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Social Media and Podcasting; 5 Step Social Media Strategy

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Social Media and Podcasting; 5 Step Social Media Strategy

Worker Bee Challenge


  • Organize your process
  • Create¬†graphic templates for each of these 5 steps so they are ready to go when you are ready to use them.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to implement all 5 steps right away to successfully promote your podcast.


  • Start a Content Calendar that corresponds with your release schedule
  • Create the tiles from previously created templates to save time
  • Add one additional social media platform where you can implement this process.


  • Everytime you are a guest on someone else’s podcast ask them for the mp3 of the show and re-release it as an episode on your RSS feed.
  • Use the Social Media plan with graphic tiles and audiograms focused on your guest appearance.
  • Your 5 star graphic can be a thank you message from the host expressing their appreciation for being on their podcast

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