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  • Wendy

    October 15, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    Holy Moly – Well, umm, I made a trailer and it’s already been approved on Apple…I just realized it needed more than “just me”
    I have been collecting stories that prove/question the idea that “people are good” or “people aren’t good”

    My premise, actually, is that black and white thinking is always toxic and people can do good or bad things based on their environment … and that, actually, we should tend our garden in such a way as to encourage good and discourage “bad” behaviour…

    I see the podcast as a dynamic series of conversations where that premise either grows in strength or changes or becomes something else as the series progresses…based on where the conversation meanders…

    I am new to podcasting but have been a writer-for-hire for decades…with a brief stint on a Japanese Variety television show…

    That’s my pitch…

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