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  • Nathalie

    February 18, 2021 at 10:35 pm

    Hi!! I’m Nathalie and my podcast is Infinitely Irrational. I was a theatre major who switched to be a math major, but fell in love with stories behind the math – these mathematicians and their stories are awesome! And I started sharing these stories with my students and realized they loved the stories too – they’re wild!! I was doing my podcast with my friend but after I switched jobs, we fell out of touch and it’s been really tough for me to get started again because losing the friendship hurt a lot. I took a break from last June to now (also because the new job has kept me busy!!) but I’m about ready to start recording again. I’m so excited about getting back into it. I’m here to learn from and connect with all you amazing people and to continue the momentum so when I start to flounder, I know I have the community 🙂

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