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Set Phasers

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Stevie & Akie

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Set Phasers is an Uber-mega-nerd podcast from two musical Trekkies (Akie Bermiss and Stephanie Manns) with a lot of time on their hands. Each week they tackle an episode of Star Trek Discovery and talk about how much they love the show, breaking down the stats, discussing the larger themes at play, the volatility of Vulcans and the curious culture of the Klingons… and much much more. Tune in for #trektropes #StametsStingers, #WhoDied and #quotablemoments and generally just get giddy about life in the 24th Century. Join us won’t you? The “final frontier” awaits us!

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This Next One’s About

Year Podcast Began


Podcast Hosts

Steph Manns

Podcast Description

Have you ever been curious about how songs get written and made?

”This Next One’s About” interviews some of the hottest new artists from the New York music scene and beyond to dig into the detail behind one of their songs, before they play it live and tell us more about their career so far.

If you’re a songwriter and you want to develop your craft, or simply a big music fan who wants to get into the minds of artists, this is the podcast for you!

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