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  • Lea

    October 1, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    Hi hi all!

    Total newbie here – looks like I’m in good company. 😅

    I’m co-own a doula business in Madison, WI and am a childbirth/newborn care educator w/an online course (Lumos Birth + Baby). I’ve been working professionally with families since 2004, and have been working with my business partner Alli on our current ventures since 2016.

    We are looking to launch a podcast late 2020 or early 2021. 🤞🏼 It’ll be 75% pregnancy/birth/parenting and 25% other – or at least that is the current gut feeling.

    No name yet. We are aiming do it magazine-style, one main-ish topic and a few different ways of coming at it; and we’d like to batch and release in series w/6-8 topics all related to one other.

    I grew up in Bad River, an Ojibwe reservation in northern WI on the shores of Lake Superior. Part of our goal with our business is to create opportunities to be more flexible so my business partner can go back to school and I can work from the northwoods and get closer to home.

    I have two book-end kiddos – my big was supposed to be off to college this year but applied for and was granted a gap year, my little is 3 next week.

    I love quilting, beadwork, getting out into the woods, and good coffee.

    I love learning in community – and have appreciated the ShePodcasts FB group for learning and am excited to be in an even smaller cohort here.


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