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  • Elsie

    December 1, 2020 at 9:39 am

    I reached out to Jess to make sure she comes over here to help you out as well, but here’s how I would start…

    I would sign up for a TeePublic account.

    It’s probably *the* easiest way to get started selling swag. The choices in clothing are not too many. And neither are the designs, BUT it can get you started (and you don’t have to keep using it!)

    Why? Because it will get you in working how to set up a store. You don’t really have to work at setting up a way to get payments, because they have all that stuff set up for you. Also, there are ways to add products from other stores onto your store AND you get that commission.

    I did a TeePublic webinar with someone from their team. It’s SUPER helpful


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