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  • Vie

    October 26, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    Hi all!! I’m Vie (pronounced like the letter Vee) 🙂

    I’m a single mom and live in the beautiful mountains of NC.

    I am in the beginning stages of starting a podcast which I am either gonna call “The Magic of Selling” or “Selling is Sacred”. (opinions? 😄 )

    This will be a podcast to explore radical new understanding around money, value exchange and asking for and receiving support.

    Questions I will be exploring with guests will include… How can we trust in ourselves, each other, and in an abundant universe? What goes on in the energetics of a sale or exchange of value? What is right relationship and how do we practice what we preach from start to finish in a transformation-focused business?

    Part of this will include interviewing people who utilize different exchange structures such as the gift economy, sliding scales, pay what you can, and others, discussing the opportunities and challenges that people have experienced along the way implementing these various approaches and guiding philosophies. My great hope is that these discussions will help in freeing us to show up in alignment with our highest values as we offer our gifts and work in the world.

    My knees are shaking as I start out on this journey!! Happy to have found this lovely supportive space.

    I’m excited to be here!!

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