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Fabulous Folklore

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January 2019

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Fabulous Folklore will give you your weekly fix of fabulous folklore in fifteen minutes (or less)!

Hosted by fantasy and Gothic horror writer, Icy Sedgwick, the podcast explores folklore, legends, superstitions, mythology, and all things weird, occult and unusual.



I write therefore I am. Or some such nonsense. If you’re looking for dark fantasy reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman or Gothic horror (often in historical settings), then I’m your girl. And that’s not me being arrogant – you’ll find the comparisons to Pratchett and Gaiman in my reviews. Sweet!I’m also a folklore and “general weird stuff” blogger based in Newcastle. I host and run the Fabulous Folklore podcast, in which I share nuggets of folklore in 15 minutes. I also share articles about folklore, legends, myths and other associated strange things with a growing community of like-minded bloggers via Twitter. When I’m not writing fiction or podcasting, I’m also a qualified teacher, and I teach graphic design and marketing at HE level. I’m also working on a PhD in Film Studies, so my life is nothing if not varied!

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Fabulous Folklore



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As well as running my own research-based folklore podcast, I also provide research and writing services for coaches and entrepreneurs in the spiritual and wellness spaces. That includes: long-form content, tailored to your audience’s needs; ebooks and guides; course content; and blog posts.

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