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  • Tara

    October 13, 2020 at 3:26 am

    The show isn’t ending, but the creators of the show are putting out their own podcast, using nearly our exact format (except they have all the great comedians and guests we can’t get), and because they get the show in advance, they are releasing it the same day as the show (3 days before we can get ours out)

    . 🙁

    But we have spent all day on Twitter with our listeners, talking about ways to move forward. We might be able to pivot a bit and change our format and bring in a few new ideas. We are going to talk about it and see what comes up.

    Not giving up on it, just needed a day to digest and figure out some changes to make sure we are offering something that makes people want to listen to them AND us, not them instead of us.

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