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50 Ways To Promote and Grow Your Email List

Growing your list is a very important business building task, but it’s not always easy to know how to do it. Hopefully, this will help! This list includes 50 handy – dandy ideas for promoting your newsletter. Keep it handy and try to implement least a few of these to watch your email list grow. 

  1. Put it in the sidebar of your website. Have some sort of headline above the newsletter box to draw attention.
  2. Use a popover lightbox. These tend to work better than popovers or popups. Make compelling copy next to the lightbox signup.
  3. Include it in your Facebook page. You can get code that lets people sign up to your email list directly from your Facebook page.
  4. Link to it via content from your Facebook page. Post good content regularly to keep people coming back to your website.
  5. Use Twitter. You can use tools to put these tweets in a queue, and set the queue to tweet about a few times a week to send people to the opt in.
  6. Ask people you’re close to for #FF referrals. (Follow Friday – this is a Twitter phenomenon where people will recommend you as someone to follow) If someone big #FFs you, make sure your following tweets are hard hitting and use at least one to promote your newsletter.
  7. Use Pinterest. Post pictures that catch attention, that people are likely to want to share. For example, post content that presents shocking facts or highlights an interesting idea. Have the photos link back to your opt in content.
  8. Do guest posts. Give a short blurb for your website or newsletter at the bottom of the guest post.
  9. Get interviewed. Get on podcasts or even radio shows if you can. Talk about your newsletter briefly while you’re on the show.
  10. Create an infographic. (Easily do this using canva.com) Again, highlight little known facts in your industry. If you don’t know how to create one, you can just do the research and pack up the facts, then outsource the actual graphic creation. Try this website to create one.
  11. Add it to your LinkedIn profile.
  12. Add it to your email signature. Use a tool like Wisestamp (wisestamp.com) to add some social media links, too!
  13. Buy PPC (pay per click) track. Calculate your value per email address before making big buys. Try adwords.google.com.
  14. Get someone with a list to mail a promotion to your landing page. Make sure they get a high commission for everything sold.
  15. Put it on your business card so when you give it out, people will sign up.
  16. Buy blog posts to talk up your site. Make sure the site gets relevant tra!c in your industry.
  17. Buy banner ads on highly relevant internet forums. People on forums are extremely passionate about your market and are very likely to want to sign up.
  18. Use Reddit. Go to specific subreddits, which are like small communities, to post your content.
  19. Use Click To Tweet (clicktotweet.com) and ask people to do a one-click share on Twitter if they got value from your opt in. 
  20. Post on forums. Be an active participant in the big forums in your industry. You can find groups on LinkedIn and Facebook groups as well.
  21. Ask people on your list to forward your content. Have a link in your emails that lets people forward content, but people have to signup to see it.
  22. Syndicate your blog content. Talk to other site owners who’d want to display your content. Link back to your email opt in page.
  23. Comment on other people’s blogs with intelligent, thought out comments. Be friendly! Link back to your site.
  24. Join HARO and contact journalists who’re interested in your subject.
  25. See if you can get featured on podcasts, or magazines, etc..
  26. Answer questions on Quora. You won’t get much raw traffic, but a lot of journalists and influential bloggers browse Quora. (did you know that?) They might get in touch after seeing knowledgeable responses.
  27. Work on your SEO. Get your pages ranked to bring in tons of free traffic.
  28. Contact bigger sites in your industry and see if you can be one of their writers. It never hurts to ask.
  29. Publish a free Kindle book. Use it to drive people back to your site.
  30. Talk about it to people you meet in person. Don’t underestimate word of mouth traffic.
  31. INSTAGRAM! Take some shots and upload them to link back to your content.
  32. Create a simple and free iPhone app. Have your website as your iPhone app’s website.
  33. Think international. Create an international site to get easy SEO traffic for more leads.
  34. Consider creating a pay per lead affiliate program. Pay affiliates for bringing you email leads instead of for sales.
  35. Start a TikTok account and see if you can get signups from the right audience there. 
  36. Create a free template that links back to your site. For example, create a WordPress theme for your industry and submit it to theme sites. People who install it will automatically link back to your site and send you traffic, rankings and signups.
  37. Launch a review contest. Let people review your product or course. Whoever sends the most traffic from reviews gets a prize of some sort.
  38. Brainstorm joint marketing projects with other people. See if you can get in on some summits, group e-books, or even create one yourself.
  39. Attending conferences is a great way to get your name out there – and make sure you carry lots of cards with your links on them. (Attractive cards!)
  40. Post your new giveaways in any Facebook groups you’re involved in, if it’s appropriate.
  41. Enter a contest. If you win, a lot of people will check out your site. For example, designers might check out Photoshop contests.
  42. Create a controversial video making fun of something that’s popular. Chances are it’ll get a lot of shares if you’re in a niche market. Make sure you keyword that video!
  43. Comment on a recent event. For example, if a new product is launched, get your hands on it and review it right away. A lot of people will link to you, bringing you more newsletter signups. New stuff = great keywords = amazing traffic.
  44. Create a useful Facebook app for your niche. Make it easily sharable, which gets you more fans, which gets you more email registrations.
  45. Use a video submission service like http://www.syvid.io/ to get your best videos out around the web. Have a link back to your site.
  46. Discount and coupon sites. If you sell a popular item, put a discount code on those sites which links back to your site.
  47. Your RSS feed. Talk about your newsletter in your blog posts. Add a link at the bottom of each one.
  48. Start a blog series that spans different blogs. For example, you post Part 1 and link to Part 2, while Part 2 links back to you and so on. Have a strong opt-in box to capture the incoming traffic. This will require you to have an in with multiple bloggers who are in on the game. It’s sort of like link swapping.
  49. Give a free gift away on commercial areas of large internet forums. Make people opt-in before they get the free gift. It can be a report, a video, a download or anything else with high perceived value.
  50. Paid ads. All social media channels now allow us to geo-target and specify exact audiences for very little $. It’s a great way to get your name out there!

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