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  • Nikki

    September 30, 2020 at 3:48 am

    Hellooo! I feel like I’ve ticked off a whole bunch of boxes for my podcast except actually doing it. Was anyone else gripped by fear and overwhelm to just begin? Ugh. Anywho, my podcast will be called My Granddaughter’s Planet. It’s an interview style podcast with people from all over the world who are coming up with some really cool ideas on making this world a better place. Most of who are in line with areas of the sustainable development goals put forth by the UN. I’m tired of doom and gloom planet reporting. I think people should get to see and hear about all the really amazing things that people are doing. For instance (this is a dream guest/quest for sometime down the road) did you know that there is a group of people planting trees across the width of Africa in order to assist in regeneration of the regions’ food, land, and climate? The impact of which could change the economics of the entire continent! Sounds nerdy, but it gives me hope that my granddaughter will get to see some really cool things in her lifetime.

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