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  • Brodie

    October 14, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    Hey there! I’m Brodie Welch, a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine educator, and self-care strategist/ health consultant. My show, A Healthy Curiosity: on being well in a busy world, just passed the 200 episode mark. Part health, part personal-evolution, I explore health-optimizing and consciousness-evolving strategies rooted in the traditions of Chinese Medicine, yoga, and Ayurveda along with the cutting-edge research from functional medicine and neuroscience.

    Episodes run the gamut form deep dives into hormone balance, gut health, sleep issues, habit change, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, depression; to addressing what gets in the way of us taking good care of ourselves: perfectionism, people-pleasing, big goals, habits and routines, chronic pain, overwork and overwhelm, boundaries, limiting beliefs, who we think we need to be in late-stage capitalism/patriarchy, etc.

    My message these days is about giving people (especially women) permission to take care of themselves, to Embody Self-respect through our daily actions.

    Every business coach in the world has told me to niche down. But I a generalist’s generalist, and my zone of genius is in paradigm blending, so the show has remained very broad in its focus.

    While I’ve produced the show darn near every week for over 4 years, I don’t put much effort at all into growing my audience. I’m looking forward to remedying that, and to connecting with y’all here in the SuperSquad.

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