click through something like that, and get the exposure. So Good job. Good job, Karen. I love that. Or Yes, and some of the podcast ads for sure, overcast has ads and so does Castro Castro has started to do that. You know, Cheryl, that is something that we need to continue to talk about

approaching local businesses or local journals or even those magazines because I’ve been very curious about adding I could have considered doing an ad for the shoe podcast super squad, but I think that we need to have like there’s more work on our end to do to make it really worth it. Right. It needs to be very specific, that type of ad that type of landing page in that respect. If I had, like if I had if LCS yoga class was still being produced and I wanted to grow my audience I would for sure, go locally, because there are a lot of people who can’t afford yoga classes anymore. It’s like $15 a pop. And even then, and plus people are not going right people are not going to the studio, maybe they’re doing at home. But even at home, it’s $15 a pop, which is a lot of money for a lot of people that don’t have it anymore. And so being able to provide a service, it’s like, Wow, that’s a great way to transfer. And let’s say I was monetizing my show with sponsors. Then I would just make some more money by growing the audience, right. Katie? krumitz owes for sure for her meditation. podcast. She advertises on Castro,

Unknown Speaker 45:42
I every time I open

Elsie Escobar 45:43
that thing up, I see a huge banner of the meditation, her meditation network right at the top of the app, and it’s a sponsored post. So that’s something to consider. Absolutely. Okay, so we have 15 minutes, and I’m going to cover what Stacey asked Stacey Sims had a fantastic question. It’s a little bit in depth. So but this is going to be a wonderful learning, I think for all of us, particularly for those of us who are looking to monetize with ads. So Stacy asks, I have four ad spots in my regular weekly show, one of my sponsors has declined to renew for 2021. So I reached out to another potential sponsor in the same category blocked blood glucose meters. Just as a note, Stacey Sims is from diabetes connections. And so her podcast is about diabetes. Okay. When I didn’t hear back after two weeks, I reached out to another potential sponsor in the same category, they responded immediately and are considering a buy. Of course, two days later, the first company reached out to learn more. So now I have two companies on the hook. Nice problem. But here’s the question. I give my sponsors exclusivity in their categories, so I can’t have two meter companies at the same time. Is there an ethical wiggle room on this, I have a new sponsorship opportunity where I’m selling one ad, in what’s basically a repeat Show. I’m calling these classic episodes, where I take an old interview and give it to a new intro with the new sponsor. So a show from 2016 that had all my segments, I do a lot more than just one interview per show becomes a new episode in 2021, with just the interview and just the one sponsor, hope that makes sense. It makes sense to me. But let me know if anybody has questions about that. Every other week in 2021, I will run my regular episode and a bonus classic episode. Can I get away with selling one meter company on the regular long shows and one on the shorter classic episodes? Or is that just ethically ethical gymnastics? lol? I also thought maybe if one is is host read and the other is pre produced and read by someone else might work? Of course, not. Of course, neither company has committed yet. So right now this is just an exercise in advertising, thinking. Thanks for any thoughts. So I’m going to actually follow this up with I reached out to Jessica, because this is not my like the zone of genius. I have thoughts about this. But it’s not my zone of genius. So we’re gonna go back now to what Jess said and just said this, she said yes. And no, no, in the sense that you really shouldn’t have two sponsors in the same category with within one episode. But you but but can you do a different one each time? Yes. Why is this okay? Because each episode can have different sponsors, especially if you recommend both example, sometimes Lipson helps us with sponsoring an event, and we talk about them and promote them. Sometimes buzzsprout does ticket giveaways. Next month, we’re doing a webinar with captivate on their platform, we will probably do that for a lot of the hosts, because we support them all. And that is okay, but I wouldn’t pit them against each other in one episode. Some larger companies will purchase a whole month and pay extra for exclusivity. So audience, audiences don’t hear about hellofresh. And then following week, Blue Apron, but we aren’t that big and your peeps aren’t paying enough. I hope that this helps. So

those are the thoughts that Jessica had around that. And I am in agreement with a lot of the things that she said and I actually think that you can sell, you can sell them differently in separate episodes. I don’t think that you can do it in one episode having both of those companies in one go I would not feel comfortable with that. I think as somebody who is promoting stuff like this, I wouldn’t feel right. Even if it is dynamically inserted or anything like that like that you can easily move and want to host right away. is not, I think having them in separate ones is okay. I think that this is also a learning opportunity to be able to know that when you sell, that you can sell, in fact, at a premium exclusivity. So if you’re doing something like this, I don’t want it, I don’t want it to be part of your package. So if you have it in there, the exclusivity around it needs to be based on like, let’s say you sell a quarter, let’s say like, you know, for q1 or something, you can have an exclusive with this blood glucose people. But if they don’t want to exclusive then you allow yourself to be open to having another one. But I don’t think that you can sell two in one episode, if that makes sense. So if they’re not paying to be exclusive, then you can have one in your regular feed. And you can have the second one in your classic, which I think is still going to get a lot of downloads. Because the work that you’re putting out there is incredibly evergreen and very, very valuable. So having it repurposed, I know your work. I know how meticulous you are with putting this stuff out, I know it’s not going to be put together just like slapped on and put out there. I know what you do in terms of thinking about this. So the value I feel would still work. And just like Jessica said, if you really believe in the products that you’re putting out there, and if these are valuable, for sure, I would do it. That said, whenever you do start to now that you’re kind of I think that you’re moving in a different level. Now, Stacy, this is like, I think that this might be year three of you making some good money, substantial income from selling sponsor ads, with great results. So I would say the exclusivity clause they need to pay for so even if they cannot, let’s say how would I say it? Even if they can only are only want to advertise for core q1, and they don’t want you to advertise any others, then they need to pay up for that.

You know, it’s like they have to pay for the exclusivity. You are open to having folks from the same industry advertise in your podcast, not in the same episode. But if they want exclusivity they need to pay for that’s an add on. So and they need to commit in the long run. So I know that you said that they passed the initial company passed and I get that that’s super. I mean, yeah, and I know why. But in terms of that, you they have to pay for the exclusivity, you cannot be in a position at this moment, where you can say oh, I already made this choice, they have to pay for that. It just feels like that’s undercutting yourself at this point. And if they really want inclusivity, they will pay for it. It is something that even with you know podcast conferences and stuff like that, as a sponsor of conferences, we really have to see like, where is it that it’s only us, because that is so much more vibrant, and so much more powerful and valuable for us as a brand. If we don’t have all of us there, right. So like afros and audio. We just sponsored afros and audio for Lipson. And it was so amazing to be able to go inside of that conference and have just Lipson like it was we just dust inside of the huva app. And that’s really not like, that’s just like, Wow, that’s really great. I’m so happy that we’re here, right versus like, being able to go into podcast movement, there’s like, you can sell all the things. And they’re just like, give me the money. But for the ones that you want, right? The ones where you see the face, or like, they give you that extra stuff, where to just them. You pay money for that like that gets you exclusivity, it gives you exclusive rights to be able to be the one, right? It is a challenge. And it has to be a lot of money for you for in a sponsor, or potential advertiser to go to you and say I won’t do this unless I’m exclusive. Because that’s essentially telling you you can’t make a living and that’s not cool, right? You’re trying to create something that’s for the good of all. And if you want to be exclusive with me, you’re gonna have to pay up and there has to be a number, whatever that is. And also be upfront and clear. This company is like your company they are going to that is they aren’t our advertisers. We won’t have them in the same episodes as you ever like you make an ethical decision when it comes to that. That’s not going to help happen. But you also create the understanding that that is something that is happening. And that is happening because of y’all didn’t want to pay for exclusivity. Now, I think that the issue arises now that as you’re negotiating this stuff is like when somebody comes in. And they both say yes, the same day, what are you going to respond? So you have to have a clear boundary at that moment. That’s this first time. Because once it happens, it won’t happen again, you’ve already had a plan, right? It won’t happen again, when you move forward with this. So I hope that’s helpful to you. Oh, my gosh, that was a lot. But I love mind you Stacey Sims is going to be putting out an advertising, I believe a course I think that’s what she posted. I think she’s making a sponsorship course. And I have to say that this would be a great investment for once she does it, I’m sure we’re gonna share it. When she does this, it’s going to be great. Because

she has actually done it. So one of the things that I really love about Stacey, and the way that she’s really done her model is that she has made the model work for her versus she tried, she does not fit into the models that are currently out there. She sells the way that she wants to sell. She packages the package, you know, her sponsorship in a way that works for her. And she’s been able to get some really great people to not only commit to sponsoring, but actually commit to the entire year, which is amazing. They literally will commit to 2021. And, wow, right? It is unbelievable that she’s been able to do that actually very believable to be able to do that. Because I do feel that podcasters particularly those that have and built audiences like Stacey has and who are professional in the sense not necessarily Yes, she did come from radio. So she did have an understanding of audio and understand it being a host. So there is an an essence of knowingness that came with with where Stacey stepped into there. But she has really steeped herself into podcasting, learning the best things that she can ask questions shown up, continually invested in time and resources and figuring things out on her own, developed it all for herself. And Stacey, I don’t want to speak out of turn here. But I don’t think that she’s really ever approached like the larger podcasting companies to sell her stuff. Because she would never be able to make as much money as she’s making right now selling her own things. And her platform has grown consistently. And she’s asked the right questions. And again, she is a professional at doing this stuff. This is not light hearted, it is something she stays, you know, she thinks about what our content is doing. She thinks about the segment that she has on her show, she’s put that together based on the feedback that she’s gotten from her audience to be able to provide the highest level of of value to those that are listening to her show that is about diabetes. So it’s nothing that everybody is going to listen to. And it’s a very specific type of a show. So she is an inspiration for sure. And I’m sure that we’ll be talking to Stacy about how she’s putting this together. And I think part of the process that I’m just trying to implore on this is that, again, she has spent hours upon hours figuring this stuff out for herself. That is outside what you hear a lot of people doing right, she is actually making money with ads on her show. not selling courses, not saying all the stuff not doing affiliate not I mean, these are all other wonderful things. But she’s done it in a way that really aligns with her audience. And also though, the diabetes community does need a lot of things, right? They need the glucose meters, they need anything that is like there’s a lot of tools, tech drugs that come into the market that are not particularly content. Sometimes it’s not about the human experience as well. Sometimes it’s just the extra thing. And so she has the ability to have partnerships with folks that are in the industry, but not necessarily speaking into exactly what she’s talking about on the show. They are actually very much complimentary to the experience of her audience. And that’s something that I think is highly, highly valuable and often overlooked when it comes to podcast advertising, particularly with niche audiences like she has. So Cheryl, I don’t know when her course is going to be ready. In fact, what you can do super squatters. Stacy just introduced herself in the she podcast super squad. And so when she did that, you can I commented on her thing she just mentioned he was going to have this course. So comment underneath that and then just say like, when is it going to be ready and just make her feel like somebody’s listening it, you can see it, I believe you can click through it, if you just go to the main activity feed. If not, you’re going to have to click through to the Introduce yourself thread that we have going on inside the super squad forums, you can go in there, and you can see that she posted stuff there. So she is more apt to be able to let you know when that course is going to be ready. So I think that that’s like I know right, Cheryl? Well, I just I just think that she’s, I think she’s fantastic. Okay, so I have just like literally no time now, how about this? Four minutes? Does anybody have a question? I’m going to unmute all of you people. If you want to talk with me right now, since we just have a few minutes left. I’m unmuting. Everybody. I think I did it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
Did I do it?

Elsie Escobar 1:00:53
No. allow participants to unmute themselves? I guess not ask I guess I have to ask you to unmute. How about that. So in case you are interested in talking with me for the next seven, seven minutes, three minutes, if you have anything to say?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
I do. Hi, good morning, Cheryl.

Elsie Escobar 1:01:14
Hi, Cheryl.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
I mentioned actually postable. And you said that you wanted to circle back to that? Yes, I did. postable is a fantastic online site to design your own. Thank you and or greeting cards,

Elsie Escobar 1:01:31
I am going to go right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Yeah, what I do is I take the episode cover art from a particular episode, which usually, in fact, always includes a picture of my guest, the episode number, the date, and I create a ping or I think a PDF in Canva. and upload it to postable. Now you can create your own stuff in postable. But I think I have more power and leverage in Canva. And then you can pick your envelope color your font, the style of your card that you want, and postable will send it for you. Now, if you do one show a week, which I do actually, I’ve been in hiatus I’m about to relaunch very soon, but you it you know comes out to about five or $6 a pop if you want the postable logo on your card, or you can remove it kind of like vistaprint. But they’re beautiful cards, they’re really high quality. And it’s a great way to send a thank you card. So I do my everything about the guest. And thank you on the front and inside and on the back is all of kind of my marketing material as far as my website. You know, stuff about me on the back, but on the front and on the interior of the cart. It’s all about them. So hopefully that is of some help to

Elsie Escobar 1:02:53
Yeah, look, I have it on the screen for those of you who happen to want to watch that they have all kinds of stuff there. All kinds of Thank you stuff. And I think that you, you totally nailed it in the sense that you probably have a lot more, a lot more power going into something like Canva, right to create something much more specific to what you’re doing without you having to really just focus on the templates that they’re offering you and the fonts and all of that stuff, which can be really nice to to some degree sometimes. But to be able to do that. Great idea. I love it. How about

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29

Elsie Escobar 1:03:31
Thanks for the tip. You guys are brilliant. Anybody else have something to say? Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
Okay. Yeah, we did it.

Elsie Escobar 1:03:43
I did it with a new camera thing. This is great. I’ll mess with it a little bit more. So you got a chance to be able to do that. And how is my microphone? Did you have anything to say about my mic? Does it sound differently or

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
is it beautiful, new sound beautiful and Okay, so my first q&a with you, I really enjoyed

Elsie Escobar 1:04:01
great, thank you Cheryl. I am using my new shore MV seven. And so I just wanted to see what y’all hear because I love the thing. I think it’s fantastic. Okay, thank you so much, everybody. I hope you have a lovely day and thanks so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
much for showing up. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Okay, have a great day everyone. Bye

Elsie Escobar 1:04:25
You do.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
Bye bye.

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