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50 Things Your Email List Would Love You To Write

If you’ve ever struggled with coming up with ideas on what to send your email list, then struggle no longer, y’all! Here are 50 ideas you can use just about any time…any place, for any reason. Keep this list handy to plan your email marketing or grab it whenever you need a quick idea. You can also print it out and cross off the ones you’ve already done – just to keep things fresh, so you don’t overdo one or the other.

BONUS TIP: Some of these also could double for things to write as blog posts – then you can just send the first paragraph and link to the blog post. 

  1. X tips to do something. For example, “15 Tips for Cooking a Better Pot Roast.”
  2. Warnings. For example, “Warning: The Most Common Dating Mistakes to Avoid.”
  3. Put a discount in the subject line. For example, “$20 Off! Between Now and 7:00pm!”
  4. Share a new theory or an observation…. then ask people to give feedback and share their experiences.
  5. Tell a story. Did you fail or succeed? What did you learn? Try to make it emotional, or revealing, which is far more engaging. And REALLY REVEAL something – don’t just act like you’re sharing something big and then have it be that you took a class because you wanted to learn how to do something. Struggle a little.
  6. Breaking news. If you know news is coming, try to be there for it. For example, go to where new products are being announced and write about it immediately.
  7. Something simple they can do right away. For example, an easy 10 minute workout they can perform immediately. Or a 1-minute fix they can do RIGHT NOW.
  8. A video. Give people high quality video content. Use a video metrics tool like Wistia.com to measure your dropoff rates and see what kinds of video content people like.
  9. Share a victory. For example, “How I Nailed A Recent Celeb Interview.”
  10. Do a time-limited sale. Give a reason for it. For example, do a 48 hour Christmas sale, Easter Egg-stravaganza, Mother’s Day, etc. Here’s a great list of holidays.
  11. Challenge your audience. “I Challenge You to Do 10 Pull-ups by This Time Next Month.”
  12. Give them something they can copy. For example, “My exact formula for getting butts in my seminars.”
  13. Address a common question or objection. For example, “How to Kick Sugar Addiction.” (When you write this one, let me know! I have a gummy bear problem.)
  14. Give away a coupon. People love getting discounts. Even a bonus would be great – most people think “if it’s free, it’s for me.”
  15. Hint at future products. Building anticipation makes amazing content, as well as allows for huge potential to boost your sales for when you do your launch.
  16. Explain a problem. For example, “The 5 Reasons 90% of Dieters Fail.” “Why Your Face Is So Wrinkled.”
  17. Rant. Just say what’s on your mind. This often turns out better than you think. You’d be shocked to know how many people feel the same way you do! (I always am. Then again, I often rant first and regret later. Oops.)
  18. Promote your Facebook page or Twitter. Use email to build your social media audience. This seems super obvious but hey – a separate email to let people know you’re up and running there – why the heck not?
  19. Give a step by step guide. Walk people through how to do something complicated. Or even something that SEEMS complicated but is actually easy, like decluttering the kitchen. Or is that just me?
  20. Give proof for something. For example, film yourself doing something difficult. This builds your credibility. (Note: should be related to your industry. Don’t film yourself sewing your own clothes unless you’re some type of clothing designer. If you’re a business coach, this may just seem weird.)
  21. Interview an expert. Send it out to your list for free. Or maybe an up-and-coming expert. Or even a friend.
  22. Ask other people to guest write for you. Make sure it’s super high quality before sending it out to your list – and don’t send if it’s…meh.
  23. Talk about someone you respect. For example, “The Doctor Who Trains Health Coaches Says …” Share your resources! People always appreciate it – especially the people you’re chatting about!
  24. An opportunity to work with you. Give people the opportunity to get coaching or direct contact with you somehow. Otherwise, they may not know about it!
  25. Do a Q&A mailbag. Answer questions you get in the mail via your newsletter. Use your questions as content. (If you don’t get anyone to ask a question, make them up! No one needs to know that you heard crickets chirping. Just make up questions that allow you to give your smartest answers.)
  26. Answer the most frequently asked questions you get. This is a great email to add to an autoresponder sequence. FAQs are super helpful!
  27. Announce a beta test. For example, say you’re promoting a new membership program. You can launch a “beta” version at a discount for a few weeks before launching the full priced version.
  28. Tell someone else’s success story. For example, “How This 342lb Woman Lost 90lbs Last Year” or “How Denise Manifested $800K in 60 days’ time!”
  29. Critique a method you disagree with. For example, “The Atkins Diet: The Pros, The Cons and My Thoughts.”
  30. Ask your audience a question. Start a two-way dialogue to really build your connection with your community.
  31. Say something controversial. For example, “Did you know broccoli is bad for you?”
  32. Give them a free MP3 download. This works a lot better for a lot of people, since they  can listen in the car or working out.
  33. Put the time constraint in the headline. For example “A Seat for You – Only Until Tomorrow.”
  34. Go against something you said a while ago. For example, if you’ve been against eating fruits and came across new research that changed your mind, write a detailed post to your list.
  35. Have a question panel. Post the same question to a panel of experts and email out their answers.
  36. Poll your audience for their tips. Share the best ones with your list.
  37. Teach them something that depends on them having your product. For example, teach people how to monetize an iPhone app, after they use your software to create the app. Or teach them the best ways to time manage, using your specific calendar or method.
  38. Do a motivational email. Instead of how-to content, have an email just dedicated to getting people fired up and motivated.
  39. Let people pre-order an upcoming product at a discount.
  40. Send an affiliate promotion for a product you genuinely believe in. Make sure you tell your
  41. personal story about why you like the product before promoting it.
  42. Make something seem easy. For example, “How to Eat Your Favorite Foods and Lose Weight.”
  43. Do something outside the ordinary. For example, write about a tangential industry. If you’re in the stock trading industry, write a post about Forex for a change.
  44. Give a personal share. Tell a story that’s mostly designed to let your readers get to know you more. Make it PERSONAL – don’t phone it in! Reveal, reveal, then rake it in!
  45. Apologize. If you think you’ve been making a mistake in your company, come clean and apologize. For example, if you’ve been over-promoting affiliate products, admit your mistake and tell people how you plan to change going forward.
  46. Make a comparison. For example, how your method is like how Michael Jordan trains for basketball.
  47. Appeal to someone’s sense of security. Explain how your product can help them live a more secure life. Or think of Maslow’s hierarchy and think of their need for sleep, food, to be liked, etc. (It’s not manipulation, it’s marketing, darn it!)
  48. Write an email designed to generate social proof. Talk about your clients’ past results and make it sound like a lot of people have had results with it. (After all, it won’t be long now, right?)
  49. Every once in a while, send a simple sales message. Just a few benefit statements and a link to buy a product.
  50. Every once in a while, do a massive sale or re-launch of an old product. This can help you increase your revenue from things you’ve done in the past.

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