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  • Clara

    April 23, 2021 at 10:11 am

    I did do that some, I posted some of the darker examples because in general I just found the two dark colors to be so frustrating to work with over time. Honestly, I picked those colors very quickly because I was trying to get a whole bunch of things set up and I just needed something to run with for the time being.

    I ended up just going to Lowe’s and rummaging around in their paint chips. I brought home a whole bunch of those and then played around with the shades of blue and green and the combinations of those until I landed on something that I liked in person. It was really helpful for me to have that tactile experience with it because sorting through the shades online, I was just getting overwhelmed.

    Ultimately I decided on two central shades of blue and green That work really well together when one is bold and one is lighter, or vice versa. I’m also going to think about getting more photos that have white or very light colored background to use.

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