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Your Plans Have Changed…Now What? (COVID19)

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Your Plans Have Changed…Now What? (COVID19)

Worker Bee Challenge:


You may have more time on your hands right now as a result of the Corona Virus Situation. Use this time to do research for your podcast content, make a target lists of potential guests and listen to other podcasts to hear what you like and don’t like about the production elements of their show.


Remember when you launched your podcast and you told yourself you were going to get those organizational systems in place?

Let’s do it!

  • Create or organize your audio files in dropbox
  • Create additional graphics to use in social media to promote your show
  • Outline a guest management system that is more efficient


  • Now’s the time to… Freshen up your podcast with a new voiceover open & close.
  • Create a backlog of miniepisodes of evergreen content you can upload as bonus episodes.
  • Do a diagnostic on your marketing strategy and see how you can tweak it.

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