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Beers With a Miner

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Mad Mumzie (Leanne Drew)

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Mad Mumzie’s shares stories and insights to working a mining life in Australia.  She has driven the huge machines for over 13 years and is always asked:

”How does a little thing like you drive those big trucks? You must be rich! How do I get a job doing that?!”

that’s what started this mad mumzie journey to show people what it’s really like.

Interviews with fellow miners, those helping mining families and Audio blogs where it’s just you and me.

yes it’s usually over a few beers. This relaxed style helps some hardened miners to open up and share with listeners what you won’t hear in your training!



Podcast Name

What Boots?

Year Podcast Began


Podcast Hosts

Mad Mumzie (leanne Drew) & Hard Hat Mentor (drewie)

Podcast Description

When we ask ”What Boots?” we are really asking “what mindset are we in, what choices have we made and how can we make better choices?”
Welcome to the What Boots podcast where we are changing lives, one step, and one pair of boots at a time. Your hosts, Mad Mumzie (Leanne) and Hard Hat Mentor (Dionne) are Steel Cap Sisters. Yes we are actually real sisters! Between us we have been wearing Steel Cap boots for over 40 years.
You certainly don’t need to be wearing boots, or have ever worn them to listen.
That is what this podcast is all about. What boots got us to where we are and what boots do we have to put on to get us to where we want to go?
We are a little crazy and deeply passionate. You will laugh and you may cry, we certainly will. Come on this ride with us, we promise you will not be bored!
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Hello! Here’s a bit about me… Not sure why it’s so big lol

Aka- Mad Mumzie host of “Beers With a Miner” podcast. Online course creator, video & audio producer. Nanna and chaser of shiny objects! One half of Steel Cap Sisters

I love podcasting and was an avid listener in my mining truck for years. I would download episodes onto a USB stick to listen on my 13 hour shifts. This inspired me to learn how to do it and start my own. I signed up to good ol JLD’s Podcasters Paradise before he even released, and that is how I finally released my own on April Fools Day! 2016.

In 2018 I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards in the Career and Industry category. I didn’t win, but it was huge boost to my confidence and self belief.

My biggest struggle I guess is overwhelm and doing all the things on my own still. OOOHHHH look..rabbit, shiny object, new thing to try out and play with…

My episodes come out when they come out, but hey I am still going and about to release episode 73. Most are interview style, and some are audio blogs. Just you and me.

My sister and I are in process of planning to do our very own podcast together too. We are excited, and it is another thing for me to do too. But it will help both of our brands, and we love hanging out together from the other side of Australia. I am in Queensland, and she is in WA and works a very high profile coaching and leadership role in mining. I’m just a busted arse (ass!) operator.

Between the 2 of us we cover newbies who want to get into mining, right through to senior managers, and together we are Steel Cap Sisters.

I bought her a microphone and have finally got through to her what i mean by a double ender! We are doing our first one today over a planning zoom meeting, usually with a beverage in hand. She drinks with ice cubes so she has been told no ice when we are recording an actual podcast! :-!

Below is a bit more of my life story lol. Hope to hang out in here more often. Thanks Jess and Elsie for creating this for us. Will be amaze balls!

Cheers, Leanne


I have had many roles. Mining operator, basic web site designer, social media manager, fundraising, video and audio production, and disability support worker.Working in the mining industry for 13 years as an operator of the big machines, I now use technology to help others see what mining life really is like. Sharing stories of my own experience, and those of others with a unique style in the Mad Mumzie brand. Plenty of people want to know how to get into to the mines, but is it really for them? “Are you cut out to be a miner?”​Another passion is to help those already in mining enjoy their time at work a little more, plan their escape and think about mind, body, spirit and money in relation to a mining life.I write a column for Shift Miner magazine in Qld. This was a big step on my journey, gave me credibility and helps to promote the Mad Mumzie brand too.

With over a decade of experience in the mining industry, hands on and in pit, I merged my appetite for new technology and computer skills within that industry so I was able to “get out of the mines.”Through Kolijo River House Productions I am concentrating on computer, technology, social media, publishing, writing, photography, video, audio, networking and helping others to share their talents and passions with the world.www.LynOlsen.com is my Mum, and I am doing my darnedest to share her art through online courses, social media and her website. This is very exciting for us both, and a way to share what i have learned, globally.https://hardhatmentor.teachable.com/ is Hard Hat Mentor’s teachable platform for Dionne Drew, my sister. Together we are producing helpful videos about our mind and how we can finally understand and take back some control of our thoughts. How to become a Fearless Facilitator, Leader who can create sustainable cultural change and even how to work at home through these COVID 19 times. We also have an upcoming collaboration and new podcast that we are working on behind the scenes. #SteelCapSisters

In my spare time I love gardening, footy and watching the sky.





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