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You’re an achiever, but feel like you haven’t reached your true potential.  In spite of working hard, staying positive and doing “all the things”, something is holding you back and you’re just not where you’re supposed to be.  Join certified coach, former psychotherapist, and ADHD-powered entrepreneur, Diann Wingert for your weekly dose of no-BS straight talk that will take you from driven but distracted to focused, fired up, and flame retardant.  Caution: Listening to this podcast will be detrimental to your limiting beliefs and may result in enlargement of your possibilities for success.



Diann is a mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs, creatives, and independent professionals who struggle with ADHD traits.  Her clients are bold, brilliant, and badass but are falling short of their true potential due to the combination of limiting beliefs and the lack of structure, habits, and routines.  Diann’s jam is liberating her clients from the unholy trinity of procrastination, perfectionism, and people-pleasing so they can finally focus, follow-through, and finish.

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Diann Wingert Coaching


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I was a licensed psychotherapist for 20+ years before becoming an entrepreneur, mentor, and coach to women who struggle with ADHD tendencies that limit their success. In both my 1:1 and group programs, I lead clients through my signature system that is designed to take them from driven but distracted to focused, fired up, and flame retardant.  My goal is to shave decades off their learning curve by removing the friction and fatigue of unnecessary obstacles.

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