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50 Subject Lines That Can’t Be Ignored

50 Subject Line Tips and Starters 

If you can master how to write juicy and delicious subject lines, you’ll be able to make more money from an email list than by mastering just about any other skill. (well, maybe not brain surgery, but close.) Writing strong subject lines is more important than writing good copy. It’s more important than storytelling, it’s more important than using power words, it’s more important than writing compelling call to actions.

It’s the skill to learn – why?

Writing good subject lines will get your content opened and read. That means more clicks and more sales. Yay!

So how do you write great subject lines? Here are some tips.

10 Tips For Writing “Off the Hook” Subject Lines

  1. Personalize. Marketers often get tired of personalization and think it’s stopped working. It hasn’t. Split tests in most industries show personalization out performs non-personalized emails in almost every test.
  2. Variety is the spice of email. Vary things up. Use different “styles” of subject lines, or people will start to filter out your emails, they’ll feel like you’re predictable. Shake it up, baby!
  3. Experiment with lowercase and upper case. Sometimes writing in all lowercase is actually more attention catching, especially when everyone else is writing in sentence case. Anything to catch the eyeball.
  4. Don’t underestimate short subject lines. A simple “check this out” could get more opens than “My Simple System for Earning a Six Figure Income.”
  5. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What are their deepest desires? Address those desires in your subject line.(“A chance to ___” or “Now you can ___”)
  6. Visualize someone in your market waking up in the middle of the night, smacking their forehead, saying “Gosh, I just wish ______________.” Fill in the blank. Use that as the basis for a subject line.
  7. Use numbers and symbols. They catch attention more than text. But use it sparingly, so it doesn’t look like spam.
  8. Write when you’re inspired. If you come up with a subject line spontaneously, chances are it’s a good juicy one.
  9. Browse Twitter for ideas. Writing for Twitter is similar to writing headlines, as they have similar space constraints. See what other marketers are tweeting in your industry. Use what you like, and never use what you hate. Chances are others feel the same way.
  10. Split test. Different kinds of headlines work better in different markets. Split testing not only gives you results, but teaches you about your market. (Split testing means to send an email with one subject line to half the audience and a different subject line to the other half to see what types of sub works best.)

40 Subject Line Starters

At a loss for ideas? Use these subject line starters to get things going, and feel free to personalize them with your own personality.

  1. How to avoid __________
  2. X Tips to ______________
  3. Incredible Proof That __________ Does __________ !
  4. When you’re _________, you’re ___________ (Example: When you’re relaxed, you’re powerful.”
  5. You’re invited to __________
  6. Whoa (or OMG or Oh my! or similar), did you know ___________
  7. It’s not too late to _____________
  8. Things have changed: Now _______________
  9. Announcing _____________
  10. Breaking news! _______________
  11. The #1 principle to ____________
  12. X mistakes to avoid when _______________
  13. I love when _________
  14. Did you know that ___________ ?
  15. I was shocked when I found out ______________
  16. When _________ BACKFIRED
  17. Do you hate _________? (E.g. “Do you hate cardio?” “Do you hate working a 9-5 job?”)
  18. A strange trick that ___________
  19. I’m __________ … Are you with me?
  20. If only you know _______________
  21. Please don’t hate me, but ____________
  22. I need you to know, ___________
  23. The cure for ______________
  24. Feel free to copy my _______ inside
  25. Last chance: Claim your copy of __________
  26. Only _____ hours left to _________ !
  27. My personal advice for __________
  28. Why most ___________ fail at _____________
  29. (action required) ______________
  30. It’s crazy, ___________
  31. Two words: __________ (Example: “Two words: Guaranteed. Profits.” “Two words: Easy. Workouts.”)
  32. [New] ______________
  33. I’m sick and tired of __________
  34. I asked and I received: _____________
  35. Finally, ___________________
  36. What if I told you ____________
  37. Instant ___________ you can start immediately
  38. Wow, it worked! ____________
  39. Ever wish you could __________ ?
  40. Hooray, you _______! … Now what? (Example: “Hooray! You setup your website! …Now what?”)

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