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  • Jenn

    October 26, 2020 at 10:34 am

    For our work podcasts, we do have a subscriber program; it gives them access to two exclusive podcasts, and special perks for the public ones (although not ad-free, at least not yet). It was part of a broader monetization strategy for the company, since we’re working to be as independent as possible (which is still pretty minimal) from the ebb and flow of advertising dollars.

    For my personal project, which is launching this week (EEP) we’re starting with a very bare-bones Patreon; there’s only one tier right now, a $1 tier, and it’s just to help cover server costs. We’ll see about building it out as we go on, but right now it’s hard to think of what perks we want to/can actually deliver with the amount of time and energy we have!

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